Hollywood Gave Me $100 To Remake Their Movie

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Check out their new film Nobody starring Emmy winner Bob Odenkirk as Hutch Mansell, an underestimated and overlooked dad and husband, taking life's indignities on the chin and never pushing back. A nobody. When two thieves break into his suburban home one night, Hutch declines to defend himself or his family, hoping to prevent serious violence. His teenage son, Blake, is disappointed in him and his wife, Becca, seems to pull only further away. The aftermath of the incident strikes a match to Hutch's long-simmering rage, triggering dormant instincts and propelling him on a brutal path that will surface dark secrets and lethal skills. In a barrage of fists, gunfire and squealing tires, Hutch must save his family from a dangerous adversary --and ensure that he will never be underestimated as a nobody again.
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  1. NaanCents

    NaanCents9 soat oldin

    2:41 Ted Nivison cameo

  2. Okiramasu TikToks

    Okiramasu TikToks17 soat oldin

    reporting from the alternate reality where doc brown died. anyone else from my reality? because I recall him dyeing years ago.

  3. Drew Bishop

    Drew Bishop19 soat oldin

    Is William Osman friends with *everybody* lol?

  4. Carl Soll

    Carl Soll19 soat oldin

    Very insightful

  5. Andrew Curtin

    Andrew CurtinKun oldin

    Seriously though for 100 bucks that was pretty good

  6. david ges

    david gesKun oldin

    Bro Bro fr when they came down the hallway it looked like the movie. 100% FANTASTIC 20/10 GOURGUES

  7. dumbo girl

    dumbo girlKun oldin

    shouldve collabed with nigahiga xD

  8. Nicholas *redacted*

    Nicholas *redacted*Kun oldin

    that discord notif at 7:25 genuinely confused me

  9. boom_boom3621

    boom_boom3621Kun oldin

    rip to people that have discord open and are waiting for any important message

  10. lxffyy

    lxffyyKun oldin


  11. MatthewPlays_YT

    MatthewPlays_YTKun oldin


  12. Aryan dwivedi

    Aryan dwivedi2 kun oldin

    You will need something more than JavaScript and delete button real boomer vibes XD XD XD in a fairness am joking love the man.

  13. OneWholeNugg

    OneWholeNugg2 kun oldin

    bro thinks we wont notice he bought a little cesars pizza and tries to cover it up..... dam that diss

  14. Butterkix

    Butterkix2 kun oldin

    emails are now discord notifs

  15. Jamie G.

    Jamie G.2 kun oldin

    I remember when you were living in a small apartment with a laser cutter and caretaker. Now you are getting sponsored by universal. You have come so far.

  16. Yuval

    Yuval2 kun oldin

    I don't belive you trained in the same studio as Keanu

  17. Ashy Vlogs

    Ashy Vlogs2 kun oldin

    No way saul from better call saul

  18. Bark and Ark

    Bark and Ark2 kun oldin

    Camera price?

  19. Paulman50

    Paulman502 kun oldin

    So the sprained ankle was fake then. Well done.

  20. SentinalSlice

    SentinalSlice2 kun oldin

    Nice Hair! It’s very Anime-esq.

  21. Trelior

    Trelior2 kun oldin

    William pulled a DIO at the end and kicked with his bad leg.

  22. Tuvok Shakur

    Tuvok Shakur2 kun oldin

    Dude I saw Doc Brown in Klingon makeup get kicked in the face by Captain Kirk and then fall into the core of an exploding planet. In 4k.

  23. ReaperGuy2048

    ReaperGuy20482 kun oldin

    You need to consult an Eric Andre show producer for their tables lol

  24. Michael Marty

    Michael Marty2 kun oldin

    i lovwe this

  25. FreedomYorkshire

    FreedomYorkshire3 kun oldin

    such an amazing film

  26. os in het mos

    os in het mos3 kun oldin

    Well that was cool

  27. m k

    m k3 kun oldin

    You can tell that the stunt man is into Osman.

  28. Epic Boss

    Epic Boss3 kun oldin

    Do i look Kinu reef?

  29. Arshad Mirchandani

    Arshad Mirchandani3 kun oldin


  30. Ryan Broady

    Ryan Broady3 kun oldin

    seeing you hit a baby doll like that makes me wanna call you Ray William Osman.

