Filibuster: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

John Oliver explains why filibusters exist, why they shouldn't, and why it's stupid to drink coffee like a cat.
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  1. Richard Patterson

    Richard Patterson8 soat oldin

    This clown is so full of shit. He's a useful idiot trying to help Democrats change all the rules that are there for a reason. And that reason is to keep one party from being tainted and running roughshod over the other party. If a bill is a good idea then getting 60 votes isn't that hard but once the filibuster is abolished the Democrats will rule forever or until there is a civil war. They will cut the Republicans out completely and life as we know it will stop. Democrats will change everything in this country just to keep power and turn this country into a third world nation. They will kill the Constitution and then we can bend over and kiss our asses goodbye. You think things are bad now, just wait. There is a huge part of this nation that is ready to die and kill for this country and it ain't democrats.

  2. ZenithofDark

    ZenithofDark9 soat oldin

    1:02 it was at this moment that The Rock knew, he was born to be the President of the United States.

  3. Mr. Raccoon

    Mr. Raccoon15 soat oldin

    the most realistic filibuster in pop-culture is the one from Parks and Rec

  4. Laura Figueroa

    Laura Figueroa3 kun oldin


  5. Frank Benlin

    Frank Benlin3 kun oldin

    I remember people saucering coffee. My parents told me it was bad manners.

  6. Jojobizad

    Jojobizad4 kun oldin

    I didn't realize this was the stupid video that Jerma played on stream lmao (specifically the green eggs and ham part). Feels so weird seeing that first before studying about filibusters. but yeah, they should totally revise the filibuster, at least to an extent where it's not that easy to strike a vote, but pretty easy to cancel a filibuster if it goes for too long.

  7. SunGod97

    SunGod976 kun oldin

    If you eliminate the filibuster, it would be theoretically possible for republicans (if they controlled the presidency and a simple majority in the house and senate, so like only 220 house seats and 50 senate seats with a VP tiebreak... so even less than they controlled in 2016) to repeal social security, Medicare, medicaid, and Obamacare all at once within a single year period, and reduce taxes on the rich to zero; even once Democrats got power it would take time to put them all back, in which time there would be lag time where you had to recreate those administrations again and resume the program and whatnot. Do you really want that John Oliver?

  8. Vault Spply

    Vault Spply6 kun oldin

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  9. George Ferminky

    George Ferminky7 kun oldin

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  10. Claude Dexter

    Claude Dexter7 kun oldin

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  11. Connie King

    Connie King7 kun oldin

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  12. Bryan Edward Tan

    Bryan Edward Tan8 kun oldin

    You certainly have not been to Southeast Asia where there is a tendency especially for older generation in pouring the coffee in the saucer and drink the coffee like a soup.

  13. Zeldagigafan

    Zeldagigafan8 kun oldin

    John collapsed? QUICK! let's pass the bill he was bitching about! Actually, that's what should happen anyways any time the caller leaves the lectern.

  14. john cao

    john cao10 kun oldin

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  15. kev chen

    kev chen10 kun oldin

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  16. Claude Dexter

    Claude Dexter10 kun oldin

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  17. Grant Logan

    Grant Logan10 kun oldin

    Think of me as a big orange Cheeto, that will feed your kids but on it’s own will leave them to starve to death

  18. mario yu

    mario yu10 kun oldin

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  19. mario yu

    mario yu11 kun oldin

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  20. Seakkon

    Seakkon12 kun oldin

    The left love it when the right is in charge, the right love it when the left is in charge. Why do we let these people steal from us, help out other nations and not our own. Line their own pockets with our hard work and ignore us. The people who give them power.

  21. mario yu

    mario yu12 kun oldin

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  22. Jack Alterman

    Jack Alterman11 kun oldin

    I couldn't have said it better myself!

  23. Andy Ngô

    Andy Ngô13 kun oldin

    14:43 - GOP has just as much interest in getting rid of the Filibuster as Dems do. Except that when they do it, it'll be to cement many of their disastrous policies. Voting for one, they'll remove the Federal Government from overseeing how States handle their voting - say hello again to Jim Crow laws. Another will be the Flat Tax - perpetually keeping poor people poor.

  24. AkshonClips

    AkshonClips13 kun oldin

    The Dems invented the Filibuster. And only want it applied when it benefits them. Talk about a double standard.

  25. Jack Lowry

    Jack Lowry14 kun oldin

    Ted Cruz reading Greens Eggs and Ham is objectively hilarious

  26. F Wsn

    F Wsn15 kun oldin

    senators don't want to work but they want to get paid... that's what the filibuster for.

