How Engines Work - (See Through Engine in Slow Motion) - Smarter Every Day 166

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  1. SmarterEveryDay

    SmarterEveryDay4 yil oldin

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    S r b But yeah/ if you guys are looking at space/ it's oozing back// if "Adam" says you're on the team / consider it so % either way/ .... im.k treated in some of what yall got going///

  6. zeeshan patel

    zeeshan patel3 oy oldin

    this remind me of our heart blood flow in our body, but the only difference is that the machine is only one way. if you understand me.

  7. Thaadd Powell

    Thaadd PowellKun oldin

    Sharing this with a shop teacher I know :) Hoping she can share it further!

  8. Trashcan Mucous

    Trashcan Mucous7 kun oldin

    can a car run on water? a battery that would boil water and the steam is the energy?

  9. Zachary Bowdridge

    Zachary Bowdridge8 kun oldin

    You should do one with diesel engines because there is no spark plug, it lights with compression


    CALYS INDIAN8 kun oldin

    Loved it

  11. Bhandari Prince Pravas Med-3B

    Bhandari Prince Pravas Med-3B9 kun oldin

    U sound like ryan reynolds 😂

  12. zapfanzapfan

    zapfanzapfan12 kun oldin

    If you have connections at Oak Ridge you can stick an engine in a beam of neutrons and see it working without needing a piece of acrylic. You can see the fuel because it absorbs more neutrons. Sort of like X-ray but with neutrons instead.

  13. Timothy Wantink

    Timothy Wantink15 kun oldin

    2-stroke engine? Plz?

  14. Stephanie Nichols

    Stephanie Nichols15 kun oldin

    That looks so cool

  15. mastermind 21

    mastermind 2115 kun oldin

    I have never cranked a car engin I’m 13 I can’t really do that

  16. Amanda_

    Amanda_16 kun oldin

    I have wanted to see this since I learned how an engine works. Wonderful, thanks a lot!

  17. Charles Georgette

    Charles Georgette16 kun oldin

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  18. Neil Que

    Neil Que16 kun oldin

    Still can’t believe they welded 4 single piston engine blocks together cleanly!

  19. Sherman Herritt

    Sherman Herritt18 kun oldin

    I'm still waiting on that jukebox.

  20. Ven Jiun Chee

    Ven Jiun Chee21 kun oldin

    Omg! 😱 This is incredible! I’ve never thought I could literally see an engine running. It has always been a dream of me and you guys made it.

  21. DigiTensile

    DigiTensile21 kun oldin

    An incredible video. Thanks.

  22. Jesus Torres

    Jesus Torres22 kun oldin

    Impressive, even that I was born and raised in the mechanical field I enjoy every second of it, most kind of you for sharing it with us, blessings to you and love ones, from Puerto Rico Jesús Torres.

  23. Comment King

    Comment King23 kun oldin

    Dying technology

  24. Sathir -

    Sathir -27 kun oldin

    Thanks for the video . After what I see the spark plug goes off even during the exhaust cycle ?

  25. carbonfizz

    carbonfizz27 kun oldin

    who else here because coastline academy

  26. ChookieP

    ChookieP27 kun oldin

    Valves are for smaller more concentrated compression to happen right?

  27. ChookieP

    ChookieP27 kun oldin

    It's all one big chain of electric current gas mixture,explosion combustion compression all contained,the whole process is just awesome

  28. Paul Edward Z Madanlo

    Paul Edward Z Madanlo28 kun oldin

    Good for making a disco light

  29. Kiran

    Kiran29 kun oldin

    Great 👍

  30. Frozty Llama

    Frozty LlamaOy oldin

    2:57 Thank me later

  31. PDXYT

    PDXYTOy oldin

    Beautiful even more after a thermodynamics class.

  32. Ol Man 80zz

    Ol Man 80zzOy oldin

    Very cool!!!

  33. Leslie Skillen

    Leslie SkillenOy oldin

    this is one of the most interesting videos i ever seen in my life

  34. tempest

    tempestOy oldin

    clean the engine bay...

  35. FlightSimDev

    FlightSimDevOy oldin

    I'd like you to do one video on the orbital engine by Sarich that's if you can find one.

