Disappointed with this one!


  1. Unkind I

    Unkind I4 kun oldin

    It’s conditioner not shampoo my boy

  2. Conin Martin

    Conin Martin10 kun oldin


  3. Sangwoo’s Bat

    Sangwoo’s Bat12 kun oldin

    But aren’t there different ways to get waves I mean he still got em he just did it differently😭😭😭

  4. Asa

    Asa14 kun oldin

    what’s the big deal about lather? he still managed to maintain his waves

  5. RicriC INC.

    RicriC INC.18 kun oldin

    It might be cuz his hair too low to hold dat much lather. He aint wolfin yet so its only so much he can do🤷🏿‍♂️

  6. ElijahR0CK

    ElijahR0CK25 kun oldin

    What shampoo is that... he need to change that asap

  7. Jitu Pandit

    Jitu Pandit26 kun oldin

    All is cm hd

  8. Ladien Wanabo

    Ladien WanaboOy oldin

    Your so mean Your waves are trash 🤢🤢👎👎

  9. Mystery Wizard

    Mystery WizardOy oldin

    YoUr lAtHeR BeTtEr bE IMaCuLaTe

  10. vbddfy euuyt

    vbddfy euuytOy oldin

    I’m bald as hell and I still find these videos interesting. My friend thought he had the FLYEST waves and after seeing this shit not so much 😂

  11. Dwayne

    DwayneOy oldin

    Word of the day: 🔥immaculate🔥

  12. stormy sea cookies

    stormy sea cookiesOy oldin

    Me who thought the lather was good and juice says man that lather trash 🙃 eXacTly WhaT I wAs ThiNkInG

  13. Ivonne Barrientos

    Ivonne BarrientosOy oldin

    I always tell myself, why am I watching this?😆 But it’s so entertaining.

  14. 954jit

    954jitOy oldin


  15. vbddfy euuyt

    vbddfy euuytOy oldin

    lmao is it just me or is 85% of the comments “I’m a white girl.. I’m Hispanic... the roasts are immaculate “ or am I tripping 😭

  16. Jonatan Garcia

    Jonatan GarciaOy oldin

    Why are your videos or some thing nothing is different same thing racks double rags same thing

  17. Jonatan Garcia

    Jonatan GarciaOy oldin

    At least have three or four haircut difference there are the same thing

  18. CIA

    CIAOy oldin

    hes the gordom ramasy of the hair stylist world

  19. Blue Treble

    Blue TrebleOy oldin

    The guy doing his hair was fine tho

  20. Alona Life

    Alona LifeOy oldin

    He tripped where the lather at like you don’t know what you doing 😡

  21. James Swift

    James SwiftOy oldin

    The thought of putting shampoo on your head and not washing it off with water really makes me feel uncomfortable

  22. Kiwi Gaming

    Kiwi GamingOy oldin

    “Why the shampoo come out like that “ and so what 🙄

  23. Nubian Queen

    Nubian QueenOy oldin

    He may have low porosity hair or just coarse hair... he’s using “moisturizing shampoos@ but that won’t clean coarse/low porosity hair well... he needs to use a “clarifying shampoo” ❤️✊🏾

  24. Dj Hemp2o

    Dj Hemp2oOy oldin

    Waves are trash and played out. Get some dreads

  25. KillSwitch

    KillSwitchOy oldin

    So lemme get this straight. This dude sits here for hours watching ppl wash their hair while getting hundreds of thousands of views? This shit is just so weird to me. 🤦🏽‍♂️

  26. Austin Archer

    Austin ArcherOy oldin

    You just mad cuz his waves are better

  27. Omar Carter

    Omar CarterOy oldin

    Bruh I really wanna see what dude waves look like 😂 nigga stay talking

  28. bandö

    bandöOy oldin

    lmao is it just me or is 85% of the comments “I’m a white girl.. I’m Hispanic... the roasts are immaculate “ or am I tripping 😭

  29. bandö

    bandöOy oldin

    the guy who’s doing his waves is fine asf.

  30. Alex B.

    Alex B.Oy oldin

    I’m bald as hell and I still find these videos interesting. My friend thought he had the FLYEST waves and after seeing this shit not so much 😂

  31. Aaron Bivens

    Aaron BivensOy oldin

    Let’s see the dudes waves who’s shitting on everyone

  32. Ethan Kappa

    Ethan KappaOy oldin

    Im an asian dude and still confused why this got recommended to me

  33. The Great Gonzini

    The Great GonziniOy oldin

    Lather lather lather

  34. King Harlem

    King HarlemOy oldin

    Way too many forks

  35. Alpha Isikar

    Alpha IsikarOy oldin

    This dude just jealous he dont got waves

  36. Motorboaterxx03

    Motorboaterxx03Oy oldin

    I’m glad I’m Hispanic with straight hair. I cut my shit short and cut it when I start to grow a mullet. I don’t really take care of my shit. Y’all have a lot of patience and different strategies.

