Chris Broussard & Rob Parker - Is College Basketball Still the Best Path For NBA Prospects?

THE ODD COUPLE - Chris Broussard & Rob Parker debate Aaron Torres defending the exposure of college basketball versus the opportunities provided by the NBA's G-League or playing overseas.
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  1. Christian James

    Christian James29 kun oldin

    Suggs was already a top 10 pick going into the league. Did he improve his stock a little bit playing in college? Absolutely. He likely makes the move into the top 5 picks into the draft, but it's not like he went from non lottery pick to top 5 due to college. He was always going to be a high pick.

  2. Kevin Butler

    Kevin ButlerOy oldin

    Jalen Suggs isn’t getting the biggest shoe contract he has to stop this

  3. bosshova23

    bosshova23Oy oldin

    Tar Heels is my squad.......and I’m not happy about Hubert being chosen

  4. DetroitMadeMe

    DetroitMadeMeOy oldin

    How did college basketball help Cade Cunningham? Losing early can make a top prospect look bad. The G League is taking over sooner rather than later while also NOT standing in the way of the young mans earning potential

  5. American Joe

    American JoeOy oldin

    Good job Rob, keep up the great work my guy.

  6. IsmokeHiphop Live

    IsmokeHiphop LiveOy oldin

    Jalen Suggs has been rated top 5 pick since highschool also top ten pick in football. this is a bad take. you do not need college anymore.

  7. chiefs816kc

    chiefs816kcOy oldin

    Men's college basketball is dead. The women's tournament was much more exciting.

  8. Daniel Sohn

    Daniel SohnOy oldin

    The extra exposure and potential gains still don't justify how the NCAA can profit off of a player's image and likeness while the player him or herself can not. It drives me crazy how people try to minimize a wrong because of an unrelated benefit instead of arguing to fix the wrong.

  9. Haringey Hawks Basketball Club

    Haringey Hawks Basketball ClubOy oldin

    Kiminga easily moved up. Jalen Green will have a way bigger deal than Suggs. Suggs is 1 guy tbf, I bet them Kentucky guys wished they took that gleague cash

  10. Hardworking Criminal

    Hardworking CriminalOy oldin

    It's funny to see rob completely not engaged in the conversation & then just pop up say sometimes ridiculous then right back to his phone lol

  11. M Davis

    M DavisOy oldin

    It absolutely is not

  12. Don Deal

    Don DealOy oldin

    Two words Derrick Williams

  13. T. Emanuelson

    T. EmanuelsonOy oldin

    it's popularity contest! especially lameelo. ballz look like the kardashians of basketball.

  14. Wes Green

    Wes GreenOy oldin

    College basketball is JB Kevin Garnett didn't mean it LeBron James didn't mean Kobe Bryant getting music a lot of ball players who didn't need it and if they did it was for one year college basketball score ESPN that's all it ain't for nobody jacket American was trying to help your family gets get to the next level this is a good old boy talking who's privilege

  15. Wes Green

    Wes GreenOy oldin

    Chris Raab please understand this good old boy you talking to never play the game of basketball he's a wannabe that's why he goes to all these tournaments he's a wannabe God and he has no right to talk against but young African-American ballplayers want to do it because he's behind his privileged

  16. Ryan Irving

    Ryan IrvingOy oldin

    Lamelo is a terrible comparison. He got all that hype because he is lamelo ball. His brother is lonzo and his dad is the ultimate hype man

  17. se7en Zee

    se7en ZeeOy oldin

    If you are physically freakish (Shaq, Lebron, Zion) or extremely skilled (Kyrie), you can skip college. The rest should go to college to prove you can play not only at this level but also have the skills for the next level. It's just like in life. Some people don't need to go to college and sill do very well.

  18. se7en Zee

    se7en ZeeOy oldin

    @Hardworking Criminal They went to college because they, except Shaq, weren't allowed to go straight to the NBA. Do you think Zion and Kyrie would go to college if they were allowed to go to the NBA?

