Game Theory: The Minecraft Warden... SOLVED! w/ Dream

Special thanks to Dream & the Dream Team for being in this episode!
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Whenever something new pops up in the world of Minecraft, you know I have to talk about it! So, what are the Minecraft Wardens? The recent announcement of the Minecraft cave update adds a new mob of big, horned monsters. Design wise, they are pretty scary but how do they change the lore? Well the rest of the update gives us a LOT of clues. From the cave itself to the SOULS we can see in its chest, I think we are in for some SCARY answers!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Pedro Freitas, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


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    This is literally the collab of the century and I cannot be convinced otherwise

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    maybe but there's quite a bit of cringe with dream here too

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  7. Sherwin Sicat

    Sherwin Sicat7 daqiqa oldin

    The name warden is like a word not a name hint war den-then then it was war in the minecraft past

  8. MicahElywyn

    MicahElywyn19 daqiqa oldin

    Maaaaatt nooooo, you forgot that you could literally fuse the two ideas together. What if to protect the strongholds the builders made iron golems in there, and they just wandered away. You see evidence of iron golems wandering away from villages, so why not say the same for them wandering away from their strongholds. This would explain why they look like and are as strong as the iron golems, and why they have “souls” in their bodies. Even their names make sense now!

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    minecraft's obsession with golems

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    I’m in shock that my two favorite UZnickrs collabed over my favorite video game

  13. Rowan Popplewell

    Rowan PopplewellSoat oldin

    Wait... Do you know how the eyes of ender is how you go to the end? Well, what if those eyes could allow the wardens to travel through dimensions and you had to fight them to get the eyes? Maybe they are called the wardens because the difficulty of finding and killing things that are bigger beef cakes than the golem while they are protecting the stronghold at the same time while being able to retreat by teleporting? So I think that the warden could be much stronger with there eyes because they have "theoretically adapted" to use the soul sand to make plants as echolocation sources... What makes them supposedly stronger with there eyes is that they are smart enough to remember a task they were given eons ago and adapt to fulfill it smartly and slickly. So I combat the wardens would take every body on like Thanos did in infinity war. However this theory is a bit of a stretch so it could be half taken literally....

  14. Proxima Centauri

    Proxima CentauriSoat oldin

    Dude check out SimplySarc's warden theory.

  15. Mr. Animator

    Mr. Animator2 soat oldin

    Wait i think i know why the warden is blind the eye we use is the wardens eye

  16. Noah Clark

    Noah Clark2 soat oldin

    8:36 that is a 4x4 end portal, not a 3x3.

  17. Aileen Ureña

    Aileen Ureña2 soat oldin

    Maybe the skulk crawled to the stronghold and the ancient builder's made a iron golem to and they fused inside the stronghold

  18. vurhur

    vurhur2 soat oldin

    maybe the eye of ender might fit the warden. since he’s blind i can imagine that the eye of ender once was his eye. 👁

  19. Jackie Brockholm

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    8:35 that is the wrong amount of frame blocks

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    Why U have to do jump scare at beginning

  22. shadow eagles eye kackson

    shadow eagles eye kackson4 soat oldin

    Ok what if the warden is an adult sculk sensor or like you said the sculk are hive mind like ants with the warden possibly being the soldier or the queen and the sculks beings soldiers collecting food to feed both the warden and themselves

  23. tyler abdill

    tyler abdill4 soat oldin

    I have to ask why not both theories? the skulk is a semi sentient plant it detects the golem's movement as the builders have them down unground while working on something maybe a mineshaft or stronghold and attaches itself to the golem the builders notice this and think they can use it to improve their guards (currently the golems) so they wrap the golems in skulk and perhaps adding soulsand as an additional power source to deal with the extra mass forming what are now the wardens presumably blind as their eyes got covered in skulk as it kept growing on them

  24. Arihanth Pharshy

    Arihanth Pharshy4 soat oldin

    Me : There are only 8 end portal blocks MatPat : Not anymore 8:36

  25. Malachi Woodward

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    I love the part where the warden hits the zombie in the air

  26. - Spicy_avocados

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    Wait what if you are able to build it like the iron gollums?!

  27. Connie

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    Warden = End War i just realized that lol

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    Game Theory: This isn’t some video where we say we solved the mystery The title: 👁👄👁

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    Hero brine is from the ancient civilization change my minED

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    I like the warden jump scare at the start

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    When someone watches this video: Minecraft is a horror game

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  35. Marcos Blanco2

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    What if the warden was a mob trying to lead us to the strong hold maybe it well be a character in the story that you can befriend the warden

  36. Jay The Dragon Tamer

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    I love that ending, "Wait are we on Game Theory?" Love it!

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    Dream loves to cheat

  38. frank 55

    frank 5510 soat oldin

    The one minecraft theory from matpat that I don't believe because kingbdogz the main guy working on the warden and the deep dark contradicts this entire theory by saying "The warden doesn't necessarily need to be protecting something." And "The name warden does have a meaning but we aren't going to tell you."

