What should I do next with jolly ranchers!? #shorts


  1. E E

    E E4 soat oldin

    How much u wanna bet it don work

  2. tammy benoist

    tammy benoist4 soat oldin

    Did you charge it..?

  3. hmm 86

    hmm 865 soat oldin

    Wait so this dude is still getting hate but a bunch of other people who got hate aren’t getting hate? I’m not saying this guy shouldn’t get hate btw

  4. Brianna Vale'Defo

    Brianna Vale'Defo6 soat oldin

    Not him wearing a snake necklace

  5. Brea Jolley

    Brea Jolley7 soat oldin

    Is that you cute snake it’s so cute

  6. Sxnflxwer_Vxbez

    Sxnflxwer_Vxbez10 soat oldin

    Just me or anyone else notice the SNAKE on his neck?? Like wut

  7. evelyn ezena

    evelyn ezena12 soat oldin

    It wont work

  8. Andrey Skots

    Andrey Skots13 soat oldin

    I love how he us just casually talking while his snake is around his neck

  9. ShowtimeZander04

    ShowtimeZander0420 soat oldin

    It doesnt work because jolly ranchers are inside the phone.

  10. Ayrianna Green

    Ayrianna Green20 soat oldin

    Aww your snake is beautiful is it a ball python

  11. James Hatfield

    James Hatfield21 soat oldin


  12. Carlos Gomez

    Carlos GomezKun oldin



    AGHORA OPKun oldin

    Yor the dumbest person I've ever seen... Even the grade F is gonna feel disgraced if it's "awarded" to you.... 🤦

  14. Ac Cutie

    Ac CutieKun oldin

    You kill your dad‘s phone

  15. CGA vids

    CGA vidsKun oldin

    Is that a snake!?

  16. •Black_Wolfy•

    •Black_Wolfy•Kun oldin

    His daddy be mad mad

  17. fouoii gyhh

    fouoii gyhhKun oldin

    You know this kid made his voice deeper so if anybody takes the clip from his tiktok it makes him look better and cooler?

  18. Rami Khaled

    Rami KhaledKun oldin

    While u have the 11 or 12

  19. Rami Khaled

    Rami KhaledKun oldin

    No way ur dad has an iPhone 4

  20. Coleslaw

    ColeslawKun oldin

    Love the snek


    CASHfromINDIANAKun oldin

    Rich people problems.. Meanwhile somewhere someone is down on their luck and could use a phone incase jobs call.. Yet you get people like this.. Let's destroy this perfectly fine car we could have given to a single mom or someone who badly needs one.. Anything for views tho right??.. You know doing shit like this requires no talent right??.. SMH..

  22. fouoii gyhh

    fouoii gyhhKun oldin

    Its 333k likes nice

  23. Tiffany Robinson

    Tiffany RobinsonKun oldin

    Him wasting a perfect phone that works just to smash it and throw it away like nothin

  24. Kerry mulhern

    Kerry mulhernKun oldin

    How did his voice get deaper

  25. JJ Playz

    JJ PlayzKun oldin

    At least it was a iPhone 4😜

  26. Artist Ainsley

    Artist AinsleyKun oldin

    Bruh you should of eaten the jolly rancher:

  27. career manager pmb

    career manager pmbKun oldin

    Ok that's how you get yourself grounded


    MAIN SNIPERKun oldin


  29. Itz Skylar U-U

    Itz Skylar U-UKun oldin

    Maybe cause it doesent have battery

  30. Kiana oof

    Kiana oofKun oldin


  31. lil t turtle

    lil t turtle2 kun oldin


  32. vantsel the weeb

    vantsel the weeb2 kun oldin

    Did you try recharging it before coming to the conclusion that it doesn't work?

  33. Owen Moore

    Owen Moore2 kun oldin

    Your dad has a shut down I phone 4???

