Every American Idol Winner Audition From Kelly Clarkson To Now - Who's Your Favorite?

Every @American Idol Winner Audition From Kelly Clarkson to Just Sam
1. Kelly Clarkson - 0:22
2. Ruben Studdard - 3:51
3. Fantasia Barrino - 5:35
4. Carrie Underwood - 9:33
5. Taylor Hicks - 12:39
6. Jordin Sparks - 16:05
7. David Cook - 19:44
8. Kris Allen - 22:00
9. Lee DeWyze - 23:19
10. Scotty McCreery - 24:07
11. Phillip Phillips - 27:49
12. Candice Glover - 31:44
13. Caleb Johnson - 35:48
14. Nick Fradiani - 36:31
15. Trent Harmon - 38:55
16. Maddie Poppe - 43:02
17. Laine Hardy - 44:38
18. Just Sam - 49:43
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In season 15, NBC's America's Got Talent follows Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, returning judge Heidi Klum and NEW judge Sophia Vergara with host Terry Crews in their talent search, showcasing unique performers from across the country.
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Creator and Executive Producer Simon Cowell returns to the judges' panel along with Howie Mandel and Heidi Klum. Also joining the panel this year is afresh face - award-winning actress and model Sofia Vergara of Modern Family. Terry Crews, who made a big splash as the host of the inaugural series "America's Got Talent: The Champions" earlier this year, joins as host for "America's Got Talent." With the show open to acts of all ages, "America's Got Talent" continues to celebrate the variety format like no other show on television. Year after year, "America's Got Talent" features a colorful array of singers, dancers, comedians, contortionists, impressionists, magicians, ventriloquists and hopeful stars, all vying to win America's hearts and a $1 million prize.
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  1. Talent Recap

    Talent Recap9 oy oldin

    Who is replacing Simon Cowell on America's Got Talent? Read more HERE: talentrecap.com/kelly-clarkson-will-replace-simon-cowell-on-americas-got-talent-after-bicycle-injury/

  2. Trial Mail

    Trial MailOy oldin


  3. buitenzorg

    buitenzorgOy oldin

    @Brian Simmons the creator of the show is Simon Fuller..... Not Simon Cowell

  4. cooking with Sam on the Blackstone 22 R

    cooking with Sam on the Blackstone 22 R2 oy oldin

    @Brian Simmons 0]

  5. PierOne IT

    PierOne IT3 oy oldin


  6. Brian Simmons

    Brian Simmons3 oy oldin

    Nobody can 'replace' Simon, besides being the original and very likable, he's creator and co-produced, you literally can't replace him he owns it!

  7. G

    G3 soat oldin

    "He wins I win" - Marry her. Marry her right now.

  8. Jonathan Bensimon

    Jonathan Bensimon17 soat oldin

    J Lo still looking the same

  9. J. Cesar.

    J. Cesar.17 soat oldin

    Lionel is the man.

  10. J. Cesar.

    J. Cesar.18 soat oldin

    Kelly Clarkson is a sweetheart.

  11. Marie D

    Marie DKun oldin

    Did Paula call David Cook “Dan”?

  12. Sara Ray

    Sara RayKun oldin

    I only know 2 that got big Kelly and Carrie what happened to the others ?


    YETTA PLOTZKun oldin

    What show was SAM SMITH'S audition? I can't find it anywhere on UZnick or the internet?

  14. Andrea Luna

    Andrea Luna2 kun oldin

    Oh my God look how young Simon looks. What happen to him?

  15. JagBrit

    JagBrit2 kun oldin

    Taylor Hicks, Soul Patrol, most obscure. I liked him too ;)

  16. JagBrit

    JagBrit2 kun oldin

    I just love Ruben.

  17. Antonia Camille

    Antonia Camille2 kun oldin

    Just Sam omg. Powerful.

  18. BigIron .45

    BigIron .454 kun oldin

    How did Fantasia make it past the first audition?

  19. mel rio

    mel rio4 kun oldin

    Carrie Underwood all the way

  20. Undead Rising

    Undead Rising4 kun oldin

    Fantasia isn't my favourite of this lot, but she sure did have the best ever winners single with "I Believe." I love that song so much!

