[FULL] Kobe - Shaq 1-on-1 Interview

Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal sit down to talk about their careers together all the fights they had while playing for Los Angeles Lakers on Players only interview.
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  3. Gary Hasenyager

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  4. Gary Hasenyager

    Gary Hasenyager4 soat oldin

    Great talk,from great teammates.

  5. Geoffrey Brooks

    Geoffrey Brooks5 soat oldin

    Kobe and Shaq aren't just legends, they were friends and brothers and just like brothers, they had fights. Ultimately, they set their differences aside and made amends. That's all that matters. RIP, Kobe! We all miss you!!

  6. Rajib A

    Rajib A6 soat oldin

    Just found out who Kobe Bryant is

  7. Max R

    Max R57 daqiqa oldin

    he was a basketball player for the los angeles lakers and arguably one of the best

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  10. Ashish Patel

    Ashish Patel11 soat oldin

    I held of watching this until now. One of the most fun interviews ever! the ending was clutch. All those year I thought Kobe was an arrogant kid he was actually the exact opposite. very down to earth and amazing human. If I had all that success you'd see me acting a fool.

  11. Patrick Layman

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  12. KydDynamite

    KydDynamite12 soat oldin

    I’m so glad this happened. If anything peace was made before the tragedy.

  13. KingJohnnyV

    KingJohnnyV13 soat oldin

    I really miss Kobe man

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  15. Cameron Blanchard

    Cameron Blanchard15 soat oldin

    Need to know KB 1v1 RM victory

  16. Mark Anthony Lacerna

    Mark Anthony Lacerna17 soat oldin

    1:27am vancouver time still cant believe that youre gone kobe.

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  18. rob alviar

    rob alviar19 soat oldin

    This interview was given to us from god.

  19. ACE

    ACE21 soat oldin

    Why did they stop doing the 1-on-1's!?

  20. Helms Kenneth

    Helms Kenneth22 soat oldin

    I just wanted Kobe to get that 6th ring an shit on jordan with a 7th and Barrie Lebron an put the GOAT talk to bed! R.I.P THA TEAL GOAT!

  21. NinjaMind85

    NinjaMind8523 soat oldin

    My all time starting 5 Clyde Drexler Michael Jordan Kobe Bryant Hakeem Olajuwon Shaq

  22. Maurice Harris

    Maurice Harris23 soat oldin

    Shaq loved him

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  25. Willian Ryuji Kaway

    Willian Ryuji KawayKun oldin

    I bet you anything that everytime Shaq misses Kobe he will come do UZnick and watch this. And be grateful that he is in peace with his little brother, and I'm glad i did this while he was still alive.

  26. Kendale Stevenson Peoples

    Kendale Stevenson PeoplesKun oldin

    Why kobe acting like he ain't have Gasol help 🤣his ass delusional

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  31. etchosts

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    Kobe was 1000x smarter than Shaq

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  34. bryan recinos

    bryan recinosKun oldin

    Kobe was a stone cold killer, he legit called the “kings” - “queens” 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    Fuck man.....😪😪

  37. colt spegal

    colt spegalKun oldin

    Did Charles just call Sabonis 6ft 2inches ?

  38. will

    willKun oldin

    Kobe & Shaq was The Best Combo Ever They Both Had Love For Each other Rest in Peace Kobe Gianna and All on Board The Helicopter That Day

  39. Derrick Patterson

    Derrick PattersonKun oldin

    God I miss Kobe. I’m happy him and Shaq made peace. I love their connection in this interview.

  40. Mark

    MarkKun oldin

    It’s crazy, I really can’t watch this again 🥺

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  44. A V

    A VKun oldin

    Kobe - 'i knew how much it meant to you, and as brothers you dont let your brother down. It wasn't my time yet. This championship was yours. It was my responsibility to pick that up.' THAT shit right there is why i liked this Athlete.

  45. Claire Sinclair

    Claire SinclairKun oldin

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  46. 303Smilezzz

    303SmilezzzKun oldin

    This interview meant everything before Kobe passed. Now it should be kept in the NBA hall of fame.

  47. Elpidio Espinoza

    Elpidio Espinoza2 kun oldin

    This interview reflects alot on what Melo is doing now. Regardless of losing. He's putting up numbers. Even when teams already stopped playing.

