Chris Broussard & Rob Parker - Did Gonzaga Choke or Get Beaten by the Better Team

THE ODD COUPLE - Chris Broussard & Rob Parker engage in a heated debate about the National Championship outcome between Gonzaga and Baylor. Chris believes that Baylor was the better team, but Rob thinks Gonzaga didn't live up to their hype machine and choked on the big stage.
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  1. Scott Fritz

    Scott Fritz20 kun oldin

    so, GONEzaga would beat the B E A S T in best of seven? Yeah right....mid major beat down as usual

  2. Scott Fritz

    Scott Fritz20 kun oldin

    True dat .... Sic'em! B E A S T

  3. wali xo

    wali xo28 kun oldin

    Rob RELAX they're just kids bro sheesh

  4. Phoenix Rise

    Phoenix Rise29 kun oldin

    No choking , Baylor was just better. This is what happens when you listen to the stupid media hype.

  5. Cyprian Johnson

    Cyprian Johnson29 kun oldin

    Over the last 15 to 20 years this Baylor and Gonzaga teams c can't compete with the past champions. College basketball done.

  6. James Thomas

    James ThomasOy oldin

    Baylor never look back

  7. Frederick Jefferson

    Frederick JeffersonOy oldin

    I feel for Chris. Constantly having to clean up behind Rob's foolishness.

  8. Lawrence Walthour

    Lawrence WalthourOy oldin

    Rob Parker is a troll😂😂😂

  9. Dapperdon76

    Dapperdon76Oy oldin

    They been choking since the '90

  10. Dapperdon76

    Dapperdon76Oy oldin

    As they always do, this is nothing new for them!

  11. Remy Gawd

    Remy GawdOy oldin

    The little engine who couldn’t..just couldn’t 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭..rob da 🐐 lol

  12. Tom

    TomOy oldin

    Ucla would have given baylor a more competitive game. Gonzaga played a cupcake schedule and will always be a wichita state like program, a nice cinderella story but never a real contender. Adam morrison is gonzaga in a nutshell

  13. Paul Khalifeh

    Paul KhalifehOy oldin

    The classic sick minded Rob Parker!

  14. Crona Cross

    Crona CrossOy oldin

    LOL rob was so funny this segment xD

  15. Darell Mclean

    Darell McleanOy oldin


  16. G Bama Boy

    G Bama BoyOy oldin

    Gonzaga would win 1 out 5 vs Baylor. They don't match up with Baylor at none of the positions.

  17. Frenchyk757

    Frenchyk757Oy oldin

    Rob Parker was in his BAG this episode!! Classic material!! 👏🏾 👏🏾 👏🏾

  18. George Ochola

    George OcholaOy oldin

    Rob Parker has no respect for Gonzaga. His saltiness has gone on a high tier lol

  19. Volt Vortex

    Volt VortexOy oldin

    Gonzaga got beat by a better team

  20. Ed Reynold

    Ed ReynoldOy oldin

    Gonzaga reminded me of the Chiefs; totally hyped up and the favourite of the masses but then gets blown out by superior defence and a great attack. Baylor the Bucs of the NCAA!! 🤣🤣🤣

  21. chad Caterson

    chad CatersonOy oldin

    In a 6 game series Baylor wins in 6. 5-1

  22. G Bovoni

    G BovoniOy oldin

    "Let me go"

  23. Kane McPherson

    Kane McPhersonOy oldin

    Rob Parker gets mad about the weirdest things lol chill Baylor was better

  24. Jing Qi

    Jing QiOy oldin

    Rob tripin 🤣

  25. AP

    APOy oldin

    So basically this interaction tells me that Rob Parker hasn't ever watched a game of Baylor basketball this season...

