Friday Night Funkin but instead of Sky and Ruv there's a Different Mod every turn

I decided to try make this video format, I hope you like it
The original idea belongs to @Funkin
Mid-Fight Masses:
#fridaynightfunkin #fnf #fridaynightfunkinmod


  1. Devils death

    Devils death2 soat oldin

    Im mad that inksans isnt there

  2. Milt Meccino

    Milt Meccino6 soat oldin

    Who was the green shirt girl

  3. ruter

    ruter18 soat oldin

    Zardy remastered even better OR

  4. Claudia Prina

    Claudia PrinaKun oldin


  5. Gabthegamer0811

    Gabthegamer0811Kun oldin

    1:47 RED

  6. Gabthegamer0811

    Gabthegamer0811Kun oldin

    Anddd neon

  7. Gabthegamer0811

    Gabthegamer0811Kun oldin

    Anders next

  8. Clantoriel Kaioken

    Clantoriel KaiokenKun oldin

    0:17 d

  9. long horse playz

    long horse playz2 kun oldin

    Break sound

  10. long horse playz

    long horse playz2 kun oldin


  11. InanimaProductions

    InanimaProductions3 kun oldin

    That transition from the Psyconeuronotic breakdown to Transgression F ending was clean

  12. Foxy NightCore

    Foxy NightCore3 kun oldin

    You using a bot :/

  13. shweiz ball

    shweiz ball4 kun oldin

    Among these mods, we have lost one in the course of a few weeks

  14. nail bar twin oaks

    nail bar twin oaks4 kun oldin

    GUI and all the others that no

  15. Apollo Tampubolon

    Apollo Tampubolon4 kun oldin


  16. Ant Vatansever

    Ant Vatansever4 kun oldin

    Fnaf Ultimate Custom Night be like...

  17. friday night funkin king mert

    friday night funkin king mert4 kun oldin


  18. Hülya Kbişen

    Hülya Kbişen4 kun oldin

    Every mods be like

  19. DoggoYT

    DoggoYT5 kun oldin

    Me: "sees misses" Also me: wait a minute

  20. Nicholas Onuosa

    Nicholas Onuosa5 kun oldin

    enymy sir why are you holding your mic that hard??? your gonna break it 1:54

  21. Leon ides

    Leon ides5 kun oldin


  22. Sachi Mochi

    Sachi Mochi5 kun oldin

    Girlfriend just vibin while her hands are nailed to wood.

  23. Tania Cortez

    Tania Cortez6 kun oldin

    1:44 who is that what mod is it

  24. Lucas Is A Potato

    Lucas Is A Potato6 kun oldin

    Teacher: the test isn’t confusing The test: the title of the video

  25. Sandra Favorite

    Sandra Favorite6 kun oldin

    blue headphone jack and 2 percent of the LEVER HUH to be able and white tiles and the magical and white tiles are not magical and white tiles are not the going out of real tanQr to get pump and white tiles are not going out of real estate and the magical and white tiles and white tiles are not going out of real estate and the magical and white tiles are not going out of real estate and the magical and white tiles and the

  26. Sandra Favorite

    Sandra Favorite6 kun oldin

    Guilty glory days after the magical and white tiles are not going out of real real estate and the magical and white tiles and the magical and white tiles are not going out of real estate agent in roblox thea to 2ue385e282 2ue385e2820th a minute and the magical and white tiles are not going out of real estate and the magical and white tiles are not going out of real estate and the magical and white tiles and the tree in a friday night cheat night in roblox or a crowbar

  27. Sandra Favorite

    Sandra Favorite6 kun oldin

    truv and ricky r bestfriends:D

  28. Sandra Favorite

    Sandra Favorite6 kun oldin

    ricky truv and bestfrined

  29. Sandra Favorite

    Sandra Favorite6 kun oldin

    madness more like baldness

  30. •Alan• Aldana The Pro 3579

    •Alan• Aldana The Pro 35797 kun oldin

    Plot twist:bf travels through dimension to rap battle people and tries to find the best person to

  31. TheMagmaDragon

    TheMagmaDragon7 kun oldin

    Noone: Whitty in ballistic in the first second: *-hey bf, let me check if someone is chasing us-* Whitty 0.5 seconds later: ok nah now *GET READY FOR YOUR VOCALS TO BE DESTROYED*

  32. brielle rblx

    brielle rblx7 kun oldin

    Whitty in the beginning be like: ⬅️

  33. hi :D

    hi :D7 kun oldin

    rip zardy and sky....

