Chris Broussard & Rob Parker - NBA Fines Kevin Durant $50,000 For Vulgar DMs to Michael Rapaport

THE ODD COUPLE - Chris Broussard & Rob Parker react to Kevin Durant facing punishment from the NBA after actor/celebrity Michael Rapaport revealed private direct messages sent between them on social media.
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  1. Charles J. Hunnicutt

    Charles J. Hunnicutt21 kun oldin

    What was Trump fined. Durant sorry he got caught! Be for real!

  2. Althenia Molson

    Althenia Molson25 kun oldin

    Durant said what he said

  3. phrozen06

    phrozen0627 kun oldin

    They didn't just stop playing "They don't care about us" by michael jackson, they made him Re-Record the song and got rid of the original master recording.

  4. J Ramirez

    J Ramirez27 kun oldin

    Wow Rob Parker actually sounded reasonable

  5. Maddog TV

    Maddog TVOy oldin

    Broussard still hating on Durant, lol 😂

  6. Swole Tech

    Swole TechOy oldin

    Rob smoked da homie Broussard here. Hardly ever agree with Rob over Chris.

  7. Robert Myles

    Robert MylesOy oldin

    Durqnt didn't mean his apology and if he didnt want anyone to know what he said he shouldn't have said it to anyone.

  8. Moving Forward

    Moving ForwardOy oldin

    So KD told Michael his own wife don’t respect him.. so what? Is there more to the story about Michaels wife?

  9. Mackenzie Young

    Mackenzie YoungOy oldin

    Kd was in them dms like a regular common taking black man tbh🤷‍♂️

  10. gorman bannister

    gorman bannisterOy oldin

    I’m not getting involved with the back and forth. But to me there’s nothing private to ANYTHING on social media. But if recalled, Durant has been in childish rants on social media before. Durant can’t handle being a super basketball player and a decent human being.

  11. Andres Lopez

    Andres LopezOy oldin

    KD is weird and talks like a child - fake bully - never been in a fight his whole life - afraid of Draymond Green - that's why he ran to the east coast.

  12. Jose Jr Basa

    Jose Jr BasaOy oldin

    No business bringing out private DM to punish KD. Out of line, outright. Rapport is not doing this to champion or protect anything but himself. Do you really think he hasn't spat like-words to someone else. Hypocritical!!! Probably feeling good and smug right now. This is going to have some kind of backlash.

  13. Phx Tradercc

    Phx TraderccOy oldin

    You do have a point... Ty.

  14. neal mike

    neal mikeOy oldin

    Cmon chris it was a private conversation..stop with homophobic comments it wasn't that

  15. Jeffrey Anthony

    Jeffrey AnthonyOy oldin

    No way in hell he should have been fined

  16. Where did I put my crown

    Where did I put my crownOy oldin

    KD destroyed him🤣🤣🤣

  17. Yea Man

    Yea ManOy oldin

    Rat Report

  18. azaatari

    azaatariOy oldin

    How is this different than Meyers Leonard situation? KD just got a slap on the wrist

  19. Hrvoje Mastelic

    Hrvoje MastelicOy oldin

    Durant is an idiot, but NBA league and commisioner are not his employer. If anyone should fine him that are Brooklyn Nets. It is ridicilous that league tracks private conversations, player's social media accounts in their free and fine them (Leonard as well). If there is some kind of felony done the state will prosecute them. Also league should have not ordered Sterling to sell his private ownership unless US is not turning to SSSR from 80's. Private ownership is a holy grale. People kill and still remain owners of the stuff they have. In the long run Sterling would have sold it anyway because no one wanted to play for him. But big difference is that free market would have solved the issue, not comunist party called NBA.

  20. Chua Ping

    Chua PingOy oldin

    Kd is soft, he's forever a sensitive cupcakes!!!!

  21. Althenia Molson

    Althenia Molson25 kun oldin

    He’s actually the opposite of sensitive. Only a sucka would allow people to constantly disrespect them and not respond

  22. E. Burks

    E. BurksOy oldin

    It’s about the kids, athletes are role models

  23. Eric Watkins

    Eric WatkinsOy oldin

    I've always said Sterling should not have lost his team for something he said in private about us. There was independent evidence that showed Sterling to be a racist other than what he said in private.