  26. Tom

    TomOy oldin

    He was trying to say gonzaga was "the better" team only in the fact that they were ranked #1 and favored to win the game. He wasn't saying they were actually better, they were saying the same thing just not getting each other's point

  27. Patrick Snavely

    Patrick SnavelyOy oldin

    It helps Baylor playing in a competitive conference. Makes them that much better. WCC is trash, there is no competition to make Gonzaga mentally tough. These ranked teams Gonzaga plays are early November before the UVAs, the Kansas's the Iowas etc have gelled. Baylor had a better team and toughness. There is a reason the Zags have zero championships. If ESPN would open their eyes and get out of their slobbering love affair for Mark Few and Gonzaga and be objective they would see that since 1998 Gonzaga has lost to a battle tested team everytime. The WCC is poor preparation for this team. As much as I loved the UNLV teams of the 90s, same situation. Gaudy win loss record, one title. Why? Not battle tested playing in a weak conference. Good wins early on in November coast through conference. Talented, absolutely, but adversity sharpens teams.

  28. easyb

    easybOy oldin

    I agree with Chris they did not choke Baylor was just a better Shannon Sharpe said on Monday The Baylor basketball team was built like a football team

  29. digonto zahid

    digonto zahidOy oldin

    Baylor was a much better team ....rob focusing on the negative as usual...

  30. rxtsec1

    rxtsec1Oy oldin

    Not sure if I agree with Rob but this was a great take

  31. Parlay King Sports

    Parlay King SportsOy oldin

    I like this show 😂😂😂😂

  32. Charles Johnson

    Charles JohnsonOy oldin


  33. Daryl Williams

    Daryl WilliamsOy oldin

    Chris is the lamest person ever on radio

  34. quinn osborn

    quinn osbornOy oldin

    I cant breathe..... really, Rob? Proof that college is overrated, even Ivy Leaguers like Columbia grads are dumb AF

  35. Patrick Coleman

    Patrick ColemanOy oldin

    They just got beat.. they beat enough teams in non conference to prove they were a legit team.. and they beat all of those teams by double digits. Baylor was just better.

  36. welcometomychannels welcometomychannels

    welcometomychannels welcometomychannelsOy oldin

    Ganzaga a did play with non conference good teams and their conference weathned Zag . When they went to the tournament, play with lower seed. Baylor was way better than Zag. I did pick Michigan and Baylor in the championship game, but Michigan had some injured players

  37. Patrick Snavely

    Patrick SnavelyOy oldin

    You have a good point however, those non-conference teams were way early on before those teams had a chance to gel. The coach and the players they just play the schedule they have. So they did their part however the wins against Kansas Iowa Virginia are good wins but with the necessarily one is say it like it been later in the season like in January or February when those teams had gelled better. With that being said not playing in that a tough conference come tournament time will often show that you're not battle tested. Baylor played in a tough conference and it showed. Gonzaga played in a weak conference it definitely showed. Another example of this exact same thing is UNLV in the 90s. Great record with good wins early on in the season. However only one title. Two final fours. When they got in tough tight games playing a weaker conference in the West they didn't have adversity and it shows by losing to usually a blue blood team from a tough conference. Such as UNLV was not going to beat Duke two years in a row. UNLV was undefeated going into the second Duke game in 1992

  38. Auburn Mann

    Auburn MannOy oldin

    Texas Tech got close a couple of years ago

  39. juju 32

    juju 32Oy oldin

    How does Rob manage to have a take that not only do I disagree with but that infuriates me nearly every time I listen to him? If he's trolling on purpose and doesn't actually believe the crap he says , then he is genius level troll.

  40. Breesha Knight

    Breesha KnightOy oldin

    A Rob Parker classic!!😭😭😭😂😂

  41. Shinobieyes

    ShinobieyesOy oldin

    I can't breathe, I need air, given the timing ......Very poor choice of words.

  42. LouisLoother

    LouisLootherOy oldin

    They choked no question about it

  43. Landon James

    Landon JamesOy oldin

    Best sports talk show , I love y’all Fr 🤣🤣

  44. Homedog Gaming

    Homedog GamingOy oldin

    Screw Gonzaga it makes me happy when a team the national media heads disrespect make yall wake up with egg on their face go Baylor

  45. Real Rap

    Real RapOy oldin

    🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫 31-1 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂 🤷🏾‍♂🤷🏾‍♂🤷🏾‍♂🤷🏾‍♂🤷🏾‍♂

