Chris Broussard & Rob Parker - Jets Trade Sam Darnold to the Carolina Panthers

THE ODD COUPLE - Chris Broussard & Rob Parker react to the New York Jets' decision to part ways with Sam Darnold and send him to the Carolina Panthers, allowing the Jets to focus on a young quarterback in the NFL Draft.
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  1. ueno ocean

    ueno ocean15 kun oldin

    Sam was bad for the Jets. Let him try somewhere else. Jets needs a movie star

  2. ueno ocean

    ueno ocean15 kun oldin

    Jets had to try something else.

  3. Christian Soldier

    Christian Soldier26 kun oldin

    Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson are MVP candidates Baker Mayfield got his team to the playoffs even Joe Burrow outplayed Sam Darnold last year . FACE IT THE PROBLEM IS SAM HE JUST ISNT THAT GOOD

  4. Nabil Esmail

    Nabil EsmailOy oldin

    stop comparing QBs with bad teams to the NYJ, these bad teams had good units, Joe mixon is an elite RB, AJ Green was the #3 receiver. Chris Hogan was Darnolds #1 for almost half his games. Sam darnold had 0 units on his team that weren't bottom 5. QB + 1-2 good areas + bad team = bad results =/= QB + 0 good areas, + bad team + worst coach in NFL= bad results Darnolds situation is not comparable to any other QBs, maybe in history

  5. Christian Soldier

    Christian Soldier26 kun oldin

    @Nabil Esmail Josh Allen 's o line was just as bad as the Jets o line in 2019 and in 2019 he didnt have a top ten WR

  6. Nabil Esmail

    Nabil Esmail26 kun oldin

    @Christian Soldier what? He had a good oline every year and a top 10 receiver this year. That oline is a thing, look at Mahomes in the Super Bowl, that’s been darbolds reality since he came to nfl except also without elite weapons

  7. Christian Soldier

    Christian Soldier26 kun oldin

    Nabil Esmail Josh Allen has had less help than Sam and he still got his team to the playoffs

  8. nick DJ ace777

    nick DJ ace777Oy oldin

    Sam's second season 19 td vs 13 int. 3000 yards. 84 passer rating.

  9. mrman3523

    mrman3523Oy oldin

    Watson was basically the beginning of Clemson being dominant annually though.

  10. William TODD

    William TODDOy oldin

    How come Darnold gets 3 yrs & they make excuses for him but a black qb gets buried...they say he has no chance ala the ohio dtate qb in pittsburg

  11. sammy sau

    sammy sauOy oldin

    Cause it's a racist league that's why

  12. carolina panthers brandon herbert

    carolina panthers brandon herbertOy oldin

    The last caller was a joke quarterback carousel hes only owned the team for 3 years any get rid of Cam And try Teddy

  13. DAT 52

    DAT 52Oy oldin

    Darnold sucks him being turnover prone and in accurate ain’t on gase that how he was at usc the media just overhyped another usc QB

  14. Ram Martin

    Ram MartinOy oldin

    As a jets fan, Sam Darnold will be a decent quarterback, this question is a franchise qb no he is not. Zach Wilson i believe is a franchise qb. I never saw greatness in Darnold, I wanted josh allen in the draft. And look at allen now

  15. MR J

    MR JOy oldin

    Rob rude

  16. The Jonny-A Show!

    The Jonny-A Show!Oy oldin

    Teddy has always sucked!!!!!

  17. Leapheng LENG

    Leapheng LENGOy oldin

    Actually, Rob Parker has a pretty good take if not involve Tom Brady, Dak Prescott, Carson Wentz, LeBron James, Aaron Rodgers, and the Cowboys.

  18. Mr.webb Stella

    Mr.webb StellaOy oldin

    Rob talking to Paul pierce

  19. daquel mingo

    daquel mingoOy oldin

    I swear Sam Darnold gets a million excuses all the time im from NY I watch Sam Darnold play I dont see it.

  20. Giant Opinion Sports

    Giant Opinion Sports26 kun oldin

    @Christian Soldier whether you like it or not a QB is a dependant position. They depend on the oline first and then their WRs. The Jets never gave Sam an oline and the weapons were atrocious. If you wanna say Sam should've played better that's fine but don't sit on here and say none of it was the Jets organizations not giving Sam what he needed. Open you eyes and hold them accountable. Time to use your head and look at the big picture. There's nuance to these situations.

  21. Christian Soldier

    Christian Soldier26 kun oldin

    @Giant Opinion Sports No the jets werent the problem . A QB is supposed to elevate his team . Thats the whole point of drafting a QB in the draft with a high 1st round draft pick. Sam just isnt that dude

  22. Christian Soldier

    Christian Soldier26 kun oldin

    @Giant Opinion Sports Sam's wr with the jets was the same one he now has in Carolina LOL The bills barely made the playoffs before Allen got there but the next year the team wasnt the same and it definitely wasnt the same when Allen got them there the first time

  23. Giant Opinion Sports

    Giant Opinion Sports26 kun oldin

    @Christian Soldier who was Sam Darnolds best WR the whole time he was there? And I hope you realize the Bills made the playoffs the year before Allen was drafted. They traded up to get him.