  36. Leart _Gaming

    Leart _GamingOy oldin

    "You've probably cranked a car engine thousands of times" Where my underage gang at?

  37. Talen Smith

    Talen SmithOy oldin

    “you’ve probably cranked an engine thousands of times in your life” me: laughs in push to start


    SKITCORPOy oldin

    See the spark also happening after each TDC position...I mean after the exhaust too!!

  39. Nishit Shukla

    Nishit ShuklaOy oldin

    Obsolete technology, this internal combustion engine.

  40. Andrew Villalobos

    Andrew VillalobosOy oldin

    Not at all.

  41. Sheila olfieWay

    Sheila olfieWayOy oldin

    how is a 4 stroke engine compare to a jet engine?

  42. Jack671975

    Jack671975Oy oldin

    Blow Squeeze Bang Suck

  43. Maulik Pipaliya

    Maulik PipaliyaOy oldin


  44. Last struGGle

    Last struGGleOy oldin

    If the new generation came together with older generation along with similar interests with since(you) we could create the future

  45. HotAction

    HotActionOy oldin

    *controlled burn* not explosion lol

  46. Prad Wolf

    Prad WolfOy oldin

    The slo mo is here 3:00

  47. Kendri X

    Kendri XOy oldin

    How many people here because of school

  48. Green Team BC

    Green Team BCOy oldin


  49. Wreck Geek

    Wreck GeekOy oldin

    I’d love to see an old Ford flathead with clear heads!

  50. U.S.A. 1776

    U.S.A. 1776Oy oldin

    bro that engine needs some attention with all that rust 🤣


    BORAT HASANOy oldin

    intake, compression,power,Exodus

  52. Cameron Kuld

    Cameron KuldOy oldin

    This video was linked in my drivers ed course. I just had to comment becuase i love this channel

  53. Albert Erickson

    Albert EricksonOy oldin

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  54. Saucy.ッ

    Saucy.ッOy oldin

    3:25 mortal combat?

  55. Mr. Lion

    Mr. LionOy oldin

    Wow. Now totally understand how engines works. And I just figured something out. If keep my car engine on it still waste my gas. I don't use the battery. 🙃🤦🏻‍♂

  56. Jax

    JaxOy oldin

    I have learned that car don't go by going vroom vroom.

  57. Frankkey

    FrankkeyOy oldin

    This is just amazing. Been wondering about that since I was a kid. Leave you speechless. ^.^

  58. Jason Camp

    Jason CampOy oldin

    Great video!

  59. Hodgee3

    Hodgee32 oy oldin

    Is this the what’s inside guy ???

  60. shankar kollaboina

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  61. Anootosh sarkar

    Anootosh sarkar2 oy oldin

    LOVEDD THAT one, thanks now I van die in peace 😄

  62. sohel parvez

    sohel parvez2 oy oldin

    WOW WOW WOW❤️❤️❤️...LOVE THEM❤️❤️

  63. Blue Sky

    Blue Sky2 oy oldin

    I love engines too, but feel very apologetic :(-

  64. r 4 rizvi

    r 4 rizvi2 oy oldin

    I hope my Thermodynamics teacher watches this!

  65. mark fernandez

    mark fernandez2 oy oldin

    incredible engineers 😶 great content

  66. Ashallmusica

    Ashallmusica2 oy oldin

    That's the most coolest thing I've ever seen 😍✨🙌🏻 - Intake ~ compression ~ power ~ exhaust = Awesome thing to watch

  67. M T

    M T2 oy oldin


  68. Kashyap Creation

    Kashyap Creation2 oy oldin

    I 🤔think it works exactly like the heart and blood circulation system🙄

  69. Parag Kakade

    Parag Kakade2 oy oldin

    This is pretty good. But I understood nothing 😁😁

  70. Anmol Jr

    Anmol Jr2 oy oldin

    Why you guys call petroleum gasoline

  71. Laurent Podworski

    Laurent Podworski2 oy oldin

    Why this spark during exhaust process ? Between exhaust and intake

  72. The King Of Jotunheim

    The King Of Jotunheim2 oy oldin

    How does thw car not explode when the fire starts

  73. A J

    A J2 oy oldin

    Eny Malayalees

  74. shafiq alam

    shafiq alam2 oy oldin

    Mistake in animation???

