DBFZ - Lobby ShenaniganZ 5

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Hyper - Spoiler:
Home World Run - Main Theme:
Gambling Turntable - Death Pizza:
Ice Ice Outpost Remix - Rumya:
Live and Learn - Sonic Adventure 2:
vs. DJ Subatomic Supernova (Tokyo Machine Remix):
2 the Sky -Stage 03- - Radirgy:
Mods Credits:
Optimus Prime
Half Cut Frieza
Margy (@UltimosVA too)
Deleto Blue, Gogeta Gun, Cooler Gun
Patrick Star, Spongebob, Squidward
Black Goku Black
Matt (including M A T T N O I S E S)
Pepsiman (@ONI_3DArts too)
Great Saiyaman
Kefla Black
Bad Animation Goku
Evil Saiyajin:
Kame House Stage
Mercenary Tao
Steve Minecraft
All the Power Rangers
Thanks all of you for the AMAZING & hilarious mods. Let me know if any are missing on twitter!


  1. Nicolas Roman Segura

    Nicolas Roman Segura24 kun oldin

    You dont know struggle or mental warfare until you become a fan of this channel while having Goku as one of your favorite characters at the same time

  2. Beats Life

    Beats Life4 kun oldin

    Felt this

  3. GhostIshi05

    GhostIshi058 kun oldin


  4. Little Sans 1235 Little tale

    Little Sans 1235 Little tale9 kun oldin

    I guess i do know mental struggle then

  5. Banana Man

    Banana Man11 kun oldin

    D u n k

  6. Zen-oh

    Zen-oh12 kun oldin

    Whos the artist ?

  7. TruxySSJ

    TruxySSJ8 daqiqa oldin

    This is da besto Shenanigan that i've seen, Good videos, little man......

  8. The True Corn

    The True Corn3 soat oldin

    300,000 more views for the gogeta ones

  9. Poppukonshawa

    Poppukonshawa3 soat oldin

    Petition to have Lythero make a Lobby ShenaniganZ 6 with Turbo Mode

  10. Kirayoshikagae

    Kirayoshikagae3 soat oldin

    How do they play with each other using mods??

  11. Guts

    Guts4 soat oldin

    10:45 I'M GONNA GET RACIST!!!!!

  12. casual weeb

    casual weeb5 soat oldin

    15:41 *UZnick when my wifi changes by one bar:*

  13. Tank Body Pillow

    Tank Body Pillow5 soat oldin

    I just realized cooler has a hand on the end of his tail holding another gun

  14. Leon Shirogane

    Leon Shirogane7 soat oldin

    the V.A of that Marge Broly was GOOD.... too good i'm scared

  15. antivirus! SANS antivirustale

    antivirus! SANS antivirustale10 soat oldin

    Komen guy get up 2ml views

  16. Dysbro

    Dysbro10 soat oldin

    13:06 M&S Olympic Games vibes

  17. JayEm

    JayEm14 soat oldin

    14:08 When you get your ass handed to you in Mario Party by Hard CPU Waluigi

  18. No Zer-0

    No Zer-015 soat oldin


  19. Extreamri

    Extreamri16 soat oldin

    when Patrick screaming as Majin Buu, was it in the mode or was it just edit?

  20. Extreamri

    Extreamri16 soat oldin

    Patrick screaming as Majin Buu was just P E R F E C T

  21. TA13UU

    TA13UUKun oldin

    We’re just 300k away from the gogeta raid boss

  22. basically_scary1

    basically_scary1Kun oldin

    So uhhhhhhhhh, we’re kinda fuckin close

  23. Repeater0

    Repeater0Kun oldin

    Whoever Voiced Black Goku Black, should go into actual voice acting with that voice! its so good

  24. Mr.Dr.Kaiser

    Mr.Dr.KaiserKun oldin

    My only issue with this video is that I have no idea what's actual in-game audio and what's been edited in.

  25. bronze RH

    bronze RHKun oldin

    I’ve watched this video every day since it came out and I’m still waiting for it to hit 2 million views.

  26. Fritz Philogene II

    Fritz Philogene IIKun oldin

    Does this mean Black Goku Black is Nick Cannon?

