Deion Sanders upset about items being stolen

In a strange twist of events, Deion Sanders was visibly upset after winning his first game as Jackson State's head football coach. He explains to the media that his personal belongings were stolen from his office during the game. (The items were later recovered according to the school)



    ROSCOE JENKINS7 soat oldin

    Exactly 1 of the very reason I don’t send my kids to HBC. Basically the hood

  2. Chris Rhinehart

    Chris Rhinehart16 soat oldin

    Came in like he in college still

  3. Johnny Hines

    Johnny HinesKun oldin

    DAMN!!! He keep coaching for Jackson Mississippi, he’s going to be Broke be the end of the season!!!! SMH Get out of there Deion!!!!!

  4. New Lion

    New LionKun oldin

    Just blame it on a Trump supporter🤷‍♂️

  5. Cliff Moore

    Cliff MooreKun oldin

    Karma is coming!!

  6. Cliff Moore

    Cliff MooreKun oldin


  7. Free Thinker

    Free ThinkerKun oldin

    A thief is a thief. Lets focus on individuals and their character.

  8. chicagolarry15

    chicagolarry15Kun oldin


  9. Kosha Parola

    Kosha ParolaKun oldin

    Lots of soul and melanin...

  10. Mr schwifty

    Mr schwiftyKun oldin


  11. TheViper89 420420

    TheViper89 420420Kun oldin

    Wow...this seems personal imo.Like he was deliberately targeted :( so messed up

  12. Andy

    Andy2 kun oldin

    You should've posted a fire watch in the locker room, security probably set it up and got a cut from it.

  13. STACIE

    STACIE2 kun oldin

    Dam prime

  14. SunshynKat354

    SunshynKat3542 kun oldin

    I’m sorry!! Feel bad for the kids and their equipment and your office violated. Glad things were located but the feeling is a terrible thing. Go find them and stay positive. much Love N Peace always.🕊♥️🕊♥️

  15. Basil

    Basil2 kun oldin

    Democrat policy of broken homes and extreme poverty leads to wickedness. Fact ✔ it?

  16. Tobin Bradshaw

    Tobin Bradshaw2 kun oldin

    Tell them Mr Sanders they scared of you now.

  17. Private Kelly

    Private Kelly3 kun oldin

    Cuz they dont want you to succeed and raise the standards and expect people to live and act to their potential.

  18. Joshua Schwartzbaum

    Joshua Schwartzbaum3 kun oldin

    How embarrassing, the brotha comes to a HBCUS and the locals steak him blind.

  19. Recognize Game

    Recognize Game3 kun oldin

    I’m still looking for the ninja who stole my brand new Jordan sneakers from university of pittsburgh football locker room in 1997.

  20. Ace Gordon

    Ace Gordon3 kun oldin

    Nothing worse than a thief.

  21. mark breaux

    mark breaux3 kun oldin

    blacks don't discriminate when it comes to crime. regarding race, a whole different story

  22. T. Riddler

    T. Riddler3 kun oldin

    We do bad all by ourselves. Damn shame.

  23. Chris Trudell

    Chris Trudell3 kun oldin

    Someone gonna get their arse kicked

  24. Dave Juskey

    Dave Juskey3 kun oldin

    So sorry prime time

  25. whatever_it_takes

    whatever_it_takes3 kun oldin

    Nothing worse than a damn thief

  26. Dennis Schino

    Dennis Schino3 kun oldin

    Amen my this guy

  27. Game On Bro

    Game On Bro3 kun oldin

    Deion Sanders, If it makes you feel better, I would like to say, You are an amazing role model. The world is lucky to have you. FACTS!

  28. Marvin B

    Marvin B3 kun oldin

    Welcome to jackson get used to it

  29. Mike Non human

    Mike Non human3 kun oldin


  30. Lemon Dishonor

    Lemon Dishonor4 kun oldin

    The video they were advertising, was crap.

  31. David Kinsel

    David Kinsel4 kun oldin

    it be your own people

  32. Ynot Tony

    Ynot Tony4 kun oldin

    This is why we can't have nice things

  33. Resistance Militia

    Resistance Militia4 kun oldin

    He'll be alright. Just like his song goes ( must be the money)

  34. Mr. Bossman

    Mr. Bossman4 kun oldin

    He put this whole ordeal in perspective with one word, HOW!!!!

  35. Good Ear

    Good Ear4 kun oldin

    He is reaping for taking those subs on the Subway commercials. Just sayn.

  36. Lupe Morales

    Lupe Morales4 kun oldin

    That's what happens when you don't prosecute thieves, perverts, child molesters, etc.

