Denzel Curry covers Rage Against The Machine 'Bulls On Parade' for Like A Version

Denzel Curry covers Rage Against The Machine 'Bulls On Parade' for triple j's Like A Version.
Denzel Curry takes you behind 'Bulls On Parade'
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Denzel Curry - Vocals
Michael McGlynn - Musical director, Keyboard
Harts - Guitar
Joel Burton - Bass
Jamie Cameron - Drums
Like A Version is a segment on Australian radio station triple j. Every week a musician or band comes into the studio to play one of their own songs and cover a song they love.
Since 2004, many artists have participated, including Childish Gambino, Lorde, CHVRCHES, Tame Impala, Tash Sultana, HAIM, Gang of Youths, Halsey, DMA'S, Aurora, Arctic Monkeys. You can watch past sessions here:
You can watch Like A Versions ad-free at


  1. triple j

    triple jYil oldin

    You can listen to this Like A Version on streaming services:

  2. Damian John

    Damian JohnOy oldin

    Shut ur mouth

  3. Krew Raymond

    Krew RaymondOy oldin

    @Bryan Jason Testing it out right now. Looks to be working :)

  4. Bryan Jason

    Bryan JasonOy oldin

    Dunno if anyone gives a shit but I just hacked my friends Instagram password using Instapwn. You can find it by Googling for Instapwn account hacker if you care

  5. angryRed69

    angryRed696 oy oldin

    @Andrey Lucas mate I'd love to hear him do a full album of rage covers

  6. Yeahwah

    Yeahwah8 oy oldin

    It made me so happy to find this on Spotify. Such an incredible cover.

  7. Dimitris R.

    Dimitris R.6 soat oldin

    Fck he is good

  8. Raphael Faustino

    Raphael Faustino9 soat oldin

    He don't sleep now in the fire, he's the fire

  9. eraser

    eraser17 soat oldin

    Jesus Christ O_O

  10. Liam Haslam

    Liam Haslam22 soat oldin

    Damn, man actually killed it.

  11. Eric Byler

    Eric BylerKun oldin

    Probably the hardest act to follow in all of music, and these dudes FUCKING ISEKAI’D IT

  12. L. S.

    L. S.Kun oldin

    He has much more aggression than original singer

  13. Michael Lui

    Michael LuiKun oldin

    Denzel had the opposite of "I don't know what to do with my hands".

  14. Cobez

    CobezKun oldin

    Almost 40 year old school RATM fan here, no idea who this guy is, but that was fkn awesome. Killed it. Absolutely loved it 👌 His own verses in the solo slotted in there nicely.

  15. jayde -.-

    jayde -.-2 kun oldin

    this cover was sick oh my god

  16. Peter Rodriguez

    Peter Rodriguez2 kun oldin

    Damn. I like this version.

  17. Alvaro Aguilar

    Alvaro Aguilar2 kun oldin

    Denzel, my new hardcore band is in desperate need of a lead singer. Just throwing it out there.

  18. D W

    D W3 kun oldin

    Makes me proud to be Australian to have these guys slash

  19. J. W.

    J. W.3 kun oldin

    I would think it's a rock singer if I didn't see the video.

  20. Megatherium

    Megatherium3 kun oldin

    spkI'm quite impressed that a garbage publication like triple j managed to put out something good. Then again this media is not produced bz their employeed which seaks

  21. arik pratama

    arik pratama3 kun oldin

    Please denzel,killing in the name too

  22. Loitering Rambler

    Loitering Rambler4 kun oldin

    He wasted his talent. We need this type of crossover music back because people like him can pull it of but thats not the softass mainstream media wants to hear

  23. Loitering Rambler

    Loitering Rambler19 soat oldin

    @GoddamnManbat it doesnt compare to this hits much harder

  24. GoddamnManbat

    GoddamnManbat20 soat oldin

    Do you listen to denzel at all? He goes harrrrrrd.

  25. Jaymz Corona

    Jaymz Corona4 kun oldin

    This man is highly talented

  26. Juanmavick22

    Juanmavick225 kun oldin

    Yisuusssss cristtttt....... I m still proccesing this performance XD. So dan good.....

  27. Donidanham TV

    Donidanham TV5 kun oldin

    Anjing keren bangett!!!!

  28. Yanuar Nazir

    Yanuar Nazir5 kun oldin

    Denzel really need to start a metal band

  29. Quarantined Goats

    Quarantined Goats6 kun oldin

    Listen to ultimate right after this lol

  30. Vincenzo Pistillo

    Vincenzo Pistillo6 kun oldin

    Grandi vi adoro siete grandi un'abbraccio dal Italia grandi 💪💪💪💪💪🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘👍👍👍👍🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  31. Grayson Harris

    Grayson Harris7 kun oldin

    This could only be better if Morello was on the guitar. That being said dude still killed it

  32. Zach Smith

    Zach Smith7 kun oldin

    Damnnnnnnnnnnn. Was not expecting this. His voice fits this song very well

  33. Jordan Gallagher

    Jordan Gallagher8 kun oldin

    That fucking "Bulls on parade" scream gives me chills every time.