  19. Hardworking Criminal

    Hardworking CriminalOy oldin

    @se7en zee Everyone you named except LBJ went to college...what's your point respectfully?

  20. sexto sentido

    sexto sentidoOy oldin

    I agree with Chris Broussard, Paul Pierce did not wrong at all

  21. Hardworking Criminal

    Hardworking CriminalOy oldin

    @sexto sentido His dumb azz posted himself online when he had no reason. Again he posted himself this wouldn't even be a topic if he didn't.

  22. Jerrad Dennis

    Jerrad DennisOy oldin

    Lamelo also has a brother that was the #2 pick. A dad that was always on ESPN AND FS1 and a show on facebook. Little different..

  23. Terence Jones

    Terence JonesOy oldin

    His dad was successful anyways

  24. Tom storm

    Tom stormOy oldin


  25. Major Russell

    Major RussellOy oldin

    If Suggs is the number 1 pick that GM is gonna get fired! I don’t see any difference in his game and the way Josh Hart played at Villanova! Davion Mitchell is way more talented!

  26. Larry Harmon

    Larry HarmonOy oldin

    Chris Broussard is just a holy roller who wants sex and drugs taken out of all of society. He thinks he’s slick by bringing up the hypocracy angle, but he knows damn well the standard is whatever your employer thinks is going to cost them money, can get you fired. He’s been in the game too long to be this naive. For once Rob is correct lol.

  27. DeShawn Madison

    DeShawn MadisonOy oldin

    Dude I didn’t watch one game! Who cares about the NCAA.

  28. Hardworking Criminal

    Hardworking CriminalOy oldin

    @dashawn madison You literally clicked on a video & commented on a video where the 2nd & 3rd word in the title is college basketball but you claim not to care ok buddy.

  29. Gabe G

    Gabe GOy oldin

    Rob saying “...they love this old model and it’s in their blood and can’t forget it” is ironic.

  30. Ardonis Williams

    Ardonis WilliamsOy oldin

    Some kids aren't ready to be grown and still wants the structure of school, Tim Duncan could have gone pro after his sophomore and junior yrs but he said he liked school.

  31. Ardonis Williams

    Ardonis WilliamsOy oldin

    @Immortal he could've gone pro then went back and got his degree, Isaiah Thomas( Pistons) and MJ did that.

  32. Immortal

    ImmortalOy oldin

    It’s because he promised his mom he would get a degree

  33. Hardworking Criminal

    Hardworking CriminalOy oldin

    Not a chance this show would bring up that example.

  34. Trainer Rob

    Trainer RobOy oldin

    Jennins went to Italy and couldn´t get off the bench. Was drafted #10. Mudiay was ok in China which was not a very good league at that time and went #... Green and Kuminga are going to go top 5 and drive to MSG in their own 911´s... The Suggs shot was amazing but come on... Tyus Edney had the same moment, won a national championship and ended up going #47 in the draft then ended up battling most of his career in Europe with me and a ton of other guys who didn´t have that moment.

  35. knowledgeseeker360

    knowledgeseeker360Oy oldin

    Michael Jordan played 3 years in college. Ask him if he felt exploited.

  36. Adrianne Cooper

    Adrianne CooperOy oldin

    @chiefs816kc So true!!

  37. chiefs816kc

    chiefs816kcOy oldin

    That was damn near 40 years ago. If Jordan was in high school now he would play a maximum of one year of college ball.

  38. Justin Figgins

    Justin FigginsOy oldin

    Rob needs to enroll back in some elementary classes due to Rob’s limited vocabulary over & over & over again.... “I’m just saying, You know what I mean, That’s all, I’m just saying, You know what I mean, I’m just saying, I got it, Know what I’m saying”

  39. American Joe

    American JoeOy oldin

    He spoke well and clear to me, your tripping, getting lost in sauce that isn't your taste.