  24. Eric Watkins

    Eric WatkinsOy oldin

    Rapport is wrong and it shows he's a snake for what he did. KD view him as a friend for what ever reason hense rapport could have handle it totally different. It shows rapport is not a friend of the black community and I've always said this about liberal whites like rapport

  25. choppersman08

    choppersman08Oy oldin

    So Meyers Leonard gets kicked off the Miami Heat for saying disrespectful things, Kevin Durant does the same and he’s still on a team. There’s a big double standard here, that’s not right.

  26. nikki

    nikkiOy oldin

    I am so tired of these people playing the victim

  27. Wes Green

    Wes GreenOy oldin

    Politicians use the language what happens to Michael Rapaport does he get fined does he lose his job while the rat is on Fox right now talk

  28. Dualingramss

    DualingramssOy oldin

    But dudes get arrested for creative talk

  29. Zachary Kendall

    Zachary KendallOy oldin

    Rob is spot on and Chris has no clue what he's talking about.

  30. Wes Green

    Wes GreenOy oldin

    Chris this is how you roll you always rolling with the good old boys do you want to make an announcement that young black men and women should go to hbcus you didn't go to one the children didn't go to one it's sad man is very sad you sound double-minded I didn't think Kevin Durant did anything disrespectful everybody knows that this good old boy always disrespects people and he thinks he has the black card to disrespect blacks especially black athletes and black actors or entertainers he thinks he has the black card he doesn't

  31. Matt Stone

    Matt StoneOy oldin

    The cancerous left is all about controlling peoples speech and that’s how you control those people.

  32. Solo Dolo

    Solo DoloOy oldin

    Rap got mad KD mentioned his wife, but didn’t rap constantly talk about trumps wife?

  33. jeff r

    jeff rOy oldin

    So if a white player uses a racist term he’s suspended indefinitely but if a black players makes homophobic remarks he’s just fined?

  34. Michael Moran

    Michael MoranOy oldin

    I like sports. It helps me forget wasted energy drama like this. No need for more than a one minute (top) mention of this.

  35. Bruce Salmon

    Bruce SalmonOy oldin

    Offended by words and terms your hurt feelings are self-inflicted learn how to respond only

  36. ARQ

    ARQOy oldin

    When acting HOOD goes wrong...

  37. cutter san

    cutter sanOy oldin

    I dunno if what he said is really a "homophobic" slur.

  38. neal mike

    neal mikeOy oldin

    It wasn't..the lgbtq community never want to make it a issue..smh

  39. Rob Zeleki

    Rob ZelekiOy oldin

    As soon as they said rapaport was a friend of the show I stopped listening

  40. James Jones

    James JonesOy oldin

    Rappaport is a Karen and people need to stop giving him a pass. You don't have a private exchange with someone then make it public for everyone. He's a snake. But most people are these days.

  41. NewIdeasEngine

    NewIdeasEngineOy oldin

    Broussard, you need to stop!! NBA players are employees who have to follow a Code of Ethics! Stop!

  42. NewIdeasEngine

    NewIdeasEngineOy oldin

    There is a difference between "derogatory" language and homophobic hate!!! Broussard, why do you try to stretch so much to defend something so horrific.

  43. GrainOfSalt

    GrainOfSaltOy oldin

    Read the whole thing and didn’t see one thing by KD that was “homophobic” or “misogynistic”.

  44. Skywalker 26

    Skywalker 26Oy oldin


  45. Thomas Gilley

    Thomas GilleyOy oldin

    Hey rob parker tell colin kaepernick about freedom of speech when u work for somebody.

  46. therealPT302

    therealPT302Oy oldin

    Two sensitive grown man.rapaport is a clown for releasing this but KD gets his feelings hurt all the time. Lol 😂

  47. T85

    T85Oy oldin

    Rapi called that big orange guy every name in the book for 4 years straight but he can't take it when it's dished out on his self...well don't throw glass at stones you know...

  48. T85

    T85Oy oldin

    @Solo Dolo I believe he did...not that I like Trump but Rap constantly shittef on the guy for four years straight it was like Orange man lived in his head rent free hilarious...

  49. Solo Dolo

    Solo DoloOy oldin

    Didn’t rap constantly talk about trumps wife?