  48. Sarkdakras

    Sarkdakras2 kun oldin

    Man any video I see of Kobe, just always get sad knowing this legend ain't with us. I'm glad I grew up watching basketball with you, and I miss you man!

  49. Christopher Harrison

    Christopher Harrison2 kun oldin

    Imagine iron claw times 5 kill a nigga

  50. YsNicksss

    YsNicksss2 kun oldin

    2 🐐❤️🙏🏻💯1️⃣

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    Maybe Shaq & Kobe could have sat a bit closer....

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  65. Bramba86

    Bramba862 kun oldin

    I still can't believe he's gone

  66. Biggie C

    Biggie C2 kun oldin

    For the 1.1k dislikes is all the people who hate kobe

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  69. -Maxten

    -Maxten2 kun oldin

    i love how he called the kings the queens

  70. -Maxten

    -Maxten2 kun oldin

    10:35 jesus, look at the mug on this man. im shook just lookin at it lol

  71. Jon Smith

    Jon Smith2 kun oldin

    Damn the memories they gave us..if your were a lakers fan those were some great times

  72. marissa cruz

    marissa cruz3 kun oldin

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  74. Luiz Sander

    Luiz Sander3 kun oldin

    RIP Mamba

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  76. William Liu

    William Liu3 kun oldin

    what I love the most is to see the mentality of a boy grow into the mentality of a man.

  77. Judo Flip

    Judo Flip3 kun oldin

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  78. dan carnahan

    dan carnahan3 kun oldin

    Jordan is the GOAT but growing up I always rooted for Kobe and the Lakers in those championship wins!! Sitting on the edge of my seat, feeling the electricity when Robert Horry hit those clutch 3s. Those Lakers were always fun to watch!! Shaq just dominating down low!! Kobe hitting those turn around fadeaways!! Great times!!

  79. Michael Carriere

    Michael Carriere3 kun oldin

    Two ABSOLUTE legends, making peace was key for them🙏🙏 Rest Iin Peace MAMBA🙏💜💛

  80. Kr B

    Kr B3 kun oldin

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  84. Natnat Magsakay

    Natnat Magsakay3 kun oldin

    Watching this, wearing kobe jersey 8 front and 24 at the back. And what can i say, i miss you GOAT.

  85. Lenny Joseph

    Lenny Joseph3 kun oldin

    Make Kobe the Logo!

  86. Adrian Espinosa

    Adrian Espinosa3 kun oldin

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  89. FactLOCO

    FactLOCO3 kun oldin

    This interview has a very weird vibe. It's as if Shaq knew....

  90. Chunkys Diner

    Chunkys Diner3 kun oldin


  91. Jack Ford

    Jack Ford3 kun oldin

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  92. Amar Mann

    Amar Mann3 kun oldin

    Kobe calling the Kings Queens is in my top 10 Kobe moments. 16:27

  93. ghifariamal

    ghifariamal3 kun oldin

    Kobe is the copy-paste + edit from Jordan

  94. Carl Edison De Jesus

    Carl Edison De Jesus3 kun oldin

    Its sad that kobe didn't have that much time to influence the game after retiring he was just getting started especially with his mamba academy. Gone to soon.

  95. Suki Thind

    Suki Thind3 kun oldin

    Haven't watched the full thing since it aired. As a Lakers fan who became a fan in 2000, this brought SO much joy to me when it came out. It was like my two heroes made up. I couldn't stop smiling & laughing throughout. First time I wasn't sad watching Kobe because this was just pure energy from both of them. Seeing them in this reminiscent form was everything for me. Kobe & Shaq forever!

  96. jack

    jack3 kun oldin

    crazy that even though there were times kobe was gonna leave to the clippers or bulls it just happened that he always stayed

  97. John Wilson

    John Wilson3 kun oldin

    It’s 3:46 am I miss Kobe

  98. Nicky Wang

    Nicky Wang3 kun oldin

    We love you kob Rest In Peace ❤❤❤

  99. B R

    B R3 kun oldin

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  100. chris noecker

    chris noecker3 kun oldin

    its tragic these two had a falling out. What a beautiful interview: I vote it as my #1 sports moment of all time.

  101. Walter Moore

    Walter Moore3 kun oldin

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