Fluffy Jiggly Japanese Pancake Recipe DEBUNKING Tasty | How To Cook That Ann Reardon

Debunking Buzzfeed Tasty's Fluffy Jiggly Japanese pancake recipe and experimenting to develop a reliable recipe that you can make at home.
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Hi I am Ann Reardon, How to Cook That is my youtube channel it is filled with crazy sweet creations made just for you. This week I am debunking tasty's fluffy japanese pancake recipe and giving you a better recipe that you can make at home. Join me for creative cakes, chocolate & desserts, new video every Friday.
In this video:
*Sund00d I made tastys fluffy japanese pancakes and they were a SCAM uznick.info/up/video/kKiXqZygecJ5ink
*RachhLoveLife I Tried the "JIGGLY" JAPANESE PANCAKE from TASTY BUZZFEED... this was HARD uznick.info/up/video/ZnbEpWOIaNWhi6M
*Tasty Debunks Themselves I Tried To Make These Fluffy Japanese Pancakes uznick.info/up/video/cqGXbqytY8SioqM
*ETTV strawberry souffle pancake / 딸기 수플레 팬케익 / taiwanese street food uznick.info/up/video/j4K5iYGvZplofX0
*Tina Yong I Tried Making Japanese Souffle Pancakes 🥞 uznick.info/up/video/gaWsrICjiKqngYk
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* Erwan Heussaff Japanese Souffle Pancakes | Attempting to Make the Most Difficult Pancake uznick.info/up/video/q5iTh5tsY8KeZas
* Chow Hound How to Make Fluffy Japanese Pancakes uznick.info/up/video/fZWsqmt5ZcyleWw
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  1. Tao Barnes

    Tao Barnes35 daqiqa oldin

    The toilets paper is a global problem when lock down is on. I don't know why people are going so mad with toilet paper. I don't think toilet paper is going to save anyone's life if you go to have covid 19

  2. prudhvi raj

    prudhvi raj5 soat oldin

    unfair: dave gets to taste all the fake recipes and ann tastes the reals ones :P

  3. Eric T

    Eric T8 soat oldin

    I never found the Japanese pancakes to be appealing. Pancakes should not be jiggly.

  4. Mike Iona

    Mike Iona14 soat oldin

    Can I use something like a whey protein powder as a replacement for the egg white powder? Will this work?

  5. bossy

    bossy14 soat oldin

    I’m so glad that you made this video! I’ve tried and failed at this recipe many times before!

  6. Geoffrey Wilson

    Geoffrey Wilson14 soat oldin

    Attempting this using coconut flour and Red Mill 'egg white substitute' for egg white powder. Yolk mix comes out far pastier, so that touch of meringue is a great tip. Totally not getting the big fluffy mountains, but managing some halfway decent hills, all considered.

  7. Ashby

    Ashby15 soat oldin

    Hacksaw! The dedication!

  8. Ari6lle1nWonderl2nd

    Ari6lle1nWonderl2nd17 soat oldin

    I just searched for “Japanese pancake restaurants” in Dallas, Texas, where I live, and there’s not a _single one_ anywhere near here 😭!!! Anyone down to open a Japanese pancake restaurant in or around Dallas, TX? 😂😂

  9. Chris Riht-Colþræd

    Chris Riht-Colþræd22 soat oldin

    A cake.

  10. Charlotte Thatcher

    Charlotte Thatcher22 soat oldin

    Dang, I thought Tasty was trusted source!

  11. QK SilentShooter FX

    QK SilentShooter FXKun oldin

    first time i see...i know it must be work with oven...hehe

  12. Sissa M

    Sissa MKun oldin

    I saw one lady put water in the pan when making them?

  13. Joanna Wallis

    Joanna WallisKun oldin

    I find it ridiculous that there are so many liars and content farms on UZnick.

  14. Christain Carvalho

    Christain CarvalhoKun oldin

    It hurts my stomach to know that buzzfeed is doing cooking videos too, one of the absolute worst mainstream sites ever

  15. KittyKatGamer

    KittyKatGamerKun oldin

    Ann the cooking god has arrived! 😍

  16. Neta Batata

    Neta BatataKun oldin

    But its... no longer a PANcake. Its cake, in a shape of pancake...

  17. Valtyrian

    ValtyrianKun oldin

    I love watching these videos. no surprise why those others failed. never take recipes off of 5min crafts.

  18. Elina’s Vlog

    Elina’s VlogKun oldin

    It’s nice and all but I don’t think it’s necessary to use the oven to make breakfast. Can you do a recipe on a pan?