  50. AD on da Way Lakers next Champs

    AD on da Way Lakers next ChampsOy oldin

    Rob would’ve went crazy if this were lebron.

  51. Charles Johnson

    Charles JohnsonOy oldin


  52. Charles Stinson

    Charles StinsonOy oldin

    You have to watch what you say on social media.

  53. Michael Jordan

    Michael JordanOy oldin

    Rob parker is refreshing man, dude doesn’t lick athlete balls. Chris Brousard “i dont think athletes you be held to higher standards”, after durant gets caught being homophobic and threatening someone.

  54. Michael Jordan

    Michael JordanOy oldin

    Im sorry i got caught. Worst apology ever. Lol

  55. Dev Whit

    Dev WhitOy oldin

    Basically Athletes Are Slaves? Politicians are the slave masters?

  56. Andre Jreams

    Andre JreamsOy oldin

    Durant is own man. But if it was me I would sue the league for the fine. 50k is light to him but for me it's the principle.

  57. William Saul

    William SaulOy oldin

    THANK YOU CHRIS!!!! NO ONE SAYS ANYTHING ABOUT MUSIC!!!! But gets mad as SOON as someone repeats the lyrics, now everyone wants to “Cancel” that person. Bruh, fixed THAT!!!!!

  58. Spenser

    SpenserOy oldin

    Wheres the video?

  59. Chris Choice

    Chris ChoiceOy oldin

    Rapaport is a goof. He talks trash and calls folks out of their name all the time in PUBLIC. Somebody does it to him in PRIVATE and now he’s crying. He’s soft, even erased some of his messages sent to KD.

  60. Bgood2life always

    Bgood2life alwaysOy oldin

    So the NBA, hit Kevin Durant with a 50K fine for verbally attacking the league's new Snitch Michael Rapaport who occasionally acts as a Contributor giving opinions on Undisputed and other sports talk shows. Should he had been suspended from appearing on these shows for saying something out of line to provoke KD for what he said? If not, the NBA needs to stop promoting the fake as they care about what happens to Black People, especially the Black American Man. In the meantime, should Black American NBA players stand by their colleagues and single out these talk shows for allowing this rat to appear on their shows? Just a curious and real talk opinion.

  61. Dirk Diggler

    Dirk DigglerOy oldin

    Mike talks about people's wife's. Dudes a punk. I,question the people who defend him.

  62. Bgood2life always

    Bgood2life alwaysOy oldin

    Message Alert to the ODD COUPLE, be careful who you consider as a friend. For a guy who has managed to befriend Naysayers in the media such as Michael Rapaport has done, they all considered him a friend. On the other hand, have you ever heard him reply to them in the same manner? With that being said, the irony of the message is a guy whose friends to everyone, is a friend to no one, except himself. You feel me, Chris and Rob.

  63. TheBXSavage

    TheBXSavageOy oldin

    One of the more thought provoking conversations that you guys have had in awhile. Speech and the ability to say what you want in today’s day and age is definitely a topic worth diving into.

  64. Tae

    TaeOy oldin

    Rob Going To Soft On Kevin Durant Imagine If This Were Lebron We Would Never Hear The End Of This From Rob

  65. Daylor Baba

    Daylor BabaOy oldin

    Best sports show out! I'm tired of all these other sports shows that have become SUPER WOKE and delusional

  66. Uncle Bob

    Uncle BobOy oldin

    Broussard so jealous Rapaport was on a DM level with Durant and he wasn't lol

  67. Demetrius Williams

    Demetrius WilliamsOy oldin

    KD acts like a big kid some times

  68. Antzking

    AntzkingOy oldin

    People talk ish like that every day B. I like Rapaport but I lost some respect for him on this one. You don’t post private messages. Period. And talking about his wife isn’t off limits. When talking ish, everything goes. It’s just a matter of are you willing to fight about it afterwards. Kats know who they can and can’t talk to like that.

  69. Brian Morien

    Brian MorienOy oldin

    I like how you have to keep defending Durant by saying it was private and making the point of that. Donald Sterling was also private.

  70. problematic donkay

    problematic donkayOy oldin

    since the move to warriors he always on news for sliiy shiet like this. who the white guy? lol. seriously.