  21. I’llseeyouinmars Lo

    I’llseeyouinmars Lo4 kun oldin

    Sam 😭😭😭😭😭

  22. addii

    addii4 kun oldin

    12:08 don’t mind this

  23. kskisser

    kskisser6 kun oldin

    Did I miss Clay Aiken???

  24. Loving Memories

    Loving Memories6 kun oldin


  25. Candi Lease

    Candi Lease6 kun oldin

    Kelly Clarkson....”cool beans” Love her



    Can we GET more recent TALENT SHOWS👍🏽

  27. Leisl Avalon

    Leisl Avalon7 kun oldin

    Phillip Phillips... Holy sh!t! 😲 He won it from that first note! Whew! 🔥⚰

  28. Roe Mav

    Roe Mav7 kun oldin

    Jessica Sanchez should be in this list instead of Philip... I'm still bitter after she lost I've never watched AI since then.

  29. Amliw Otyed

    Amliw Otyed7 kun oldin

    What happened to the other winners. Never heard of them

  30. Chele Linda

    Chele Linda8 kun oldin

    Kelly definitely had the personality for television

  31. 0_o peace

    0_o peace8 kun oldin

    Kelly was like those cringe and worst auditions yet she could sing

  32. Soledad Rodriguez

    Soledad Rodriguez9 kun oldin

    But any of these people really made it? I hate these shows. I hope everybody gets to do a little bit of what they love anyway.

  33. Anna Mae

    Anna Mae9 kun oldin

    Fantasia Barrino. I had goosebumps and hairs raising.

  34. Silvina Rocca

    Silvina Rocca9 kun oldin


  35. Sudha Vikas

    Sudha Vikas10 kun oldin


  36. TravelWell

    TravelWell10 kun oldin

    I just saw another clip of Kelly’s first audition it wasn’t this.

  37. Bonnie Clyde

    Bonnie Clyde10 kun oldin

    Well, as the runner up Adam Lambert did not appear in this video. The remaining question is why he was beaten by Kris Allen. Kris seems to be a really nice guy but obviously Adam is a much better and diverse singer. Now (well now without Covid ...) he's touring the world with one of the greatest rock bands of our time, Queen, and he's doing Freddie Mercury proud. And his own solo albums are really great even without the public applause they deserve. If you're interested check them out: 1. For your Entertainment (2009), 2. Trespassing (2012), 3 . The Original High (2015), 4. Velvet (2020). There are much more phenomenal songs than the singles. There might be others but to me he's the best live singer around.

  38. Babs On Everything

    Babs On Everything10 kun oldin

    Why is the video quality so bad?

  39. declan bellamy

    declan bellamy10 kun oldin

    uncle luke, auntie katy, papa richie 😢 IM CRYINGGG

  40. Jordan Michelle

    Jordan Michelle10 kun oldin

    I was in TEARS when the last girl went on. Such a talented, beautiful, and kind soul. She deserves every bit of success and so much more!

  41. Sadie Wyers

    Sadie Wyers12 kun oldin

    Kelly Clarkson Carrie Underwood Scotty Mccreery Phillip Phillips Laine Hardy These are my favorite Top 5 American Idol Winners.

  42. Flordeliza Figueroa

    Flordeliza Figueroa12 kun oldin

    The biggest name now did not win but she is the famous Jennifer Hudson.

  43. Sumit Bhatta

    Sumit Bhatta12 kun oldin

    Thriller Unaware

  44. Claudia leal

    Claudia leal13 kun oldin

    The way Kelly was a BADASS the whole time and also rejected a hug from the presenter guy so nonchalantly. 😂

  45. Rola Halabi

    Rola Halabi13 kun oldin

    Hands down, Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson!!!

  46. Undead Rising

    Undead Rising13 kun oldin

    For me, one of thd most memorable auditions was Scotty McCreery - my mouth just dropped when I heard that voice come out of a 16 year old. And of course there is Steven Tyler...

  47. Kate Halfdead

    Kate Halfdead13 kun oldin

    Sam made me cry.

  48. M Moody

    M Moody13 kun oldin

    How come no one talking about my fave Reuben? So effortless!