  19. Haikal Danial

    Haikal DanialKun oldin

    now not all of Tasty’s recipes are scams, that “best chocolate cake recipe” recipe was probably the best chocolate cake I’ve ever made. but yea that Japanese fluffy pancake recipe was a disaster.

  20. Normal Person

    Normal PersonKun oldin

    shes doing flips with the spatula how can you even do that

  21. Jose Luis Palacios

    Jose Luis PalaciosKun oldin

    Actually that Japanese pancake is easy to make you just have to have everything to make it other than that there is no shortcuts

  22. Chris Loch

    Chris LochKun oldin

    Great pick up with the egg white powder...

  23. David Bowers

    David BowersKun oldin

    Xanthan gum

  24. Universoul.Movement826

    Universoul.Movement826Kun oldin

    Funny how everyone is talking about molds but every actual Japanese person I've seen make these dont use molds at all. Maybe watch an authentic recipe instead of struggling with the knock off colonized version lol.

  25. Terminus909

    Terminus909Kun oldin

    "And of course toilet paper supplies are running low. Why? Why do people need more toilet paper in lockdown? I don't get that.." Well if had to guess, these people are preparing for the inevitable evenings of explosive diarrhea they must endure after trying and then eating recipes found on Buzzfeed.

  26. Hanina Britanico

    Hanina Britanico2 kun oldin

    I love how she needed ann reardon because ann reardon is the authority on these things

  27. • Saitama

    • Saitama2 kun oldin

    I told my mom about this lmao she loves making deserts and yes it works they are very good shame to these fake cooking channels

  28. nangma07

    nangma072 kun oldin

    🤩YES finally, I'm so grateful to you. Standing for long periods of time is painful for me, and along comes Ann with the truthful recipe and puts them in the oven. Thank you. 😁😁😁

  29. Chrystal king holstein

    Chrystal king holstein2 kun oldin

    I wonder if it wouldn't have a bit more sweetness if you agar powder instead of the egg white powder as the stabilizer. Unlike gelatin it has a bit of a natural sweetness, its great for making jellies that unlike gelatin don't melt at room temperature, and can even be used to make jellies without heat lending itself to making jellies with carbonated ingredients without losing the "bubbles". I've so far have only used it once as a replacement to gelatin as a stabilizer in a whipped cream frosting and it did work wonderfully and even better than when I made it in the past with gelatin. I know they say gelatin is flavorless, but yeah its not and to me it has a strange mouth feel like there's Vaseline in the frosting I just really don't like it. And find agar to still be largely flavorless in as much as gelatin is, with the hint of flavor being sweet, not a hint of bitter like gelatin, and also lacking in the Vaseline mouth feels, but also with a higher tightening when used in frosting over gelatin (a little bit goes a long way about 1/2 to 3/4) of what you would use for gelatin to get the same effect. Further it doesn't require the "blooming" that gelatin does so no added water too. Which is what made me think of it when you mentioned the egg white powder.

  30. Ropa Gambiza

    Ropa Gambiza2 kun oldin

    i’m i the only person who made the tasty fluffy pancake recipe perfectly 👀

  31. Metal Master

    Metal Master2 kun oldin

    why doesn't Dave get to try your pancake recipe???

  32. Zdez Zaphareon

    Zdez Zaphareon2 kun oldin

    I love this, would the mixture destabilize if you wish to add some sort of flavoring to the batter itself?

  33. Grace Orogo

    Grace Orogo2 kun oldin

    One Filipino Celebrity Chef tried to make the Japanese Fluffy Pancake for his pregnant wife and he failed a lot of times... the last attempt was somewhat successful, it rised and was jiggly but not pretty as the store bought one... But his wife enjoyed it... :-) My mother made one before and I saw her use gelatin . But then again I prefer the regular pancake... so easy to make...

  34. GPS08

    GPS082 kun oldin

    What a surprise, Buzzfeed and their affiliates don't only lie about politics.

