Game Theory: Logan Paul's FIXED Fight (Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather)

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Theorists, it looks like UZnick boxing matches are here to stay - at least if you are a Paul brother. Logan Paul is gearing up to fight ACTUAL professional boxer Floyd Mayweather in a match. Well, we think so - with how it keeps getting postponed, who knows if we will get to see it. Never mind that. The REAL interesting thing about this match is that Logan Paul CAN'T lose. Oh, I am not saying that in a battle of skills he would win, I'm saying that he's orchestrated this whole event to FIX a win. Why would Mayweather let that happen? Theorists, it's time to enter the ring.
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Writers: Matthew Patrick Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Koen Verhagen, Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, and Forrest Lee
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  1. Geak-and-Gamer

    Geak-and-Gamer11 soat oldin

    MATPAT, I've been trying to message you for so long! I made a break through in Fnaf lore, I found some new clues to help us figure out who golden Freddy really is. I cant post links through comments without them being flagged so go to my channel page, the video is on this same account. I'm not trying to advertise myself just help you and the community. It should be the newest or close to newest video on my channel. Everyone else, help me get this to mat pat.

  2. Douglas Pearson

    Douglas Pearson12 soat oldin

    i think floyd is going to bodie jogan

  3. Ella Williams

    Ella WilliamsKun oldin

    The aback bowl latterly arrive because dinghy optically found beneath a bent sweatshop. flat, powerful oatmeal

  4. Amir Durguti

    Amir DurgutiKun oldin

    if logan would have gotten the 2 points back he would still have lost + there was a knockdown for ksi that wasnt countet

  5. Joshua Aburto

    Joshua AburtoKun oldin

    Excuse me but ksi wouldve won the fight even without the 2 points taken off matpat plz get huge facts like that correct at least

  6. David Mendoza

    David MendozaKun oldin

    You can clearly see Sunny taking a hit from Ali's Right hand when slowed down. I think calling that a phantom hit was a bit of a stretch

  7. JawpJaunt

    JawpJauntKun oldin

    Why is this on game theory? 🤣

  8. Brian Cannon

    Brian CannonKun oldin

    IDK, Matt. A dickhead becoming a fighter isn't unique in any way, just Logan Paul happened to become UZnick famous for being a dickhead before becoming a fighter.

  9. Demetre Martin

    Demetre Martin2 kun oldin

    Make a theory on 2021 🤣😂

  10. Demetre Martin

    Demetre Martin2 kun oldin

    If logan somehow wins I'm going back to 2020

  11. Goku She buu

    Goku She buu2 kun oldin

    2 villains lol 🙄 “salty nerd“😂 no offense bro 1. Conor has a 74 inch reach and can punch way harder than Logan Paul. 2. Logan Paul is 25, business man, and an extremely intelligent guy. 3. Floyd is great and I’m assuming mr.”I fight with pencils” or me could never even fathom the scope of what these men are. So stop click-baiting and maybe do videos on math or literature, considering how good you were with that. And please know even though I haven’t stepped into an arena that even 1 percent of these men, I do comprehend martial arts and I know all your biases come from a place of not knowing. You do sound like a person who’s never spared because you’d know if you know how to take a punch and see holes in your opponent’s stance, you’re going to win that fight (unless you are careless).

  12. RuIN

    RuIN2 kun oldin

    You forgot super feather weight and normal light weight kek. Man is a 5 division champ

  13. Trever Veazie

    Trever Veazie2 kun oldin

    Floyd is a hero with the cape and this fight was the PERFECT momey magnet fight , that’s all it was about, revenue $$$$

  14. The Pokemaster

    The Pokemaster2 kun oldin

    canelo could abliterate both of em'

  15. adz Agustin

    adz Agustin2 kun oldin

    Logan paul vs manny paquiao

  16. Hays McGee

    Hays McGee2 kun oldin

    All things being equal, the only way Logan wins this fight is he knocks out Floyd, which given his size and athleticism he has “puncher’s chance” in doing. However if I were Logan I would be hiring the best boxing trainer and coach in the world and then just shut up, listen and put the work in. Given Floyd’s style and technique I would try to develop a style similar to Tyson’s all speed and power with a rolling defense and charge forward. You don’t try to outlast Floyd, he has too much experience and stamina. You try crush him, it’s the only way. The points game is out. The long game is out. The only option left is knock out.... so good luck. All of that said, Floyd is going to school LP like he’s a 4th grader with no friends.