  49. smiley3303

    smiley330313 kun oldin

    Simon on Taylor hahahaha

  50. smiley3303

    smiley330313 kun oldin

    Carrie it is always Carrie.

  51. Dado Samac

    Dado Samac14 kun oldin

    After Philip Phillips I was list. Don't recognize any names. Even today I'm shocked about Jennifer H. a d Adam L. Jennifer H. was my pick from get go . So much power in her voice and WTH moment. Looked them now bigger than anyone.

  52. R Phillips

    R Phillips14 kun oldin


  53. Eric Gerwatowski

    Eric Gerwatowski14 kun oldin

    it's kinda crazy i feel like kelly's audition wasn't really that great. or maybe not that she didn't do a great job as much as there have been many people that sang comparably well who the judges give the boot to without a second thought

  54. Toshi Casinillo

    Toshi Casinillo14 kun oldin

    Seriously 😳 Philip Philips he was just wearing sleepers during the audition ohh boy

  55. 123 456

    123 45614 kun oldin

    Man it really is super cringe seeing how much they shit on the people who are bad but it still brings a tear whenever you see somebodies face LIGHT UP when they hear they're going to Hollywood. Weird time in the American zeitgeist

  56. 123 456

    123 45614 kun oldin

    Holy FUCK is Kelly Clarkson ADORABLE

  57. ransack the elders

    ransack the elders14 kun oldin

    Laine had every intention of going on the show. 🙄

  58. Kayjay Kayjay

    Kayjay Kayjay15 kun oldin

    And who still has Fantasia in their CD deck 👈🏼 this girl here!!

  59. Beckie Hummelson

    Beckie Hummelson15 kun oldin

    Kelly and David, they made their audition song their own.

  60. Tiffany Powers

    Tiffany Powers15 kun oldin

    I stopped watching after Carrie Underwood won. I was able to see that the show was rigged. I didn't like the pitting of Niki Minaj and Mariah against each other. Most winners were country singers. I like country music but I don't like rigging.

  61. Susan Albers

    Susan Albers16 kun oldin

    Candice Glover best singer ever on Idol... such a talent... Whitney, Mariah, Celine, Candice...

  62. mark christofferson

    mark christofferson16 kun oldin

    Lookin for something to Binge watch. Is 1 and a half videos considered a Binge?

  63. Vinícius Cunha dos Reis Coutinho

    Vinícius Cunha dos Reis Coutinho16 kun oldin

    Fantasia is the best one by faaar

  64. Vinícius Cunha dos Reis Coutinho

    Vinícius Cunha dos Reis Coutinho16 kun oldin

    Ok but then I listened to Jordin Sparks, duude

  65. Erika Banda-Meza

    Erika Banda-Meza16 kun oldin

    Carrie is just amazing 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  66. Celestine

    Celestine16 kun oldin

    That was good but I thought Adam Lambert was supposed to be on here.

  67. Roddy G

    Roddy G16 kun oldin

    "just Sam" had them all in the palm of her hand with her sobbing and crying act. 😢 LOL!

  68. kennedy

    kennedy11 kun oldin

    How is that funny?

  69. serchingthetruth

    serchingthetruth17 kun oldin

    Simon and Ryan were kids!!!

  70. Beatrice C

    Beatrice C17 kun oldin

    Just Sam is so good! Can’t wait for her album release!

  71. Courtney LaPlante

    Courtney LaPlante17 kun oldin

    Carrie’s audition was soooo edited. Paula wasnt even there!

  72. Lost in the Fifthcorner

    Lost in the Fifthcorner17 kun oldin

    Is it bad that after #10 I have NO idea who any of these people.

  73. J nid

    J nid17 kun oldin

    simon was always on point in trying to figure out if someone is a STAR or not. he had it right with taylor hicks and kris allen. whereever they are now

  74. Chelsea

    Chelsea17 kun oldin

    hit the like button mainly for #10 there lol

  75. B B

    B B18 kun oldin

    Caleb is the best Idol's performer, I think

  76. Felicia Marie

    Felicia Marie18 kun oldin

    I think they should take all the winners and with same judges and have the winners compete whose the best winner of American Idol

  77. Jes_Keee’s

    Jes_Keee’s18 kun oldin

    Fantasia gave me goosebumps!