  71. Doctor MindBenDa

    Doctor MindBenDaOy oldin

    Go sit courtside at an NBA game. You're not going to hear PG13 that's for sure!!! Profanity at it's finest!!!

  72. Chess Peace

    Chess PeaceOy oldin

    Peace to Kevin Durant 💯 He said/did nothing wrong

  73. Jesse Hernandez

    Jesse HernandezOy oldin

    NBA is soft as hell to fine him for this.

  74. Jesse Hernandez

    Jesse HernandezOy oldin

    Let Kevin Durant speak his mind. This conversation about Kevin Durant needing to apologize is ridiculous. It was a private message that shouldn't have been public in the first place.

  75. Serg NYC

    Serg NYCOy oldin

    Guys need to stop putting M Rapp on sports shows. This guy is a fool and starts trouble just to get his name up. How he going to start and then post his msgs

  76. rxtsec1

    rxtsec1Oy oldin

    Kd better be glad he's black

  77. Andy Taylor

    Andy TaylorOy oldin


  78. Nicholas Henrie

    Nicholas HenrieOy oldin

    Michael Rapoport did this for clout...what a terrible thing to do to KD

  79. Ad Tastic

    Ad TasticOy oldin

    Can we address the fact half of Durant's tweets made it about Rappaport's race? Getting real tired of these double standards.

  80. welcometomychannels welcometomychannels

    welcometomychannels welcometomychannelsOy oldin

    Nba made Donald Sterling more rich he bought the clippers for 200k and he sold it for 200 millions. KD will bought the net for 100 millions and then he will sell it for 300 millions

  81. mario Jeffery

    mario JefferyOy oldin

    Durant moves like a woman

  82. Thomas Zumpetta

    Thomas ZumpettaOy oldin

    The Houston Rockets owner spoke about China once and got told to STFU right quick. And that’s a team owner. A billionaire! KD may be a basketball god, but he is still a product fo the NBA. And the NBA don’t want that language coming out of they’re product. It’s only because KD is soooo good at basketball, and draws so much money to the NBA that he was fined only 50k. KD is so thin skinned, it was just a matter of time before this happened. I’m not gonna say shut up and dribble, but KD is trying to build a media company too, he needs to learn how to navigate in the space he has created for himself. Keep that language on the court where we all knows it is, and not on Twitter where there’s evidence. He also shouldn’t say it, but obviously he does, keep it on the court. Oh and if I was rappaport, I would have met him on that corner to “fight”. That is the dumbest thing I heard with ll that. If KD wins, he gets sued. If he loses, he is a laughing stock. And if he got injured which He is prone to, he is in a lot of trouble. No way KD wins. Smart at basketball, stupid in life.

  83. J Brumfield

    J BrumfieldOy oldin

    threatening to spit on someone is a punk move...and if you mention my wife, all bets are off,

  84. R Gon

    R GonOy oldin

    The woke culture always eats its own and the NBA has been on the forefront of this whole woke movement. You can never been to woke. Unless China is paying you

  85. Isiah Thomas

    Isiah ThomasOy oldin

    Never said anything homophobic

  86. Ranjan Udayashankar

    Ranjan UdayashankarOy oldin

    Michael Rapaport 🐍

  87. Bryan Dilbert

    Bryan DilbertOy oldin

    Imma say what Rob nor chris don't say on Fox sports cause they "paid" like they say the NBA pays Durant... PC culture has gone too far! This is George Orwell thought police next step is what? U can't think of a word that sounds derogatory

  88. Black_Iraq_War Veteran

    Black_Iraq_War VeteranOy oldin

    “Your own wife don’t even respect you anymore” best comment trophy 🏆 ~ KD

  89. King

    KingOy oldin

    Right! A straight clown



    Michael RatReport?

  91. Coach P

    Coach POy oldin

    No man should talk to Michael Rapaport! What a tool!!!

  92. Curtis Burr

    Curtis BurrOy oldin


  93. SIRE -

    SIRE -Oy oldin

    He said nothing offensive, the world is super soft now.