  40. Realsinceday1

    Realsinceday1Oy oldin

    Don’t get me wrong I definitely think the kids should get paid but as of right now they’re not I’ve never understood the logic of going to the g league or overseas FOR MONEY because if you come from a family that’s broke you’ve been broke your whole life what’s another year gonna hurt? Now if you decide to go to the g league or overseas for other reasons then that’s different but I just never understood the money argument

  41. Ahmed Adam

    Ahmed Adam29 kun oldin

    Every day hurts, been broke aint no joke. To not understand the money arguement must be the silliest comment I've ever heard.........millionaires can't get enough of money and you're talking about kids that eat cereal for lunch.

  42. Jonathan Rodriguez

    Jonathan RodriguezOy oldin

    @Success is A Marathon no sir once your 18 you are on your own your parents/ family have no obligation for you and vice versa

  43. Success is A Marathon

    Success is A MarathonOy oldin

    If you dont understand why comment like you can relate? Being broke isnt no wait one more year to take care of your family is about NOW

  44. Aaron Hutchinson

    Aaron HutchinsonOy oldin

    Can't compare Lamelo and what he did.. Lavar has had him in the public eye foe several years with the Shoe, 92 point game, pointing from half and hitting the 3 etc..Suggs is Jrue Holiday type guard. Very solid guard, more a winner than anything else. Him going to be a lead guy on a bad team will hurt him. Hope he doesn't end up playing for his hometown Timberwolves

  45. Zan Dale

    Zan DaleOy oldin

    College football and basketball is nothing but sharecropping. Pay the players, stop being so greedy and get on with it

  46. Hardworking Criminal

    Hardworking CriminalOy oldin

    @zan dale Tell all the players just go to class, get a job & stop playing team athletics problem solved. Then after a yr enter the draft. These kids aren't being kidnapped & forced onto a field or court.

  47. Recency Bias Radio

    Recency Bias RadioOy oldin

    Baylor showed the world handlebar mustaches are overrated 😂

  48. Greg Dismukes

    Greg DismukesOy oldin

    Cunningham isn't that good yall being nice.

  49. Chris B.

    Chris B.Oy oldin

    It's only the best path if you're not good enough to go right out of high school or be a one-and-done. The fastest path to NBA money is the best path. There's garbage players all over that league that hang around way longer than they should. If you're truly good and have the mindset and dedication to develop, it doesn't matter where you do it but get yourself paid ASAP.

  50. Chris B.

    Chris B.Oy oldin

    @Williford Bustin Still applies. If you can get to the NBA sooner than later, you should do so. It's just likely to be later, if at all, for the majority.

  51. Williford Bustin

    Williford BustinOy oldin

    True but there is 400 players in the nba. More kids participate in the ncaa tournament than there are players in the nba. It’s a really small group.

  52. OmgJustKeepIt2Virgils _

    OmgJustKeepIt2Virgils _Oy oldin

    Ain't gotta play in NCAA to get paid big. Did Luka do that, no?🤣🤣 it ain't just Lamelo bruh🤔🤔🤌🏾💯

  53. Greg Dismukes

    Greg DismukesOy oldin

    College basketball is about picking the right school for your skill set. Take B.J Boston who went to Kentucky, basically killing his one and done chances.

  54. Gelato

    GelatoOy oldin

    College basketball doesn’t do enough for the 1 percent can’t make everybody happy

  55. David Chandler

    David ChandlerOy oldin

    Donte DiVincenzo of the bucks turned himself into no draftee, to a 1st rounder. he wasnt no where close of be being drafted but he made big plays in the tournament and now hes actually a descent role player in the nba and has proven he belongs.

  56. Michael Smith

    Michael SmithOy oldin

    He’s not a 5star player you idiot they’re talking about the top players deciding between college or gleague smh ppl don’t listen sometimes

  57. Anthony Bennett

    Anthony BennettOy oldin

    Let’s go Hubert Davis

  58. Geronimo Pratt

    Geronimo PrattOy oldin

    He more than deserved the chance to be coach.....

  59. Anthony Bennett

    Anthony BennettOy oldin

    This dude racists

  60. R S

    R SOy oldin

    I knew Gonzaga was going to get popped LMAO

  61. Greg Dismukes

    Greg DismukesOy oldin

    lol me too, I honestly thought they suck. Gonzaga kept making me look bad.

