Fox News Lies About the Texas Blackouts as GOP Lies About the Election: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at the Republican Party lying about the Green New Deal and the 2020 election as the U.S. passes a grim coronavirus milestone and Texas experiences an unprecedented power crisis.
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Fox News Lies About the Texas Blackouts as GOP Lies About the Election: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers


  1. Marley Ex

    Marley Ex5 soat oldin

    Hating on a dog! You can't make this stuff up. 🤷🏽‍♀️


    YOUNG LUCIFER6 soat oldin

    You’re not funny I mean seriously do you think this is comedy you’re jokes are lame

  3. Kenneth Miller

    Kenneth Miller6 soat oldin

    Thanks for the truth Seth.

  4. Dandy Maxwell

    Dandy Maxwell7 soat oldin


  5. Katherine Gardner

    Katherine Gardner8 soat oldin

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  6. Gunt Gunderson

    Gunt Gunderson10 soat oldin

    As Seth Meyers lies about everything, integrity is not a quality a late night cuc- i mean comedy show host possess. Super funny seth...hilarious, enjoy your nightly pegging

  7. Alex Thomas

    Alex Thomas12 soat oldin

    It's crazy that people watch this lol

  8. JC_

    JC_14 soat oldin

    On 04MAR2021 at about 1:20 PM Jeffrey Cutler filed a 312 page ERRATTA MOTION TO INTERVENE, AND INJUNCTIVE RELIEF BECAUSE OF CRIMES (18 U.S. Code § 1519 - Destruction, alteration, or falsification of records), 15 U.S.C. §§ 78dd-1 & MAIL FRAUD AND TO COMBINE CASES FOR JUDICIAL EFFICIENCY AND SUMMARY JUDGEMENT in case 1:21-cv-00445 (U.S. DOMINION, et al. v MY PILLOW, et al.) UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, as an INTERVENER DEFENDANT. On page 80 is screen print of complaint of ELECTORAL FRAUD made 24DEC2020, on page 81 is the mail fraud complaint against JOSH SHAPIRO for making FALSE certification by mail. On page 82 is a PRIVATE CRIMINAL COMPLAINT DATED JUNE 20, 2017 to JOSH SHAPIRO. On page 83 is time stamped Order from Robert Torres (DATED 12APR2018) that REQUIRES ALL VOTING METHODS IN PA HAVE A HARD COPY RECEIPT AVAILABLE, BY THE END OF 2019. The DROP BOXES IN PA FAILED TO HAVE A HARD COPY RECEIPT AVAILABLE, AND THEREFORE ALL VOTES VIA DROP BOXES ILLEGAL. IT IS STILL NOT ON THE DOCKET AS OF 06MAR2021. RUSH LIMBAUGH died on ASH Wednesday and the same day they tried to ERASE TRUMP from Atlantic City. On 12FEB2021 at 10:41 AM JEFFREY CUTLER filed a 321 page MOTION TO INTERVENE, AND INJUNCTIVE RELIEF BECAUSE OF CRIMES (18 U.S. Code § 1519 - Destruction, alteration, or falsification of records), 15 U.S.C. §§ 78dd-1 & MAIL FRAUD AND TO COMBINE CASES FOR JUDICIAL EFFICIENCY AND SUMMARY JUDGEMENT in case 1:20-cv-00099 (THE STATE OF MISSOURI, et al. v THE PEOPLES REPUBLIC OF CHINA, et al.) for engaging in Bio-Warfare in COLLUSION with the DemoNcratic party. It contains a 193 page REPORT that SHOWS COVID-19 is LAB DERIVED ( and they tested it on the SUBWAY in CHINA. Mr. Cutler claims that some of the testing kits are tainted and are being use purposely to infect people, and that is why the infection rate is so high. Multiple Documents in Federal Court have vanished!! JOSH SHAPIRO (PENNSYLVANIA AG) has ENGAGED IN MAIL FRAUD ABOUT CERTIFICATION OF BALLOTS AND COMMITTED ELECTORAL FRAUD. PAGE 9 OF THE LINK BELOW IS TIME STAMPED PROOF OF ELECTORAL FRAUD, ORIGINALLY FILED IN FEDERAL COURT 20OCT2020 PAGE 169 OF USCA CASE 20-2936, PAGE 320 OF CASE 20-1422 FILED 13JAN2021 AT 4:10 PM AND PAGE 384 OF DOCUMENT FILED IN FIFTH CIRCUIT 21-40001 THE DROP BOXES IN PENNSYLVANIA FAILED TO HAVE HARD COPY RECEIPT AVAILABLE!!! BASED ON ORDER FROM TORRES PAID FOR WITH FEDERAL FUNDS ON 12APR2018. HARD COPY RECEIPT HAD TO BE AVAILABLE FOR ALL VOTING METHODS. ALL VOTES VIA DROP BOXES ILLEGAL AND COVERED UP BY FEDERAL COURT CLERKS, JUDGES, MEDIA DR. FAUCCI, KRISTEN WELKER and Persons of the CDC have LIED about an Approved Vaccine to Stop COMPLICATIONS from the FLU & COVID-19 & Ivermectin to treat it. . 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I would like to review them with you now. 1: Deny there is a Problem, (Press will support this) 2: Refer to everything as peaceful and calm, (Press will help here also) 3: When all hell breaks loose , go on camera and show your support for anybody breaking the law, (Press will praise you for this, you will be a new hero, trust me). 4: When you can no longer can keep any order "BLAME TRUMP" (I cannot over emphasize #4, This has worked every time we have used it and again the Press will support any fact check any claim we make!! THIS IS POLITICAL GOLD!!) 5: Go on Television and Condemm TRUMP and refuse any assistance! We CANNOT give TRUMP any victory before the election!!!!! best wishes, (HER SIGNATURE) NANCY PELOSI Speaker of the House. You CAN HIDE THE EVIDENCE, BUT YOU CANNOT HIDE THE TRUTH.