  27. Apollo

    Apollo15 kun oldin

    although as a trans person who went to public highschool who has a lot of opinions I would be great at filibustering. My record during finals week was peeing once in a 24 hour time span, so take that strom thermand I don't need the bucket

  28. Apollo

    Apollo15 kun oldin

    listen if filibusters don't end you should at least have to stand up there like an adult and fight for it. come on. put in the catheter and talk till you drop or get rid of it pussies

  29. Charles Newton

    Charles Newton15 kun oldin

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  30. Ashley Messina

    Ashley Messina16 kun oldin

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  31. Thomas Jackson

    Thomas Jackson16 kun oldin

    The filibuster should be raised to 70 because if something is truly a good law then it should be agreed upon by 2/3rds

  32. Darcy Bhaiwala

    Darcy Bhaiwala16 kun oldin

    John Oliver making fun of people drinking hot drinks out of saucers. Indians everywhere be like

  33. Michael Prystupa

    Michael Prystupa16 kun oldin

    You an talk about anything during a filibuster? “According to all known laws of aviation,...”

  34. Eva Makarski

    Eva Makarski16 kun oldin

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  35. multitudeofidols

    multitudeofidols16 kun oldin

    Watching this again in 2021 and it's odd how so much is so different while other things are so relevant, right down to Ted Cruz reading Dr Seuss.

  36. Melanie George

    Melanie George17 kun oldin

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  37. Banjo Banjo

    Banjo Banjo17 kun oldin

    On April 7, 2017, less than four years ago, a majority of Democrats in the U.S. Senate joined a majority of Republicans to sign a letter supporting the filibuster. The letter, to Senate leaders Mitch McConnell and Charles Schumer, began: "We are writing to urge you to support our efforts to preserve existing rules, practices and traditions as they pertain to the right of members to engage in extended debate on legislation before the United States Senate."

  38. Kien Thinh Tran

    Kien Thinh Tran17 kun oldin

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  39. Mark Fullerton

    Mark Fullerton17 kun oldin

    I just watched this and now I see why Ted Cruz was so upset about dr Seuss removing a few books from shelves. He was saving those totals for reading at future filibusters

  40. Big MaC

    Big MaC17 kun oldin

    Ahhhh yes. Socialism. The communists favorite fantasy because it leads the believers of socialism into communism.

  41. Big MaC

    Big MaC10 kun oldin

    @Jack Alterman you have no clue about reality or history. And that is your problem because you expect to be " TOLD" without doing anything to PROVE what you believe. It is the way of you younger generations. Socialism in the last stepping stone on its way to communism. There.......did the answer to you're question come with a big red bow on it for you so you would know its the answer????? OPEN YOU'RE EYES!!!! READ HISTORY ( especially the history of the world from the US civil war forward) that shows what socialism brings over time to the country's that adopted it. Socialism always fails because the utopian dream always allows the corrupt to become masters.

  42. Jack Alterman

    Jack Alterman10 kun oldin

    @Big MaC You make no sense! Suffer from what? I asked you to clarify and you didn't. What's wrong with you? Big fan of the trumper?

  43. Big MaC

    Big MaC10 kun oldin

    @Jack Alterman smh. I think you already suffer from that.

  44. Jack Alterman

    Jack Alterman10 kun oldin

    @Big MaC solid answer. Thank you. Now duck off

  45. Big MaC

    Big MaC10 kun oldin

    @Jack Alterman I'm not shocked that you wouldn't.

  46. Andrew Smith

    Andrew Smith18 kun oldin

    McConnell is just a grim idiot

  47. Alex Trapp

    Alex Trapp18 kun oldin

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  48. Angieluvsdmb

    Angieluvsdmb18 kun oldin

    Love Chasing AMY ❤️

  49. Regenia Staaf

    Regenia Staaf18 kun oldin

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  50. Chicken Person

    Chicken Person18 kun oldin

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  51. James Holbrook

    James Holbrook19 kun oldin

    Dropping or reforming the filibuster will increase voter participation, because it will be easy for all to see that their vote does count and that voting makes a difference. It is unlikely the Republicans will take every branch of government at the same time, at least at first, but with the filibuster reformed, people will actually see what they’re all about and vote against them, again, with increased participation. Currently, the filibuster allows the minority in the Senate to decide what gets done, and this discourages people from voting participation. This means that the Republicans can recruit extremist voters while discouraging voters in the main stream. I Make it a talking filibuster and people will see what these idiots are really like. People will know their vote will make a difference, and they will use this new knowledge with a clear idea of the future they want to form. We need more people to vote, Instead of just the extremist from either party, so reform the filibuster and watch everyone get more involved in politics, especially with the talking filibuster making it more “entertaining“ for the main stream when extremist idiots expose themselves… Hopefully not with buckets!