  62. Lewis Fadipe

    Lewis FadipeOy oldin

    Right. Damn

  63. Robert Rios

    Robert RiosOy oldin

    Agree green isn't highlighted at all and ge is nice... College teaches you the intangibles

  64. S Duboss

    S DubossOy oldin

    It's a scout's job to assess the players properly and if they pick them on mainly exposure then they're not doing their job

  65. Heavy M

    Heavy MOy oldin

    No if u playing for free

  66. YY C

    YY COy oldin

    The volume and random yelling is so stupid

  67. Black Uru Strikes!

    Black Uru Strikes!Oy oldin

    It's a corrupt system where the universities, networks and shoe companies collude together to financially exploit people who are barely legal adults, many of whom are from some of the poorer areas of the country. Whether a COUPLE of people have benefited from the status quo does not minimize how evil the current system is.

  68. Ross JN

    Ross JNOy oldin

    I actually really enjoyed watching Jalen Green and Jonathan Kuminga play in the G-League, it was exciting as hell, and they got paid 6-figures while playing in front of NBA coaches before the draft.

  69. David Chandler

    David Chandler28 kun oldin

    @Ross JN not many watch league bud,its very similar to wnbs situstion cheap tox so some people will go n any advertisements is from nba affilstion. Wnba loses millions fir long time now, sure they can write somethings off but there no attraction for alonsers if there not much of audience, investors? In what how dp they get theor mpney back?only way is through tv, which u meed large audience which is doesnt have

  70. Christian James

    Christian James29 kun oldin

    @Hardworking Criminal I'd rather G league basketball where players are not exploited and the games are actually fundamentally better to watch than watch college basketball any day.

  71. Ross JN

    Ross JNOy oldin

    @Hardworking Criminal That’s how I feel about College Basketball, lol... the GLeague has lit the past two seasons and this year you’ll have missed a season of two of the top five picks.

  72. Hardworking Criminal

    Hardworking CriminalOy oldin

    @Ross JN Damn bro you watch g league basketball. Besides the wnba I can't think of any other worst way to waste time. I'd go to the park & watch a p/u gm before I watch g league basketball sorry

  73. Ross JN

    Ross JNOy oldin

    @David Chandler The G-League makes plenty of money, I could try to break down the business of it but it would be pages. These teams are companies that have tax benefits, investors, soliciting, advertising, etc, etc, etc... Gatorade attaching their brand to it is indicative of this. Streaming rights, jersey endorsements, and more. Having direct access to the best talent in the world is also an investment for the NBA, I can go on and on...

  74. Jason Burke

    Jason BurkeOy oldin


  75. allen panicker

    allen panickerOy oldin

    Nah college ain’t it go overseas or g league

  76. Militarize

    MilitarizeOy oldin

    G league just doesn't have the history of giving athletes the best chances for nba recognition. Scouts are going to NCAA games, rarely do they visit a g league unless there's some type of buzz around a g league player.

  77. Williford Bustin

    Williford BustinOy oldin

    Yeah wtf are you talking about? These nba teams run the g league. You don’t need scouts when you are literally running the team, all you have to do is go down the road to the g league facilities and watch the players lol.

  78. Geronimo Pratt

    Geronimo PrattOy oldin

    Where did you get this information?

  79. bonglokta

    bongloktaOy oldin

    Funny story about highschoolers not giving a shXt who Eric Gordon is.

  80. William Hicks

    William HicksOy oldin

    College basketball is falling off. These teams and the G League are throwing money at top recruits, pple that we the pple wanna see so the ones that are left are no names. You might have a few 5stars that'll go to college but it's falling off

  81. TjR

    TjROy oldin

    Chris bringing up wiseman that dude should've stayed another year in college

  82. MrRolltide91

    MrRolltide91Oy oldin

    @Jonathan Rodriguez the main goal is to get to the NBA. Why stay another year in college when you are projected to go top 3

  83. Jonathan Rodriguez

    Jonathan RodriguezOy oldin

    @MrRolltide91 and that right there is what is wrong with sports players are only in it for money instead of the game

  84. MrRolltide91

    MrRolltide91Oy oldin

    Naw he went #2 in the draft. You take the money. Forget college

  85. Ross JN

    Ross JNOy oldin

    I wish Wiseman had the G-League option, he would have developed far more in preparing for the NBA game. Also, centers take longer to develop and the NCAA was shafting him the entire time.

