Dmx vs Snoop (Verzuz)

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  1. saundra brown

    saundra brown11 daqiqa oldin

    I just these 2 Brothas right here in this versus battle😘😘👊✊ R.I.P.INHEAVEN 2 one of da greatest MC ever Earl Simmons aka DMX🙌🕊

  2. Abraham Herrera

    Abraham Herrera2 soat oldin

    Uncle snoop man you the goat dmx lived and died the goat shit was epic to watch this

  3. C S

    C S9 soat oldin

    Why did they put snoop up against the dog I’m lost no comparison period super mix match

  4. Jasmine flower

    Jasmine flower16 soat oldin

    Everyone snoop being around has passed away. My God.

  5. Grace'sWorldTV111

    Grace'sWorldTV11119 soat oldin

    You will be deeply missed DMX. RIP🙏 This was a great battle with 2 hip hop legends ❤👌

  6. Speed Racer

    Speed Racer23 soat oldin

    Amen 🙏. DMX saif the most powerful gangsta prayer I ever heard. R.I.P. to the big Dog

  7. Denise Abrams

    Denise AbramsKun oldin


  8. C J

    C JKun oldin

    RIP DMX, man Snoop has been around some legends.

  9. Gypsybloodjay Fallensoulz

    Gypsybloodjay FallensoulzKun oldin


  10. Maryangels

    MaryangelsKun oldin

    Embracing the greatnes in the hip hop. Best of New York and California ❤️RIP DMX truly miss!

  11. Hat Man

    Hat ManKun oldin

    Dam near cried watching this( I JUST LOVE WHEN WE CAN HAVE GOOD FUN AND HAVE A GOOD TIME) R.I.P X and much love to the BIG HOMIE SNOOP

  12. JustKylay

    JustKylayKun oldin

    👑 So late! Both carry such unique energy! 🔥

  13. Mnisi Nicholus Gcinikhaya

    Mnisi Nicholus GcinikhayaKun oldin

    Snoop the dances🔥🔥🔥..... X the king 👑 rest 🙏🏽🙏🏽

  14. Danisub pesca submarina

    Danisub pesca submarinaKun oldin

    Dmx 💥💥💥

  15. Aliken Zander

    Aliken ZanderKun oldin

    Rip DMX , Rip Tupac. 2021.

  16. Tia Joubert

    Tia JoubertKun oldin

    The 1K PEOPLE that PUSHED 👎had 2 be some real LAME ASS INDIVIDUALS!!!!!!!

  17. Tia Joubert

    Tia JoubertKun oldin


  18. Ericka Conway

    Ericka ConwayKun oldin

    rip dmx man

  19. koskey06

    koskey06Kun oldin

    2 artist I grew up on! RIP DMX! Snoop, keep doing u bro bro!

  20. Lav 2fa3

    Lav 2fa3Kun oldin

    2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted wasnt even fair play AT ALL lol

  21. Dj Mr 1800

    Dj Mr 1800Kun oldin

    Both are Legends and I love it

  22. Dj Mr 1800

    Dj Mr 1800Kun oldin


  23. Tatsu Riveraeon

    Tatsu RiveraeonKun oldin

    Experiencing this first time after Xs passing is something to be reckoned

  24. Tongie Pittman

    Tongie Pittman2 kun oldin

    We Lost A Real One

  25. Tongie Pittman

    Tongie Pittman2 kun oldin

    Will always Love DMX

  26. David S

    David S2 kun oldin

    If you dont have at least 50 percent of these songs on your spoti, you are not a true hip hop head

  27. talent wasted

    talent wasted2 kun oldin

    Snoop has more money and fame but DMX was the better rapper. Rip Mr Simmons

  28. Daniel Hernandez

    Daniel Hernandez2 kun oldin

    Who here still be watching BELLY

  29. El Ohhh

    El Ohhh2 kun oldin

    Snoop lemme get one haha

  30. Герман Кокурин

    Герман Кокурин2 kun oldin

    im russian and i dont understand context:busta rhymes said shit snoop ,its like real shit cool or shit bad?

  31. Jetwash OutDoors

    Jetwash OutDoors2 kun oldin

    snoop the sell out rat fink that votes for segregationists ....

  32. Jay T

    Jay T2 kun oldin

    That murder was the case that beat and shit he was going thru was crazy

  33. Jay T

    Jay T2 kun oldin

    I'm glad snoop did this with x cause I bet x felt food af doing the battle with snoop he shOwed him so much respect..... Salute to the dogs rip X

  34. hiiipower iii

    hiiipower iii5 soat oldin

    Yeah fuck Jay Z. He didn't want to do it so Snoop took his spot & it actually turned out better than we all taught it would

  35. taz santiago

    taz santiago2 kun oldin

    I saw an interview with DMX and he said that when he did this with snoop the night before he wrote down some lyrics because he thought he was going to be battling Snoop Dogg the next day because the show is called Verzuz 🆚😳🤷🏻‍♂️😂😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣 Only DMX would say something like that we love you X 😂😂😂 NYC 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  36. Rose Keya

    Rose Keya2 kun oldin

    I still don't know why they had him verse Snoop. Snoop is not even on his level. Long Live X ❤

  37. samara riley

    samara riley2 kun oldin

    Mofos that dislike fuck you!!!!!!!!