  52. Aravind Thangavel

    Aravind Thangavel19 kun oldin

    go filibuster go

  53. Ben Frank

    Ben Frank19 kun oldin

    Oh John, it’s 2021 and we are ready to finally watch your piece on the filibuster.

  54. Ryan "Ducky" Georgieff

    Ryan "Ducky" Georgieff19 kun oldin

    Good lord this is a year old!

  55. kev chen

    kev chen19 kun oldin

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  56. Eva Makarski

    Eva Makarski19 kun oldin

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  57. Jeannie Reed

    Jeannie Reed19 kun oldin

    john, please dont say "obamacare" - it is a GOP perjorative, to distract from the fact that it is legally AFFORDABLE Care. thanks

  58. Punch Top

    Punch Top19 kun oldin

    But it was ok when Crazy Nancy used it in 2018 and Obumtard defended it while a senators in 2005

  59. Punch Top

    Punch Top16 kun oldin

    ​@Black Caucus you’re not back....why am I not morons spout shit just to make people think that their head isn’t up their @$se$...but I knew you were a moron from reading your post

  60. Punch Top

    Punch Top18 kun oldin

    @Black Caucus the Washington Post 2-17-18 A house filibuster like the one Nancy Pelosi gave hasn’t happened in more then a century. At 10:04 Wednesday morning, House Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) took the floor for a one-minute speech - and ended up talking for eight hours and 10 minutes.... The House is a majority-rule place, so whatever rule the majority wants to pass, it can. Which means minority parties have had to find creative ways to hold up negotiations. Unless now you think WaPo is fake news. You’re welcome PS...what about senator Obumtard defending the filibuster in 2005 In 2005, then-senator Obumtard delivered a speech arguing against ending the filibuster and thereby allowing one party to "change the rules in the middle of the game so that they can make all the decisions while the other party is told to sit down and keep quiet." I can’t wait for you to defend Obumtard’s words

  61. Black Caucus

    Black Caucus18 kun oldin

    lmao Pelosi is in the House of Representatives, not the Senate. I can't believe you're forcing me to defend her, but the filibuster has absolutely nothing to do with her.

  62. Millner Marrys

    Millner Marrys19 kun oldin

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  63. Daniel Schlobach

    Daniel Schlobach19 kun oldin

    Coming back to this issue, it’s more pressing than it’s ever been.

  64. Gary Santos

    Gary Santos19 kun oldin

    The Filibuster was created by mistake. The House and Senate rulebooks in 1789 were nearly identical. Both rulebooks included what is known as the "previous question" motion. The House kept their motion, and today it empowers a simple majority to cut off debate. The Senate no longer has that rule on its books. The previous question, also known as "calling for the question", "calling the question", "close debate", "calling for a vote", "vote now", is generally used as a motion to end debate on a pending proposal and bring it to an immediate vote. -Wikipedia Freshly indicted for the murder of Alexander Hamilton In 1805, Vice President Aaron Burr was presiding over the Senate, and he offered this advice. He said something like this; Your rule book is a mess, and he singles out the previous question motion. Today, we know that a simple majority in the House can use the rule to cut off debate. But in 1805, neither chamber used the rule that way. Majorities were still experimenting with it, and so when Aaron Burr said, get rid of the previous question motion, the Senate didn't think twice. When they met in 1806, they dropped the motion from the Senate rule book. Why? Not because senators in 1806 sought to protect minority rights and extended debate. They got rid of the rule by mistake: Because Aaron Burr told them to. Once the rule was gone, senators still did not filibuster. Deleting the previous question rule made possible the Filibuster because the Senate no longer had a rule that could have empowered a simple majority to cut off debate. It took several decades until the minority exploited the lax limits on debate, leading to the first real-live Filibuster in 1837. Sarah A. Binder, Senior Fellow - Governance Studies BROOKINGS- The history of the Filibuster

  65. de_broer_van

    de_broer_van20 kun oldin

    Why does the Dutch pirate sound like an Irish elf?

  66. Raymond Omit

    Raymond Omit20 kun oldin

    The filibuster should be only used to talk about the bill at hand on further discussion about it and it only?