  24. Giant Opinion Sports

    Giant Opinion Sports26 kun oldin

    @Christian Soldier the Jets weren't a problem? Are you Woody Johnson on your burner account? I don't even have to argue that the Jets didn't give him anything. You might wanna talk with a little more respect. No one listens to people that name call.

  25. KLUV

    KLUVOy oldin

    Jets are the .....Jets

  26. Braxton Matthews

    Braxton MatthewsOy oldin

    The irony that Rob Parker is saying the jets are a mess, yet he actually picked them to win the AFC East this past year. Smh

  27. Johnny Jets

    Johnny JetsOy oldin

    @zizou clearly you don't have a clue what is currently going on with the Jets if you believe that to be the case.

  28. zizou

    zizouOy oldin

    @Johnny Jets how ? Zack Wilson will be in the same situation as Sam Donald

  29. Johnny Jets

    Johnny JetsOy oldin

    Jets are in a way better spot now as opposed to a year ago

  30. zizou

    zizouOy oldin

    Lol they let him down , ofcourse he is gonna say that

  31. Sean Tyson

    Sean TysonOy oldin

    These talented qbs who get drafted into these trash organizations have no chance of succeeding.

  32. caper087

    caper087Oy oldin

    Rob talking messing Chris all up . Jesus rob Pierce can wait on the strippers man 🤦‍♂️

  33. Eric Moore

    Eric MooreOy oldin

    That's funny 🤣🤣🤣

  34. Jason Shampansky

    Jason ShampanskyOy oldin

    The Jets will always be bad no matter what they do I’ve been a fan since I was 10 years old since 1988 and they’ve only played in 3 AFC championship games in my lifetime and nothing will change for the Jets until they get that Franchise MVP Quarterback and Zack Wilson is not going to be that guy

  35. a_collection_of_cells

    a_collection_of_cellsOy oldin

    If Donald plays at a pro bowl or is even in the MVP discussion/ is a prospect candidates Adam gase should be banned from the NFL

  36. a_collection_of_cells

    a_collection_of_cellsOy oldin

    Ryan Tannehill DeVante Parker Robby Anderson all got better after leaving Adam gase. think about that

  37. Christian Soldier

    Christian Soldier26 kun oldin

    a-collection-of-cells Actually none of these guys got better except for Tannehill but that is probably just a matter of being more mature

  38. Someone_VIP

    Someone_VIPOy oldin

    Gase is a the goat turd of coaching... dude should only be hired to if the goal is to destroy player’s careers

  39. John Q.

    John Q.Oy oldin

    Does Darnold stink so bad that you pass on an opportunity to trade down and get a king's ransom of draft picks to build around him and get younger/better? Now the Jets are stuck with a rookie QB and pretty much the same product from last year, smh

  40. John Cohn

    John CohnOy oldin

    You realize they have the most picks in the top 3 rounds the next 2 drafts and I wouldn’t pick up his $18.58 million option that the panthers did. The Jets brought in Davis and Cole to help whoever they draft at number 2 out this year and it’s a better scheme.

  41. Kisembe Namusyule

    Kisembe NamusyuleOy oldin

    Why do people feel bad for Darnold? It reminds me of Josh Rosen.

  42. Giant Opinion Sports

    Giant Opinion SportsOy oldin

    @Dean Johnson I think you're getting hung up on the word excuses. He just got traded do I don't see the Jets making excuses. He could be awful and have no support system. Two things can be true. You're trying to take away the fact that he had no help. I don't think anyone in Carolina will make "excuses" for him.

  43. Dean Johnson

    Dean JohnsonOy oldin

    @Giant Opinion Sports The reality is he's been the worst starting QB in the league since 2018. When he sucks in Carolina what's the excuse going to be?

  44. Giant Opinion Sports

    Giant Opinion SportsOy oldin

    @Dean Johnson it's reality. You wanna deny reality and just call it "excuses" go right ahead.

  45. Dean Johnson

    Dean JohnsonOy oldin

    @Giant Opinion Sports excuses

  46. Giant Opinion Sports

    Giant Opinion SportsOy oldin

    @Jay P or maybe it's because the kid never had a chance. Trash oline and no receivers. Nice try with the race stuff.

  47. nate green

    nate greenOy oldin

    he can't play and he's injury prone..I'm tired of all the excuses for certain guys either get it done or move on your not getting 4 years to prove that you can play anymore

  48. Willy Mo

    Willy MoOy oldin

    He didn’t impress you cause you didn’t watch him lol. I wish DC grabbed him.

  49. Jeff Palmieri

    Jeff PalmieriOy oldin

    Thank you, we really don't need to see Rob on his phone the whole time he's not talking...