  46. Omar W

    Omar WOy oldin

    Baylor was not the underdogs

  47. Gregory Fambro

    Gregory FambroOy oldin

    Baylor Is The Best Team In The NCAA. Look At How Many Ranked Opponents Baylor Beat And How Many The Gonzaga Beat This Year. They Didn't Choke Away The, They Got They Azz BEAT. ✌💯

  48. d c

    d cOy oldin

    as ex ohio state football coach john cooper once said after a drubbing by university of pitt in 1988 , "too many slow white guys." none of the cbs announcers or panelists mentioned the obvious. baylor was quicker, faster, stronger. combine that with the fact that they were hitting their shots, and we have a mismatch. i guess AAU products do have their place in the game. baylor had about 4 or 5 guys that could take over a game and give u 25 and shoot off the dribble, compared to the fundamentally sound zags.

  49. d c

    d cOy oldin

    @Tom , i would agree with u but OSU has 2 national titles since 2000, and 6 in the 1900's. gonzaga has 0. not exactly a good comparison

  50. Tom

    TomOy oldin

    Gonzaga is the Ohio State football of basketball, they play cupcakes all year, get unworthy high ranking and when they finally play a good team they get rolled (florida 41 buckeyes 14)

  51. Mental Mind

    Mental MindOy oldin

    Baylor was the underdog in this matchup ...



    Baylor is better. Zags had nowhere near the Bears intensity, speed and focus for 40 minutes. Got killed on the boards and in turnovers. Baylor out-coached them too with better gameplay, keeping Timme up close to the FT line with pick and rolls allowing Baylor to crash the boards...Refs tried to keep the game close with 13 FTs for Gonzaga in the first half to only 2 FTs for Baylor LOL, and still it didn't matter. In a 7 Game series, Baylor wins in 5.

  53. Rossi Valentine

    Rossi ValentineOy oldin

    I hate to say it but, deem brothers from the south turned on the N..... Juice and it was a wrap! When they turn it ON...its over.

  54. Darius B

    Darius BOy oldin


  55. Anteongo Estill

    Anteongo EstillOy oldin

    Baylor was a better team

  56. chefboyarleezy

    chefboyarleezyOy oldin

    Right as soon as I seen them standing next to each other I knew Baylor was going to blow them out. It looked like a men versus boys. Everyone on Baylor look liked they play football also and everyone on Gonzaga look like they played lacrosse tennis and water polo.

  57. chad Caterson

    chad CatersonOy oldin

    I wish they played that kind of physical ball in the NBA. A lot of body contact but they were moving their feet and knew that Gonzaga’s ball handlers were weak.

  58. chandlervlz 88

    chandlervlz 88Oy oldin

    First time i can honestly say i 1000% agree with rob parkwr

  59. youngkproduction

    youngkproductionOy oldin

    You can tell who Robb had money on lol

  60. H Mallhi13

    H Mallhi13Oy oldin

    rob parker is so silly , but I kinda like watching chris crush him every segment

  61. illthoro1

    illthoro1Oy oldin

    Rob you popping my speakers bro. Stop with the whining.

  62. OmgJustKeepIt2Virgils _

    OmgJustKeepIt2Virgils _Oy oldin

    4:24 "They choked it down". Whoa, pause Rob🤣🤣🤣

  63. Julius35C

    Julius35COy oldin

    Rob likes to overreact to every damn thing. Gonzaga just wasn't better than Baylor.

  64. DetroitMadeMe

    DetroitMadeMeOy oldin

    They got STUMPED by a better team and it was clear since the start of the tournament. Gonzaga's best player Suggs wasn't as good as Baylor's 3rd best player Teague. Their energy guy Vital outplayed Gonzaga's 2nd best player Timme.

  65. gerard lundrigan

    gerard lundriganOy oldin

    Man gonzaga choked and got smoked.......murdered man wasnt even close.....

  66. Michael Lewis

    Michael LewisOy oldin

    What in the hell is Rob looking at?

  67. Michael Lewis

    Michael LewisOy oldin

    He better watch out, he may wind up in the same situation as Deshaun Watson, you do know that a black man can be charged with sexually assaulting a white woman just by looking at her,even if she is not physically present...period.

  68. D McNair

    D McNairOy oldin

    Instagram models

  69. BStackzzz

    BStackzzzOy oldin

    Where is Dr. Heimlich when you need em !