  67. jas bhanga;

    jas bhanga;20 kun oldin

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  68. SandyRiverBlue

    SandyRiverBlue20 kun oldin

    They're not going to get rid of it. They are like neurotic divorcees that still wear their wedding rings but are always telling their friends that they would like to find someone nice. I think that if we keep it we should make it so that they can only discuss topics directly related to the discussion at hand. They can repeat as many times as they want. This will allow us to measure Filibuster Length (FL), or how long they can go without repeating themselves. It will allow us common folk to see how shallow their arguments are."Shit, the Republicans hit an FL of 3 minutes", "3 minutes again Mitt?"

  69. Bryan Carlin

    Bryan Carlin20 kun oldin

    It’s comedy about this shitty government. Filibustering about issues like civil rights in the 50’s cause a bunch of WHITE RACISTS didn’t want equality is completely stupid. Filibustering about gun control so these 90% of WHITE gunman can’t murder crowds of people. Anyone who thinks gun control means you loose your guns is a retard. Everyone registers their car without a problem so you can’t register a deadly weapon. Just depends on who’s driving. Or shooting.

  70. Douglas Lee

    Douglas Lee21 kun oldin

    So both parties have used the Filibuster but no mention of the Democratic party and when they used the Filibuster like 327 times in 2020 but hey at least you were completely unfair in your presentation of the facts.

  71. Emmet Harrigan

    Emmet Harrigan19 kun oldin

    Or because this was published in 2019?

  72. Davey Houston

    Davey Houston21 kun oldin

    Thomas Jefferson was a bigoted anti Jesus asshole.

  73. Jesus Ramones

    Jesus Ramones21 kun oldin

    This was art

  74. Amalia Rincon

    Amalia Rincon21 kun oldin

    Senators weren't elected by the people till 1932 ? That would explain how Moscow Mitch got into the senate ! LOL.

  75. green blue

    green blue21 kun oldin

    I am an asian watching from asia, sad to see USA being taken over by the evil democrats party. First step : steal an election using pandemic as excuse. Second step : legalize the dirty election tricks by passing HR1 through killing the filibuster. After that, the evil democrats party will rule USA forever. USA on the way to become North Korea. Seems the supreme court also scared of the evil and violent democrats party (afraid to take up the case from Texas a few months ago regarding the fraudulent election). Seems like only a civil war can save USA now.. hope the US military will side with the good side during the civil war.. All the best my American friends, hope good will beat the evil in the end.

  76. green blue

    green blue18 kun oldin

    @Lethgar Smith sorry to say that you are wrong, you think too much. Your response is very typical of American's Left/Democrat/Progressive, when cannot argue with proper reasoning, accuse others of being a racist. The fact is Democrat Party is the biggest racist in USA. Most people outside the USA also know Biden is an illegitimate president that won by cheating. Sad to see the Judges/Courts in USA being corrupted/blackmailed/intimidated by the evil Democrat Party. But also difficult to blame the judges because they also have families, everyone is afraid of the violent hooligans/gangsters of the Democrat Party nicely named as Antifa/BLM. Only a civil war can save the USA now. Hope the civil war will happen soon because the evil democrat party is currently removing American patriots from the military and replace them with traitors/gangsters under 'inclusion/diversity' programme. After the military is taken over the Democrat party, the conservatives will lose the civil war. God helps USA....

  77. Karlheinz Bohl

    Karlheinz Bohl19 kun oldin

    ​@Lethgar Smith I think he posted this as satire.

  78. Lethgar Smith

    Lethgar Smith21 kun oldin

    You're just a troll typing away from your mother's basement thinking some pathetic fool out there will believe your line of bullshit. Your fake "poor English grammar" is comical at best and racist at worst. This is juvenile. Who did you think was going to believe you??????

  79. Jerome Ebner

    Jerome Ebner21 kun oldin

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  80. Clay Berger

    Clay Berger22 kun oldin

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  81. Maria Hammarström

    Maria Hammarström22 kun oldin

    John gives so much of himself to comedy.

  82. Darran Kern

    Darran Kern22 kun oldin

    Lmao what a fraudulent bunch of lies. Guess how many times Obama performer a filibuster during his mere 2years in the senate? Over TWENTY TIMES! GUESS who cried constantly about republican plans to abolish the filibuster during his presidential term? BARRACK HUSSEIN OBAMA. The filibuster is a good thing and has always been a good thing, and ANYONE, republican OR DEMOCRAT who attempts to abolish the filibuster is a Tyrant. Period. End of story.

  83. clark loeffler

    clark loeffler22 kun oldin

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  84. Suzette Figgs

    Suzette Figgs22 kun oldin

    Thank you John Oliver. You made smile. Love from Texas!!!

  85. Jeffrey Schueler

    Jeffrey Schueler22 kun oldin

    I'm fairly confident the Republicans will get rid of the filibuster eventually when they feel it's advantageous to do so.