  94. J Ramirez

    J Ramirez27 kun oldin

    @Darryl Davis yeah they’re the only ones who care. Always want to be politically correct

  95. Tony

    TonyOy oldin

    Why a mega stars exchange DM with a mediocre wanna be comedian??? SMH

  96. James Goodson

    James GoodsonOy oldin

    So what he was discriminative against homosexuals

  97. Micah Atkins

    Micah AtkinsOy oldin

    Wait a minute. Who is he supposed to apologize to other than Rappaport, ......and why? Are we overthinking this a bit. I didn't read ant slurs (correct me if I missed something). The words were just vulgar, mean and nasty. He DOES NOT like Rappaport. Clearly. But, the actions thrown at MR aren't exclusive to gay men. You could say those exact words to a woman. They'd be offensive as hell but not homophobic. There are no gay men involved with this, just mean words that go too far. Now, if your someone who thinks he was implying that there's something disgusting about those acts, therefore it's an insult to gay men ................ I'd say you're trippin'. Let's be honest. ...... he wanted to offend one person, and he did. He didn't use any name calling or slurs. Rappaport is not a gay man. It's not the same thing ..................... Just isn't. Nobody wants to be talked to like that. It would be offensive to all of us. But, it wasn't directed to the rest of the world.......was it? It hit the right target. Now, the target is trying to get payback by exposing a heated back & forth (blurring out his parts, of course).

  98. Twz Photography

    Twz PhotographyOy oldin

    Why can’t I see their face. 🙄

  99. James Buckets

    James BucketsOy oldin

    Dining KD $50k is like taking a $1 off of a little kids $20 allowance.

  100. Eric Matterson

    Eric Matterson28 kun oldin

    like 20 cent

  101. B49ify

    B49ifyOy oldin

    the scale is way larger but facts

  102. James Buckets

    James BucketsOy oldin



    REALABBZZYOy oldin

    We all use bad language makes no sense we are all humans.I dint care if if he used homosexual slurs did he say he hates gays or others no he just used a slur to i sult someone .Calling someone the n word is not the same has saying to someone shut up gay boy.Race and sexual orientation is not the same i dont care what anybody says.I will never put the plight of the black man in the same level has plight of lgbt q person.I do believe regardless you need to treat everybody how you would like to be treated

  104. James Buckets

    James BucketsOy oldin

    Not gonna lie, Mike Rap lost a lot of respect with this nonsense. This dude acts like he’s never engaged in trash talk. If you don’t wanna play the dozens, don’t bring up peoples names!!!

  105. Devin Glover-Bailey

    Devin Glover-BaileyOy oldin

    The words kd used were wrong, but Rob using that to compare kd to a racist owner that used his power to victimize players to me a black man is wrong and they are not the same.

  106. Alex Gonzalez

    Alex GonzalezOy oldin

    Durant is hella sensitive.

  107. Joe Thomas

    Joe ThomasOy oldin

    Both are stupid......

  108. Battlefield Tampa TV

    Battlefield Tampa TVOy oldin

    Michael Rappaport just sold his reputation for 50k. He is no longer welcome at the NBA party. Michael responded emotional 😢😭

  109. Ramy Hanna

    Ramy HannaOy oldin


  110. neal mike

    neal mikeOy oldin

    Trust if someone taped all your private conversation and then turned them over to cops or your boss you would be pissed

  111. Chen Albert

    Chen AlbertOy oldin

    KD’s mom really taught him well

  112. Raddie Mutto

    Raddie MuttoOy oldin

    @Demarcus Jackson and you're black? Who cares? KD said some homophobic, misogynistic garbage. Has twitter banned him? What has the LGBTQI leadership said about this? Has his sponsors abandoned him yet? What about women groups - where is their voice? KD should never play another NBA game again, period.

  113. Demarcus Jackson

    Demarcus JacksonOy oldin

    You’re white huh?

  114. Rico Tracks

    Rico TracksOy oldin

    @Rashad Smith KD goes back and forth like he’s insecure with himself. I come from a single parent home, and have never felt to need to validate myself every time something is said on my much smaller scale of life.

  115. Rashad Smith

    Rashad SmithOy oldin

    KD goes back and forth like he comes from a single mother home. I can relate. As men it's something we work on. The more KD matures the better he will be...

  116. Rico Tracks

    Rico TracksOy oldin

    @Nazareth Wilkinson Hill Facts