  86. Sean Flaherty

    Sean FlahertyOy oldin

    At the end of the day, how jaylen suggs is as an nba player will determine how much money he gets. If he ends up being a bum in the nba, nobody is gonna give a damn that he hit that shot in college

  87. KenanCappin

    KenanCappinOy oldin


  88. Anthony Anderson

    Anthony AndersonOy oldin

    @palatable johnson yup. Juan Dixon is my favorite college player ever and he barely played in the league.

  89. Williford Bustin

    Williford BustinOy oldin

    palatable johnson kemba and Shabaz were drafted.

  90. palatable johnson

    palatable johnsonOy oldin

    exactly kemba walker , shabazz napier not to mention kris jenkins who didn't even get drafted mad college legends go undrafted

  91. justletmebegreat pablo

    justletmebegreat pabloOy oldin

    Yeah look at IT

  92. Big Ruby

    Big RubyOy oldin

    I think if you’re already a 5 star highly recruited player imo going pro in euro or g league is way better financially but if you’re a slept on dude and got a chip on your shoulder college can do an amazing thing for your draft stock

  93. UnexpectedWonder

    UnexpectedWonderOy oldin


  94. Trainer Rob

    Trainer RobOy oldin

    If you are slept on you can´t go to the G-League or overseas. The G-League option is only available to top recruits selected by USA Basketball. Australia´s new program is similar. Its not open to 3 or 4 star recruits. Top leagues in Europe. Forget it they can only sign two American players per team and if you are not an NBA level player with a nice resume then they are not going to use one of those 2 roster spots on you.

  95. Boot It Up

    Boot It UpOy oldin

    Waste for NBA but good for NFL for some reason.

  96. knowledgeseeker360

    knowledgeseeker360Oy oldin


  97. Sean Tyson

    Sean TysonOy oldin

    Exposure you mean exploited.

  98. Sean Tyson

    Sean TysonOy oldin

    These black young men don't need college basketball its the other way around.

  99. Hardworking Criminal

    Hardworking CriminalOy oldin

    @sean tyson Well why do they go if they dont need it? Thats like telling ppl who have a job they dont need their job their job needs them...if they didn't need a job why would they go.

  100. David Chandler

    David ChandlerOy oldin

    well only like 15 guys or so come out the ncaa to get drafted, and half of them are not for sure nbaers before ncaa. I think they should get paid but you have to realistic, its smaller than 0.00001% here of players that know they are going to make the nba. I don't think those few players make the ncaa, they help a little and they then there who should they pay and how much. i am not for the ncaa, but its not as easy aa this. they just need to get rid of the age limit but then most kids wil still be going to college cause they dont know what the future holds

  101. Ld Walker

    Ld WalkerOy oldin

    I’m sick of Chris taking sips of that water like it’s lemonade or something my Goodness

  102. Qeasz Smith

    Qeasz SmithOy oldin

    Breath in a paper bag buddy calm down

  103. Homedog Gaming

    Homedog GamingOy oldin

    Water is good tho lol

  104. r ellis

    r ellisOy oldin

    Simple : NO

  105. Leo Glaser

    Leo GlaserOy oldin

    no ones gonna care or pay serious money to see G league or anything else.

  106. Williford Bustin

    Williford BustinOy oldin

    You don’t have to, because the g league is run by the nba, so the nba pays for it. These teams run their respective teams and they keep an eye to see if a player is nba ready, when they are, they are brought up. They don’t need to sell anything.