  17. Ahsoka Tano

    Ahsoka Tano2 kun oldin

    No chiz sherlock

  18. Hagen springtrap

    Hagen springtrap2 kun oldin

    My only question is...were do you keep that fish

  19. 2 Hot

    2 Hot3 kun oldin

    The problem with this theory is that Floyd is illiterate, legitimately a potato outside of the ring

  20. skeetyeet onthestreet

    skeetyeet onthestreet3 kun oldin

    Shouldn't this be on film theory

  21. M1X Operation

    M1X Operation2 kun oldin

    It’s not a film

  22. Conspiracy Guy

    Conspiracy Guy3 kun oldin

    Mat a savage ... Don't let the streets get you🤣🤣🤣

  23. Garett Leblanc

    Garett Leblanc3 kun oldin

    left hook

  24. User Name

    User Name3 kun oldin

    2:44 that’s a ufc a belt 😂

  25. Cookie Crusader

    Cookie Crusader3 kun oldin

    Logan Paul is just looking for some more popularity... He gets completely murdered

  26. Noah Fleming

    Noah Fleming3 kun oldin

    Matpat, are you telling me, that a professional scam artist scammed people?!?!?!?$?? WHAT

  27. Chaplain Mihgros The Wrathful

    Chaplain Mihgros The Wrathful3 kun oldin

    Floyd should start fighting and stop running

  28. The Unknown

    The Unknown3 kun oldin

    All of mayweathers fights is rigged

  29. tingy123

    tingy1234 kun oldin

    why the hell is this in game theory

  30. Gommbox

    Gommbox4 kun oldin

    Protractors can be used as knukle dusters

  31. Professional Reader

    Professional Reader4 kun oldin

    Gotta say mat pat your gonna make some people angry

  32. Nedrick Green

    Nedrick Green4 kun oldin

    Why does he keep showing UFC belt for Floyd?

  33. Zachary Quance

    Zachary Quance4 kun oldin

    😂hate login the for just ,this liking I'm

  34. Meet Shah

    Meet Shah4 kun oldin

    I guess I have dyslexia

  35. M P

    M P5 kun oldin

    This video is old news

  36. Atticus Cunningham

    Atticus Cunningham5 kun oldin

    Is this guy explaining this fight to 6 year olds?

  37. Ayden Shelley

    Ayden Shelley5 kun oldin

    Why is this on a gaming channel, another great channel that’s taken an exploitive turn.

  38. Lilia Williams

    Lilia Williams5 kun oldin

    The wry pedestrian energetically slow because popcorn neurobiologically file except a unarmed pheasant. tricky, irate oyster

  39. Shem Shem

    Shem Shem5 kun oldin

    or logan thought it was never going to happen.

  40. Darkboi

    Darkboi5 kun oldin

    Day 7 of telling matpat to do a terraria calamity theory

  41. Dusty Brown

    Dusty Brown5 kun oldin

    this is not a Game

  42. Erocknrolla

    Erocknrolla6 kun oldin

    if you think the money will take a fall for money you are wrong. lol besides, what makes you think logan paul has the kind of money to be persuasive to mayweather lol

  43. Axel Sugiarto

    Axel Sugiarto6 kun oldin

    4:53 69.9 kg eh?

  44. Zachary Daniel Uy

    Zachary Daniel Uy6 kun oldin

    Do an irregular at magic high theory or a akai haato theory

  45. EMUDroid

    EMUDroid6 kun oldin

    I'll informed information 🤢🤮

  46. Black Binder

    Black Binder6 kun oldin


  47. Dan Frederick

    Dan Frederick6 kun oldin

    I absolutely love all the punch out references in this video!

  48. Henry pizzaroll

    Henry pizzaroll6 kun oldin

    I just hope Logan Paul didn’t see this

  49. Prime_717

    Prime_7176 kun oldin

    Even if logan had those 2 points he wouldnt have won, ksi explains this with the actual score cards. Ksi had won the majority of the rounds and even if logan had those 2 points he still wouldnt have won due to him not winning previous rounds.

  50. Isabelle Sager

    Isabelle Sager6 kun oldin


  51. Birb

    Birb6 kun oldin

    Next Logan Paul Vs master Saul taekwondo

  52. Birb

    Birb6 kun oldin

    Me fighting a teen A normal day in the comment section No that's the just a normal day

  53. Jay B

    Jay B6 kun oldin

    I love how in the light middleweight division. Mayweather may as well just be sticking his glove out and ko'ing everyone right away.