  70. Justin Figgins

    Justin FigginsOy oldin

    *~Yelling for Nothing Sport Talking Heads~* •First Take's Screamer - Stephen A Smith• •Undisputed's Screamer - Shannon Sharpe• •The Odd Couple's Screamer - Rob Parker•

  71. Uyiosa Igiehon

    Uyiosa IgiehonOy oldin

    *Skip Bayless

  72. Michael Lewis

    Michael LewisOy oldin

    When Rob got a divorce, was that a "choke"?...period.

  73. J.R. Mason

    J.R. MasonOy oldin

    Rob with another one of the worst takes in sports media smh

  74. desmond coke

    desmond cokeOy oldin

    Rob is talking the truth. They choke like the 2016 Golden State Warriors.

  75. j317

    j317Oy oldin

    injuries and suspension happened in the middle of that series which completely changed the series and even with that cavs still just barely won let's not act like they don't go home in 5 if nothing didn't happen but I agree they still should have closed it out

  76. Otis Youngblood

    Otis YoungbloodOy oldin

    Rob so simplistic like Baylor wasn't good

  77. DT Smith

    DT SmithOy oldin

    😂 😂 😂 Rob Parker

  78. Russell Westbrook and Gus Malzahn Fan since 2010

    Russell Westbrook and Gus Malzahn Fan since 2010Oy oldin

    Gonzaga plays in WAC. They weren't prepared. Baylor plays a team like UCLA 6 times a month in the regular season.

  79. M AA

    M AAOy oldin

    @Vegan Hippie nd plays acc football every year? UNC was decent outside of this year? One year with three teams shows the Acc as a football power? Hmmm wake forest, gtech, ncst, bc, fsu would win the mac? Hmmm one year St.Marys had pattie mills, santa clara had kurt Rambis, and lmu had hank gathers and bo kimble. Do you remember five star tom lewis out of Pepperdine? I understand... none of this is a big deal/jokes...

  80. Vegan Hippie

    Vegan HippieOy oldin

    M AA the wac is nothing like the acc. clemson has 5 stars littered across the roster. the other teams arent that good but you had good teams like unc and nd. the wac is more like the mac or mwc

  81. M AA

    M AAOy oldin

    @Williford Bustin you are right... lol I only named those players because of their status and that they played in a supposed weak league as well. Great players come from many places regardless of the competion. Moreover, Clemson football is a two time national champ supposedly from the weak Acc.

  82. Williford Bustin

    Williford BustinOy oldin

    C. K. Dang bro, Baylor really got you in your feelings lol 😂

  83. Williford Bustin

    Williford BustinOy oldin

    M AA your naming guys who played college ball more than 20 years ago. That’s like saying Savannah state is good just because Shannon sharpe went there.

  84. Russell Westbrook and Gus Malzahn Fan since 2010

    Russell Westbrook and Gus Malzahn Fan since 2010Oy oldin

    Baylor = Brothers Gonzaga = Cornball Brothers

  85. Hardworking Criminal

    Hardworking CriminalOy oldin

    Really rob a i can't breathe joke during this very critical time rt now smdh.

  86. Charles E. Morris, III

    Charles E. Morris, IIIOy oldin

    Parker on point

  87. Brian Erwin

    Brian ErwinOy oldin

    do burgers wilt under heat lamps ? 🤣

  88. DT Smith

    DT SmithOy oldin

    😂 😂 😂 Over time

  89. CHenny 06

    CHenny 06Oy oldin

    Can’t choke if u was down the whole game

  90. Russell Westbrook and Gus Malzahn Fan since 2010

    Russell Westbrook and Gus Malzahn Fan since 2010Oy oldin

    Gonzaga need some brothas.

  91. He Hate Me

    He Hate Me27 kun oldin

    Zags beat all black teams during the tournament until baylor

  92. Patrick Snavely

    Patrick SnavelyOy oldin

    They need a better conference to toughen them up too.