  9. pham lieu

    pham lieu14 soat oldin

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  10. Mixtapes from my late partner

    Mixtapes from my late partner17 soat oldin

    Typical Republicans. Suspicious of a Turbine.

  11. Maui Randall

    Maui Randall18 soat oldin

    Look how they try to so hard to turn shitting on a normal-looking dog to the people caring for it, and they think they nailed it so they're like super mean to the dog for like 10 minutes

  12. Miguel Hernandez

    Miguel Hernandez19 soat oldin

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  13. Miguel Hernandez

    Miguel Hernandez19 soat oldin

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  14. Chad Drews

    Chad DrewsKun oldin

    I remember when Seth was funny. The 2000’s were great. Now he’s just another partisan hack. What a tool.

  15. Martha Simmons

    Martha SimmonsKun oldin

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  16. Ant Man

    Ant ManKun oldin

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  17. AllHopeAbandon

    AllHopeAbandonKun oldin

    Meth Meyers ducks sick.

  18. Sightmare

    SightmareKun oldin

    *John Wick glares from the distance*

  19. Darrin James Wiest

    Darrin James WiestKun oldin

    Shaun Hannity is a lying lunatic who needs to stop relying on private energy corporations to help write his 'news' scripts... djamesW.

  20. Torq Zebrawoody

    Torq ZebrawoodyKun oldin

    It is Hilarious hearing all these republicans point at Green New Deal as the Problem, When it's ALL Republicans And their Deregulation of the Energy Supply. They Scramble & LIE! Throw Blame Elsewhere at Non existent Problems, like Windmills. And Voter Fraud. And Seditious Conspiracy.

  21. Jigga Man

    Jigga ManKun oldin

    I'm not saying all Republicans are stupid...but all stupid people are most likely Republicans. Seriously, their logo should just be a guy punching himself in the face.

  22. Justin Cravens

    Justin CravensKun oldin

    the unfettered Capitalism in Texas is Libertarianism in action..

  23. Ajax Fernsby

    Ajax FernsbyKun oldin

    What is this rambling word salad monologue. Is there a point he (can I say he?) is trying desperately to avoid? Can’t take any more, I’m out.