  37. Pumping Iron

    Pumping IronOy oldin

    Why would you want to look your hair like that

  38. Zahra Ahmed

    Zahra AhmedOy oldin

    His face at the end😂😭😭😭😭😭

  39. Ariela Saiz

    Ariela SaizOy oldin

    I hate how this dude like judges peoples hair stuff idc and he doesn't even show his own hair

  40. Shane naidu

    Shane naiduOy oldin

    His waves 👋

  41. Francisco Rojas

    Francisco RojasOy oldin

    “ that lather was trash “ 💀😭😂

  42. Prophecy Jr

    Prophecy JrOy oldin

    Juice we got the same birthday

  43. soiung toiue

    soiung toiueOy oldin

    Everybody stay blessed and prayed up Yeshua loves y’all

  44. natural butterfly

    natural butterflyOy oldin


  45. Isaiah Black

    Isaiah BlackOy oldin

    His hair is low tho wtf

  46. J mo money

    J mo moneyOy oldin

    Bruh yo name is Bernie. Why does your avatar picture beard connect but not the one you have in real life

  47. Who Knows

    Who KnowsOy oldin

    Me, a european with no idea what is going on: Yeah, lather gotta be immaculate

  48. soiung toiue

    soiung toiueOy oldin

    Watch to the end, it gets funs :)

  49. Chris B. Good

    Chris B. GoodOy oldin

    Dudes judging other guys but can’t even show his waves

  50. Jacolby Harris

    Jacolby HarrisOy oldin

    Dog water 🌊💦

  51. Fergee Tee

    Fergee TeeOy oldin

    His lather good his hair just compact

  52. Abderrahmane CHENAFI

    Abderrahmane CHENAFIOy oldin

    Why? Wasn't it good? I dont get this lol

  53. SS Gang

    SS GangOy oldin

    Omg no he did not put the rag on after

  54. SimmeyG123

    SimmeyG123Oy oldin

    I’ve never noticed a difference between a “good” or “bad” weave No one wants your reaction to this

  55. Savannah Carter

    Savannah CarterOy oldin

    Some shampoos don’t have a lot of the chemical that makes your shampoo suds so he might be getting a good lather in his hair but the shampoo doesn’t suds as much as others. Or he just didn’t get a good lather on his hair causing it to not have a lot of suds. It could be either one.

  56. Kaleb Thompson

    Kaleb ThompsonOy oldin

    I think this is a simple case of a male feeling threatened by another male so he attacks the other one

  57. firehazardFox 15

    firehazardFox 15Oy oldin

    Fact. You have never seen a black person in real life with straight hair before

  58. Rosemary Rose

    Rosemary RoseOy oldin

    I keep getting these videos recommended, Im asian but the wave reveals keep me watching tho 😂

  59. Stevie Garcia

    Stevie GarciaOy oldin

    all this while it looked completely the same as yours -_-

  60. Bernen Betancourth

    Bernen BetancourthOy oldin

    The dudes that always commentate on other peoples waves be having the worst hair around while they talking smack 😂

  61. Mike Sam

    Mike SamOy oldin

    You don't have to hold the mic close to your face we can hear you and you just look dumb af

  62. Squidward Vibes

    Squidward VibesOy oldin

    This dude had visible waves when the process started working he didn't do anything wrong and my man is here criticizing him-

  63. Ailsa Ni

    Ailsa NiOy oldin

    haha and the fact he stood quiet after they actually looked kinda good and logged off 😂

  64. CityHeist

    CityHeistOy oldin

    Are there any stater items to get waves i can use off of amazon?

  65. Mgtc Cj

    Mgtc CjOy oldin

    Bruh can you stfu about the lather

  66. Lynsi Robertson

    Lynsi RobertsonOy oldin

    Pretty sure that 3rd "lather" was conditioner.

  67. ginger s

    ginger sOy oldin

    I’m a white girl but I still watch this videos even though I have no idea what they’re talking about

  68. ginger s

    ginger sOy oldin

    @Ailsa Ni tf???

  69. Ailsa Ni

    Ailsa NiOy oldin

    it would be so funny... ??

  70. Sanjay thiagarajan

    Sanjay thiagarajanOy oldin

    Inta kos umak

  71. Naomi Jones

    Naomi JonesOy oldin

    He didn't even show us him washing his hair. Did he just leave the soap in?