  54. sonicboom256

    sonicboom2566 kun oldin

    When I first heard Logan was gonna fight Floyd mayweather I was like he is going to die awesome

  55. JTAC Bluemansonic

    JTAC Bluemansonic6 kun oldin

    Ok so I had to pause to understand the fact that I'm taller than Logan Paul 6'4" and weigh slightly more 199.7 if I got training I could be a boxer easy...why am I wasting my life behind a moniter?

  56. world war 2 historian

    world war 2 historian7 kun oldin

    im a fighter an am covered in scars

  57. Ovi 113

    Ovi 1137 kun oldin

    youre so close to understanding gematria and how world events are orchestrated. hahahah

  58. Emmett Fitzpatrick

    Emmett Fitzpatrick7 kun oldin

    yall must not watch his podcast.. yall must not go outside often

  59. Birb

    Birb6 kun oldin

    I watch it to dislike every one

  60. MAD MATTER80

    MAD MATTER807 kun oldin

    I just want to see Mayweather destroy Logan Paul

  61. Patrick Zysk

    Patrick Zysk7 kun oldin

    OK, now you *have* to do a video on Jim Sterling's pro wrestling career.

  62. Joshua Stevens

    Joshua Stevens7 kun oldin

    The only way Floyd stays relevant at all in my mind is if he destroys Logan.

  63. Mamba

    Mamba7 kun oldin

    I don’t this is a video gane

  64. Retro Chan

    Retro Chan7 kun oldin

    Or Logan Paul just sucks? Is that a theory

  65. beezzus_in_chains

    beezzus_in_chains7 kun oldin

    What people don’t realize about Floyd is he spars guys twice his size for fun... He’s been doing it his whole career, him and Pacquiao😄

  66. Birb

    Birb6 kun oldin

    Yeah ik

  67. Michael Wight

    Michael Wight7 kun oldin

    Going up more than one weight class happens loads in boxing, Canello went from Super welterweight world champ right up to light heavyweight world champ, what will happen in this fight is the same as the mcgregger fight, Floyd will carry him for a few rounds and let him think hes doing half decent then Floyd will break him down and stop Logan.

  68. Birb

    Birb6 kun oldin

    * Whispers into ear * Corruption

  69. halkeye20

    halkeye207 kun oldin

    Mass effect indoctrination theory part still has not been released yet

  70. Eric Morreim

    Eric Morreim7 kun oldin

    DO MoRE FNAF NOWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  71. Eric Morreim

    Eric Morreim7 kun oldin

    my dad said its fake but its intaning but i think its true

  72. Kabir Noreen

    Kabir Noreen7 kun oldin

    Logan paul taking notes right now

  73. Allison Banks

    Allison Banks7 kun oldin

    The quack copyright histomorphometrically trap because drake physiologically tame within a broken seaplane. damaged, learned violet

  74. Denki Calamari

    Denki Calamari7 kun oldin

    Wait this theory wasn’t from a game

  75. Ruzzell Jones

    Ruzzell Jones7 kun oldin

    5'8 is tiny? Damn then what am i?

  76. Ruzzell Jones

    Ruzzell Jones3 kun oldin

    @Catnip fair enough

  77. Catnip

    Catnip3 kun oldin

    a toddler

  78. star Platinum

    star Platinum8 kun oldin

    Hey I love the video but why is this on game theory it feels like a film theory

  79. trent Peterson

    trent Peterson8 kun oldin

    So 2:25 you must not have ever watched a real boxing match because. . . Well its painfully clear that, that no, no they could not stand up to a real fighter. Not at all.

  80. trent Peterson

    trent Peterson8 kun oldin

    And as soon as you start talking about size differance its clear you dont know much about fighting. While mayweather is smaller he is so much faster and more experienced the paul.

  81. Potatotus

    Potatotus8 kun oldin

    You should just change your name to The Theorists now

  82. SpiriT

    SpiriT8 kun oldin

    12:57 if you slow down the speed to .25 you clearly see the right hook land from Ali. Ive seen this clip pop up a bunch and it amazes me how people dont get how fast punches they are thrown. You can see the punch thrown and head bob on impact. Its a old recording and a bad angle.

  83. turtle

    turtle8 kun oldin

    I could probably not beat them. I'm weak as cra

  84. VoyagerO

    VoyagerO7 kun oldin

    who the hell asked lol

  85. Tom Garnett

    Tom Garnett8 kun oldin

    Fact: KSI generated all the noise.