  24. idoking12

    idoking12Kun oldin

    Half of the comments are about the dog and I strongly agree

  25. john john

    john johnKun oldin

    I think poor Biden is still in shock that Aliens are in control: Aelon Mars and Willaelian Gatalien

  26. john john

    john johnKun oldin

    Biden forgot to feed it

  27. john john

    john johnKun oldin

    Covid not the cause

  28. Craig Helmle

    Craig HelmleKun oldin

    The dog looks rough? Its like these guys having seen Ted Cruz, and the Trump family

  29. Tonya Riley

    Tonya RileyKun oldin

    Am finally having twins

  30. Tonya Riley

    Tonya RileyKun oldin

    Dr Agbi have the herbal medications to cure you Am finally cured

  31. Jack Campbell

    Jack CampbellKun oldin

    This guy is full of crap

  32. Poly Grip

    Poly GripKun oldin

    Junk humor.... i feel like i got a vaccine through the eyeball🤮

  33. Ker Loz

    Ker LozKun oldin

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  34. jimmy jams

    jimmy jamsKun oldin

    Up Yours too Mate! Nah only gammin, but yeah up yours mate!

  35. Debora Nerad

    Debora NeradKun oldin

    Well they said that the dog is like 14 and you know it's kind of like people, when you age things happen.. most older dogs get hypothyroid and kidney problems, believe me pets do a lot better than humans🐶✝️

  36. Lisa Starke

    Lisa StarkeKun oldin

    I want to know are you getting paid couple million for being treasonous? Or is it that they have something on you and are blackmailing you? Not paying taxes as so many of you democrat elites, (sorry, treasonous elites) benefit from. I want to know what it is that you have been promised to receive to turn on your country and fellow man? You are one of the worst of your kind and if your not kicking yourself everyday and asking for GOD for forgiveness everyday, I and we will pray for you. Unfortunately, you will see what you have done if you haven't already!

  37. chisicilian

    chisicilianKun oldin

    This guy is such a hack clown 🤡 can’t live without uttering trumps name . Lame

  38. Graham Kearnon

    Graham KearnonKun oldin

    Seth, if you ever get anymore “chat” from the Aussies, just call them British, just check out who’s on their money.

  39. malebluefox

    malebluefoxKun oldin

    How do you say turd head,= Seth Meyers

  40. Laura Thompson

    Laura ThompsonKun oldin

    You are ignorant to reality!

  41. Storm Evans

    Storm EvansKun oldin

    Damn is this supposed to be comedy still?

  42. Golden nugget of wisdom

    Golden nugget of wisdom2 kun oldin

    You're a comedian...when did it become ok not to be funny??

  43. cl west

    cl west2 kun oldin

    These late night shows are struggling to write material that can be funny without Trump as president. It's so cringe

  44. cl west

    cl west2 kun oldin

    The try to not laugh challenge is complete opposite with this guy's show. It's try to laugh with this material.

  45. haildiscord

    haildiscord2 kun oldin

    What about "Snowflake" ? First of all, anyone that does not agree with their ideas is called a "snowflake", then the Fled Cruz abandons his dog "Snowflake"? Seriously is just a pun. Just so many ways to ways to go with that.

  46. Cornell Hoogendoorn

    Cornell Hoogendoorn2 kun oldin

    Who is this guy. He sounds kinda dumb

  47. punkinhoot

    punkinhoot2 kun oldin

    When the news sound like a bunch of commentators on UZnick.

  48. Deborah Sevigny

    Deborah Sevigny2 kun oldin

    We have tons of windmills in CA. And non of what trucker is saying is bullshit.

  49. Vammek Opinion

    Vammek Opinion2 kun oldin

    Windmills generate 10% of TX power. All gas/oil pipes froze. When the Windmills came back online they defrosted the gas lines. Just saying

  50. Michael Weskamp

    Michael Weskamp2 kun oldin

    All the people with high losses due to power failure should sue those power companies to not prepare for such a black swan. The last one was only 10 years ago for heavens sake, they knew what was needed to avoid it. It deemed them just too expensive.

  51. Austin Green

    Austin Green2 kun oldin

    This show is bad.

  52. Sheltonious Maximus

    Sheltonious Maximus2 kun oldin

    Fake News

  53. K M

    K M2 kun oldin

    What an idiot.

  54. Michele Renea

    Michele Renea2 kun oldin

    Because all of these weirdos are chugging coffee with their Adderall pills - just like their hero, donald trump - followed by, at 5 am, Am, followed by, at 930 or 10am, more Adderall. Breakfast of champions..🤪😖🤪🙃🤪.... trump is, and always has been, a blight on the earth.😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣😂

  55. Michele Renea

    Michele Renea2 kun oldin


  56. Gammal

    Gammal2 kun oldin

    So here's the socialist club, huh. How's the economy going btw?

