crisis on wheels • DRIVING WITH LIZA, PART 5, Pandemic Edition

Uploading this before they revoke my driver's license. Driving with Liza, the Pandemic edition... let's enjoy this bumpy ride.Thanks for watching babes, and if you see me on these streets... run. I can't see you, or over the wheel. See you next month's upload!
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Thank you, sane drivers.
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    BIHARI GAMERS liveSoat oldin

    Please promote me please

  2. Destiny Setty

    Destiny Setty8 soat oldin

    I love you,

  3. -Edward-

    -Edward-10 soat oldin

    Can we all agree that Liza would be a great musician.

  4. joki

    joki17 soat oldin

    Now she can put it on autodrive😂🤣😂

  5. Michaela Wilkerson

    Michaela Wilkerson18 soat oldin

    Can we talk about her side profile tho? 🥺🥺

  6. Tinyy. tae

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  7. Khyra Taaleah Omar

    Khyra Taaleah Omar21 soat oldin

    O girl stop

  8. nobody asked

    nobody askedKun oldin

    She invented filming in the car.

  9. Miya Jagroop

    Miya JagroopKun oldin

    2:08 🤣🤣🤣🤣 i cant

  10. Gabriella Reed

    Gabriella ReedKun oldin

    She posted this on my birthday. What a birthday treat😊

  11. Peggy Bernard

    Peggy BernardKun oldin

    I lough all the time when I wach thay

  12. Peggy Bernard

    Peggy BernardKun oldin

    I mostly love recess with Lisa

  13. Peggy Bernard

    Peggy BernardKun oldin

    I love all your videos and I watched all of them most of them though

  14. Justine Leeman

    Justine LeemanKun oldin

    I love your shirt and your energy

  15. Anonym Daim

    Anonym Daim2 kun oldin

    I got my drivers license last week (with Liza) like we always talked about. You were so excited for me to finally drive up to your house without destroying anything but today I drive through the suburbs screaming cause you came up around and we had a car crash

  16. luvinq.

    luvinq.2 kun oldin

    Shane Dawson: an empath for clickbait Liza: the true definition of an empath ❤️🥺

  17. TTV Zenollen

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  18. latara bovell

    latara bovell2 kun oldin

    liza diriving is great

  19. Jalen A

    Jalen A2 kun oldin

    there's never a video that she's in where I don't laugh. She is so underrated!

  20. lucias Labansen

    lucias Labansen2 kun oldin

    OMG i love you LIZA!!!

  21. Siphesihle Ngubane

    Siphesihle Ngubane2 kun oldin

    Liza is actually gorgeous, never noticed

  22. Kayla Watts

    Kayla Watts2 kun oldin

    Any one else miss baby Liza

  23. Logan Likes Space

    Logan Likes Space2 kun oldin

    Am I the only one confused by the baby on board sticker? I searched for 15 minutes trying to figure out if she was pregnant or not lol

  24. jens

    jens2 kun oldin

    3:41 the laugh at the end... i’m crying real tears lmao

  25. Kanyetu Christine

    Kanyetu Christine3 kun oldin

    Can you do amazon with Liza

  26. Dewi Karisma

    Dewi Karisma3 kun oldin


  27. Midnight Mate

    Midnight Mate3 kun oldin

    I’ve missed these videos so much

  28. Zenia Anggriani Widodo

    Zenia Anggriani Widodo3 kun oldin

    You are amazing Liza

  29. andrea leal

    andrea leal3 kun oldin

    0:00 y ahora

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    Kendrea Rene3 kun oldin

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  31. 매이리MAILY

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  32. Fengwei Xu

    Fengwei Xu3 kun oldin

    How could she be so crazy when driving???

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  34. Eleen Alamae

    Eleen Alamae3 kun oldin

    my liza koshy phase is coming back and why we goin so f*cking faaast

  35. -обычный человек-

    -обычный человек-3 kun oldin

    Привет,впервые слышу твой голос,хоть я и не понимаю англисский,но все равно смешно🌻🖤

  36. The potato -.-

    The potato -.-4 kun oldin

    Liza, lol, but em... those signs on ur car like “baby on board” is if ur in a car crash so the fire people can get the kid out first, and if someone calls 999 they can say I think there a child on board there’s a child on board sign, so they can send people who can help a child

  37. Someone075 .28

    Someone075 .284 kun oldin

    I'm jus waiting for the dollar tree ones w liza 😣

  38. Summer Craft

    Summer Craft4 kun oldin

    I’ve missed this, I’m so happy

  39. Emmanuel Maldonado

    Emmanuel Maldonado4 kun oldin

    6:00 Why is that me!!! 💀🤚

  40. Rebeca Flores

    Rebeca Flores4 kun oldin

    the fact that lizza gets mad at people wearing their masks wrong makes me feel so much happier watching her

  41. khris

    khris4 kun oldin

    Finally Bring em all back

  42. Andra Dogaru

    Andra Dogaru4 kun oldin

    Can someone tell me the song from 2:20 minute ?

  43. Briana Chovancek

    Briana Chovancek4 kun oldin

    This was everything!!!!!!!

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    Jordany Roney4 kun oldin

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    grace norman4 kun oldin

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  46. Coolife C Trends

    Coolife C Trends4 kun oldin

    Im not bored since i discovered Liza's channel 😂😂

  47. آگتئآب

    آگتئآب4 kun oldin

    جميل !

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    Mase Mamea Production5 kun oldin

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    Gabsone5 kun oldin



    EQNR VVDITE5 kun oldin

    And you knew you were a you-you-tube dad.

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    Uschlinde5 kun oldin

    Global treasure this gal!

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    Forminng5 kun oldin

    Dude I want to be your passenger please and thank you lol

  54. Allaijah Graham

    Allaijah Graham5 kun oldin

    😂😂😂😂 I misss Liza

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  56. Jennifer Trevino

    Jennifer Trevino5 kun oldin

    Your an amazing singer 😊❤

  57. Ma’ayani

    Ma’ayani5 kun oldin

    Liza’s on crack?! iM sHoCkEd

  58. Aubree Thurman

    Aubree Thurman5 kun oldin

    Does any one just stare at the car u pass by on the highway

  59. Cheri

    Cheri5 kun oldin


  60. Miah Gang

    Miah Gang5 kun oldin

    Liza you need to drop that song 6:02

  61. Nathaniel Ferneau

    Nathaniel Ferneau5 kun oldin

    Did you know if a duck is hungry it will eat another duck.

  62. Family_ Fithouse

    Family_ Fithouse5 kun oldin

    Shes different tho

  63. Kelly Kistnasamy

    Kelly Kistnasamy6 kun oldin

    Liza: " many special effects should I use?" Also Liza: "yes!"😂

  64. Issaa

    Issaa6 kun oldin

    Honestly I missed this series. It’s like having a bad day and getting picked up by a friend who just tries to make you feel better by making you laugh and smile. I love you Liza 💕

  65. Keyen Singer

    Keyen Singer6 kun oldin

    i lived this long to see her drive again

  66. Cat Dog

    Cat Dog6 kun oldin

    U know how teachers always ask u what u wanna be when u grow up? My response... I wanna be Liza

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    Marianne Beronilla6 kun oldin

    "Let the crazy drive you" IM DYING 🤣🤣🤣

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    Tiny Jojo6 kun oldin

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    Esperanza Grande6 kun oldin

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    moonxstar6 kun oldin


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    Eleanor Elaborates6 kun oldin

    Yes, I love you, Liza :). I love how silly you are ❤

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    Pink Spoon6 kun oldin

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    En.jayyy_6 kun oldin

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    Nincompoop 137 kun oldin

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