Harry Styles Covers Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer” Live on the Howard Stern Show

“I think it’s like the best mixed song ever,” Harry Styles said of Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer” before he and his band broke into their pitch-perfect rendition of the ‘80s hit.
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  1. The Howard Stern Show

    The Howard Stern ShowOy oldin

    Stream the FULL interview now on SiriusXM: siriusxm.us/HarryStylesOnHoward

  2. John Naples

    John Naples12 soat oldin

    If I dress like Marge Simpson will I sing like that?!

  3. JIMBO

    JIMBOKun oldin

    2 sticks on the snare ! Great

  4. chelle patino

    chelle patinoKun oldin

    He's done some amazing covers. Juice by lizzo and chains by Fleetwood mac

  5. JIMBO

    JIMBOKun oldin

    Wow !

  6. Alex Watts

    Alex WattsKun oldin

    I wanted to shit all over this performance but it's actually amazing. Newfound respect for this group of musicians.

  7. dave schierz

    dave schierzKun oldin

    i hate covers.... this kid clobbered it, holy cripes.......amazing

  8. Onyx

    Onyx2 kun oldin

    The amount of people who diddnt know this song untill Harry introduced it to them 🤚😫

  9. Urban Garage

    Urban Garage2 kun oldin

    everybody rocks and Harry sounds great but the drummer is off the hook!!!

  10. Tinker Bell19

    Tinker Bell19Kun oldin

    Ur the only one who did not appreciate the drummer 😂 Majority were saying she nailed it hahaha just saying. But each to his own. That's ur opinion. Ur entitled to it.

  11. Neil Waino

    Neil Waino2 kun oldin

    Absolutely Brilliant

  12. Tatiana Rodríguez

    Tatiana Rodríguez2 kun oldin

    This guy is an amazing artist 💕

  13. tee jay

    tee jay2 kun oldin

    Comments are getting a bit repetitive I guess, but what can I say? I'm fifty and he fucking nails it!

  14. Alistair Archibald

    Alistair Archibald2 kun oldin

    they fuckin killed that shit and i'm not even a harry styles fan, good band

  15. Gerald Sánchez

    Gerald Sánchez2 kun oldin

    The drums was so good

  16. snydesy

    snydesy2 kun oldin

    That drummer brooooo

  17. Tyler Durden

    Tyler Durden2 kun oldin

    Next up: Call Me Al

  18. Tyler Durden

    Tyler Durden2 kun oldin

    Or Danger Zone. Same, but different

  19. Joe H

    Joe H2 kun oldin

    Well done , the drummer is great and the bass is amazing !

  20. Skeppo Gaming

    Skeppo Gaming2 kun oldin

    man this was fucking nice!

  21. Caleb M

    Caleb M3 kun oldin

    I’m a 756 year old Yugoslavian hermaphrodite and I love this song.

  22. Tony Spears

    Tony Spears3 kun oldin

    Drummer is rad

  23. Helen Fraser

    Helen Fraser3 kun oldin

    Goose bumps and all that stuff. Funkin fantastic

  24. Paul Bucknall

    Paul Bucknall3 kun oldin

    One of the best live covers I’ve ever heard. I never expected this from Harry Styles. Shows that there is still some amazing talent out there.

  25. acpc890

    acpc8903 kun oldin

    Robert Palmer T-shirt though.... no one else notice? :P such a legend

  26. Karen M

    Karen M3 kun oldin

    Just discovered Harry, he’s amazing

  27. Rick Wilkinson

    Rick Wilkinson4 kun oldin

    There's a tambourine sound in there. Who's playing the tambourine?

  28. Rick Wilkinson

    Rick Wilkinson4 kun oldin

    I'm captivated by the drumming. Great cover.

  29. Agnes Kormos

    Agnes Kormos4 kun oldin


  30. giantbellend

    giantbellend4 kun oldin

    Shirt like my nans net curtains

  31. J Q

    J Q4 kun oldin

    That girl on the drums... very brave, my god

  32. Charm Elizabeth

    Charm Elizabeth4 kun oldin

    At first, I wasn't sure what to expect, but this was an awesome cover!

  33. Jubach

    Jubach4 kun oldin

    This performance has bridged so many generation gaps.

  34. Mercy Ziegler

    Mercy Ziegler4 kun oldin

    Respect to Peter about that song, i see randomly a live of 1993 (year of my birth) and one of 2017 of peter of Sledgehammer, after the one of Harry, Peter was 36 years old in 93 and Harry 27 in 2020 and sorry but the cover of Harry is Better than the orginal !!i littéraly bang my head with Harry's voice, Harry is a big artist and i .. i love you so much

  35. poo bum

    poo bum4 kun oldin

    better if used horns ..justs adds that x factor .. good job though

  36. L G

    L G4 kun oldin

    He’s absolutely nailed this Peter Gabriel classic..... I’m not sure about the outfit..... the old lady across the road from me used to wear something similar.