  93. rxtsec1

    rxtsec1Oy oldin

    Sure look that way

  94. Man Man

    Man ManOy oldin

    I knew the first 5 offensive rebounds Baylor got that it was a wrap. Then them guards started shaking n baking. Put em to bed

  95. Jason L

    Jason LOy oldin

    But they didn’t chuck it though. They played great defense and took Gonzaga one on one off the dribble and isolated Timme who was overmatched on the perimeter. They looked shook out there.

  96. Man Man

    Man ManOy oldin

    @C. K. the point is Gonzaga couldn’t stop em. But I agree simple strategy

  97. Jude

    JudeOy oldin

    ROTFLMMFAO!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣@Rob Parker

  98. DT Smith

    DT SmithOy oldin

    That rant was hilarious 😂 😂 😂 all time great

  99. Jude

    JudeOy oldin

    UCLA would have given Baylor a better competitive game. Zags & Few are overrated and str8 🗑️🗑️🗑️!!!

  100. cordarius green

    cordarius greenOy oldin

    Baylor just put a beating on them I look at that as losing to a better team

  101. Derek Wiggins

    Derek WigginsOy oldin

    Baylor is flat out the better team!

  102. Williford Bustin

    Williford BustinOy oldin

    Exactly, Gonzaga actually shot a decent percentage. Baylor prevented them from getting rebounds, and they caused turnovers to get a lot more shots. Baylor is just better.

  103. Sean Flaherty

    Sean FlahertyOy oldin

    Gonzaga was the better team. Upsets happen. Its one game. In the NBA, a team gets blown out in game 1 and then wins the series. If this was a 7 game series, people would say gonzaga had no chance after game 1 and then gonzaga would win the series

  104. Fabian Mckeown

    Fabian MckeownOy oldin

    Nah Baylor was just better no upset

  105. Phil Ross

    Phil RossOy oldin

    They choked. Suggs balled. If you look at they non conference schedule they beat some legit teams at the time . 6 Kansas. Auburn. 11 West Virginia. 3 Iowa. 16 Virginia.

  106. Russell Westbrook and Gus Malzahn Fan since 2010

    Russell Westbrook and Gus Malzahn Fan since 2010Oy oldin

    That was in November and December. Teams are way different in February, March, and April

  107. Heraclitean

    HeracliteanOy oldin

    Rob always trying to outdo his bad takes with worse takes.

  108. Deron Taylor

    Deron TaylorOy oldin

    they got choked up like George Floyd 💀

  109. Wilson Pereira

    Wilson PereiraOy oldin

    Rob with his generalizations more detail brother. Declaring the winner by verbal TKO Chris Broussard.

  110. Justin Figgins

    Justin FigginsOy oldin

    Rob claims to know that winning any sport's game is not easy but then speaks as winning a sport's game is easy, a breeze....

  111. j j

    j jOy oldin

    rob pisses me off like he’s a dummy 😂

  112. Williford Bustin

    Williford BustinOy oldin

    Facts Baylor would have went undefeated if not for covid in the big 12, they are far and away the best team.

  113. j j

    j jOy oldin

    @LouisLoother if you think they choked you crazy lol baylor would beat em everytime they jus better

  114. LouisLoother

    LouisLootherOy oldin

    He was right here though....

  115. AMUN RA

    AMUN RAOy oldin

    It’s like I know he’s not a dummy but he plays the part so good 😊

  116. Jarred Shipman

    Jarred ShipmanOy oldin


  117. MR J

    MR JOy oldin

    Rob is distasteful

  118. Mike Moultrie

    Mike MoultrieOy oldin

    No Baylor was the better team. They were 17 and 0 before covid hit.

  119. Malaki727

    Malaki727Oy oldin

    Rob not good time for I cant breathe jokes. Right now bruh

  120. Shawn Davis

    Shawn DavisOy oldin

    @Malaki727 I hear you but Rob Parker was just using it because they did choke we can't take everything so serious

  121. Darius B

    Darius BOy oldin

    @Malaki727 how are drugs and comes a sports reference? Let's stay on topic

  122. Malaki727

    Malaki727Oy oldin

    @Shawn Davis hey why dont you go on a plane joke about bombs and stuff Or to police station joke about guns. Then tell them they being soft and reaching.

