Drain the Swamp: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Donald Trump promised to “drain the swamp.” But considering the culture of corruption inside of his administration, Washington is looking awfully...swampy.
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  1. Papa Taurean

    Papa Taurean11 soat oldin

    He drained the swamp and put in a cesspool.

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  8. Ida Säntti

    Ida Säntti6 kun oldin

    Who is that moron who claims Trump is (was) there for the little guy?

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  13. Plumikii Ryu

    Plumikii Ryu12 kun oldin

    Please Do A Piece on Michael Jackson Hi, I’m writing to you because Last Week Tonight as opposed to other such shows actually cares about issues rather than chasing the headlines. It has been 11 years since Michael Jackson passed away yet to this day what the common consensus is that he is a taboo subject for many. I recall you guys once did a piece on Public Shaming. Michael Jackson was a genius, an abused child. He was strange. He was one of the few major stars from the 80s who came out of the 80s without a heroine addiction. He in his own way did many, Many strange things, but so do most other superstars. And more than others he actually cared. About children, about the earth. About the issues we are discussing to this day. While Icons like Freddy Mercury, Elvis Pressley, Prince, Beetles and many more are known for their good works, Michael is known for the something which he has repeatedly been acquitted for. It’s the truth that anyone looking for will find instantly but due to the “where there is smoke there is a fire” narrative, even 11 years after his death, the new media treats him like a criminal. All his trial pages are open for the public to read. He WAS weird. Making a ranch called neverland, hanging out with children. Trusting people he shouldn’t. But I urge you please cover him, hear beyond the noise like you guys often do. The most successful African American Artist of all time was a humble man child, who respected women, loved children and cared about our environment. He was not a heroine junkie, a private man who did not share his disease even all the way back in 1993 even though he was accused of wanting to become a “White Man”. He was eccentric. Hanging out with animals and caring about them. theobjectivestandard.com/2020/02/justice-for-michael-jackson/ This article covers multiple sources, some of which I had read previously. Michael Jackson was a multi talented millionaire pop star, who was not an alcoholic, was a caring father, a filial son, Treated women with respect, cared about the planet and it’s beings. The press that constantly kept DASHING him, had found a way to subvert their guilt. All those years of calling him a “Jacko”, “monkey” and many more hurtful things was justified if he was a paedophile. They NEEDED him to be guilty. Such a man cannot exist in Hollywood. Such public shaming had allowed and to this day allows Michael to be a victim to all this slander. Please do a piece, if not one that exonerates him then one that once and for all cements the fact the Michael Jackson, the greatest pop star, the first African American Idol was a paedophile. Not through unknown sources or flimsy headlines but through concrete proof. A news echoing in a closed chamber will not reach anyone, most fans who what to know the truth know it, other people will read the headlines but not the explanations. It’s about time the general public knows. Please do a piece on Michael, the blatant mistreatment by the media, The systematic racism he faced during his trials. Please don’t let the first African American Singer be remembered for the things he did not do, He was weird, weird enough to annoy Freddy Mercury with Bubbles feedbacks, weird enough to let kids crack raw eggs over Michael Jackson, Weird enough to play water balloons with children. But he was not a paedophile and the world needs to acknowledge that. He was in no way a “Perfect Human” but he tried his best to live right and we should not punish him for doing that. On this year please exonerate this Black man, the Justice System has done it two decades ago, it’s about time everyone else does. Please do a piece on Michael Jackson.

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  16. ProjectEchoshadow

    ProjectEchoshadow14 kun oldin

    Swamp up the drains

  17. Panchi Gancedo

    Panchi Gancedo15 kun oldin

    Was that doing it together like the I am going there with you to storm the Capitol.

  18. Panchi Gancedo

    Panchi Gancedo15 kun oldin

    That movie scene is so cringe worthy as to make my skin crawl.

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    og skull16 kun oldin

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  20. Meredith Coplien

    Meredith Coplien18 kun oldin

    From 2021. There's no wall, and the only swamp was Trump's administration.