  86. Mike L

    Mike L22 kun oldin

    Every time I watch a video with Cruz in it, by the time it ends, I feel like I've lost IQ points.

  87. George Rady

    George Rady22 kun oldin

    Isn’t ODD that the filibuster was NOT considered “racist” when the Great Senator Obama praised the tool against Racism... And Senator Joe embraced the filibuster when “fairness” So we can simplify the “reform” - when a filibuster is good for the Soviet Democrat Party it is “good” and when the filibuster goes against the Soviet Democrat Party’s agenda... it’s “RAAACIST” (like every other loyalty test)

  88. Richard⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

    Richard⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻23 kun oldin

    I have a hard time urinating in a crowded public restroom. Someone actually did it inside the Senate in front of every senator. That is quite the achievement that I wish I could do. At the very least, I wish I could do that inside a crowded public restroom...

  89. Chewy Thomson

    Chewy Thomson23 kun oldin

    Every week it's basically "America is actually way more dysfunctional than you thought."

  90. Wilhelm Sarasalo

    Wilhelm Sarasalo23 kun oldin

    The system needs some hysteresis, so that the laws don't keep going back and forth all the time. But 60% seems way too much.

  91. Karen McCarrell

    Karen McCarrell23 kun oldin

    Anyone watching this show in 2021? This show on filibusters is completely apropo to today's troubles. John Oliver, you are once again so totally awesome! Thank you.

  92. Proma Kondu Rajbari Jala

    Proma Kondu Rajbari Jala23 kun oldin

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  93. Trinity Hope

    Trinity Hope23 kun oldin

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  94. alioxinfree

    alioxinfree23 kun oldin

    as of 2021: Read Killswitch, and call/email local news to cover there's only 1 holdout left b/c Joe Manchin's on-record for reform. Senator Sinema needs to go on-record to agree to Filibuster Reform: end both the 60-to-vote AND 60-to-pass, make it only a talking-filibuster (not a no-show email objection) that ends when the senators stop talking. You have to be on-camera defending your minority position, and every bill needs to be voted on after the minority gets to have their say.

  95. cárla mendes

    cárla mendes23 kun oldin

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  96. Asher Ashenclaw

    Asher Ashenclaw23 kun oldin

    all aboard the Sudden Resurgence in Relevancy train

  97. brent nevius

    brent nevius23 kun oldin

    Poor John's father had to watch his sister crap this clown out!

  98. brent nevius

    brent nevius23 kun oldin

    It is true, Trump did make A mistake!

  99. brent nevius

    brent nevius23 kun oldin

    Now we know the real reason the left wants to cancel Dr. Seuss!

  100. Joekuh

    Joekuh20 kun oldin

    Dear God I never want to hear Cruz read again....

  101. Preston Britton

    Preston Britton23 kun oldin

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  102. Alice Fulcher

    Alice Fulcher23 kun oldin

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    Polanco Leta24 kun oldin

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  104. Nathan Clark

    Nathan Clark24 kun oldin

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  105. Roy Richards

    Roy Richards24 kun oldin

    This FILLIBUSTER John Oliver, is a jewel in the crown, if only for his TED CRUZ RYHME/POEM!!!

  106. Preston Britton

    Preston Britton24 kun oldin

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  107. john mcewen

    john mcewen24 kun oldin

    Listen you Yankee converted limy. My Grandmother drank her coffee from the saucer, it was quite common with older people well into the 1950s. The saucer was held at chest level and coffee poured into it and then drank. I think it was to cool it.

  108. End Political Corruption

    End Political Corruption24 kun oldin

    Abolish the -filibuster- Senate.

  109. End Political Corruption

    End Political Corruption24 kun oldin

    "... tool of the Senate." I found this doubly amusing because it reminded me of Colbert's "The Word" segments. Someone needs to resurrect that bit.

  110. The Liercat

    The Liercat24 kun oldin

    Trevor Noah called the filibuster tantric legislation just 4 years ago 🤔

  111. Phil

    Phil24 kun oldin

    5 year filibuster review board

  112. Lampard Naz

    Lampard Naz24 kun oldin

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  113. Eric B

    Eric B24 kun oldin

    Still very a propos

  114. NF Legal

    NF Legal25 kun oldin

    It's despicable when politicians block healthcare for Americans. Medical costs are extraordinarily high. These politicians most likely have great health insurance policies & cannot relate to the fears that people have to even see a doctor for fear of a high medical bill. 50% of all bankruptcies are due to medical bills. This must be resolved.