  35. GPS08

    GPS082 kun oldin

    @Jerry Remig Bruh, they (Tasty) literally flipped an already cooked pancake. Also, I just watched both videos you mentioned. Seymour changed Tasty's recipe in order to achieve what he did. The point this video is making, is that by following Tasty's recipe word for word you get what we saw here, a failure lump of raw batter. If you change the recipe, like Seymour did, then you make something edible. Also, Seymours point that they both require the same effort falls really flat. They don't. The oven method is way easier. Seymour makes it sound like pre-heating the oven is time consuming, when that in itself is kinda of a lie. You can preheat your oven while making the batter, plus, you can make multiple ones in the oven while on the pan you can only make 1 at a time, not to mention having to juggle around just to flip the darn thing. And for the time needed to cook it thoroughly in the pan, once you're done with pancake #2, pancake #1 is cold then you either let #2 cool off too or you're going to eat 1 hot 1 cold, which isn't very pleasant. So yes, this was Buzzfeed lying, as per usual. Something I'm accustomed to, I'm just surprised it's not just politics they lie about, it's just about anything that gets them clicks, views and shares.

  36. Jerry Remig

    Jerry Remig2 kun oldin

    Tasty in one of the few parts of buzzfeed i find actually fine but its hard to be contraversial when your channel is just for food topics unless you do what bon appetit did

  37. Jerry Remig

    Jerry Remig2 kun oldin

    actually david seymour did a video responding to this because he tests recipes on his channel all the time and he found it convenient ann only mentions channel who failed this recipe when he has done this recipe and mentioned how he got it to be stable and cook properly and the followed up by remaking the buzzfeed recipe and making anns recipe to see which was better so i think honestly it wasnt buzzfeed lying more like their video was not enough information to easily recreate they should of been way more specific on ingredients and methods.

  38. just robin

    just robin2 kun oldin

    The hero we deserve

  39. Peter Farrell

    Peter Farrell2 kun oldin

    People need to chill. Tasty isn’t going to ruin their reputation by posting a fake recipe unless it’s April Fool’s Day. David Seymour successfully recreated Buzzfeed’s recipe 2 years ago and just posted a video recreating Tasty and Ann’s recipes a month ago. I prefer waffles anyway.

  40. wildcard749

    wildcard7492 kun oldin

    why dont you leave the tins on the pan to preheat them before pouring the batter in, it would help cook the upper parts of the cake

  41. ً

    ً2 kun oldin

    ive noticed that americans oversimply actual complex recipes for a quick cash grab, kind of shitty if u ask me

  42. Aquilia

    Aquilia2 kun oldin

    Bruh fluffy japanese pancakes abit easier for me to make than normal pancakes T^T

  43. shaghayegh rezvani

    shaghayegh rezvani2 kun oldin

    I was expecting your husband to test the final result ;but no the poor thing only gets to test disasters ;)

  44. Sam Allen

    Sam Allen3 kun oldin

    Your channel Anne is what all of these click bait channels wish they were, consistent quality content! A food scientist for the 21st century :)

  45. Becca W

    Becca W3 kun oldin

    2.20 Who still buys CAGED eggs? I realise you're going to waste a lot of eggs, but you don't have to support an overtly cruel industry. Really disappointed :(

  46. Qilin

    Qilin3 kun oldin

    Online recipes can honestly be such a cesspool, especially with trendy food items. Often times, a recipe author will only care about getting something out the door as fast as possible to rake in the ad revenue from the user having to scroll past 12 pages of their life's story, and it's honestly a shame. It feels like for every 1 good recipe, there's 50 that are just completely off the mark. It's particularly a problem because it's not harmless, it can be expensive and a waste of food for some recipes.

  47. Ali T Salehi

    Ali T Salehi3 kun oldin

    why the 1.4K dislikes?

  48. Patty Dalton

    Patty Dalton3 kun oldin

    Thank you I really enjoy your uploads. It still surprises me how these people can keep putting out BS and others eat it up. Like the old saying if it looks too good to be true then you know it is BS

  49. Miss Ginger_ Marie_Cat_Feline

    Miss Ginger_ Marie_Cat_Feline3 kun oldin

    But, will they wiggle?

  50. Awkward_girl

    Awkward_girl3 kun oldin

    Um i did that recipe and i worked really well

  51. Averlin BC

    Averlin BC3 kun oldin


  52. S E

    S E3 kun oldin

    They look great, but are they still pancakes if you put them in the oven?

  53. maj

    maj3 kun oldin

    5:28 busted hahaha

  54. TheShaunNerd

    TheShaunNerd3 kun oldin

    Those are biscuits. Not pancakes.

  55. Implozia

    Implozia3 kun oldin

    Not all heroes wear capes. Some just watch internet videos with us.

  56. Vlasta Sušák

    Vlasta Sušák3 kun oldin

    This is great, but I'm having trouble with my oven, it uses different units. Does 180 degrees celsius mean the small flame or the big flame?