  31. Mikeology

    Mikeology3 kun oldin

    *discord notification “What’s this? An email!”

  32. Vaibhav Sharma

    Vaibhav Sharma3 kun oldin

    Best Video Ever!

  33. Pug Gamerbt

    Pug Gamerbt3 kun oldin

    Nobody came out in theaters AKA the lock down

  34. Cryptid King

    Cryptid King4 kun oldin

    I just loved the "WHAT?? You could be my son!!" William went into this looking to train for a video, came out with a new father figure

  35. saul flannery

    saul flannery4 kun oldin


  36. Trailblazer 313

    Trailblazer 3134 kun oldin

    When your engineering is so good the break away table you make doesn't break

  37. realGeorgelucas18563

    realGeorgelucas185634 kun oldin

    The whole "No budget" thing reminded me of Strong Sad saying his movie was the first "Faux budget movie", it was financed entirely by Monopoly Money!

  38. John Monkeyman

    John Monkeyman4 kun oldin

    That was great. I’m glad you wore the classic shirt.

  39. telepvth

    telepvth4 kun oldin


  40. LittleWicked Laugh

    LittleWicked Laugh4 kun oldin

    This is the coolest promotion I’ve ever seen, also I hope your sprain will heal soon!

  41. you have been pwned

    you have been pwned5 kun oldin

    I just watched the movie its my new favorite movie 10/10

  42. Andreas H D

    Andreas H D5 kun oldin

    Fight practice made me laugh so hard

  43. Burgoo King

    Burgoo King5 kun oldin

    The trainer is the guest star of one of the BEST episodes of HBO's Barry (S2 Ep 5). His daughter is also in it and fantastic!

  44. meme men

    meme men5 kun oldin

    Who is care tacker ( I'm stupid )

  45. Jaaa C

    Jaaa C5 kun oldin

    saul goodman hollywood tough guy huh?

  46. Ceris Wiseman

    Ceris Wiseman5 kun oldin

    The fight scene is hella dope Will

  47. Nairitya Niraula

    Nairitya Niraula5 kun oldin

    I was laughing so much when he said, that it took only 40 takes to complete 1 shot.

  48. Egg

    Egg5 kun oldin

    Good job Williamus Osmoan

  49. Onion Heaven

    Onion Heaven6 kun oldin

    Btw, Nobody is my favorite movie ever!!!

  50. Vinny Bechen

    Vinny Bechen6 kun oldin

    Wait wait wait, did he say bullet holder

  51. Friend

    Friend6 kun oldin

    I’m fourteen and my dad is 54

  52. Alex Snyder

    Alex Snyder6 kun oldin

    holy shizzzz... Knowing that this was a fake gun is to prepare myself for it still did not prepare me for it. warning to all veterans @WilliamOsman

  53. Joshua Anderson

    Joshua Anderson7 kun oldin

    “Give me all your money or I’ll kill myself!”

  54. Penguins Gaming 101

    Penguins Gaming 1017 kun oldin

    10:51 dang he hit him 6 times LOL

  55. Maxelayg0

    Maxelayg07 kun oldin

    Ya got hurt bit you did amazing at acting

  56. Toby Wilkes

    Toby Wilkes8 kun oldin

    12:51 - legend says they're still trapped in theatres to this day!

  57. MattheLord

    MattheLord8 kun oldin

    "Hey little willies i have a new toy i want to test out" *o no*

  58. Weirdbutneat

    Weirdbutneat8 kun oldin

    Uh that was a masterpiece

  59. sad Totoro

    sad Totoro8 kun oldin

    other youtubers: *gets sponsored by nord vpn or raycon william osman: *gets sponsored by universal pictures and the us navy

  60. Vinay Deshpande

    Vinay Deshpande8 kun oldin

    Everyone knows you bought little ceaser's

  61. Yet Another Film Channel

    Yet Another Film Channel9 kun oldin

    This is sick lol how havent i seen this channel before?!

  62. finley 20201993

    finley 202019939 kun oldin

    7:20 that mag boutta fall out got my ocd actin up

  63. James Garner

    James Garner9 kun oldin

    I love caretaker, she cares as much about celebrities as I do. Not at all

  64. UND34D WR41TH

    UND34D WR41TH9 kun oldin

    why does William Osmen remind me of Richard Simmons in this??????