  78. Jes_Keee’s

    Jes_Keee’s18 kun oldin

    Wow Kelly had ALL... that personality, even back then!

  79. Nacho GirlBrey

    Nacho GirlBrey19 kun oldin

    I was a teen in the 2000s so all the way to Jordon Sparks has brought back music memories

  80. Lil butterball

    Lil butterball20 kun oldin

    super duper ally ooper video THANK YOU for sharing it with us I

  81. John Cosgrove

    John Cosgrove20 kun oldin

    how cute was kelly!

  82. Michael DeMarco

    Michael DeMarco20 kun oldin

    TRENT Harmon Phenomenal why isn’t he a big success

  83. Michael DeMarco

    Michael DeMarco20 kun oldin

    Philip Phillips love that kid, HOME 👍🏼👍🏼

  84. Michael DeMarco

    Michael DeMarco20 kun oldin

    Scotty wow

  85. Paula Barrows

    Paula Barrows20 kun oldin

    My absolute favorite is Kelly's audition. Funny, fabulous and authentically Kelly!!

  86. Curts Haynes

    Curts Haynes21 kun oldin

    Chris Daughtry is my favorite even tho not a winner . 4 famous people out of 18 winners

  87. amazing 22

    amazing 2221 kun oldin

    Kelly was my favorite

  88. Wendy Betzer

    Wendy Betzer21 kun oldin

    Yeah, but Justin Guarini is the Dr. Pepper guy. 😂

  89. Danica Disney

    Danica Disney21 kun oldin

    I loved watching every winner get added to the wall in the earlier seasons

  90. Michelle Mardany

    Michelle Mardany21 kun oldin

    No way he beats Clay. This is when I knew it is fixed . Watch Clay's audition and every song since.

  91. Michelle Mardany

    Michelle Mardany21 kun oldin

    Kelly Clarkson should be getting a fee off every AI winner. She created AI, She is AI they hit gold with her as the first organic winner. The rest are a manipulation of TV/Radio and Music Industry.

  92. Jeff Scalzo

    Jeff Scalzo22 kun oldin

    Jordin Sparks

  93. Broke Astro 3500

    Broke Astro 350022 kun oldin

    #4 went from clucking like a chicken to making (Jesus take the wheel)....wow

  94. Chase Koll

    Chase Koll23 kun oldin

    The first 4 winners sounded exactly the pitch

  95. Tee Byrd

    Tee Byrd23 kun oldin

    David cook IS nickelback

  96. Kristi Fleischman

    Kristi Fleischman24 kun oldin

    who would name their kid Philip Philips?

  97. Dingle Berry

    Dingle Berry24 kun oldin

    Phillip was so cute. And played so hard he broke a string.

  98. Kristi Fleischman

    Kristi Fleischman24 kun oldin

    she is so cute!

  99. Kristi Fleischman

    Kristi Fleischman24 kun oldin


  100. Real Deal

    Real Deal24 kun oldin

    Where's michael jackson?

  101. Lily Sunshine

    Lily Sunshine24 kun oldin

    Stop the lighting sound

  102. Manar Hassan

    Manar Hassan25 kun oldin

    16:16 Jordan Sparks was on American idol?!!????

  103. Liv Bram

    Liv Bram25 kun oldin

    I cried my eyes out on the last audition. SHEW

  104. Tammy Chester

    Tammy Chester25 kun oldin

    Its funny. Simon was adamant that Taylor Hicks would not make it to the finals and he WON.

  105. Tammy Chester

    Tammy Chester25 kun oldin

    Kelly Clarkson was so freaking cute. And now she IS a judge on the Voice. Hilarious.

  106. Matt Kaag

    Matt Kaag25 kun oldin

    Awesome video! Thanks for taking the time to put this together!

  107. Fairly Vague

    Fairly Vague25 kun oldin

    Oh Lord I’m a hot mess after that last one! 😭😭😭

  108. Jayanthia Lacey

    Jayanthia Lacey25 kun oldin

    Alabama Ruben Studdard ❤️❤️