  57. What's Kraken?

    What's Kraken?3 kun oldin

    this is just proof that people don't know how to cook

  58. Kuryuu Iterio

    Kuryuu Iterio3 kun oldin

    Am I the only one who managed to make the Japanese pancakes easy?😂 maybe I'm too obsessed with Japan😂

  59. Examper

    Examper3 kun oldin

    Would xanthan gum work as a stabilizer?

  60. ghosty4

    ghosty43 kun oldin

    I've never attempted to make a thick, puffy cloud pancake but I do separate my eggs, and whip the egg whites into peaks, before adding them back into my pancake batter, and they do fluff up quite nicely.

  61. Damien S.

    Damien S.3 kun oldin

    Ngl the final product looks like biscuits

  62. Jennifer Spalding

    Jennifer Spalding3 kun oldin

    that looks so yummy Ann

  63. das Sara

    das Sara3 kun oldin

    Y’all just making Kaiserschmarn on accident

  64. jms ms

    jms ms3 kun oldin

    That's just not fair. Dave did not get to taste it. Bad Ann..

  65. Filipa Lazárová

    Filipa Lazárová3 kun oldin

    Great video!

  66. On My Way to Korea

    On My Way to Korea4 kun oldin


  67. Joe

    Joe4 kun oldin

    Please tell me I misheard you, you went shopping for things to make a youtube video during a level 4 lockdown?

  68. Joe

    Joe3 kun oldin

    @ghosty4 it's more she said the only thing's she could find where those, which implies she walked the isles looking for something that would be suitable, at the very least she would have checked the section that has cake tins and all that which would be more unnecessary movement during a quarantine. Here in Australia we've been fairly lucky with our lockdowns and restrictions, melbourne copped it a bit last year but this year we have only been in full lockdown a few times and it has only been for very short periods. I don't get why she didn't just order something online and pay the bit extra our mail has been really fast this year or wait the couple days till the quarantine was lifted, it would have delayed the video by a few days at most.

  69. ghosty4

    ghosty43 kun oldin

    It's food. It's not like she just made it for the video, and then threw it away. I'm sure her and her family ATE the food. Food is a necessity. It just so happens that she documented cooking it for UZnick.

  70. Joselito Luis

    Joselito Luis3 kun oldin

    So ?😂

  71. Joselito Luis

    Joselito Luis3 kun oldin

    Yes :)

  72. tearson

    tearson4 kun oldin

    you prop saved people hours/days with this video

  73. Marcel Robinson

    Marcel Robinson4 kun oldin

    This why I don't bake

  74. Mr.Dragon

    Mr.Dragon4 kun oldin

    This channel is so wholesome, informative and entertaining. I just watched this one on a whim, after going through the whole debunk playlist. It makes me want to try these pancakes myself and seems actually feasible instead of so many of the scams out there. A real educator explains why something works, not just that it does. Ann clearly understands that and treats her audience with respect.

  75. bender rodriguez

    bender rodriguez4 kun oldin

    buzzfeed is trash? im shocked...

  76. Alex Pauley

    Alex Pauley4 kun oldin

    Could these be a mug cake?

  77. Verticasoco

    Verticasoco4 kun oldin

    When the cake is no longer pan.

  78. Hemant Bodi

    Hemant Bodi4 kun oldin

    I too felt Tasty cheats in some of their recipes..their chocolate chip cookie recipe also dint turn out the way i expected..

  79. Drew Bernstein

    Drew Bernstein4 kun oldin

    Could you make a video about how to make vegan merengue? I know aquafaba is supposed to work but I've never gotten it right. I figured you might have the right answer!!! Thank you!!!

  80. Lilypad Vlogs

    Lilypad Vlogs4 kun oldin

    ok idk if this is me, and i mean no shade or hate at all to anyone, but i actually successfully made these tasty pancakes.... but i also tried ann’s recipe and it is MUCH easier, highly recommend hers over the tasty one!

  81. Jordan Martin

    Jordan Martin4 kun oldin

    G-d bless you

  82. Millie Maxwell

    Millie Maxwell4 kun oldin

    Oh my goodness the final result of your final bake are just amazing! They look delicious 🤤

  83. Julia Walkers

    Julia Walkers4 kun oldin

    Why do they fake them I mean just write an actual recipe and then people will like it instead of debunk and then assume your whole channel is clickbait, les and bullshit. *Which is what buzz feed actually is*

  84. Rotten Roadkill

    Rotten Roadkill4 kun oldin

    Thank you! I've been wanting to attempt making these but it just seemed like it was too difficult for most people!