  107. Geronimo Pratt

    Geronimo PrattOy oldin

    College viewers have dwindled tremendously

  108. Mike Jones

    Mike JonesOy oldin

    Nope, it's a waste of time for future pro's. If college basketball changed its rules to NBA rules then they'd be able to survive what's gonna come which is all the best players going to the G Leage.

  109. Ad Tastic

    Ad TasticOy oldin

    College ball is a scam. Sure you get a little exposure because it's in the US. Maybe some of these weak GMs get impressed by the buzz it creates. But you can't tell me it's better preparation than full time playing against grown men in pro leagues somewhere like Europe. Look how oven ready Luka came over here. And its not even like LaMelo Ball went out to Australia and dominated. They have a seriously good league stacked with ex-NBA players. Going there and averaging 8 pts makes you a better prospect than averaging 20 in the NCAA. And you get paid.

  110. T-Dub

    T-DubOy oldin

    The thing is the scouts... the ppl that matter... are going to see u regardless of where u are. Don’t listen to guys like this. Public perception of you means NOTHING in terms of your actual success

  111. Marcus Smith

    Marcus SmithOy oldin

    Most college players in all sports wont go pro and can't because only certain amount of players can make sports will be teams are scared of losing viewership money more than anything

  112. Marcus Smith

    Marcus SmithOy oldin

    @David Chandler true college sports will be fine

  113. David Chandler

    David ChandlerOy oldin

    they wont even lose that i think, its only few players that hyped up to for sure be in the nba, and some yrs theres none, like bad draft yrs. seldom you get huge audience watching a future nba star. just change the age limit back to 18

  114. JayJavDav

    JayJavDavOy oldin

    Zags are frauds

  115. Frank Bloomberg

    Frank BloombergOy oldin

    Ain't nobody watching that crap. I'm going to do Netflix and chill,....then I'm going to sleep 😂

  116. Dark Green Rifleman

    Dark Green RiflemanOy oldin

    How did that night go?

  117. Frank Bloomberg

    Frank BloombergOy oldin

    Nobody in America is interested in the college basketball championship game unless you are working in the sports industry. All of my family and friends all said they are not watching. Also what is the point of watching when none of the players who are going to the nba are playing? There are no college stars to follow into the NBA. All the good players play in the development league now. Ain't nobody gonna watch that stuff. 😂

  118. Hardworking Criminal

    Hardworking CriminalOy oldin

    You sound crazy. Go o/s and ask 10 ppl who won the g league championship I promise more ppl know Baylor won last nite April 5 2021.

  119. MR J

    MR JOy oldin

    College Cartel$ tell the players we ain't got it.

  120. Man Man

    Man ManOy oldin

    Yes. At least one year. Not even a question in my opinion

  121. Jamie Sp

    Jamie SpOy oldin

    Both can be true. The G league gives up money up front, but you get no exposure. The NCAA doesn't pay, but you get a stage to build a brand and make more money long term. Zion isn't making 100M without Duke.

  122. Jamie Sp

    Jamie SpOy oldin

    @Geronimo Pratt I'm not saying Players can't make money. I'm saying the reach is bigger and that can turn into more money. 13 million people watched a whole game of Jalen Suggs. Its easier for highlights from a national tv game to spread than AAU or g league clips. You make ad money with middle america.

  123. MrRolltide91

    MrRolltide91Oy oldin

    @Geronimo Pratt facts

  124. Geronimo Pratt

    Geronimo PrattOy oldin

    Any top basketball player can have exposure without going to college, there's a major thing called social media now.

  125. dondrickdem

    dondrickdemOy oldin

    Are you serious? Do you understand they are working with actual pros you tweakin

  126. MrRolltide91

    MrRolltide91Oy oldin

    Zion was still making big money regardless of him going to Duke

  127. K Y

    K YOy oldin

    Its a tough question. It's all about whether or not scouts broaden their recruiting.

  128. UnexpectedWonder

    UnexpectedWonderOy oldin


  129. Zachary Reed

    Zachary ReedOy oldin

    Why am I at the top I'm not even saying anything