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  1. Maria Mail

    Maria Mail6 soat oldin

    Yess im TALKING ABOUT THAT ,,,, think about it all the time like then rip the 10$$ bill and to give them a 5$. 😜

  2. Maria Mail

    Maria Mail6 soat oldin

    You should do your calls in that robe and wet hair, its a pretty nice look looks alittle dressed up. Hahah

  3. Sohila Amr

    Sohila Amr6 soat oldin

    This was the first video I've ever seen for emma..and it was the begining of a huge emma marathon..

  4. Lynda Elizabeth

    Lynda Elizabeth7 soat oldin

    I’m a bartender and I open cans with a spoon. The looks I get are hilarious.

  5. Mar

    Mar8 soat oldin

    Am I the only one who keeps coming back to this video? It’s so comforting

  6. GP

    GP12 soat oldin

    I am a woman, and I have a shopping addiction

  7. Amira lol

    Amira lol13 soat oldin

    I was literally so fucking bored for last 2 days and then I found her and now I’m obsessed with her channel wtf is wrong with me

  8. Lily Yue

    Lily Yue19 soat oldin

    Emma thinking she’s pregnant is something else

  9. Witch Bich

    Witch Bich20 soat oldin

    I feel like Emma would be the coolest pot head tbh

  10. 黒い人新鮮な

    黒い人新鮮なKun oldin

    It's ok to be lonely

  11. mmeje650

    mmeje650Kun oldin

    Her: Wearing headbands and coats in 55 degrees Me: SWIMMING in 55 degrees lol

  12. MasMas Indo

    MasMas IndoKun oldin

    Yo Emma!! TEMPE IS MY SHIT TOO!!..🤗

  13. charlycheer

    charlycheerKun oldin

    Little does she know this is my first rodeo 😂

  14. Ara T

    Ara TKun oldin

    Emma looks like that kind of person that doesn't know what she's doing and like she doesn't have it all together BUT OH SHE KNOWS WHAT SHE'S DOING and idk I think it's cool it's totally the other way round for me and I totally hate that perception of me that ppl have. (Emma if you hate my perception of you that I just spat out, Im sorry)

  15. chloe elizabeth

    chloe elizabeth2 kun oldin

    i realized 55° f is 12° c which is really warm in canada

  16. girl named lily

    girl named lily2 kun oldin

    i don't care what people say, i love Emma

  17. natalie burden

    natalie burden2 kun oldin

    i sneezed at the same time emma did haha.......i-

  18. Ptite Poulette

    Ptite Poulette2 kun oldin

    i feel like you use tahini for every single lunch that you make lolilol is that good with everything ??? i've never tasted this

  19. LUPITA R.

    LUPITA R.3 kun oldin

    “Oh my god.. did you see my wiener?” LMAOO

  20. 成寧10750058

    成寧107500583 kun oldin

    *reads the recipe of making tempae's from a screen

  21. Оксана Назарова

    Оксана Назарова3 kun oldin

    Where have you been all of my life?! I've just found you and it's just WOW!!! You're amazing! :)

  22. Caroline Kestle

    Caroline Kestle4 kun oldin

    I USE BABY BODY WASH TOO!!! omg love u iconic

  23. larissa calussi

    larissa calussi4 kun oldin

    You know starting to love avocado I really did relate to but brussel sprouts??! No.


    ETH INVESTMENTS4 kun oldin

    Lol it's 55 out it's cold, Emma 55 is cold, I don't care, I would be wearing a hat as well :)

  25. Dark Fury ML

    Dark Fury ML4 kun oldin

    You're look younger in a good way

  26. Laurie-Anne Cyr

    Laurie-Anne Cyr4 kun oldin

    Why is your maple syrup so chunky?

  27. Chuckie Finster

    Chuckie Finster5 kun oldin

    Why are you running OUTSIDE with a mask on?..... 🤦🏻‍♀️

  28. Ducky

    Ducky5 kun oldin

    I just got a pacsun ad and Emma was in it

  29. S S

    S S5 kun oldin

    what does she put in coffee after almond milk???