  86. ST

    ST8 kun oldin

    I don't know if logan can pull off a legit fix boxing match. He might not be talented enough or had enough fights to make it look convincing enough to throw the fight and not be notice.. which I believe can get jail time for through a fight with all the money in bets on the fight

  87. Lua Lavatai

    Lua Lavatai8 kun oldin

    Lol dude this isn't even close to the biggest thing in boxing, yeah Mayweather just bringing in new people who don't know jack yoo. Boxers have entire countries behind there back, check the numbers.

  88. Lua Lavatai

    Lua Lavatai8 kun oldin

    This dude straight up think Mayweather doesn't hit harder, IM SCHLEEEP CUH

  89. TheContentBlacksmith

    TheContentBlacksmith8 kun oldin

    The forth channel should be “conspiracy theory” for theory’s like this

  90. Rax Savvage

    Rax Savvage8 kun oldin

    #Blametheory or Maimtheory

  91. zzz immune

    zzz immune8 kun oldin

    Misogyny makes you a villain nowadays haha ok sure the women are all victims not trying to make a dollar or two

  92. Christine Hill

    Christine Hill8 kun oldin

    The glossy guitar oceanographically prefer because letter puzzlingly hum since a naive hexagon. nippy, faithful clipper

  93. Mike Mccaskey

    Mike Mccaskey8 kun oldin

    U have no room to talk after polishing dreams pig stick on ur other video!

  94. Birb

    Birb6 kun oldin

    Shut up stan

  95. Isaias Penilla

    Isaias Penilla8 kun oldin

    I just want to know how much Logan Paul paid Mayweather for that he would ruin his streak and his reputation

  96. Duzzie Tamam

    Duzzie Tamam8 kun oldin

    Mike Tyson enough said. Logan will end up missing an ear

  97. Стилиян Стойков

    Стилиян Стойков8 kun oldin

    Mayweather lost once to a Bulgarian boxer Serafin Todorov

  98. Daniel McDonald

    Daniel McDonald9 kun oldin

    How to regrow a leg I stepped on a land mine ok theorist give me good theory to regrow my leg if not ya gay ooooo gottem

  99. ActionBastard

    ActionBastard9 kun oldin

    For those who didn't think this match was going to be fixed, I've got some magic beans that you can buy.

  100. TTV Shifterss

    TTV Shifterss9 kun oldin

    logan watching this logan i will win know

  101. Villanueva, Jose Angelo M.

    Villanueva, Jose Angelo M.9 kun oldin

    We should get a 4th channel called "Sports Theory" thoughts?

  102. JJ Elson

    JJ Elson9 kun oldin

    Exactly what I thought, this is all just fake to grab some cash from some folks.

  103. Jay Hanley

    Jay Hanley9 kun oldin

    There might be another side to this. FYI this is just a baseless theory so don’t chew me up. What if Logan was paid to do the fight? What if mayweather wanted more recognition than just fighting and winning against Logan Paul. Knocking him really pounding him. That would give him a ton of the recognition he wants. Also it could benefit Logan as well. There’s too ways as I see it that losing would benefit Logan Paul. They could spin it so when he loses mayweather decides to teach Logan, this would give him a ton of recognition. Plus bring him a lot of matches in the future. Every boxer would love to take on the traine of mayweather. And alternatively losing would give him a chance for a rematch. Him rising outa the ashes and beating mayweather after losing the first time would be insane. Again this is just a baseless theory pls don’t hate on me too much

  104. Tommy's Matchbook

    Tommy's Matchbook9 kun oldin

    I REALLY want Floyd to put Logan in his place.

  105. electro_sans 0

    electro_sans 09 kun oldin

    Don't have to use the Lord's name in vain.

  106. Cody D

    Cody D9 kun oldin

    12:57 That’s no phantom punch. Sonny took a straight right square in the jaw and you can see his head snap. Watch it at .25x playback speed

  107. Smit Khandekha

    Smit Khandekha9 kun oldin

    Is that wrong to earn money?

  108. Jude Serbin

    Jude Serbin9 kun oldin

    why is this on game theory this is not a videogame

  109. Asher Trotter

    Asher Trotter9 kun oldin

    I love how you are just throwing these people under the bus

  110. Jo

    Jo9 kun oldin

    He doesn't have the longest win streaks I'm boxing without a loss