  37. HG Hurst

    HG Hurst4 kun oldin

    i never paid much attention to HStyles until i saw him in some snl stuff. He and his excellent band really tear this one up. Nice!

  38. Myth Weaver

    Myth Weaver5 kun oldin

    Shed my skin, this is the new stuff

  39. David BooG E

    David BooG E6 kun oldin

    Great Job Harry!!!!

  40. Pamela Kindt

    Pamela Kindt7 kun oldin

    He said s my baby. His kindness is what the world ever needed.💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  41. Annie Broadbent

    Annie Broadbent7 kun oldin

    Great backing group, too. Faithful to the original score. Bloomin brilliant!

  42. Mary Wheeley

    Mary Wheeley9 kun oldin

    I love you Harry ! You got this baby 💋👊🏻👌

  43. mtortorich

    mtortorich9 kun oldin

    Song starts at 0:48

  44. Teodora Mircea Valdman

    Teodora Mircea Valdman9 kun oldin

    Lol ...as an oldies but goldies listener i can say that Harry brought me back in 2021 ...musically ! Love your work...keep it comming Harry ...i can't wait! Great cover btw!

  45. Eric Goldstein

    Eric Goldstein9 kun oldin

    both cute and skilled drummer

  46. Rebel Guy

    Rebel Guy11 kun oldin

    Harry's voice actually sounds very similar to Peter Gabriel's in this performance and that's one of the biggest reasons it works. Great job to Harry and his band!

  47. Brendan Devoy

    Brendan Devoy11 kun oldin

    This is just an incredible cover

  48. ID047889

    ID04788911 kun oldin

    Everybody: “I am 43, 45,53 years old and this great” That was the PURPOSE!!!!🤦🏻‍♂️ Old folks are emotionally connected to the song, now they connected to Harry Styles. It is called - marketing trick

  49. Headley Grange

    Headley Grange11 kun oldin

    They're swinging❤

  50. La Duchessa

    La Duchessa12 kun oldin

    He nailed it👍💥

  51. raegan !

    raegan !13 kun oldin

    all these 40 and 50 year olds saying their fans after this makes me happy i mean honestly how could you not be a fan honestly, this man is literally just the most perfect amazing person on earth

  52. Silas Kaizen

    Silas Kaizen14 kun oldin

    Drummer is KILLIN IT. There's some really complicated stops and timing in there 👍🏽

  53. RainbowDreams30

    RainbowDreams3014 kun oldin

    This was SO good!

  54. Scriptease123

    Scriptease12315 kun oldin

    Nice to see so many female musicians in his band.

  55. Diane Thwaite

    Diane Thwaite15 kun oldin

    Love this

  56. Mehwish Owais

    Mehwish Owais15 kun oldin

    The two man applause in the end ...is not fair...I always expect an arena to explode...

  57. Mehwish Owais

    Mehwish Owais15 kun oldin


  58. ZuriPerras Tv

    ZuriPerras Tv15 kun oldin


  59. Marnie Naylor

    Marnie Naylor15 kun oldin

    Always like that song, absolutely LOVE it now. He killed it!!

  60. Eric Olsen

    Eric Olsen16 kun oldin

    The bass player and drummer just crush this! 😍 wowza! And Harry sounds just like Peter! Crazy good cover! Have watched this now at least 30 times... what have they done to me!!!??!?!?!?! Hahahha

  61. Eric Olsen

    Eric Olsen16 kun oldin

    Wowza! 43 year old and holy hell 😳 is this the best cover I have ever heard! Brilliant! The whole band is absolutely fantastic! This is a hard song to cover and they did it almost if not better than the original! Props Harry!!!

  62. lafalot lafferty

    lafalot lafferty16 kun oldin

    Nailed it with a Hilti

  63. The Great Interpreter

    The Great Interpreter16 kun oldin

    Okay... so first of all--- Jesus Christ, Howard... who does your audio (and give them a raise). Second of all--- Harry CRUSHES this song!

  64. sugawara’ s freezaria

    sugawara’ s freezaria16 kun oldin

    who's that main guy? kinda cute. isn't he gemmas brother or something?

  65. LewisLarew

    LewisLarew16 kun oldin

    Have to say was pleasantly surprised very good rendition

  66. Lily Phillips

    Lily Phillips17 kun oldin

    This is how you do a cover 😍

  67. Iron Lord Fitness

    Iron Lord Fitness17 kun oldin

    We don't really know much about Harry Styles here in France but wow, what an amazing talent!

  68. Robert Benedict

    Robert Benedict17 kun oldin

    That was excellent.

  69. Berandini

    Berandini17 kun oldin

    So, Harry Styles got skills, who knew?

  70. My Dog ate my Dentures

    My Dog ate my Dentures18 kun oldin

    The drummer is the best thing about this cover.

  71. JURacing

    JURacing18 kun oldin

    That gal on the drums is fuggin' amazing...great cover!

  72. Damanta Damned

    Damanta Damned18 kun oldin

    The blonde woman in red is an amazing singer.I'd buy a ticket!!

  73. Andres Barragán

    Andres Barragán19 kun oldin

    And what about that drummer, that band! Perfect cover.

  74. Jennifer DeVenuti

    Jennifer DeVenuti19 kun oldin

    two of my favorite people -- Dave Matthews and now HARRY have done covers of this song that i love.

  75. Jennifer DeVenuti

    Jennifer DeVenuti19 kun oldin

    Harry: "I'm gonna sing the phone book." US: OK

  76. Monique Dwyer

    Monique Dwyer19 kun oldin

    ah the drummer !

  77. Martin Taylor

    Martin Taylor19 kun oldin

    10. 😂

  78. Vinay Rao

    Vinay Rao19 kun oldin

    This is so good. Harry Styles, the keyboard ladies, the bass guy. Totally nailed it. Sledge was one of my favourite songs. Wasn't as famous as it should've been. A little ahead of its time.

  79. Nick Hutton

    Nick Hutton19 kun oldin

    Love the song, great cover and the drummer has so much pizazz but why on earth is dressed in old lady clothes from a charity shop?

  80. Autumn Reeves

    Autumn Reeves19 kun oldin

    The passion on his face when. he's singing is so pure and beautiful, and when he smiles between lines it's so precious.

  81. jer bo

    jer bo20 kun oldin


  82. DIESEL0759

    DIESEL075921 kun oldin

    Is it just me, or does his drummer remind anyone of another Sarah, Sarah Silverman?

  83. Leon Eee

    Leon Eee21 kun oldin

    Amazing sounds !

  84. Danny Nevelsteen

    Danny Nevelsteen22 kun oldin

    The female drummer is credit to her t-shirt

  85. Jerome Graves

    Jerome Graves22 kun oldin


  86. Mary Contrary

    Mary Contrary22 kun oldin

    Absolutely rocked it, way to go!

  87. Val :]

    Val :]22 kun oldin

    2:55 can i be your honey bee?

  88. D Andrew

    D Andrew22 kun oldin

    That drummer makes me feel funny.

  89. Ellen Donahue

    Ellen Donahue23 kun oldin

    You know the only reason he is doing this is because he knows he does a good Peter Gabriel impersonation

  90. Ian Dyke

    Ian Dyke23 kun oldin

    Wow....i thought 'sign of the times' was amazing but this is incredible.

  91. Jan Alexander

    Jan Alexander23 kun oldin

    That drummer!

  92. fast_eddie

    fast_eddie23 kun oldin

    The hottest keyboard player ever!!!

  93. Agustín Reyes

    Agustín Reyes23 kun oldin


  94. Ian Loveless

    Ian Loveless23 kun oldin

    Out with the new.

  95. MrSirViking

    MrSirViking23 kun oldin

    Thats an interesting drum rhythm! Great job by the drummer! But over all this is a pretty great cover!

  96. Reyes Ancheyta Aleily

    Reyes Ancheyta Aleily23 kun oldin

    Este cover es obsesivo y merecía más reconocimiento 💛💛💛

  97. Reyes Ancheyta Aleily

    Reyes Ancheyta Aleily23 kun oldin


  98. Miklo Velka

    Miklo Velka23 kun oldin

    Damn this is excellent

  99. MystOfOblivion

    MystOfOblivion26 kun oldin

    Just because people are young and make a different kind of music doesn't mean they are not talented...all famous artists were young once ;-)

  100. John Belford

    John Belford27 kun oldin

    Damn he killed it. Great freaking job sir

  101. Katerina Machackova

    Katerina Machackova27 kun oldin

    ive always felt like ive missed the career starts of david bowie, queen etc, knowing and watching harry growing up i feel like yes im not gonna miss that !

  102. Pordan Jeterson

    Pordan Jeterson28 kun oldin

    What?! This dude is AWESOME !