  57. aMUSEher

    aMUSEher2 kun oldin

    You must smoke a lot of pot. Lol.

  58. G Brown

    G Brown2 kun oldin

    The liberals will say or do anything to remain (ir)relevant to their handlers and the dwindling numbers of audiences that long ago gave up the ability to use discernment or think for themselves. Liberals pushing nonsense, fear, and hate along with avoiding real news and information that challenges their political view. The comedy isn’t funny, the movies suck, the music isn’t inspiring or moving, and the news is fake. All it can do is push hate, fear, and nonsense.

  59. Who needs profile Pictures Really?

    Who needs profile Pictures Really?2 kun oldin

    I'm sorry but I refuse to believe that winterize is a word.

  60. TheRADIOMAN03

    TheRADIOMAN032 kun oldin

    You'll like this one. The GOP lead legislature in AZ got a subpoena to canvass 2.1-million ballots from the November 3 Election. For 2 months they've been trying to get Maricopa County to turn over the ballots and voting machines so the legislature could hire auditors to go over them. The county fought back, but a judge ruled otherwise. Now the county is trying to comply, but the Senate says they don't have a secure place to keep the ballots and asked if they could use Maricopa County property to conduct the audit. The county said no. Keep in mind the county, GOP lead, hired their own outside auditors who found nothing unusual with the election equipment. What a waist of time and tax dollars.

  61. skeptic tank

    skeptic tank2 kun oldin

    Aren't you supposed to be a comedian? You see, comedians tell funny jokes. You don't. Ergo, you're not a comedian.

  62. Anthony Borderline

    Anthony Borderline2 kun oldin

    USA is just too big.. and has enough History. Ever wonder why Europe has so many diverse groups in so small space? No? well.. There is this history, and a spirit of co-operation with countries that have existed for a long time, and have had to find ways to come into agreements. USA has so far "Red" and "Blue"... (we'll have a talk about imagination and creativity later..), and some ugly history, undeniably. Beginning with slavery and genocide! More in between (Read Chomsky or dunno.. ) But maybe you should cut your united lol states into a two countries?

  63. Tom Saylor

    Tom Saylor2 kun oldin

    Still not funny.

  64. day 2 day

    day 2 day2 kun oldin

    Is political satire All he ever talks about . There is next to no entertainment on this . And he has crazy eyes...

  65. AllHopeAbandon

    AllHopeAbandonKun oldin

    @Will Ritter We are all DemocRATs now...there will only ever be DemocRATs after your party just approved a bill which ensures that fair elections will forever be a thing of the past.

  66. Will Ritter

    Will RitterKun oldin

    I'm a Democrat but it's obvious that Meyers has turned into a complete political hack... he's getting paid to blow the dog whistle night after night. It's not funny any more.

  67. Takln Trash

    Takln Trash2 kun oldin

    You saying anyone is lying is fucking laughable!

  68. Anthony Borderline

    Anthony Borderline2 kun oldin

    I get it, all this USA maybe not number uno is shocking to hear if you're USAsian (Proud and why not?), but you have to face it. You have even a global supremacy problem and indoctrination. Maybe you are a country, untrustworthy in deals, warmongering in nature and resource oriented, but maybe you are one country among many? Not the One?

  69. Adrien Pinard

    Adrien Pinard2 kun oldin

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  70. Jay 156

    Jay 1562 kun oldin

    Why tf does this keep popping up in my feed. OK, have a dislike on your fake news.

  71. General Lord Jowbra

    General Lord Jowbra2 kun oldin

    Is this show supposed to be funny or entertaining? It's neither. It's like a discount fake news show. Weird.

  72. bob cl

    bob cl2 kun oldin

    fox lies about 90% of time on every article

  73. C Z

    C Z2 kun oldin

    How are you gonna diss a German Shep. and say that's not a "presidential" dog? Those dogs LITERALLY save lives when they work alongside police, rescue, and military. Would they prefer some young ass hyper moppy "toy" dog? I do not understand their dog hate and I am a cat lady!

  74. Haydeez West

    Haydeez West2 kun oldin

    As if Biden would be up at 6, packing his lunch pale and off to the mill. He's a rich old bigoted white man, not a working class American...

  75. Dalton Jones

    Dalton Jones2 kun oldin

    Alternative title:liar is mad about liars lying, lies to make liars look worse than they already do

  76. Mark Herrington

    Mark Herrington2 kun oldin

    Lol he says that "states didn't follow laws" he must be talking about GOP attempts at voter suppression and gerrymandering.