  21. James Isaac

    James Isaac18 kun oldin


  22. George Nichols

    George Nichols19 kun oldin

    Lets face it, that swamp got a shit ton bigger under trump!

  23. Dim Kopte

    Dim Kopte19 kun oldin

    john FU

  24. Marguerite Hudsell

    Marguerite Hudsell20 kun oldin

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  28. The'Bob

    The'Bob23 kun oldin

    trump only had the best criminals in his swamp

  29. Radical Niner

    Radical Niner27 kun oldin

    Trump idea of draining the swamp meant draining it from water and frogs and filling it with sewer and aligators.

  30. Demonics Inc

    Demonics Inc27 kun oldin

    How. How do stupid people keep making so much money? Like freaking really? These people would not be able to function in normal society

  31. Tommaso Stefanelli

    Tommaso StefanelliOy oldin

    7:19 shit eater and squirell whisperer detected in the photo.

  32. David Campbell

    David CampbellOy oldin

    Annoying amount of useless clapping.

  33. Anthony Phung

    Anthony PhungOy oldin

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    Tyler WrightOy oldin

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  35. MrFarfromjonezen

    MrFarfromjonezenOy oldin

    The United States is founded by SLAVE owners that wanted to be free of unjust taxation and tyranny Hey who is are current master, Banking or Insurance? I know you sold us to one over a decade ago when the SLAVE wage oops Federal Minimum Wage stopped rising Trump was not the problem, he was just the biggest piece of shit to clog the toilet we call the U.S. Government Before him we could always still use the plunger, flush it a couple times, Now the the wax seal is broken and shit is leaking everywhere We need to pull out the toilet, replace the wax seal, possibly the flange as well Only then can we securely mount it down and trust it to do its job

  36. ParagrafenPapagei

    ParagrafenPapagei24 kun oldin

    This analogy has gone too far.

  37. H F

    H FOy oldin

    So a question I always want to ask is- do you actually Not understand or is this part of the Humor?

  38. LW

    LWOy oldin

    7:19 Anyone else notice a familiar geriatric Dr. Evil in this shot?

  39. Patrick Layman

    Patrick LaymanOy oldin

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  40. Hells Golden Shore

    Hells Golden ShoreOy oldin

    He has more brains than you, thats why he's your dad and you live off him as opposed to the other way around. Keep sucking up to Democrates and see where it takes you😅

  41. Brittany Miller

    Brittany Miller24 kun oldin

    @ParagrafenPapagei I'm talking about Democrats winning the presidency, not John Oliver.

  42. ParagrafenPapagei

    ParagrafenPapagei24 kun oldin

    @Brittany Miller Unlikely, as he was born in Britain.

  43. Brittany Miller

    Brittany MillerOy oldin

    ... To the presidency?

  44. Patoren 3gou

    Patoren 3gouOy oldin

    Donay trump DIDN'T Drain the Swamp He Is the Swamp

  45. HeezNeez

    HeezNeezOy oldin

    Well, this pisses me off less now.

  46. Fhxhjsj Bjdjdh

    Fhxhjsj BjdjdhOy oldin

    “We have the lotion that will help you jizz”

  47. Josiah Lindor Carty

    Josiah Lindor CartyOy oldin

    “Drain the swamp” by exposing himself.

  48. Jewel Jones

    Jewel JonesOy oldin

    A stream is not a swap!

  49. Carlos Cundiff

    Carlos CundiffOy oldin

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  51. Larry Smith

    Larry SmithOy oldin

    Right after Hell freezes over.

  52. whatroads4x4

    whatroads4x4Oy oldin

    I recommend build a wall around nyc.