  50. Cade

    CadeOy oldin

    Seriously, he is so rude lmao

  51. Matthieu Thomas

    Matthieu ThomasOy oldin


  52. Jay Jackson

    Jay JacksonOy oldin

    Even tho this comment is petty af i agree whole hearty

  53. fly guy

    fly guyOy oldin

    The reality is if you get drafted high and your quarterback you only have so much time to show the organization that you can play which is completely unfair especially when you have not so great players around you they’re gonna leave you a bust and then they’re gonna move on from you that’s the dirty side of the business or at least part of it of the NFL and people tend to forget that especially when a lot of these players do you want either more money or they decide to MoveOn and play somewhere else

  54. Swiss Cloud

    Swiss CloudOy oldin

    It’s actually the other way round if your a qb thats gets drafted high at least you get three years If your a qb that gets drafted low you may never get a shot tom brady and gardner mindshew were 6th rounders who only got their shot as backups when the primary qb got hurt they basically had one shot and thats it Gardner minshew been alright and yet he wont ursurp lawrence so its tougher for qbs who get drafted late like prescott and wilson you have to take your chance right then and there

  55. AvaLancePride

    AvaLancePrideOy oldin

    Peyton Manning struggled early in his career too

  56. Christian Soldier

    Christian Soldier26 kun oldin

    @Calvin Parker But he got to the playoffs and was a top QB

  57. jakkeday1

    jakkeday1Oy oldin

    Perhaps the question about Sam Darnold is not about if can he play but more about - can he lead? It's hard to evaluate him because of how poor Gaze was as a head coach, the poor offensive line play and the overall lack of success. It was always clear that Peyton could play and lead.

  58. Hardworking Criminal

    Hardworking CriminalOy oldin

    @avalanchepride I'm a USC but come on relax putting darnold in the same likeness of peyton manning.

  59. The

    TheOy oldin

    @Calvin Parker Peyton Manning won 13 games in his second season. Sam Darnold has won 13 games in 3 seasons.

  60. TossGawd

    TossGawdOy oldin

    @Calvin Parker Darnald is very far from playoffs.

  61. Randy Daniels

    Randy DanielsOy oldin

    Rob is right, but the QB is heading into the same situation Sam did the Jets same thing is gonna happen fell so bad for the next QB

  62. Johnny Jets

    Johnny JetsOy oldin

    Did not realize Gase was still around

  63. John Cohn

    John CohnOy oldin

    They brought in Corey Davis and Keelan Cole and the scheme is what’s been working successfully in places like Green Bay and San Francisco.

  64. Doug fresh Fresh doug

    Doug fresh Fresh dougOy oldin

    No its not Adam gase ruin Sam darnold We have new coaches new systems plus Sam darnold arm is weak ..

  65. felix pappoe

    felix pappoeOy oldin

    Burrow changed the expectations

  66. felix pappoe

    felix pappoeOy oldin

    U right.

  67. Doug fresh Fresh doug

    Doug fresh Fresh dougOy oldin

    No he didn't Andrew luck RG3 Russell Wilson changed the game .they came into the league smoking ...all made the playoffs I believe they all won 10 or more games that year

  68. Ghostface 7

    Ghostface 7Oy oldin

    Dak will win MVP this season, book it

  69. Hardworking Criminal

    Hardworking CriminalOy oldin

    @Johnny Mason Oddly enough he was with the 49ers last season. His bum azz still cashing checks.

  70. Hardworking Criminal

    Hardworking CriminalOy oldin

    @ghostface Oh so now skip bayless got a burner acct who knew

  71. Calvin Parker

    Calvin ParkerOy oldin

    8-9 lol

  72. Calvin Parker

    Calvin ParkerOy oldin


  73. Johnny Mason

    Johnny MasonOy oldin

    Not going to happen! Not on a team that will be basically a .500 team (8-9 or 9-8)! Also, the division is a joke! By the way, what happened to Josh Rosen anyway? Is he still in the league?

  74. Uwish

    UwishOy oldin

    Sam just went from playing against Brady to not playing against him to now having to play against him. This should be good.

  75. Pharaoh Get-mo’ Dinero

    Pharaoh Get-mo’ DineroOy oldin


  76. Doug fresh Fresh doug

    Doug fresh Fresh dougOy oldin

    Lmao Life sucks for him

  77. T Mac

    T MacOy oldin

    So what’s Teddy Bridgewater going to do? Be a backup again? Come to Chicago

  78. erik puka

    erik pukaOy oldin

    @Johnny Mason Denver taking Fields at 4.Washington is the place for Teddy

  79. Johnny Mason

    Johnny MasonOy oldin

    Go to Denver! Be a starter! Chicago doesn't know what they are doing!

  80. Gibran Leon

    Gibran LeonOy oldin

    good idea. Dalton, Teddy qb competition would be healthy for the bears

  81. The Sportsnerd Network

    The Sportsnerd NetworkOy oldin

    Not a bad idea for the Bears.