  34. ItsXeno

    ItsXeno2 kun oldin

    I think it broke

  35. Lachlan Hercus

    Lachlan Hercus2 kun oldin

    Well we knew it wouldn't work

  36. Matthew Firstenburg

    Matthew Firstenburg2 kun oldin

    Its 333k likes nice

  37. Rolondo Ray

    Rolondo Ray2 kun oldin

    Make another giant jolly rancher that's edible with nothing inside

  38. Rolondo Ray

    Rolondo Ray2 kun oldin

    And give it to us

  39. Football Lover

    Football Lover2 kun oldin


  40. Gamer Girl1324

    Gamer Girl13242 kun oldin

    Buy him a new one

  41. Adalyn Phillips

    Adalyn Phillips2 kun oldin

    Instantly has a deep af voice when about to smash it

  42. Ask to seduce Miss

    Ask to seduce Miss2 kun oldin

    Damn nice snake

  43. Kaydence Schroer

    Kaydence Schroer2 kun oldin


  44. Ask to seduce Miss

    Ask to seduce Miss2 kun oldin

    The amount of sugar wasted... they would’ve killed u if it were the middle ages

  45. Toaster003

    Toaster0032 kun oldin

    Bruh when he said “out” it didn’t even sound like the normal Canadian “owt” it just sounded like “ote” lmao

  46. Caysy Filip

    Caysy Filip2 kun oldin

    I’m sure that the phone is broken

  47. Anonymously known

    Anonymously known2 kun oldin

    What a waste of good candy, I would’ve licked it until the phone came out


    ALEXZORG PLAYZ2 kun oldin

    Respect for not eating he jelly rancher: DOWN

  49. Ute Schmidt

    Ute Schmidt2 kun oldin

    Not God

  50. Emma Magill

    Emma Magill2 kun oldin

    This is the type of person that would cancel a doctors appointment bc they are sick

  51. Ultimateskillet 77

    Ultimateskillet 772 kun oldin

    Well no shit it doesn’t work, it’s an iPhone 4/5 that melted candy on to and threw around :/

  52. Skye Murray

    Skye Murray2 kun oldin


  53. Chandu Vamsi

    Chandu Vamsi2 kun oldin

    Play stupid games, win stupid prices!

  54. wiggly wiggle

    wiggly wiggle2 kun oldin

    No one is going to talk about the snake on his Neck

  55. Tore Stattin Thorell

    Tore Stattin Thorell2 kun oldin

    He has a f*cking snake around his

  56. J0214H Fl0r3s

    J0214H Fl0r3s3 kun oldin

    I'm infuriated by this UZnick video no not because he dropped it and thought the phone would work no I am inferiorated that he did not eat the thing dude like a popsicle

  57. Nothing Literally Nothing

    Nothing Literally Nothing3 kun oldin

    The amount of sugar wasted... they would’ve killed u if it were the middle ages

  58. Jesse Ramirez

    Jesse Ramirez3 kun oldin

    Damn nice snake

  59. bowen voowy

    bowen voowy3 kun oldin

    I feel bad for his dad, like at the end this guy looked like he had no guilt. He just plopped the phone in the bin and acted like everything was fine-

  60. Owen Power

    Owen Power3 kun oldin

    U have a Canadian accent and I just noticed are u from Canada?

  61. Miss Sarvente

    Miss Sarvente3 kun oldin

    Expectations Vs reality be like:

  62. ba6 la9

    ba6 la93 kun oldin

    Tiktokers are shit so dont do drugs if you doin it stop it get some help

  63. saucycactus

    saucycactus3 kun oldin

    I hope the phone isn't damaged let's just throw it to be sure though

  64. bowen voowy

    bowen voowy3 kun oldin

    Love how da snooky just be chillin

  65. Clint Woodralii

    Clint Woodralii3 kun oldin

    Bro you didn't use rice

  66. Cooldude714Pro

    Cooldude714Pro3 kun oldin

    his dads phone is an iphone 4s

  67. mynight8633

    mynight86333 kun oldin

    O I saw u with a snake I have one too😃...well I have 2 sbakes

  68. Basket ball Player

    Basket ball Player3 kun oldin

    I I actually thought I was work

  69. Drifty

    Drifty3 kun oldin

    Do you bough him a new phone?


    TEAQUA WILLIAMS3 kun oldin

    What no thats was some good candy watch. Why

  71. Lilliana Roman

    Lilliana Roman3 kun oldin

    When you expect it to work but it didn't work. You- 👁👄👁

  72. Ahmed Ali

    Ahmed Ali3 kun oldin

    500.000.000$ SDKAL TYOY $$$500.000.000!!!!