  53. Liz Banana

    Liz BananaOy oldin

    john oliver how could you say that about shrimp??? shrimp are delicious 🥺

  54. Lykanno

    LykannoOy oldin

    14:22 Why not just robocall his number or any other corrupt politician. why are we even still having this conversation, go and do it , now. But if anyone asks I didn't tell you

  55. winder zhao

    winder zhaoOy oldin

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    Eberle TylerOy oldin

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  59. Night Skye

    Night Skye2 oy oldin

    First time I heard "Drain the Swamp", I really thought it was referring to Florida and literally draining the swamp. I was very concerned about the environmental ramifications that would result from draining Florida and disrupting the ecosystem. In my mind, these horrid people were trying to decrease livable areas for gators :,( until I found out what they actually meant

  60. snakeeyes4life

    snakeeyes4life2 oy oldin

    Another reason why i have zero respect for trump voters

  61. rimbocha1

    rimbocha12 oy oldin

    Did anyone else spotted "Eat Shit Bob" at 7:20

  62. erika flores

    erika flores2 oy oldin

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  66. ThatCuteDino

    ThatCuteDino2 oy oldin

    If we were trying to drain the swamp… we elected Shrek.

  67. chris pham

    chris pham2 oy oldin

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  68. Brett Burns

    Brett Burns2 oy oldin

    Haha right!

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    Wanda Baileyer2 oy oldin

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  70. Brett Burns

    Brett Burns2 oy oldin

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  71. John Oesterwind

    John Oesterwind2 oy oldin

    4000 geologists disliked this video

  72. erika flores

    erika flores2 oy oldin

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    sam bam2 oy oldin

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  74. Life Balance

    Life Balance2 oy oldin

    What do they have against that swamp? It's a swamp! What has it done??? I want to know!

  75. David Crane

    David Crane2 oy oldin

    shrek is sad

  76. Femi Oye

    Femi Oye2 oy oldin

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  77. dorothyhelly

    dorothyhelly2 oy oldin

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  78. Michael Raad

    Michael Raad2 oy oldin

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  79. somi park

    somi park2 oy oldin

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    Lesiqa Jeni2 oy oldin

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    Lawrence Hereford Lawrence2 oy oldin

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  82. Silvan Van Der Horst

    Silvan Van Der Horst2 oy oldin

    I knew things were bad in America, but I didn't know it was so bad that America is not even ready to use a prehistoric fuel form that mankind has been using for over 500.000 years now, wood. Who "wood" have thought of that?

  83. Christopher Pham

    Christopher Pham2 oy oldin

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration advisory panel officially voted to endorse the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine. Watch the full vote, here: uznick.info/up/video/sKDUqHqvoZlknmw

  84. Ivan Espinoza

    Ivan Espinoza2 oy oldin

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  85. Gregory Gomez

    Gregory Gomez2 oy oldin

    The corruption in the US is appaling. Here in Denmark, we get riled up when politicians have lunch with a lobbyist and the lobbyist pays for the meal as a token of gratitude for the politician spending his time listening to the lobbyist. $60 000 in campaign money from a single lobbyist group? That's absurd! You really need to set a limit for campaign spendings. Otherwise, this kind of corruption is going to continue.

  86. drunkensailor112

    drunkensailor11217 kun oldin

    What is called lobbying in the USA is called corruption in all of Europe thank God

  87. lopeepso livi

    lopeepso livi3 oy oldin

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    John C3 oy oldin

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    Arie Axel3 oy oldin

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  90. Samir Castro

    Samir Castro3 oy oldin

    Denmark, we will trade you your prime minister for our president.

  91. Huey Tran

    Huey Tran3 oy oldin

    "I love the multi-millionaires, not the elites who look down on me" wat

  92. Kodai Kodai

    Kodai Kodai3 oy oldin

    The corruption in the US is appaling. Here in Denmark, we get riled up when politicians have lunch with a lobbyist and the lobbyist pays for the meal as a token of gratitude for the politician spending his time listening to the lobbyist. $60 000 in campaign money from a single lobbyist group? That's absurd! You really need to set a limit for campaign spendings. Otherwise, this kind of corruption is going to continue.

  93. olamide owolabi

    olamide owolabi3 oy oldin

    FROM the year 2020, HE lost and their all going away,

  94. Eduard Koch

    Eduard KochOy oldin


  95. Lesiqa Jeni

    Lesiqa Jeni3 oy oldin

    Who wins tonight’s main event in Las Vegas?