  77. James Borden

    James Borden2 kun oldin

    Really all they got wtf

  78. September

    September2 kun oldin

    Ooh man, could your jokes be any more lame if you tried? This was tough to listen to. Everything apart from the dog segment.

  79. Agnes Burton

    Agnes Burton2 kun oldin

    The doubtful detail chronically mess up because minister selectively pray amidst a simplistic arrow. true, angry tune

  80. Objektiv One

    Objektiv One2 kun oldin

    smartass. Waste of time


    SEAN GUNNERY2 kun oldin

    Can someone please resuscitate Johnny Carson. These clowns have destroyed late night TV.

  82. SharpNote14

    SharpNote142 kun oldin

    Of course Fox News is putting out lies. Fox News is fake news. The conservative hate network. Full of hateful conservative Christians.

  83. Cdub R

    Cdub R2 kun oldin

    Hey idiots. Why is the word democracy not in the constitution or declaration of independence. Thank you founding fathers. Democracy never existed. So how does the word democrat exist?🤔

  84. Ebenezer Sam

    Ebenezer Sam2 kun oldin

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  85. Haskell Hoeger

    Haskell Hoeger2 kun oldin

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  86. Kayotic217

    Kayotic2172 kun oldin


  87. babeshake

    babeshake2 kun oldin

    Do people honestly laugh at this cringefest?

  88. Richard Pierpoint

    Richard Pierpoint2 kun oldin

    Jog-on, arsehole - muchas gracias, amiga!

  89. Dalton Farris

    Dalton Farris2 kun oldin

    Imagine being this unfunny 🤣🤣🤣🤯☠

  90. Dos Postmann

    Dos Postmann2 kun oldin


  91. Kayla Mabe

    Kayla Mabe2 kun oldin

    The unhealthy hallway importantly ban because catamaran realistically contain following a dry bangle. whimsical, loutish pumpkin

  92. Randy J

    Randy J2 kun oldin

    IT'S okay you idiots will move there for the low taxes

  93. Randy J

    Randy J2 kun oldin

    Back when Biden was a racist and folks forgot calling them animals. How easy people forget.

  94. Ph1165? Russell

    Ph1165? Russell2 kun oldin


  95. Windy Girl

    Windy Girl2 kun oldin

    Is it just me or is there NO popular channel that a woman owns by herself? I'm really sick of all these men in youtube. Women need to stand up especially since all of there men are mostly white. I don't care about race, but it's getting out of hand. I just wish people would realize how annoying it is for people to support BLM and crap but yet they don't give them an opportunity to create videos or something. Seriously it's national women's history month, not national men's history month. Plus we're the ones who carry children, not them.

  96. nicole kapella

    nicole kapella2 kun oldin

    Really, the dog?!? Hey dumbasses dirt alone does not mean an animal is neglected, lots of dogs just LOVE getting dirty. Since the dog is a healthy weight and has a healthy full coat I'd say he's just fine! If you weren't alarmed by the orange, sweaty, obese, man baby who used to live in the WH the dirty dog shouldnt bother you!

  97. TheBigCat910

    TheBigCat9102 kun oldin

    You are not funny. Too bad you’re a tool for the mob

  98. jaxx

    jaxx2 kun oldin

    6:34 Cringe... Listen to this fool fail to be funny while slipping "powerful corporate patrons" in there, as if he's not the least successful, funny, intelligent, and entertaining mouthpiece if the most powerful corporations in the USA lol?? 🤫🤔🤔

  99. Ryan

    Ryan2 kun oldin

    I don't want to watch this cringe master. Please stop routing me to him. UZnick you are the worst.

  100. Jack Druelo

    Jack Druelo2 kun oldin

    The knowing height physically compete because budget noticeably suffer but a robust road. venomous, evasive frame

  101. jay cao

    jay cao2 kun oldin

    The irritating ball concordingly bare because panda booly improve against a few fierce hexagon. silent, tall nest

  102. C Khan

    C Khan2 kun oldin

    The Dog looks better than some people that were there the last four years, and probably has a better caring heart than they did.

  103. fordfairlane1955

    fordfairlane19552 kun oldin

    i doubt if corn pop even knows if its a cat or a dog