  27. Chris - X

    Chris - XKun oldin

    Only 300,000 more views to go everybody les go

  28. vanconojl

    vanconojlKun oldin


  29. Krischenn

    KrischennKun oldin

    Goku black

  30. JustAangingAround

    JustAangingAroundKun oldin

    12:31 every anime moment 0_0

  31. FlameJay TheFlamegod

    FlameJay TheFlamegodKun oldin

    Ss goku is so funny

  32. Naive Optimist

    Naive OptimistKun oldin

    Now ya gotta make 6

  33. James Hoppers2021

    James Hoppers2021Kun oldin

    The best parts of this video is after 10:38

  34. Bearlife 22

    Bearlife 22Kun oldin


  35. Bumblee Bee

    Bumblee BeeKun oldin

    Im disappointed they didnt use the kefla bikini mod, instead they used a damn re color

  36. Lizardon 93

    Lizardon 93Kun oldin

    9:30 air shot

  37. Davo64M

    Davo64MKun oldin

    12:32 was the best part cause unironicly that Sonic and Dr. Doom was just so well animated and that Thums up at the end felt so much like Sonic that it was perferct

  38. Vincent Bandin

    Vincent BandinKun oldin

    I need mor of this

  39. Zackor Haggard

    Zackor HaggardKun oldin

    Ok where the fuck is 6 bro ?

  40. Aesaih Amaya

    Aesaih Amaya2 kun oldin

    ILL CRUMP WITH YA SWEETIE” had me laughing

  41. ForgottenSons

    ForgottenSons2 kun oldin


  42. Alejo.

    Alejo.2 kun oldin

    Until now I see that cooler have a gun on his "tail"..

  43. Zetro

    Zetro2 kun oldin

    This is my fifth time watching this video, I need to stop wasting my time

  44. EvanTheRandom

    EvanTheRandom2 kun oldin

    Anybody remember the Patrick Goku Black arc? That was my favorite

  45. Galaxy

    Galaxy2 kun oldin

    How does 1.7 million people watch this but nobody subscribes

  46. Dae'won Sample

    Dae'won Sample2 kun oldin


  47. TPKLemillion TPK

    TPKLemillion TPK2 kun oldin

    not even lying, i fucking bought 2 of the bean soup shirts. i have a few discords im in where we have alot of fun so if u wanna troll some people or some shit i gotchu >D

  48. Swan Aiden

    Swan Aiden2 kun oldin

    330,000 to go. LETS GET THAT RAID

  49. Fuji Kurayami

    Fuji Kurayami2 kun oldin

    WE NEED MORE VIEWS!!!!!!!!

  50. Positive Vibes

    Positive Vibes2 kun oldin

    16:17 3 weeks later and already 1.7M views ;)

  51. i'm a human being

    i'm a human being2 kun oldin

    my day qas cool!!!

  52. Barton Qian

    Barton Qian3 kun oldin

    300k views left before the raid boss video! Share the video guys

  53. Theodore Foster

    Theodore Foster3 kun oldin


  54. Matt Mills

    Matt Mills3 kun oldin

    Glad you're okay dude!

  55. Looney 128

    Looney 1283 kun oldin

    You Fool, WTF!!! NOOOOO!!! LOL XD 9:57

  56. Looney 128

    Looney 1283 kun oldin

    Doh you miss XD 8:05

  57. KingUno

    KingUno3 kun oldin

    bruh moments bruh moments everywhere

  58. Starspeed 64

    Starspeed 643 kun oldin

    9:35 it's grenade! 😱

  59. Starspeed 64

    Starspeed 643 kun oldin

    7:46 *modded in game sfx*

  60. James Hoppers2021

    James Hoppers20213 kun oldin

    The best dragon ball z thing a I have ever seen

  61. shiro

    shiro3 kun oldin

    The secret of pepsi man's speed isn't pepsi max i know i tried that it was fast but not that fast he might be using the older formula

  62. Green Sonic

    Green Sonic3 kun oldin

    Did anyone else hear "You fool! I HAVE 70 ALTERNATIVE ACCOUNTS!" At 9:57 ?

  63. Tribot968

    Tribot9683 kun oldin

    8:43 Waluigi : SHUT UP!

  64. Domino Plays

    Domino Plays3 kun oldin

    4:36 this is the power of chili ahhh

  65. ClayXros

    ClayXros3 kun oldin

    That Marge having actual voicelines in MARGE'S VOICE hits me about as hard as Broly hits GT Goku

  66. Starspeed 64

    Starspeed 643 kun oldin

    6:36 My name's...not...RIIIIIIIIICK!!!