  96. karen Hortencia

    karen Hortencia3 oy oldin

    "Then I started saying it like I really meant it"... And these gullible sheeple still don't believe this man lies to them.

  97. Luke Baldis

    Luke Baldis3 oy oldin

    I really hope he does the same thing with bidens cabinet I think it would be important so its not more of the same.

  98. KingQwertzlbrmpf

    KingQwertzlbrmpf3 oy oldin

    This absurd level of trust in millionaires that many people in the US have is in large parts a direct consequence of the idea of the "american dream". The reasoning goes something like this: If you just work hard enough you can become a millionaire Thus anybody who is a millionaire is a hard worker. Workign hard is a virtue. Thus any millionaire is virtuous. There are also a couple minor ideas that come with this line of reasoning. Most importantly the idea that, since the millionaire worked hard to get his millions he once was just "One of the little guys" and thus can understand the worries of "the little guys". That this whole line of reasoning is utter bullshit and can be dispelled with even a second of critical thought goes without mentioning. Unfortunatly too few people in the US actually take this one second of critical thought.

  99. GP Laces

    GP Laces3 oy oldin

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  100. heid shows

    heid shows3 oy oldin

    Furiously listening to this to drown out my dad’s Fox News.

  101. John C

    John C3 oy oldin

    I used to love my plain red baseball cap, but Trump's ruined it for me

  102. Arianna Ellie

    Arianna Ellie3 oy oldin

    I was more concerned when he said "the birds and the bees" as if he was expecting machines to be powered by sex!

  103. thomuaxuan hoituongtieng

    thomuaxuan hoituongtieng3 oy oldin

    coldplay jheneaiko radioactive creed2 funnypranks

  104. Kyle Bennett

    Kyle Bennett3 oy oldin

    My brother worked at the patent office in Alexandria over the 2019 summer. And in the two meetings that Wilbur Ross attended while my brother was there, Wilbur Ross slept through both of them. Just sat down in a chair and went to sleep.

  105. Totally OffTask

    Totally OffTask3 oy oldin

    Watching this about a week after the 2020 election, update: American voters are currently draining the swamp... trump on the other hand

  106. Celisar1

    Celisar13 oy oldin

    12:12 Isn’t it interesting how they always pull the poor employees out our their 🎩 like 🐰 when someone tries to protect those employees with regulations regarding the environment we all need to survive? And when do they ever care about those employees when it‘s about job security and fair income?

  107. Hirnlego999

    Hirnlego9993 oy oldin

    Trump on "Drain the Swamp": "Funny how that term caught on, isn't it? I tell everyone, 'I hated it!' So I said 'Drain the swamp'. I said, 'Oh, that's so hokey, that is so terrible.' Alright I'll try it. So like a month ago I said 'Drain the swamp'. The place went crazy. I said 'Whoa, watch this.' Then I said it again. Then I started saying it like I meant it, right? And then I said, I started loving it, and the place loved it." The Swamp That Trump Built A businessman-president transplanted favor-seeking in Washington to his family’s hotels and resorts - and earned millions as a gatekeeper to his own administration. www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/10/10/us/trump-properties-swamp.html 'Extraordinary': Trump has generated 3,400 conflicts of interest since entering White House, report states www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/trump-conflicts-interest-trump-organisation-crew-report-b600173.html

  108. kilroy987

    kilroy9873 oy oldin

    It's kind of sad that Trump said he would end corruption when all he did was introduce more of it, and his supporters believe he was actually cleaning up Washington. It's like a bully walks into a social establishment and gets everyone to act the way he wants with his power (or whatever's granted to him), and everyone outside the bar for whatever reason think he's powerful and good for it. Trump is a moron, and I just don't understand why his voters can't see that. It's like they just want everyone else to be angry about Trump, instead of any positive difference he could have made. What kind of a voter is that? It's like they don't want to grant anyone else any language in the discussion. Just like Trump.