  34. FNF

    FNF7 kun oldin

    Really good morning my beautiful baby boy 😍 the US foreign policy is the first time in the morning so far so good and you can see the movie is it

  35. Shane W

    Shane W7 kun oldin

    Well Well

  36. Shane W

    Shane W7 kun oldin


  37. Shane W

    Shane W7 kun oldin


  38. Shane W

    Shane W7 kun oldin


  39. Selever악마이다

    Selever악마이다7 kun oldin

    Mmm anders

  40. Yelpeter

    Yelpeter7 kun oldin

    Bf jumps dimensions to piss people off

  41. Dina Ismailova

    Dina Ismailova7 kun oldin

    Такое чувство что бот

  42. Jossie Ananoria

    Jossie Ananoria7 kun oldin

    Whitty only get 6 seconds to live

  43. inspector mudkip

    inspector mudkip8 kun oldin

    Who’s the dude in the gas mask and the suit?

  44. Азамат Азисов

    Азамат Азисов8 kun oldin

    Where Miku

  45. mok ey

    mok ey8 kun oldin

    i thought the title would live up to its name

  46. Rinnegan A.k.a purple sharigan

    Rinnegan A.k.a purple sharigan8 kun oldin


  47. Golden

    Golden9 kun oldin

    1:55 is that............. the fortnite guy This is a joke btw

  48. platfform9 playz

    platfform9 playz9 kun oldin

    What’s after the weeg mod

  49. Victoria Roca

    Victoria Roca9 kun oldin

    me re toma del pelo esta en facil

  50. White studio

    White studio9 kun oldin

    Rip sky

  51. jayden

    jayden9 kun oldin


  52. Gogeta BLUE GOD

    Gogeta BLUE GOD9 kun oldin

    I'm leaving in a few minutes if I can get i y tengo un sueño y tu es y el domingo por la tarde pero a visto a visto a visto a visto a visto a visto a visto a visto el día de la tarde y tengo una de sueño y tu familia y tengo un y el domingo

  53. Tamim X21

    Tamim X219 kun oldin


  54. Svetlanana Vasina

    Svetlanana Vasina9 kun oldin


  55. ruv

    ruv9 kun oldin

    Anders sounds like he was inhaling

  56. Alix Mercadera

    Alix Mercadera9 kun oldin

    to foolhardy

  57. 최진경

    최진경9 kun oldin


  58. •Rasazy lol•

    •Rasazy lol•10 kun oldin

    I think his girlfriend will be very tired ... because she carries speakers everywhere !!

  59. Khan F

    Khan F10 kun oldin

    Beautiful 😍 😘

  60. Maxi Mikelino Gamer

    Maxi Mikelino Gamer10 kun oldin

    Why foolhardy its in normal?

  61. MY2D серий ит

    MY2D серий ит10 kun oldin

    2:06 whyty

  62. Frager SO2

    Frager SO210 kun oldin

    Как называется 7 мод?

  63. C's opening & gameplay

    C's opening & gameplay10 kun oldin

    0:42 girlfriend: *crucified* Also girlfriend: :-D **vibing**

  64. IkonicZay

    IkonicZay10 kun oldin

    BF have been going through a lot of things he has been battling demons and other things

  65. Renato Villa

    Renato Villa10 kun oldin

    1:45 ¿what i'ts the song?

  66. half corrupted netherlands

    half corrupted netherlands10 kun oldin

    1:45 whats this song

  67. محمد المالكي

    محمد المالكي10 kun oldin


  68. joseph joestar

    joseph joestar10 kun oldin

    Can we talk about how from ballistic to madness I won more than 9000 points?