  39. JV - 04HK 890186 Herb Campbell PS

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    But isn't the iron golem the warden of the village

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  41. MD TAURO

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    Honestly i think that the Warden is a monster created by the souls of miners that started mining under y0 and couldn't find a way to go back home

  42. CoolManSammy

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    It's a 4x4 End Portal 8:35

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    ma fav collabouration so far in 2021 :D

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    8:35 Definitly an end portal

  45. Epic bruh moment

    Epic bruh moment17 soat oldin

    That’s pretty sad like what if the people who were gonna defeat the ender dragon never came back thus the ender man aka the ancient people never defeated it and the warden just sat there, waiting for them to comeback reference: Ballad the dog. Imagine sitting in a dark spot for years with no one to talk to. So the existing stronghold after years crumbled and became that spawned structure you saw in the trailer. And he’s been guarding that spot for years by those sensors since he’s blind. Who knows maybe Mojang might add a little story to Minecraft

  46. SPC Samhain_

    SPC Samhain_18 soat oldin

    theres a connection between the warden and 9/11...

  47. Unknown

    Unknown18 soat oldin

    How I think the warden works is like a puppet Or a big robot for the souls Like an animatronic suit from Fnaf And what I think is is that when the old builders died they would go into a warden as a plan B so that if their plan to go to the end went south they would still have humans on the overworld in big strong body’s so they could survive attacks they normally would die one hit to And of course the builders got stuck So now it’s the wardens job To try and bring them back home That’s why the look like portal frames Because thats what they are made of Everything in this cave update and end portal frames So that when they get to the end is some way or another The humans (if they were still alive) would use the warden pieces to go home. BUT HEY THATS JUST A THEORY A COMMENTS THEORY THANKS FOR READING

  48. Aquatically

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    8:32 Wait a minute...

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    what if the evything herobrine combine the things the builders evry thing but you the player is the chsen one.

  51. Chorus

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    Theory : Wardens Are Actually Iron Golems Trapped In Caves And Stepping On The Sculks.

  52. Numbertaker

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    5:31 power over life and death you say? And who did you Collab with in this video again? All it took was 4 months

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    Not the collab we deserved but the collab we needed

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    Maybe in the future the will add drop for the warden or maybe they will add a new weapon

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    then the pilegers got togethr from difrent vilages and started billding posts so they can see what the villagers are doing they billt wepens and the anchend bilders whanted to proteck the villagers and they won the batel but the wore never ended that is why they disidet to to the end

  64. mario contreras

    mario contrerasKun oldin

    ok i have a theri look how dreem seed that the skulk might of taken over and how game thirie sed it is a kre ashon what is they are both right like the anchent bilders disided to put the skulk on the iron golem sense he is week and the worden whas the end resolt of that expirament then when they disided to go to the end they also made a dragon to proteck them if some one maneged to get in but the dragon whanted to there leader sense the dragon is more srtonger than the anchent bilders so they had to werk for it and they also had to make a sistom to get the dragon back if it ever died that is why it hase lived for so long and the vilagers whanted to copi the anchent bilders magic but ended up to be a mistake because it ternd them in to pilagers they had ti kik oute the infeckted so they can live in peace

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    the beginning was actually scary. I got scared of the junpscare ._.

  66. Pink Sheep

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  67. shoto todoroki

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  81. Calico

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    well i do believe that if you take matpats side of the theory and look into it more ive come up with a couple more things. since the theory is going that apparently builders made their way to the end in hopes of fleeing the overworld, and being curious got them stuck there i believe that the end had done other things with the soul. hear me out we see with soul sand there are faces presumably the souls, they appear to look surprised and that of the sort so we can presume they were stuck there, not trying to be but were stuck after an attempt. now in the warder we see that there are two(?) souls, those in which seem to be either trapped in the warden or the ones controlling it. now back to the soul sand, the souls, if you stretch this theory far enough presumably are the ones slowing down the player, since your soul holds the weight of regret and such the souls trapped in that perpetual stare of suffering would be still alive, since theyre souls. if its multiple souls to make up soul sand then whos to say that multiple builders werent fused into one vessel, therefore making the warden? the name "warden" would fit, too. since endermen are presumably those who came of fruition by being trapped in the end, i have more to add to this theory by proposing that if the endermen are seen in the overworld too, we can presume that that is the same thing with the warden. they were the keeper of the end because it became their home (hence their patterns.) and then managed to escape. now as far out as this theory is, its fun to theorize on a game with no seeable lore. a game in which cannot truly end.

  82. Robster A lobster

    Robster A lobster2 kun oldin

    What if the ancient builders wanted a protectors like you said but they need better ones for there stronghold as it was being used like a bunker to protect and they made them stronger by making the smarter they swap a block in the recipe to make an iron golem with soul sand containing human souls and an end portal block and it’s smarter so the ancient race go through the portal and the creatures wait for them to return but they don’t as we know it is a one way trip the creatures become dormant and the scull grows over the dormant creatures it grows over there eye and make ms it blind they grow in the creatures and finally after growing on the creatures they become one with it and wake it up were they made them blind they add things that can hear controlling the creatures the scull exported with them and that’s how we find them in the caves

  83. ඞ Frostypop ඞ

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    I originally thought the stuff in the wardens chest was it’s heart

  84. beast slayer123

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    My calculation is correct the ender dragon boss is the warden because the warden is guarding the stronghold to protect the portal because like ender dragon needs help so they call help to warden so the warden is the boss OK here 1st boss warden 2nd boss ender dragon 3rd boss enderman Minecraft has a lot of secret hero brine null and devil hero brine and King of the brines this is my calculations I hope I'm right and love your vide BTW...

  93. CloudRaker

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