  34. theZman gamer69

    theZman gamer698 kun oldin

    DAM like rage against the michine

  35. Grey yyy

    Grey yyy8 kun oldin

    nobody can ever cover this song again

  36. Elaine Almquist

    Elaine Almquist9 kun oldin

    Fuck, I can't like this more than once.

  37. Elizabeth Paterson

    Elizabeth Paterson9 kun oldin

    Harts cool on guitar!

  38. Alex Cawley

    Alex Cawley10 kun oldin

    the energy in that room looks incredible

  39. Zeke Xylophone

    Zeke Xylophone10 kun oldin

    And now my neck hurts

  40. Kol Snowden

    Kol Snowden10 kun oldin

    Holy shit I can't believe this, this is fking sick 🔥🔥

  41. Honest John

    Honest John10 kun oldin

    They've not yet built the headphones that can go loud enough for this rendition

  42. Haakon Krey

    Haakon Krey10 kun oldin

    Fuckkkk yesssss

  43. Andre

    Andre10 kun oldin

    this is awesome babe

  44. Sps

    Sps11 kun oldin

    Fuck YES!

  45. Dwight Tibe

    Dwight Tibe11 kun oldin

    two men needed just to cover tom..

  46. Bunty Campbell

    Bunty Campbell11 kun oldin

    Nah this the best live Like A Version by triple j

  47. Luka Muren

    Luka Muren11 kun oldin

    Nah...2much... Check miss Sophie Urista for the real deal

  48. David Kooyman

    David Kooyman11 kun oldin

    its like watching my doge coin in my crypto account. bulls on parade

  49. Roshan Eva Selden

    Roshan Eva Selden11 kun oldin

    This is literally the best thing ive ever seen lol

  50. Rampid Panjandrum

    Rampid Panjandrum12 kun oldin

    He should cover Wake Up

  51. Cooper P

    Cooper P13 kun oldin

    it bothers me the guitarist didn’t even use a wah pedal just a phaser

  52. Johnathan Hunt

    Johnathan Hunt13 kun oldin

    Wow not a bad cover at all. His music style when he first blew up was very sporadic and this shit is a perfect cover showing that he's versatile and still resembles the shit he is know for!

  53. Catherine E

    Catherine E14 kun oldin

    he’s doing this better WITH A GRILL IN than rage against the machine did without

  54. ItsMoi Moí

    ItsMoi Moí14 kun oldin

    This song is good for like 30 seconds and then my head started to hurt

  55. Music Hell

    Music Hell15 kun oldin

    Normally I don't like covers, especially not this sort, but this brings a smile to my filthy, dead face

  56. jason booger

    jason booger15 kun oldin

    jesus christ this man is a god

  57. NickFlix

    NickFlix16 kun oldin


  58. Joel S

    Joel S14 soat oldin

    Woah chill

  59. Dakota Bennett

    Dakota Bennett16 kun oldin

    This man is talented asf

  60. Need to know

    Need to know16 kun oldin



    ALL THINGS MUSIC 900017 kun oldin

    Since RATM reunited, would be awesome to hear them make new music during the downtime & bring Denzel on for at least one track or more!


    SMOKE AND SOLITUDE17 kun oldin

    Versión ? Jajajajaja cover !!!!! Fuck

  63. Sam Taylor

    Sam Taylor17 kun oldin


  64. Cody White

    Cody White19 kun oldin

    Damn he hit those notes on point mmmm i got goosebumps

  65. Kirk Johnson

    Kirk Johnson19 kun oldin

    Didn't know this was filmed during amateur hour. If you're gonna cover this don't try to sound like Rage. You will fail. Badly. As you did.

  66. Tim S

    Tim S17 kun oldin


  67. 7\ Bluzii

    7\ Bluzii19 kun oldin

    This will NEVER GET OLD! We need a Post Malone, Denzel Curry Rock album

  68. Peter Germain

    Peter Germain19 kun oldin


  69. helena grace

    helena grace19 kun oldin

    he is so amazing he killed this

  70. Brittany Breanna

    Brittany Breanna20 kun oldin

    He really killed this though 🔥

  71. ZeRAuJ

    ZeRAuJ21 kun oldin

    I'd love to see a collab with Denzel and X on this hard rock in the next life. It just hits 😏

  72. Larry Gotter

    Larry Gotter21 kun oldin

    The I hate white people haircut and face.

  73. judi Miller

    judi Miller21 kun oldin

    Fuck yes dude! I saw you live at small show in Tampa years ago... your growth as an artist shows. Rage started a whole movement and I encourage you bringing them back nonetheless doing it fantastically

  74. Jizreel Pandey

    Jizreel Pandey21 kun oldin

    this is the BEST COVER Bulls on Parade uploaded on internet!!!