  73. Noah Ashford the Italian astronaut

    Noah Ashford the Italian astronaut3 kun oldin

    Bro used a voice modifier to make his voice deeper

  74. alexandrabailey

    alexandrabailey3 kun oldin

    “who thinks it’s gonna work..? *laughs nervously*

  75. Melinda Trowbridge

    Melinda Trowbridge3 kun oldin

    That's crazy with snakes around your neck it can bite snake bite called in your freaking crazy you're just going okay and if he does we don't want to hear you cuz I'm probably a new phone you are

  76. Sincerely,

    Sincerely,3 kun oldin

    Why are people so damn stupid?

  77. •Potato Angel•

    •Potato Angel•3 kun oldin

    no shit the phone didn’t work the candy prolly got into the charging port

  78. Gacha_ Cat

    Gacha_ Cat3 kun oldin

    Love how da snooky just be chillin

  79. Code ip0g

    Code ip0g3 kun oldin

    That phone is 10 years old lmao $10 phone

  80. Sangwoo

    Sangwoo3 kun oldin

    Good for you

  81. Yowchie Tintoushi

    Yowchie Tintoushi3 kun oldin

    This is why Yowchie Tintoushi doesn’t have sugar.

  82. Ask to seduce Miss

    Ask to seduce Miss3 kun oldin

    who would have thunk that throwing a phone in the air might have a tinsy winsy chance of maybe breaking it

  83. Sangwoo

    Sangwoo3 kun oldin

    Bruh ur comment is an exact copy of one of the top comments from 4 days ago

  84. Pixel Kills

    Pixel Kills3 kun oldin

    That’s a voice changer LOL

  85. Brennen Morgan

    Brennen Morgan4 kun oldin

    Why would you throw it that high whhhhyyyyyy!!?!?!?!?!!?!?

  86. TheRealShinyHero

    TheRealShinyHero4 kun oldin

    I kind of just wanna eat it all tbh well except the phone cuz why would I eat the phone wait what if it is jolly ranchers omg

  87. •KaiAngelVids •

    •KaiAngelVids •4 kun oldin

    Its selfish to do that to your parents phone and make a vid out if it

  88. Ask to seduce Miss

    Ask to seduce Miss3 kun oldin

    Why does your “dad” sound like you but pitchshifted

  89. Ballistic Bee

    Ballistic Bee4 kun oldin

    Did anyone else see the python just sorta chillin around his neck like a necklace?

  90. Kolby Arsenault

    Kolby Arsenault4 kun oldin

    Maybe cause it's an iPhone 4 lol

  91. Deceitful Coyote

    Deceitful Coyote4 kun oldin

    Gosh darnit rich people first an elcomino and now a phone? Really?

  92. Justin Mabb

    Justin Mabb4 kun oldin

    Why did you not throw on two it would trick people 🤣

  93. William c

    William c4 kun oldin

    Ever heard of charging it

  94. Mason Fedele

    Mason Fedele4 kun oldin

    Did he go through puberty there

  95. Jessica King

    Jessica King4 kun oldin

    Yeah I hate having children it sucks

  96. Møônlight MakesGacha

    Møônlight MakesGacha4 kun oldin

    **Sigh** The things people will do for views these days!!

  97. Chasadilla

    Chasadilla4 kun oldin

    The snake around his neck was cute tho

  98. ihasarax

    ihasarax4 kun oldin

    He got an iPhone 4 bruh

  99. Daisy Palacios

    Daisy Palacios4 kun oldin

    What did you expect

  100. Ashwolf UwU

    Ashwolf UwU4 kun oldin

    okay but snek- zkdhsofnek

  101. Ivory Lopez

    Ivory Lopez4 kun oldin

    Why you waste so much jolly ranchers

  102. SoapCanMan

    SoapCanMan4 kun oldin

    Why does your “dad” sound like you but pitchshifted

  103. Historicclone1 501st

    Historicclone1 501st4 kun oldin

    Because it was an I-phone LOL try a Nokia

  104. Garrett Roper

    Garrett Roper4 kun oldin

    U make me laugh so hard u do thw dummest things ever 😂

  105. itz_starri _skyz

    itz_starri _skyz4 kun oldin

    "Drinking alcohol and doing drugs wont affect my kid" The kid:

  106. Caroline Miller

    Caroline Miller4 kun oldin


  107. oofed 1000x

    oofed 1000x4 kun oldin

    The snake do

  108. *-Mocha Afton-*

    *-Mocha Afton-*4 kun oldin

    Why did his voice pitch change when he turned the camera round