  123. Malaki727

    Malaki727Oy oldin

    @Darius B not about reaching you see what's in the news I know it's sports just not good timing. What if I go to hospital Dmx at n joke outside about drugs n comas??

  124. Shawn Davis

    Shawn DavisOy oldin

    Come on brother he meant nothing by that we getting soft as a society stop reaching for something

  125. Realroc G

    Realroc GOy oldin

    Baylor been tough all year!!!!

  126. Williford Bustin

    Williford BustinOy oldin

    Italia Rosa they won the national championship, wtf are you talking about not hot? 🤦🏾‍♂️😂😂

  127. Italia Rosa

    Italia RosaOy oldin

    They lost to Oklahoma state and Kansas. Not that hot

  128. Sabreeem Neely

    Sabreeem NeelyOy oldin

    West Coast Conference. I rest my case.

  129. Gibran Leon

    Gibran LeonOy oldin

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 this is hilarious

  130. BehrGris

    BehrGrisOy oldin

    so... how's his "draft stock" looking now I'm curious

  131. Italia Rosa

    Italia RosaOy oldin

    He won’t drop past #3 overall pick.

  132. David Getty

    David GettyOy oldin

    Chris, I would love to hear what you have to say on sports, as you are well versed and have a broad open-minded perspective. However, I can not listen to your broadcast partner, Rob, who has little integrity and no credibility as a sportscaster, who has proven himself biased based only on his opinion which is so narrow-minded as to be nothing but hyped prejudice (in a world where we are now all reaching and striving to eliminate prejudice). What an ineffectual, but unrelenting blowhard you are, Mr. Parker. You are "no way, no how" worth listening to. Sorry, Chris...

  133. Darius B

    Darius BOy oldin

    Well you're still listening

  134. Italia Rosa

    Italia RosaOy oldin

    Why don’t you take your complaints to Fox sports. See if they give you the time of day, fact is nobody cares if you listen or not.

  135. bonglokta

    bongloktaOy oldin

    They balance each other. Rob Parker grew on me. I disagree with half of what he says and how he says it but he has some fair statements on sports.

  136. Archie Lee

    Archie LeeOy oldin


  137. Archie Lee

    Archie LeeOy oldin

    @Nitty Gritty WYS💯

  138. Nitty Gritty

    Nitty GrittyOy oldin

    THE WHOLE GAME!!!!!!

  139. MightyR.D.B

    MightyR.D.BOy oldin

    Relax folks Rob has to say things diff just to make it a conversation. Although yes Baylor was just better in each category.

  140. julius hall

    julius hallOy oldin

    @Italia Rosa 30-0 says it all

  141. Williford Bustin

    Williford BustinOy oldin

    Italia Rosa media hype

  142. Italia Rosa

    Italia RosaOy oldin

    Why was GonzAga favored to win??

  143. oO TEkNiCiAN Oo

    oO TEkNiCiAN OoOy oldin


  144. Mr Laugh Track

    Mr Laugh TrackOy oldin

    Gonzaga turned into the 2007 New England Patriots

  145. Marcus Yosif

    Marcus YosifOy oldin

    That game was actually close and took a miracle this was a total blowout

  146. J.R. Mason

    J.R. MasonOy oldin

    Baylor a lot better than that 2007 New York team though

  147. Hardworking Criminal

    Hardworking CriminalOy oldin

    @mr laugh track Chill bro my Patriots ain't get the breaks beat of us...we loss by 3.

  148. Jonil Joseph

    Jonil JosephOy oldin

    The burden of being undefeated is a terrible albatross.

  149. Cherub

    CherubOy oldin

    He celebrated pre maturely and forgot what Kobe said. Jobs finished? Job not finished

  150. Arizona Fire Ent

    Arizona Fire EntOy oldin

    Kobe blew a 3-1 lead to a suns team without Stoudemire and also blew a 24 point lead in game 4 of the Finals stop acting like he was perfect

  151. DetroitMadeMe

    DetroitMadeMeOy oldin

    Great quote

  152. Italia Rosa

    Italia RosaOy oldin

    Seems your life revolves around the late Kobe Bryant quotes. Everyone celebrates after a win especially how they beat UCLA.