  67. Starspeed 64

    Starspeed 643 kun oldin

    9:57 Pepsi man: You fool! Pink Ranger: WTF?!


    STATIC SOUL3 kun oldin

    Am I the only one that has this feeling that was similar to playing with different action figures and having imaginary fights?

  69. Basatai

    Basatai3 kun oldin

    Gary's laughter brings me ludicrous amounts of joy! lol

  70. SuperSmashMon

    SuperSmashMon4 kun oldin

    7:48 you’re welcome

  71. Dusty Dudle

    Dusty Dudle4 kun oldin

    It's a shame we didnt get to see more of optimus prime

  72. LordOfGilneas

    LordOfGilneas4 kun oldin

    God bless memes xD

  73. anthony Patton

    anthony Patton4 kun oldin


  74. Rafael Negron

    Rafael Negron4 kun oldin

    Do more pls

  75. Mr. Snowman

    Mr. Snowman4 kun oldin

    Best Video yet

  76. Just Vibing

    Just Vibing4 kun oldin

    i would give anything to experience this for the first time again

  77. Dylan Mearas

    Dylan Mearas4 kun oldin

    When he says I'm on vacation and you're making a racket all I hear is Raditz XD now I wish raditz wasn't the game

  78. Gamer Guy

    Gamer Guy4 kun oldin

    5:48 “yes it has goku black, that is black”😂


    CRITMUT4 kun oldin

    1:34 Ride Wife Life good Wife fight back KILL WIFE Think about wife... Not regret cuz she said won't let me say Kakarot's name drying sex

  80. Jaquain Davey-Royer

    Jaquain Davey-Royer4 kun oldin

    7:13 😂😂😂

  81. Kleiton

    Kleiton4 kun oldin

    That ain't Goku black, that's black Goku

  82. Knightcrest62

    Knightcrest625 kun oldin

    Does anyone know what the source of that laughing animation at 6:42 is from? Couldnt stop laughing at it

  83. Meme Raider

    Meme Raider5 kun oldin

    This is the funniest DragonBall Related video Ive ever seen. So many memes and jokes give this video alot of replay value. I kept smiling while thinking about this video for days.

  84. LoogiTheOne

    LoogiTheOne5 kun oldin

    ok but how do i make the zamasu and gogeta/vegito voice

  85. noice man

    noice man5 kun oldin


  86. Derrick Davis

    Derrick Davis5 kun oldin

    2:07 When Broly is made of the wall and gets counter grab. 3:38 Shaggy's first defeat 6:36........uhh...... 8:44 the first scream turns to death 9:22 why her tail is still counts as the privilege hitbox 9:42 dude you hit her fishy fishy privilege.

  87. Abram Miles

    Abram Miles5 kun oldin

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    ccg12_itatchi5 kun oldin

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    Demonic Legends5 kun oldin

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    ben leighton5 kun oldin

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    Flipzide X6 kun oldin

    3:45 Reeses puffs

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    lucas hull6 kun oldin

    Wanted to watch and first thing I see is the transformer

  97. UnluckyTester 32

    UnluckyTester 326 kun oldin

    3:24 “I’m Gonna Kill You With The Power Of Friendship, And These Guns I Found!” 6:37 The Best Scene I’ve Ever Seen In A Lythero Video

  98. Raging Gamers

    Raging Gamers6 kun oldin


  99. Max Roether

    Max Roether6 kun oldin

    8:43 caught me so off guard lmfao

  100. Vergil

    Vergil6 kun oldin

    That *I'm gonna bathe in your blood* in marge voice is terrifying

  101. godly jr

    godly jr6 kun oldin

    nae nae

  102. QueenieFucker

    QueenieFucker6 kun oldin

    Waluigi sounds like Edwad Emperpants.

  103. Dinocampana Gamer

    Dinocampana Gamer6 kun oldin

    I don't know what this video is, but I just freaking love it XDXD

  104. gamer dab

    gamer dab6 kun oldin

    Who else thinks matt vs shaggy would be a true battle of the gods

  105. gamer dab

    gamer dab6 kun oldin

    3:10 Pokemon evolution be like