  65. DrDepper LP

    DrDepper LP9 kun oldin

    Bought tickets after watching this. lol

  66. Tvoine

    Tvoine10 kun oldin


  67. Hypocritical Hamster

    Hypocritical Hamster10 kun oldin

    dude, i thought the discord ring was for me Lol

  68. no peace

    no peace10 kun oldin

    Poor Caretaker

  69. Dylan

    Dylan11 kun oldin

    Nobody was a good movie

  70. MOE Productions!

    MOE Productions!11 kun oldin

    Should have used Roman noodles

  71. Cameron Lorenz

    Cameron Lorenz11 kun oldin

    Watching Nobody just to watch James McGill beat the shit out of the three kids who mugged him at his cell phone job in the hotdog place

  72. Eric Stodolnik

    Eric Stodolnik11 kun oldin

    Bob Odenkirk was surprisingly awesome as an action star! Always loved him since Mr. Show.

  73. Jestem Bo tak

    Jestem Bo tak11 kun oldin

    6:33 bullet holder...

  74. Shattered Spades

    Shattered Spades12 kun oldin

    What the heck is this video

  75. mattfreund

    mattfreund12 kun oldin

    To be 100% clear here. This would have looked cinematic AF fulmed with a red or arri camera. Insanely good job

  76. Britnie Levi

    Britnie Levi12 kun oldin

    👏 👏 👏 👏

  77. NotKrispy

    NotKrispy12 kun oldin

    Universal: gives me 100 dollars to make a mobile Me: Takes money and doesn't make a movie 😎

  78. Aiden Stanger

    Aiden Stanger12 kun oldin

    What a bloody legend.

  79. wendighoul

    wendighoul12 kun oldin

    Gun nuts online: it's a magazine, not a "clip" William: bullet holder

  80. Bree Strong

    Bree Strong13 kun oldin

    I straight snorted at you "hitting" the burglar with the back of the bat xD

  81. complex reality

    complex reality13 kun oldin

    Somehow the final result is better than alot of movies I've seen

  82. Sebastian Pavas Martinez

    Sebastian Pavas Martinez13 kun oldin

    Why does William look like Jesse Pinkman tho 😭

  83. kat kat

    kat kat13 kun oldin

    this looks like its by darman

  84. praknar

    praknar13 kun oldin

    i love how will took a bite out of ted's granola bar

  85. Mortality Does Stuff

    Mortality Does Stuff13 kun oldin


  86. jaky

    jaky14 kun oldin

    Wow bro

  87. UwU

    UwU14 kun oldin

    I got mugged

  88. Mr. Pebbles the II

    Mr. Pebbles the II14 kun oldin

    I'm way behind on work, I have enough battery on my laptop for about 12 minutes, but this video can have it. This video is a 10/10.

  89. Void

    Void14 kun oldin

    keanu reeves or micheal reeves ??

  90. Alexander Steel

    Alexander Steel14 kun oldin

    “I want you to take this gun and shoot me” You okay William?

  91. James Armstrong-Jones

    James Armstrong-Jones14 kun oldin

    youtube is just ads now

  92. 12A23Vishnu S

    12A23Vishnu S14 kun oldin

    Do you make the cool edits on micheal reeves vids

  93. peoplevidios

    peoplevidios14 kun oldin

    If William pins this we all get a free film

  94. Meme Man

    Meme Man14 kun oldin

    Bad guy I’m gunna punch you Me hold up I got to do my stretches Bad guy ok me to

  95. Praweegan Pinprasong

    Praweegan Pinprasong14 kun oldin

    Wait I thought I subscribed to your channel way b4 the fire incident. How come it still shown unsubscribe!

  96. Captain Perfect

    Captain Perfect14 kun oldin

    This is good marketing. I am so gonna see Nobody now.

  97. soldieroffortune916

    soldieroffortune91614 kun oldin

    best sponsor ever

  98. boiled egg

    boiled egg14 kun oldin

    Saul “I hate java script” Goodman

  99. Ants FL

    Ants FL15 kun oldin

    Some professional movies are worse than this

  100. Caleb Poulter

    Caleb Poulter15 kun oldin

    6:54 D: