Guardianship: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

It’s alarmingly easy for a total stranger to gain total control over the life of a senior citizen. We enlisted a group of celebrities to offer a warning about predatory a legal guardian or a hippo.
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  1. Rose Black

    Rose BlackSoat oldin

    That open air meat market joke has to win an award for the most unexpected not aged well joke of all time lmao 😂 Nostrajohnmus

  2. MindGem

    MindGem2 soat oldin

    gah, 2018....half of the celebrities are now dead.

  3. drmom5

    drmom512 soat oldin

    Guardianship is the most restrictive option. It's been forced on my disabled son by people who refuse to honor my Power of Attorney. It's cost me $6000 so far and the hearing is only 2/3 done. Three years so far. PA needs a law that triggers a Guardianship hearing within 30 days of the abuser messing with the POA. In the meantime, the evil-doers have doubled his hours unnecessarily, and have him signing papers without lies on them.

  4. GoblinQueenYumi

    GoblinQueenYumi3 kun oldin

    I feel like this entire video is one big hippo violation

  5. Dustin Rodriguez

    Dustin Rodriguez6 kun oldin

    I'm only 42 and in perfect health, by the time it's needed I don't think Tom Hanks will be able to be my health care representative. I think I'm gonna put down Post Malone. He seems nice.

  6. Lapis Lazarus

    Lapis Lazarus7 kun oldin

    My local paper, The Albuquerque Journal, ran a week long piece called "Who's Guarding the Guardians?" about the systemic problems in the state of New Mexico. It's so secretive and there's no appeal or recourse. Terrifying!!!

  7. Ker Loz

    Ker Loz8 kun oldin

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  8. Tegan Griffiths

    Tegan Griffiths8 kun oldin

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  9. David DeLaney

    David DeLaney8 kun oldin

    John, John, John. ...if you need some lessons on what to do with balls - your own or other people's - many of us would happily provide them. --Dave, free of charge, even ps: "I can make a hat, or a brooch, or a pterodactyl..." "GIVE me that!"

  10. Pappa L

    Pappa L9 kun oldin

    I work at an assisted living facility and this is something that we have an entire orientation on looking out for. If there are any situations where someone is being taken advantage of or if we think someone is being taken advantage of, we have a whole legal team and such to take care of the seniors and to make sure that any abuse ceases immediately.

  11. S Mode

    S Mode9 kun oldin

    Glad to see that April Parks was sentenced to 16-40 years for screwing those people over. Though I would assume that that will screw that couple out of the $8.5 million civil judgment they won against her.

  12. mario yu

    mario yu9 kun oldin

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  13. Sir Laughs a Lot

    Sir Laughs a Lot10 kun oldin

    I just spent an interesting evening. First, I went looking for the Netflix episode of Dirty Money's Guardian Inc. only to discover that the episode had been pulled because of an impending lawsuit. Then after getting nowhere with that lead, I uncovered a long documentary by my national broadcaster, CBC. It covers among other things, the story of April Parks (and three of her cronies). It was an astonishing thing to watch. As the story unfolds, you begin to realize a few things. When an "industry" is set up that employs a lot of people, that enables a lot of people to operate in such a way as to cause a lot of wealth to be able to be appropriated, and to change hands, and to happen with very little risk to the "professionals" doing these jobs - It can be really hard to turn it around. This all started between 30 and 40 years ago, and it is well entrenched. A lot of the victims of this were initially shocked. They're not shocked anymore. Discovering that the elders in their family suddenly found themselves with no rights, as if declared non persons. Discovering that a total stranger could step in under the guise of "guardianship" as if having their elder family member's best interests at heart, but the real reason is to transfer that person's wealth into the Guardian's pockets, bank accounts, with lots left over for the people who aid and abet, and help them along the way. This should be an obvious thing - but is barely ever mentioned. Working class elders - those who do not own property, who have next to nothing of any kind of asset, insurance policy, savings or investment, retirement funds, or much of anything - are immune to this predation. They don't count. They're not wanted. And the reason is obvious. There is nothing of value to attract a predator. The whole thing is set up as a wealth transfer, pure and simple. The basic framework of law that set this all up and supports it still, was brought to America before it was America, from England, a long time ago - and it's never really been changed. Initially, there wasn't much in the way of loopholes to exploit. That is not the case now. A lot of greasy but smart people have figured out the loopholes over the past 40 years. They're good at it. I could go on here but I'll just offer one interesting idea: If this "industry" isn't dealt with soon, something to think about. Over the next 10-20 years, the Boomer generation will generate something like 38 trillions' worth of inheritable wealth as the sun sets on their golden years. If we think the vultures are a rough tough bunch now, we ain't seen nothin' yet. Get ready for multiple thousands of Guardian billionaires.

  14. Lucas Fleming

    Lucas Fleming10 kun oldin

    Who’s watching this after seeing I Care A Lot?

  15. David Bithel

    David Bithel10 kun oldin

    She is a bad egg and should be locked away from society. So so so terrible. By chance she has the children.

  16. Wumpa Island

    Wumpa Island13 kun oldin


  17. Jeremy JJ

    Jeremy JJ13 kun oldin

    NDT in this episode is epic I loved it!

  18. Alonso Sevilla

    Alonso Sevilla13 kun oldin

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  19. Niles Graham

    Niles Graham16 kun oldin

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  20. Cre Henge

    Cre Henge16 kun oldin

    What is checknology? 😂

  21. FLux

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    FLux16 kun oldin


  23. Christine Meyer

    Christine Meyer18 kun oldin

    Thank you from Volusia County!

  24. Benjamin Gal-Or

    Benjamin Gal-Or18 kun oldin

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  25. Daniel Da Rosa

    Daniel Da Rosa19 kun oldin

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  26. Trunks

    Trunks20 kun oldin

    Good news though, by the time April Parks gets out of prison SHE’LL need a “guardian” 😂😂😂

  27. Hae Zhao

    Hae Zhao21 kun oldin

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  28. thodor anch

    thodor anch22 kun oldin

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  29. Steve Sand

    Steve Sand23 kun oldin

    Yea that movie on Netflix “I Care A Lot” is exactly about this...... it’s insane..... and the crazy part is that they put these people in facilities and then accuse the family of “not Putting them in a facility to save money that they see as their ‘future inheritance’ like What????

  30. taehoon oh

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  33. PolarBearMama37

    PolarBearMama3725 kun oldin

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    Wiliam mOy oldin

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  44. Emily Cardenas

    Emily CardenasOy oldin

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  50. Erin

    ErinOy oldin

    Please don't go back to a live audience. That laughing is annoying af

  51. Naomi Fox

    Naomi FoxOy oldin

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  53. Erica Cabo Dal Molin

    Erica Cabo Dal MolinOy oldin

    Britney was 10 years in her conservatorship at this time, if only they caught it! #FREEBRITNEY #FREEBRITNEY #FREEBRITNEY

  54. Collin Keyser

    Collin Keyser26 kun oldin

    Unfortunately She's Still In It. That Couple That Was Only In It For 2 Years Don't Know How Lucky They Are.

  55. Nurse Victoria

    Nurse VictoriaOy oldin

    I care a lot. Time to revisit.

  56. Mac Miller

    Mac MillerOy oldin

    This is what the second amendment is for. When you’re 85 and the government tries to kidnap you out of your home.

  57. BoIsAlone

    BoIsAloneOy oldin

    I'm planning on not having kids or getting married (like being alone too much) so I'm kinda worried that this will be me when I'm old so I hope the system gets fixed by then but probably not

  58. kim minh

    kim minhOy oldin

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    Ruby MassieOy oldin

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  61. Annette Wong

    Annette WongOy oldin

    I know this is about elderly folks but this is incredibly applicable to Britney's guardianship situation too

  62. LÆVIS

    LÆVISOy oldin

    Open air exotic meat market... Yeah, that joke really didn't age well :p

  63. Olivia Olson

    Olivia OlsonOy oldin

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  64. Pascal

    PascalOy oldin

    Jokes on johnny joykiller, I fell asleep watching this video

  65. Elsa Tan

    Elsa TanOy oldin

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  67. Joel C

    Joel COy oldin

    its not quite a "fox," but the maned wolf LOOKS like a tall fox, and they are awesome creatures, so screw you John Oliver #yestallfoxes #iamtriggeredforallthewrongreasons

  68. Laney Holliday

    Laney HollidayOy oldin

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  69. Kim N

    Kim NOy oldin

    There are also well-known brokerage firms, banks and trust co's doing the same or worse to the elderly. My parents did EVERYthing right: they worked hard (Dad retired at 74 and Mom worked into her 80's), they wrote wills decades in advance, and paid for their funeral expenses and cemetary plots years in advance. But, at the advice of his UBS broker, Dad hired Cumberland trust to handle their assets and that's where it went wrong. In 2016, while I was living out of state, Cumberland managed to smooth-talk my parents into removing themselves as trustees, then, in 2018, started charging them $17k annually to make sure their income taxes were filed (though I discovered 2 yrs later that they never did it) and pay their bills, which they often did late, incurring late fees for my parents. The UBS broker had gotten Dad to take out a loan (underwritten by UBS) for someone else's house and another loan for the downpayment, but never sent him a payment notice, apparently realizing he wouldn't notice that his loan debt was increasing (it has now tripled!) and somehow Cumberland didn't tell Dad either. So, after an attorney got Dad to assign durable POA to me, the UBS broker ignored my phone calls and emails. I recommended my parents fire Cumberland Trust and I found a small, local bank to take their place so I wouldn't be accused of trying to be in control of anything but their health. Unfortunately, that bank didn't pay ANY bills, and even lied about it in writing, until I found out my parents' health AND life insurance policies had lapsed. When I asked the trust officer for written documentation of her work, she ignored me. Then she finally set up a meeting with us, but instead of telling us what she'd accomplished, she tried to talk my parents into agreeing to refinance that house through HER, even admitting she wouldn't get a better rate, and conveniently leaving out the fact that there are fees to pay in a refi. So we found an attorney to fire her. Within 10 days, the fired trust officer filed suit against my parents, even "diagnosing" them inaccurately in the legal papers. The lawsuit claimed, e.g., that my parents were incapable of firing them, (but WERE capable of HIRING them 4 months earlier) . They claimed Mom is "legally blind" though her longtime opthamologist said she's 20/50 in ea eye and not even close to blind. But, do the courts care? NO! The judge never asked the bank's lawyer to prove their diagnoses, and won't allow me to talk in any of the the 4 hearings we've had where all that was done was postpone it and set a date for another hearing. It took me a whole month and 6 hours of calls and emails to 27 law firms before I found one who isn't beholden to this bank. One attorney told me that's on purpose. Banks spread out their cases all over the city, so every law firm will have a conflict of interest and will want to keep getting work from the bank. Even the firm we ended up hiring has been treating this bank's attorney with kid gloves and acts as though we're in a 14th century kingdom in which they'll be beheaded if they anger the bank. In the now 7 months since this lawsuit was filed, the stress has taken a visible and heartbreaking toll. Both of my parents have lost the ability to walk or even stand without assistance. Both have become incontinent, and Mom barely eats and has dropped to 81 lbs. The CFP we were going to hire before being sued told me that this lawsuit would purposely drag on and render my parents insolvent at the end.

  70. Laney Holliday

    Laney HollidayOy oldin

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  74. Jakob Nyarly

    Jakob NyarlyOy oldin

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  75. Ava Jara

    Ava JaraOy oldin

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    Claire SinclairOy oldin

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  78. Claves Septem

    Claves SeptemOy oldin

    Ableds. Disgust. Me.

  79. trey que

    trey queOy oldin

    I got link from a lawyer's video about this Been reading about it for years - it happens everywhere in the USA but a couple of states have some protections. I contacted watchdog group NASGA & was told "There is no way to protect yourself 100% at this time, but…. There’s one thing to do now which should help you avoid a guardianship and that’s to execute a Durable Power of Attorney and Healthcare Proxy" Spread the word. It's our best defense against this Handmaid's Tale for Old Folks.

  80. T C

    T COy oldin

    ... this is state sponsored fraud.

  81. Huynh Hong Nhat

    Huynh Hong NhatOy oldin

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  82. Clare Swanson

    Clare SwansonOy oldin

    This happens to young disabled people too. I’ve encountered guardians of 18 year old autistic young adults signing away their voting rights without consent. If that was an abled person there would be universal outrage. If they don’t want to vote that’s fine but disenfranchisement based on disability status should be illegal. I’m autistic and this hasn’t happened to me because my parents are good and because I’m speaking but nonspeaking people deserve all the same rights as me.

  83. Bart Scantlin

    Bart ScantlinOy oldin

    So the movie I Care A Lot was a documentary?

  84. Jamie Wilkins

    Jamie WilkinsOy oldin

    So, was "I Care A Lot" on Netflix actually based on this segment?

  85. Chris

    ChrisOy oldin

    So while it doesn't necessarily undermine the substance of this piece, the statement about Texas county judges misunderstands what a county judge in Texas is. Texas county judges are not actually judges in a court of law; they are the presiding officer of the county commissioner's court (not actually a court). Texas uses a weird executive governance system where the county has an elected executive body, the county commissioner's court, that is charged with administration of the county.

  86. Atticus V

    Atticus VOy oldin

    Really starting to look at the Christopher Plummer and Phil Spectre jokes differently now

  87. Michael Rák

    Michael RákOy oldin

    Hippos are killing machines.

  88. Adrian Green

    Adrian GreenOy oldin

    Lol, funny how this rocked up on my feed so shortly after "I Care a Lot" debuts on Netflix. Still, between the movie and this Last Week Tonight clip, I hope the message gets out that this system needs to be fixed

  89. Laura Brown

    Laura BrownOy oldin

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  90. slockhrt

    slockhrtOy oldin

    Hippos are nightmares!

  91. Forrest Van Alstine

    Forrest Van AlstineOy oldin

    #notallfox #fuckhippos

  92. djsogywafles

    djsogywaflesOy oldin

    The movie I care alot has brought this up as well

  93. Frank Fields

    Frank FieldsOy oldin

    She outlasted them by decades.

  94. Samantha Vingers

    Samantha VingersOy oldin

    Why are u joking about this at the beginning ??? Literally children’s, individuals lives were ruined by this :( I like u but like.... people’s lives were ruined

  95. jonichiban

    jonichibanOy oldin

    I came here because of "I Care a Lot"!

  96. Noble Singh

    Noble SinghOy oldin

    Anyone here after the "I care alot" movie?

  97. sosunfreak

    sosunfreakOy oldin

    this is a fucking bomb message actually

  98. Jigalo Grecalo

    Jigalo GrecaloOy oldin

    this hits different after watching "I care a lot"

  99. Funny Moppy

    Funny MoppyOy oldin

    Who is here after watching "I care a lot" on Netflix? This happens for real! I'm so beyond pissed!

  100. Ellen Oxman

    Ellen OxmanOy oldin

    Same thing as in "I Care A Lot" a stranger showed up at my apartment door in MANHATTAN NY, "somehow" got past doorman, and pushed into my apartment with a "Warrant" for my elderly mother, from NJ! who was living with me after Hurricane Sandy. Said she was my mother's court lawyer/Guardian. Her name - Sylvia DiPxxx; a "professional" "Guardian" dead ringer for Rosamund Pike in "I Care a Lot". Had to call the NYPD to have her removed. I put her coat and bags on the elevator, told her that her things were going down to the lobby. She did not budge from my mother's side until the cops came and made her leave. But first she called the corrupt Manhattan Supreme Court judge who is part of the Guardianship Industry in NY. It's a hell on earth.

  101. z.h.a.t

    z.h.a.tOy oldin

    that’s horrible; i hope you and your mother are alright now

  102. Akilah Gable

    Akilah GableOy oldin

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