  72. Jathefrokid

    JathefrokidOy oldin

    Mama told me why tf do u look so ugly

  73. gibbs.

    gibbs.Oy oldin

    My lather be hella foamy I gotta slap my brush to get the foam out

  74. Lilly Fay

    Lilly FayOy oldin

    OK how can he be critiquing people getting waves when we haven't ever even seen his waves

  75. Dark Phoenix

    Dark PhoenixOy oldin

    How are you going to say that this guy did a bad job of doing a certain style of hair when you wont even show yours in a video?

  76. Project UnderWood

    Project UnderWoodOy oldin

    And why does this man get to talk about waves? He never shows his

  77. Project UnderWood

    Project UnderWoodOy oldin

    Man looks like Anthony Davis without the unibrow😭

  78. truth Teller

    truth TellerOy oldin

    Doing this rubbish equals bald patch starting from the head middle

  79. NFSH Driver

    NFSH DriverOy oldin

    The dude that is reacting never taking that due rag bc he has worse waves than a rat

  80. CynDA01

    CynDA01Oy oldin

    It’s that brand of shampoo that doesn’t lather well, but that’s on purpose so it’s better for curly hair

  81. PCwonton 90

    PCwonton 90Oy oldin

    Lather thrash

  82. Savage Sock

    Savage SockOy oldin

    As I sit a white dude knowing better even though my shit would never be able to do this but he doing it wrong and it still looks decent.

  83. DJ T PROD

    DJ T PRODOy oldin

    You acting like you know everything about doing waves yo shut the fuck up

  84. yourfuneralnotmine

    yourfuneralnotmineOy oldin

    haha and the fact he stood quiet after they actually looked kinda good and logged off 😂

  85. ZayaKami

    ZayaKami11 kun oldin

    They aint look good, he had hella forks and the back wasn't layed correctly

  86. Betty Barajas

    Betty BarajasOy oldin

    U stop u have never let us see yours



    Everybody stay blessed and prayed up Yeshua loves y’all

  88. Ognjen Radovanovic

    Ognjen RadovanovicOy oldin

    Dumbest person i have ever seen

  89. noam ozeri

    noam ozeriOy oldin

    Waves is ugly af lol

  90. MasterDanny

    MasterDannyOy oldin

    Bruuuh i should become this dude but instead i should be talking shit about edgar cuts 🤣🤣 them shits looks hella ugly lookin like a mushroom from supermario

  91. Your Mum

    Your MumOy oldin

    This man says so much while knowing so little



    Are you a hairdresser or something how you know so much about lather are you the ladder police!? Not to offend you or anything I just want to know how much ladder to put

  93. Leslie Hylton

    Leslie HyltonOy oldin

    Where was the lather

  94. Another Stranger

    Another StrangerOy oldin

    Dis man says lather in every single vid

  95. velocitybytheeditor

    velocitybytheeditorOy oldin

    at least they look good😐

  96. shoto todoroki

    shoto todorokiOy oldin

    Lather game weak

  97. Slayerzzz

    SlayerzzzOy oldin

    Bruh what was that lather

  98. Slayerzzz

    SlayerzzzOy oldin

    Definitely needs work

  99. Kenji Hall

    Kenji HallOy oldin

    I don't see anything wrong with it

  100. nae & bree

    nae & breeOy oldin

    nah you do all this complaining show us YOUR hair

  101. Lotus XL

    Lotus XLOy oldin

    “Here I sit” a black guy with dreads .... I’ve watched so many wave vids I knew that lather was trash 🤣😂

  102. Ts- Games

    Ts- GamesOy oldin

    I'm not black, nor do I understand their hair style trends and methods, but I for some reason can't stop watching these

  103. Ailsa Ni

    Ailsa NiOy oldin

    “you gon have the audacity to rag up after that”

  104. Anikka C. Ojala

    Anikka C. OjalaOy oldin

    Im a white girl tht got roped into doing black hair, my friend just needed some help and it just rolled from there. Funny thing is when i look at people they dont even know im judging how well they got their box braids or waves going.

  105. Kee

    KeeOy oldin

    Just keep it to yourself hon. know your place 🤗

  106. Ahmed Yasser

    Ahmed YasserOy oldin

    didn't know that somepeople like wavey hair I guess Imma not complain about my hair again

  107. Davione

    DavioneOy oldin

    Please stop judging the book by it’s cover

  108. help me get 1k likes

    help me get 1k likesOy oldin

    Ayo juice lemme see ur waves