  37. cbx25

    cbx254 kun oldin

    Oh my god again? Deion Sanders i am sorry to hear this news. We have to find out what is important. And we have to drain our swamp in the black community

  38. Judy H

    Judy H4 kun oldin


  39. ThaFuzzyMan

    ThaFuzzyMan4 kun oldin

    I guess he has to re-learn. Going back to those communities where he was the 1% that made it. Next time keep everything in your pockets and leave the watches at home. Whoever did that is a sociopath that doesn't care about uplifting people. They only care about stealing from people that work hard.

  40. Joe Holmes

    Joe Holmes4 kun oldin

    Wow! Not a camera anywhere near the coach's office.... Don't worry! Insurance will come to the rescue. Oh, just a couple questions... Nobody else had anything stolen from the coach's office or locker room? And you mentioned your "watches" were many of your super expensive watches were left in the coach's office and what is your current financial situation? Just askin...

  41. Otis

    Otis4 kun oldin


  42. Neilyah Melvin

    Neilyah Melvin4 kun oldin

    We gone found out who do it💯

  43. country rdnk

    country rdnk5 kun oldin



    LAS VEGAS KENO /SLOTS5 kun oldin

    Inside job......

  45. Kelly Conroy

    Kelly Conroy5 kun oldin

    Socialism. They are just making you share with them.

  46. Albert Montgomery

    Albert Montgomery5 kun oldin

    Isn't this the 2nd time in a month his shit been stoling ? smdh

  47. Cecil Ward

    Cecil Ward5 kun oldin

    Thank God I had on my necklaces...🤣🤣🤣

  48. Red Pillino

    Red Pillino5 kun oldin

    Thug life is a curse to society

  49. VegasGirl35

    VegasGirl355 kun oldin

    Lol, bet this doesn't happen at Alabama.

  50. David M.

    David M.5 kun oldin

    Oh you poor baby,can I donate some money so you can go get new 10,000 dollar watches or jewelry,you rich people are all the same,when something happens to you it's a BIG deal and we must leave no stone unturned to find the perps,BUT when it's the little guy you could care less. Sorry deion maybe you shouldn't flaunt your riches so much,and no people shouldn't steal.

  51. Diondra Pittmon

    Diondra Pittmon5 kun oldin

    Don’t let them run you off Deion it’s a blessing you are there! Hang in there you are voice they needed people will listen to you!!💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  52. Dell Jr

    Dell Jr5 kun oldin

    That makes the entire school look bad.

  53. Robert Ortiz

    Robert Ortiz5 kun oldin

    They did WHAT? TO DEION?! FUCK! Son of a bitch, I can't believe that!

  54. Carlos G

    Carlos G5 kun oldin

    Yes its a shameful act, so why u crying? Oh! Multi millionaire poor baby, u can afford to replace cry baby, imo!!

  55. SinSay M

    SinSay M5 kun oldin

    Love u Deion for your thoughtfulness and effort. Keep speaking and goin hard! Oakland Ca Salute family ✊🏿

  56. Toby Williams

    Toby Williams5 kun oldin

    I feel for you bro! I seriously do!! I Hope you find out who it is!

  57. David Norris

    David Norris5 kun oldin

    Someone stole everything and he does not like it? Welcome to the Republican party!

  58. Malibu Ken

    Malibu Ken5 kun oldin

    Jackson Mississippi, YALL ought to be ashamed. Y’all making the Sipp look bad and y’all are supposed to be the Standard in Mississippi. Y’all gotta do better.

  59. R E

    R E5 kun oldin

    3/4 of all college football and basketball players have no business being on a college campus.

  60. Mute Drums Daddy!!

    Mute Drums Daddy!!5 kun oldin

    How ungrateful. Prime Time about to go mid-evil on that sh*tty culture! Came to pursue further football aspirations, will probably make history and create lasting change. Prime Time is a real hero, and a great man.

  61. Battle Talk

    Battle Talk5 kun oldin

    That’s pathetic! Whoever did that should have his/her head on a plate

  62. Brad Lafferty

    Brad Lafferty5 kun oldin

    What's this crap about Deons boombox being stolen from his jeep but when he put the word out it was his jeep it politely came back with a apology. So if a white man on campus had it stolen it would of stayed stolen. Boulderdash! Two thefts against Deon. What are the thieves just circling that campus waiting to strike? Damn people, Neon Deon is in the house, stop stealing!

  63. Frank

    Frank5 kun oldin

    There's good reason that the term 'crabs in a barrel' is often used to describe black dysfunction because we always seem to be pulling one another down.

  64. Debra Charles

    Debra Charles5 kun oldin

    Sorry this happened to you sir!