  30. Caitlyn.dancer

    Caitlyn.dancer6 kun oldin

    guys- i have a confession... am i the only one who actually leans into the camera when she gives forehead kisses. it’s just impossible not to. lmaoooo

  31. Alyssa Kishner

    Alyssa Kishner6 kun oldin

    When you click on an Emma Chamberlain video to watch her but get an ad with Emma Chamberlain in it: “Well yes, but no”

  32. kinga

    kinga6 kun oldin

    I don’t actually use Tiktok but sometimes I upload the app just to watch your new tiktoks for a few hours. Wish u all the best Emma

  33. Shruti Sahu

    Shruti Sahu6 kun oldin

    day in the life of me: be in bed all day watching emma

  34. Alexandra Shenton

    Alexandra Shenton7 kun oldin

    Emma is my therapy. That’s final. ✌🏼

  35. Alexandra Shenton

    Alexandra Shenton7 kun oldin

    *Me realising she doesn’t use Celsius 👁👄👁

  36. Maddie mukbang

    Maddie mukbang7 kun oldin

    she look like timothee

  37. Angelina Dominguez

    Angelina Dominguez8 kun oldin

    emma: "the queen is me" me: yasss queen 👑

  38. Eydís Hanna

    Eydís Hanna8 kun oldin

    15:55 the finger!!!???

  39. charlie aka shawty bae

    charlie aka shawty bae9 kun oldin

    i was literally thinking about how you look like you smell good then you started talking about the fan you met saying you smell good omg but like i honestly feel like you smell like fresh clean laundry idk why

  40. Ayla Sigurdson

    Ayla Sigurdson9 kun oldin

    Blow drying your hair is actually really good for your hair as long as ur using heat protectant:)

  41. Gadis Jelita

    Gadis Jelita9 kun oldin

    emma lemme show u how to cook tempe in indonesia's way becouse it tastes so so so goodd and it called orek tempe

  42. Salma Zaheer

    Salma Zaheer10 kun oldin

    I love her

  43. J T

    J T11 kun oldin

    Wish you was in a lonely and you would make one gorgeous mom

  44. Jet Bahena

    Jet Bahena11 kun oldin


  45. Kristin Kumpe

    Kristin Kumpe11 kun oldin

    no way. 7:11 is one of my lucky nunbers too😐

  46. Zileanne Rusiana

    Zileanne Rusiana12 kun oldin

    I literally just keep coming back here because I never finish it 😭😭

  47. J V

    J V12 kun oldin

    When she was talking about enjoying things more and feeling like she had a crisis I just wanted to tell her that she’s no longer depressed

  48. Daniel Chun

    Daniel Chun12 kun oldin

    does she post this in the morning? is that the reason for her.... greeting.

  49. 看热闹的上官

    看热闹的上官12 kun oldin

    R u Stephen curry?

  50. Toxic Alien

    Toxic Alien12 kun oldin

    Bro I want dat hair serum

  51. erla

    erla12 kun oldin

    The way I have to watch at least one of her videos a day to feel good is pretty concerning

  52. Salma Zaheer

    Salma Zaheer10 kun oldin


  53. True Legends

    True Legends13 kun oldin

    first video i saw for emma

  54. Emese Matos

    Emese Matos13 kun oldin

    I love how worried she always is about copyright when she sings one line of a song when lauren (giraldo) sings whole ass songs and she's fine😂

  55. noelani

    noelani13 kun oldin

    i just went through every mac demarco song out there and i cant find it so emma pls, now i need to know

  56. Sandels D

    Sandels D4 kun oldin

    freaking out

  57. Lexi T

    Lexi T13 kun oldin

    Hahahh watching this at 3 am and he saying “omg can you see my Weiner?” Is the funniest thing I have heard all week I’m crying laughing hahaha

  58. amya josephine

    amya josephine14 kun oldin

    Nail Check

  59. amya josephine

    amya josephine14 kun oldin

    U R so productive so ? And pleaze stop cussing

  60. VetNick

    VetNick14 kun oldin


  61. paige elizabeth

    paige elizabeth15 kun oldin


  62. The Ahahahahahsggvdygdvyfsvfsy

    The Ahahahahahsggvdygdvyfsvfsy15 kun oldin

    the fact that she runs with a mask on, why cant more famous people care more about coronavirus

  63. Claire Philpot

    Claire Philpot15 kun oldin

    honestly if emma got pregnant and became a mom the vlogs would be like 10x more interesting

  64. Irem Akbulut

    Irem Akbulut15 kun oldin

    omg shes so cute

  65. Irem Akbulut

    Irem Akbulut15 kun oldin

    hahaha watch her in speed2 its soo funny and cute the same time

  66. Hessed3712

    Hessed371215 kun oldin

    “My stomach hurts.” “Why is my pinkie shaking?” You mainline caffeine.....