  75. Emmanuel Masih

    Emmanuel Masih2 oy oldin

    That engine burning fuel is metal af

  76. Noor Noor

    Noor Noor2 oy oldin

    Thats the sound of an Indian Auto (tuk tuk)

  77. Ayush Kumar

    Ayush Kumar2 oy oldin

    इस Engine ki आवाज़ तो बिलकुल मेरे गाँव के tractor जैसी आ रही है

  78. Mister S

    Mister S2 oy oldin

    Destin those are "Trembler Coils" (like Ford Model T used) the awesome thing about them is the spark duration that they are capable of throwing... On a model T they throw a spark for about 30-40 degrees of crankshaft duration.

  79. rupesh yadav

    rupesh yadav2 oy oldin

    Thanks for such video explains

  80. Shaswot Ghimire

    Shaswot Ghimire2 oy oldin

    Please make a video on electric engine

  81. Peeps K

    Peeps K2 oy oldin


  82. Tech Spotter

    Tech Spotter2 oy oldin

    It could be more interesting of it if done on lean and rich mixture and see difference.

  83. Hafis

    Hafis2 oy oldin

    Gained some knowledge, viewed from India👍👍👍🌹🌹🌹

  84. Mani Gandan

    Mani Gandan2 oy oldin

    How to work dinamo power electerice make

  85. Johnny McCaffery

    Johnny McCaffery2 oy oldin

    The video was good, but the title is misleading. I thought that you would be breaking down each part of the engine and showing how they all work together.

  86. kella naveen

    kella naveen2 oy oldin

    I haven't ever seen a experiment like this 😱

  87. Sandy Sandy

    Sandy Sandy2 oy oldin

    How the continuos ignition takes place. Means how cont sparking fire created which later burn the oil.

  88. •Oikawa milk bread•

    •Oikawa milk bread•2 oy oldin


  89. shubhamsemwal 25

    shubhamsemwal 252 oy oldin

    Have seen this guy in one of the tv shows , can't remember which

  90. Tony

    Tony2 oy oldin

    Combustion is not an explosion.

  91. Ken Kniech

    Ken Kniech2 oy oldin

    What's cool is the same steps apply here as do Jet turbine engines; suck, squeeze, bang blow.

  92. Gustavo Arrighi Ferrari

    Gustavo Arrighi Ferrari2 oy oldin


  93. Abhishek Rao

    Abhishek Rao2 oy oldin

    Does any body notice hydrogen burn first with blue color and after that carbon burn yellowish 🔥in color.actually by heat of hydrogen carbon burn first carbon changes to co then co2 and th en exit.👍🏾

  94. kamlesh gopal gupta

    kamlesh gopal gupta2 oy oldin

    Mind blowing man

  95. M.Usman Karatela

    M.Usman Karatela2 oy oldin

    Can you make this for motor bikes to?

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    Benicio Moran2 oy oldin

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  98. Joshua Rasos

    Joshua Rasos2 oy oldin

    It is totally an art.

  99. L

    L2 oy oldin

    How internal combustion engine works? You must be keeding, it was one of the topics while getting my driver licence in Kazakhstan

  100. Joe

    Joe2 oy oldin

    Were does destin live

  101. Weghara Rangsal

    Weghara Rangsal2 oy oldin

    Thanks mate. I really able to understand the mechanism in this single video.

  102. Jakub Grzybek

    Jakub Grzybek2 oy oldin

    Mechanical heart

  103. TheWhatman21

    TheWhatman212 oy oldin

    suck, squeeze, bang. blow

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    pradeep jayakumar2 oy oldin

    was pleasant watching it....Love from INDIA

  105. Alex Rodriguez

    Alex Rodriguez2 oy oldin

    I'm not even going to watch the whole thing but just left my like here simply because of that thumbnail 😂

  106. terry4144

    terry41442 oy oldin

    just think that a piston has to stop before it changes direction when you are flat out on the motorway