  38. Lisa Taylor

    Lisa Taylor2 kun oldin

    Thank God X did this❤❤

  39. Im FlaPPy

    Im FlaPPy3 kun oldin

    RIP X💔

  40. Vibezz Family

    Vibezz Family3 kun oldin

    No One will ever beat this i got chills

  41. Maria Angela

    Maria Angela3 kun oldin

    Snoop is Chill Energy and DMX has Strong energy but they both Enjoying themselves 💞 this Versus is The Best! ❤❤🙏🏻🙏🏻🏆🏆🍾🍾

  42. TIA Williams

    TIA Williams3 kun oldin

    Best one ever r.i.p. X this one was the best one !!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥

  43. Bella Brown

    Bella Brown3 kun oldin

    Look at Snoop lil self popping🤣🤣🤣. I love them both. Don't care for the provocative nature to women but someone told me a long time ago that only refers to the ones that act like that. RIP X😭

  44. Bella Brown

    Bella Brown3 kun oldin

    DMX is the example of how gangstas pray💜🙏🙏🙏🙏😭

  45. Kris Car

    Kris Car3 kun oldin

    Damn ya! Lit 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

  46. Brian Ayers

    Brian Ayers3 kun oldin

    I wanna know why I'm just now seing this😳, two of the GREATEST!! R.I.P X.

  47. Kris Car

    Kris Car3 kun oldin


  48. Kellie Frasier

    Kellie Frasier3 kun oldin

    Ya'll r da 💣💣💣🥰🥰

  49. Kellie Frasier

    Kellie Frasier3 kun oldin


  50. Kellie Frasier

    Kellie Frasier3 kun oldin


  51. YO RAPS

    YO RAPS3 kun oldin


  52. DeJonnae Kidd

    DeJonnae Kidd3 kun oldin

    R.I.P X we love you and will forever love you down here...


    CARLiTO EVEREST4 kun oldin

    Never knew they had a versuz

  54. Иван Заворницин

    Иван Заворницин4 kun oldin

    DMX в сердце

  55. Beverly George

    Beverly George4 kun oldin

    This was much L❤️ve Forever Priceless ❤️🎶❤️

  56. MarriedIAm 2MYGOD

    MarriedIAm 2MYGOD4 kun oldin


  57. Cally Cal

    Cally Cal4 kun oldin

    30:50 Man I'm crying Snoop Dogg: where my ladies at? DMX: Where da bitches at? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  58. Iris Martin

    Iris Martin4 kun oldin

    Two legends

  59. Rolling Stone

    Rolling Stone4 kun oldin

    Somebody tell God to hop on IG for another Verzuz with DMX and Tupac.

  60. James Cole

    James Cole4 kun oldin


  61. Jaythe90skyd

    Jaythe90skyd5 kun oldin

    Best versuz hands down! Got a mf concert! R.I.P DMX

  62. Jaythe90skyd

    Jaythe90skyd5 kun oldin

    Everytime I hear down 4 my niggas I think about the Alphas...they used to kill it with that song.

  63. Jaythe90skyd

    Jaythe90skyd5 kun oldin

    I was too young to listen to DMX back in the day but I used to still listen to him on the radio sometimes but not enough to know what song was what and every now and then "you think this a game" would randomly pop in my head and now I know why 🤣

  64. Carlos Canty

    Carlos Canty5 kun oldin

    Sorry I'm late to pause. I was vibing, this video really don't need any more comments after this but in my OPINION. This is a Versus of Low Energy Frequency vs. High Energy Frequency. I like both waves so I'm just gonna listen till the end and might replay it for work tonight. 14:24

  65. Faye Taylor

    Faye Taylor5 kun oldin

    DMX straight up old school in that bish. Ha Love him #KoolAid #NowNLaters More seriously though, rest in peace King. We lost a real one...

  66. Carlos Canty

    Carlos Canty5 kun oldin

    Alright! Versus: off the first track. A little background I have listened to any Versus and this is my first. Second place based off the first 8:31 Snoop Dogg. My Opinion!

  67. Doctor Funkenstein

    Doctor Funkenstein5 kun oldin

    Thank you for that prayer DMX .... AMEN!