  85. girlovespie

    girlovespie4 kun oldin

    So basically just eat regular pancakes 👍🏼

  86. Rebekah Jackson

    Rebekah Jackson4 kun oldin

    Would gelatin help it stabilize the pancakes?? Or something less acidic than the tartar stuff??

  87. Robin Finesilver

    Robin Finesilver4 kun oldin

    So Ann, how come poor Dave only gets to taste the disasters?

  88. ghosty4

    ghosty43 kun oldin

    He eats the good stuff, too, she just doesn't document it as often.

  89. Phanindra I

    Phanindra I4 kun oldin

    Maybe somethings should be eaten at stores.. where things are done at a commercial scale... 🤷🏽‍♂️

  90. Kevin Englisch

    Kevin Englisch4 kun oldin

    Besides the presentation, I'd be disappointed if I ordered pancakes and received sweet and spongey eggs in a round mold. Buttermilk pancakes are superior in every way and take much less effort to make.

  91. Pamela Lepper

    Pamela Lepper4 kun oldin

    I've been watching those videos doing the pancakes being made....finally THIS seems doable!!!

  92. ShiroiKage009

    ShiroiKage0094 kun oldin

    The outside looks rather stiff and dehydrated honestly.

  93. SakkyWakky

    SakkyWakky4 kun oldin

    made some awesome fluffy pancakes in a rice cooker. turned out really well.

  94. Daniel A Millar

    Daniel A Millar4 kun oldin

    The toilet paper thing was mostly people panicking but also there was a real cause as well. Offices and workplaces don’t buy consumer 2 ply toilet paper. And groceries don’t sell those massive office style toilet roles. So with so many people at home all the time, there genuinely was more need for at home style toilet paper than there used to be.

  95. mami3790

    mami37904 kun oldin

    so how do you like your pancakes? medium rare?

  96. JustSubscribe

    JustSubscribe5 kun oldin

    The tasty pancake, they basically just bake the pancake then pretend it's cooked in a stove

  97. Florian O

    Florian O5 kun oldin

    Yaaaaaaas Naomi my queeeeeeen of disaster

  98. Rock Heiland

    Rock Heiland5 kun oldin

    My main takeaway from this video is, that australians call Celsius "center grade"

  99. Rock Heiland

    Rock Heiland4 kun oldin

    @Don B great, now my main takeaway is that I missheard how australians call celcius 😂 thanks for the correction 😊

  100. Don B

    Don B4 kun oldin

    its centegrade

  101. Donovan_Du_Bois

    Donovan_Du_Bois5 kun oldin

    I'd love to see you try this recipe. uznick.info/up/video/bnXTiYaofaZ4j6M From what I've seen from you, that ice-cream shouldn't ship up like that.

  102. Paul Round

    Paul Round5 kun oldin

    This is obviously never going to work, there is no way to get enough heat into that much batter in a pan without burning the bottom of each pancake. This recipe would work if the pancakes were baked in an oven to give even heating all round but then they aren't 'pan' cakes they are just cakes. Essentially these should cook like a souffle as that is kind of what they are.

  103. Naomi A

    Naomi A5 kun oldin

    I honestly dislike tasty’s videos they are really bad and never work out 😒😤

  104. DarkVathis

    DarkVathis5 kun oldin

    Buzzfeed pulling a 5-minute craft magic trick.

  105. Lilith Florent

    Lilith Florent5 kun oldin


  106. Lilith Florent

    Lilith Florent5 kun oldin

    ann readon i want you to do a debunking video.uznick.info/up/video/oH-ZsYh8gc6ifok

  107. Bobby Echarri

    Bobby Echarri5 kun oldin

    Forgo the molds and just make sure the batter is dense enough to somewhat keep its shape. Then before covering the pancakes with the lid, add a little bit of water to the pan. The added water will evaporate making a steam chamber to slightly cook the top and sides without browning which will give it more stability when you flip it.

  108. M Dug

    M Dug5 kun oldin

    I use xanthan gum power as a stabiliser. I got it from a vegetarian food shop.

  109. TA - 07YS 811871 Tecumseh PS

    TA - 07YS 811871 Tecumseh PS5 kun oldin

    Tip: you don't need to use cake tins I tried a different recipe and used a spoon to put it in the pan and it worked perfectly UZnickr I got the recipe from Let's Stella

  110. anonymous user

    anonymous user5 kun oldin

    dO YuO WoNt SoMe OVENCAKES ? I aLMouSt lOsT mY SanitY MaKinG tHeM !!!