  65. Flash Amato

    Flash Amato5 kun oldin

    But BLM

  66. Walter Scott

    Walter Scott5 kun oldin

    Spoiler alert.... this will be a soap opera day on and day out. The man is more interested in promoting himself than the school. Which Is why he is wearing a "prime time. Deion Sanders" jacket and not a Jackson state jacket

  67. KjRA

    KjRA5 kun oldin

    Clown is getting exactly what he deserves ...these kids don’t respect him with his history and arrogance and quest for materialism hell he shouldn’t never gotten that job in the first place

  68. Jr Castillo

    Jr Castillo6 kun oldin

    Stop stealing

  69. Francis Martin

    Francis Martin6 kun oldin

    Tell J Prince about this and he will get it all back. Seriously!!! He will fix this shit.

  70. Engineer80

    Engineer806 kun oldin

    Good ole Jackson Ms

  71. Lonnie Jolly

    Lonnie Jolly6 kun oldin

    There is no cameras in there

  72. Kyle Zirpolo

    Kyle Zirpolo6 kun oldin

    It's bs, just another insurance scam!!

  73. Anthony Hernandez

    Anthony Hernandez6 kun oldin

    Your Deion an idol

  74. mhbass

    mhbass6 kun oldin

    Doesn't surprise me one iota. If I was Deion I'd be done immediately.

  75. DrAL00isin

    DrAL00isin6 kun oldin

    I read his things were moved for safe keeping by the university and they were returned to him? Not actually stolen, I don’t know, I am always slow on who to actually believe these days and just hope the truth eventually comes out.

  76. Wanda Fisher

    Wanda Fisher6 kun oldin

    Wow that's why they don't hire us they don't want us as neighbors and damn sure dont want to do business with us prime example!!! No pun intended....So sorry brother.

  77. Marcos Soliz

    Marcos Soliz6 kun oldin

    Damn!! That's crazy 🙄 , sounds like a inside job..🤨🤔 freaking horrible.. .

  78. BERT

    BERT6 kun oldin

    Yeah...sucka shyt..smh

  79. BERT

    BERT6 kun oldin

    Damn...piece of 💩💩 did that too SMH


    SOFTAIL X6 kun oldin

    He's obviously upset. Imagine having your whole business destroyed by rioters and have some real problems.

  81. Rafael Vasquez

    Rafael Vasquez6 kun oldin

    I felt every word he said...facts

  82. micjakes1

    micjakes16 kun oldin

    mississippi? Got that right.

  83. Warren Albuna

    Warren Albuna6 kun oldin

    Sad when ur own kind does this stuff.. its embarrassing but the N words dont care about that.. those same N words u all protect and blame other races.. funny how the tables have turned..

  84. K H

    K H6 kun oldin

    Why work for it when you can just steal it. Nothing new. You know who you are. Dion got betrayed by his staff members. Smh

  85. ramos1258

    ramos12586 kun oldin

    What a disgrace

  86. Rzepka Lafleur

    Rzepka Lafleur6 kun oldin

    This is sad. Where was the security

  87. Dose of Sarcasm

    Dose of Sarcasm6 kun oldin

    Must be the money!!

  88. Xay Lee

    Xay Lee6 kun oldin

    Wow see sad to say but playing for a HBCU

  89. Mr. Red Nose

    Mr. Red Nose6 kun oldin

    There are many things at play here never jump to conclusions....nothing is what it seems

  90. Brian Burgess

    Brian Burgess6 kun oldin

    I can't stand a thief!!!

  91. joe ressa

    joe ressa6 kun oldin

    this is pathetic

  92. Walter II Boykin

    Walter II Boykin6 kun oldin

    “D” I say that with Love Mr Sanders! You are our light in the darkness! Don’t let the winds of the enemy douse your flame! ONE LOVE! ~ Mister Walter

  93. e-bone

    e-bone6 kun oldin

    Why would you leave your wallet cell phone jewelry to begin with... “thank God I had on my necklaces...”

  94. Brent

    Brent6 kun oldin

    I tried to use his credit card and it was rejected.

  95. boringlyawesum

    boringlyawesum6 kun oldin

    biden could cut hbcu funding by half and give that money to illegals and still get 85% of the black vote in 2024 cause if you don't vote for him you ain't black

  96. James Williams

    James Williams6 kun oldin

    That's a in house issue. Not to the public or the media. Get better security Forces around the clock. And, you could have kept what you said ' thank God you had you're chains on' come on man!!!! Act like a coach and not some young fellow.

  97. Big Boi

    Big Boi6 kun oldin

    I thought Jackson was a very bad move anyway, constant niggashit around jackson period.

  98. 84 newman broadcast

    84 newman broadcast6 kun oldin

    I'm so called " Black" and I say let them dwell in their own demise. Inheritly petty. Long live the Elect upper class. Phila

  99. Underground king

    Underground king6 kun oldin

    Nothing was stolen they moved it for security reasons

  100. Roderick Blakes

    Roderick Blakes6 kun oldin

    I guess he know now why they call it “JACKTOWN” but he found it in his office later.

  101. jnyfumare

    jnyfumare6 kun oldin

    He still can't make a tackle. Hates contact.