  68. Marsha Lewis

    Marsha Lewis5 kun oldin

    BK’LYN TILDEN was in the house 🏡 now rocking the ATL

  69. Barry Pate

    Barry Pate5 kun oldin

    Snoop the most famous crip but can’t cwalk for nothing 🤣🤣

  70. Marsha Lewis

    Marsha Lewis5 kun oldin

    Love ❤️ to see Snoop do that crip walk

  71. Marsha Lewis

    Marsha Lewis5 kun oldin

    NYC backing you dog DMX for life

  72. Elliot Edwards

    Elliot Edwards5 kun oldin

    It should’ve been busta or jay-z vs Dmx cause snoop music is to old for Dmx

  73. Elliot Edwards

    Elliot Edwards5 kun oldin

    The vs battle only for the icons now

  74. Elliot Edwards

    Elliot Edwards5 kun oldin

    😂Smoothest vs battle ever

  75. craig boi

    craig boi5 kun oldin

    X doing karaoke poorly

  76. Nicholas Priest

    Nicholas Priest5 kun oldin

    Watched this on live stream... still just as blown away.. r.i.p dmx

  77. samuel stewart beals

    samuel stewart beals5 kun oldin

    Isley brothers to earth wind and fire... Jill vs Erykah.... to this shit... this vs. Is getting stupid fuck them both 50 year old men and this is there legacy... shit shit shit ..... shit and this is after crack head dmx over dosed. What a waist of time to watch this ignorance!

  78. Camrin Ruth

    Camrin Ruth5 kun oldin


  79. Zappy Zap

    Zappy Zap6 kun oldin

    Kill your local heroin dealer in the memory of X. What killed him must also die!

  80. Դավիթ Գրիգորյան

    Դավիթ Գրիգորյան6 kun oldin

    dogi dog dnem vzit

  81. codster 2100

    codster 21006 kun oldin

    Why does it look like snoop dog is edited in 😂

  82. Robbie Neeson

    Robbie Neeson6 kun oldin

    What happened with snoop new album 🤣😂😂wack as fuck he fall of the only news it got was trying to throw shots at em 😂🤣em would destroy him sorry em did destroy him fuck em still killing rappers

  83. Misha Hampton

    Misha Hampton6 kun oldin

    RIP X 🥺 one of the best EVER

  84. Bamn Bamn

    Bamn Bamn6 kun oldin

    Greatest Battle Going Down In History !!! RIP DMX Represented WESTCHESTER COUNTY !!!Y.O. 🎙🎤🎙🎤🎧

  85. Chris Escue

    Chris Escue6 kun oldin

    Dmx wins, that intro was the shit too.

  86. Anna Fantastic

    Anna Fantastic6 kun oldin

    Some of the comments where DMX was out of breath .. No, it’s the difference from a softer smoother rapper .. and X who uses his whole voice n body

  87. Patrick DeRocco

    Patrick DeRocco6 kun oldin

    exactly, and add his asthma to it, without a warmup... people just don't know


    PROMO MAKER6 kun oldin

    After this I respect Snoop Dogg

  89. L D

    L D7 kun oldin

    Ggrrrr!! 🐕 👊

  90. Angilia Clark

    Angilia Clark7 kun oldin

    You know shit was finna go down when they start off eating chicken strips, drinking 'Kool-Aid', and eating now and laters🤣💜 #TOPDOGZZ

  91. Leah Simmonds

    Leah Simmonds3 soat oldin

    What is now and laters😊?

  92. Alma Williams

    Alma Williams7 kun oldin

    Love this 2 Legends!!!

  93. jan taganas

    jan taganas7 kun oldin


  94. Ricky Landavaso

    Ricky Landavaso7 kun oldin

    Snoop listen to dms poetry

  95. Huncho H

    Huncho H7 kun oldin

    The greatest DOG 🐕

  96. Shay Lah

    Shay Lah7 kun oldin

    I cant get enough of Snoops dancing 😂😂😂😂😂 I love it. RIP to the king DMX 🖤👑

  97. Renater Rice

    Renater Rice7 kun oldin

    Lip rapping Llh

  98. Renater Rice

    Renater Rice7 kun oldin

    Fake rapping

  99. Prokid93

    Prokid937 kun oldin

    we miss u X🖤🎤


    FAITH SEEKER7 kun oldin


  101. Jesse Garcia

    Jesse Garcia7 kun oldin

    What a wonderful prayer..DMX...Your definitely missed . 💪🐐🙏🙏 Rap between East v West are totally opposites..I tend to lean toward East rap more.

  102. Vicki Lockeby

    Vicki Lockeby7 kun oldin

    My all time favorite album! I love Snoop!

  103. Vicki Lockeby

    Vicki Lockeby7 kun oldin

    DMX MADE IT TO HEAVEN NO DOUBT! How crazy this prayer really seems now that he’s passed 😢