  75. joshua fonseca667

    joshua fonseca66722 kun oldin

    This the dopest shit I’ve seen all day

  76. BlackAsian123

    BlackAsian12322 kun oldin


  77. Lili Filingeri

    Lili Filingeri23 kun oldin

    wow this is impressive

  78. JD

    JD23 kun oldin

    Zel just went fucking Ultra Instinct

  79. Daniel Woods

    Daniel Woods23 kun oldin

    .........!LEGIT!........ It felt like the very first time... This took me back to the feeling I had the first time I heard Rage do it. The energy was amazing!

  80. Paul Lopez

    Paul Lopez23 kun oldin

    Born of zapatas blood. Jesus, had me in tears

  81. Austin Keeler

    Austin Keeler24 kun oldin

    God, I’ve spent a lifetime hearing boring rocker dudes just butcher RATM covers. Thank god someone FINALLY had the good sense to put an actual RAPPER to do de la Rocha justice.

  82. Caleb Gonzales

    Caleb Gonzales24 kun oldin

    Some deaf guy seeing his hand 👁👄👁

  83. Kiril Iliev

    Kiril Iliev24 kun oldin

    This is SOOO, SOOO SICK! Respect to the drummer for not destroying the drum kit!

  84. pax robinson

    pax robinson24 kun oldin

    Denzel looks like Eric andre when he’s screaming and I love iy

  85. t palermo

    t palermo24 kun oldin

    i'm died at the first scream

  86. Samson Kembu

    Samson Kembu24 kun oldin

    Even DC's rap spin on it was fucking lit man!

  87. MrSHebiK

    MrSHebiK24 kun oldin


  88. Damion Scarberry

    Damion Scarberry25 kun oldin

    Pretty sure rage against the machines created trap music without even realizing or trying

  89. Bret McKay

    Bret McKay25 kun oldin

    This man fucking KILLLLLLLED IT! I can't get enough of that energy.

  90. H Ansell

    H Ansell25 kun oldin

    Who knew Mark Schwarzer was such a SICK drummer?!

  91. Cbait C

    Cbait C19 kun oldin

    The goalkeeper?

  92. Cereal Box Toy Knives

    Cereal Box Toy Knives25 kun oldin

    Weird how RATM recently became pro establishment

  93. Big Karl

    Big Karl24 kun oldin

    How do?

  94. Snavels

    Snavels25 kun oldin

    Thought I was going to hate it since I typically dislike remakes, but this was awesome

  95. Ariisake

    Ariisake26 kun oldin

    I avoided this for two years because I thought this was going to be a shitty cover. Oh how wrong I was.


    GERARDO RAMIREZ27 kun oldin


  97. Joe Toaster

    Joe Toaster27 kun oldin

    That Sirens bridge is right at home here goddamn

  98. Nick Constantini

    Nick Constantini27 kun oldin

    Gave this a like soon as Denzel jumped up yelling “come wit it now!” 😂🤘🏼 This is hard 🔥

  99. Ben Markus

    Ben Markus27 kun oldin

    so....this is god huh? I vibe with the sitch

  100. sickomcnasty

    sickomcnasty28 kun oldin

    Yo! This shreds!!

  101. Nasty Nate Gaming

    Nasty Nate Gaming28 kun oldin

    This was straight up trash. He ruined it when he started rapping.

  102. The Person With No Name

    The Person With No Name28 kun oldin

    we needa see denzel do testify.

  103. Cassius Crassus

    Cassius Crassus29 kun oldin

    I dont know who this dude is but what i do know is he needs to make a metal album

  104. Cassius Crassus

    Cassius Crassus6 kun oldin

    @Traski Traskola Not enough Djent for you?

  105. Traski Traskola

    Traski Traskola7 kun oldin

    Why do people call this metal? It’s nothing like metal. It’s rock and roll. Punk/hip hop at a stretch...

  106. Side Arms

    Side Arms29 kun oldin

    Curry cold for this one!!!!

  107. cunin stunt

    cunin stunt29 kun oldin

    ahhh rage until napster i remember them clowns

  108. Diego Vera

    Diego Vera29 kun oldin

    mad respect to denzel for this one.

  109. Sandraupa Channel

    Sandraupa Channel29 kun oldin


  110. Goofboat

    GoofboatOy oldin

    goddamn the emotion he gives it. you can tell hes super dedicated to this kinda topic

  111. Dietpotato 388

    Dietpotato 388Oy oldin

    Ive only ever head this guys name, never his music, but i have massive respect for him now, this is great

  112. bcherbs

    bcherbsOy oldin

    WOW !! I have no super capitol BUTTON but this needs it

  113. Gonk Droid

    Gonk DroidOy oldin

    Now he has to drop a metal album