  67. Molly Frey

    Molly Frey15 kun oldin

    okay when she started running i died. idky but i did

  68. Aziz Mouaffak

    Aziz Mouaffak16 kun oldin

    Harissa team from Tunisia is here!

  69. Paty JP

    Paty JP16 kun oldin

    I'm so jealous how healthy she is 😒😏😜🤓😁

  70. Joolz1982

    Joolz198216 kun oldin

    Stop ✋ 🛑 drinking caffeine before exercise no wonder you need the Loo 🚽. And it can give you cramp.

  71. jenna shea

    jenna shea16 kun oldin

    Have you ever thought about spontaneous day trips like San Diego is like 2 hr away n I feel like road tripping with Emma would be priceless.

  72. raisa ducai

    raisa ducai16 kun oldin

    10:15 DELISHHHH

  73. Vianca T

    Vianca T18 kun oldin

    That’s not how you build muscles Emma, lol.

  74. care bitch

    care bitch19 kun oldin

    hahaha "but I'll explain.... I. am. cold."

  75. care bitch

    care bitch19 kun oldin

    ooh my god. this is what I live for.

  76. Viki T

    Viki T19 kun oldin

    This literally my fav one of her videos 🥰😘

  77. Sami V.

    Sami V.19 kun oldin

    we just burped at the same time, that was weird.

  78. Kyra K.

    Kyra K.18 kun oldin

    Can you tell the time stamp?

  79. Jill Orts

    Jill Orts20 kun oldin

    bruh my fingers shake randomly too, it must be the caffeine i’m consuming

  80. Julia N

    Julia N20 kun oldin

    whenever you say “hi! good morning guys!” like that - you sound like a super kind and understanding homeroom teacher we would have had in like 6th grade when everything is awful but at least ms chamberlain will let us put our heads down during morning announcements

  81. Gioh Sung

    Gioh Sung20 kun oldin

    Emma you’re growingg

  82. Héctor Valdez

    Héctor Valdez20 kun oldin

    i gonna told my kids this was the eric andre show

  83. Tirzah Ortega

    Tirzah Ortega20 kun oldin

    I remember i used to call Brussels sprouts mini cabbages, so no you are not the only one

  84. bailey s

    bailey s20 kun oldin

    i've been stalking emma's account so now i'm early

  85. Mia Maglaya

    Mia Maglaya21 kun oldin


  86. amelie. khn

    amelie. khn21 kun oldin

    does she live alone?

  87. johanna

    johanna21 kun oldin

    12:34 wher is this hoodie from?

  88. JuJinks •

    JuJinks •21 kun oldin

    Tan, Tan, Tan Emma! 😩💗 it’ll make your under eyes WAY less dark. ‼️❣️

  89. kylee

    kylee21 kun oldin

    emma please tell me how you got rid of your bacne!!!! broe i got a new swimsuit for hot girl summer but i’ve started getting bacne ughhh

  90. Dr1p The BOT

    Dr1p The BOT22 kun oldin

    Where is your headband from? I need to know

  91. Lilah Hockenbury

    Lilah Hockenbury22 kun oldin

    Everything you make looks so fucking good

  92. M

    M22 kun oldin

    What interviews??

  93. im a gangster

    im a gangster22 kun oldin

    im commenting on every video youve made

  94. Alex

    Alex23 kun oldin

    Does anybody know what vintage store it is?

  95. Loren Loney

    Loren Loney23 kun oldin

    you're so beautiful Emma, your hair looks gorgeous.

  96. Loren Loney

    Loren Loney23 kun oldin

    you're so beautiful Emma, your hair looks gorgeous.

  97. Nessa Snow

    Nessa Snow23 kun oldin

    Cutest video!! Plus I have also thought about ripping a $20 in half to make it a $10

  98. Jahnavi Dholakia

    Jahnavi Dholakia23 kun oldin

    the fact that I treat emma as my very own personal therapist shows how bad I need therapy lmao

  99. Jaclyn Phillips

    Jaclyn Phillips23 kun oldin

    U sound awesome

  100. Thatsraii

    Thatsraii23 kun oldin

    the song is freaking out the neighborhood

  101. K R.

    K R.24 kun oldin

    Freaking out the neighborhood! Love that song

  102. Maria Rubino

    Maria Rubino24 kun oldin

    Does anyone know the name of the app she's using for meditation?

  103. anime4life :]

    anime4life :]24 kun oldin

    ur style is IMMACULATE:}