  69. Heru Nixon

    Heru Nixon10 kun oldin

    Play tord mod

  70. gaming prince

    gaming prince10 kun oldin

    1:08 it's nice that you gave some love to the weede mod

  71. DA DEMON

    DA DEMON10 kun oldin


  72. يوسف كيم yosef keem

    يوسف كيم yosef keem10 kun oldin

    ?tricky ?

  73. corrupted pump and skid

    corrupted pump and skid10 kun oldin


  74. UKIP ($)

    UKIP ($)10 kun oldin

    UBDTIEJWonderful morning what is going on Google.

  75. rodelyn villarin

    rodelyn villarin10 kun oldin

    I am team with andres

  76. Arnaldo Secor

    Arnaldo Secor11 kun oldin




    2:05 peridot

  78. Xx noob pg3d xX

    Xx noob pg3d xX11 kun oldin

    You use a bot nooob

  79. brokenclock

    brokenclock10 kun oldin

    youre just bad, theyre probably using videos from other people anyways. accept they fact they're better than you

  80. Miraç Aktaş

    Miraç Aktaş11 kun oldin

    i am turkish

  81. Minecraft Abi

    Minecraft Abi11 kun oldin

    you are not playing. this a FnF Bot

  82. XXX Tentacion XXXTENTACION

    XXX Tentacion XXXTENTACION11 kun oldin


  83. Valeria Dominguez

    Valeria Dominguez11 kun oldin

    Ai. MAS MOBS?


    DHANIAL CHANNEL11 kun oldin

    N sky

  85. twigglet playz

    twigglet playz11 kun oldin

    Haha zardy go beeeeem buuuuum beeee

  86. bear

    bear11 kun oldin

    Vs Anders 👌

  87. Blue Kunt

    Blue Kunt11 kun oldin

    I do not understand the correlation with the video or the title.

  88. [Whitty]

    [Whitty]11 kun oldin

    Someone needs to make a kakegurui mod

  89. just a account bruh

    just a account bruh11 kun oldin

    Title:Says no ruv and sky Video:Haves sky and ruv Me: *_b r u h_*

  90. UKIP ($)

    UKIP ($)11 kun oldin

    usm dn ns zn. z d h sjx zh jz shzb🚫

  91. HERO ART

    HERO ART11 kun oldin

    Wow. Very amazing bro. Friday funkin

  92. Bomb

    Bomb11 kun oldin

    I dont Like Zardy skin

  93. whitty

    whitty11 kun oldin

    I really gotta meet this tricky guy everybody's like "yo whitty you Gotta get a load of this guy" and I don't know why

  94. Egehan Talha Açıkgöz

    Egehan Talha Açıkgöz11 kun oldin

    D: use fnf bot whitty

  95. Mooncrystal Oh

    Mooncrystal Oh11 kun oldin

    I always wonder,why youtubers are so good at FNF,note: do not say skills in the comment,idc if u annoy me

  96. Nina Lovrencic

    Nina Lovrencic11 kun oldin

    Me:why is trucky the only one thats fast Tricky:Zardy and whitty are my only friends

  97. Bacon Team

    Bacon Team11 kun oldin


  98. Benjamin juturri

    Benjamin juturri11 kun oldin

    F for sky

  99. Earl Zephyr Fajard

    Earl Zephyr Fajard11 kun oldin

    What mod is this 1:48

  100. Alejandra Reyna

    Alejandra Reyna11 kun oldin


  101. أطفال أطفال

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  102. أطفال أطفال

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  103. أطفال أطفال

    أطفال أطفال11 kun oldin


  104. أطفال أطفال

    أطفال أطفال11 kun oldin


  105. Gold_vegan

    Gold_vegan12 kun oldin

    What You Key?

  106. Ruvyzvat or ruv

    Ruvyzvat or ruv12 kun oldin

    Ballistic : 0:02 Madness : 0:06 Foolhardy : 0:13 Manifest : 0:43 Zavodila : 0:58 Gigavolt : 1:08 The real deal : 1:45 Psychoneurotic : 1:54 Transgression crazy : 2:07