How Strong is Jotaro Vs. Hunter x Hunter

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and Hunter x Hunter?
Now that's what I call variety content!
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  1. Kaleb I.A.

    Kaleb I.A.Oy oldin

    Very interested the push for Jotaro, I’m down to look at all of Jotaro’s feats in Stardust Crusaders again to see if we can boop him up a couple of spots!

  2. Maxime Bonin

    Maxime Bonin14 kun oldin

    Could you do the dame for giorno ( ger)

  3. Rapid Cougar 3

    Rapid Cougar 321 kun oldin

    Can you do a jujutsu kaisen characters in hxh or jojo in jujutsu kaisen???

  4. Look at My Nose

    Look at My Nose24 kun oldin

    @JustABullet JustAboxOfAmmo Aight, man. Think that if you like.

  5. JustABullet JustAboxOfAmmo

    JustABullet JustAboxOfAmmo24 kun oldin

    @Look at My Nose Mate, "props" to you for sticking to your own ignorance. I wonder if, at that point, you were just acting like a troll? That ignorance is definitely troll-level.

  6. Look at My Nose

    Look at My Nose24 kun oldin

    @JustABullet JustAboxOfAmmo Holy shit. I just can't win. I'm actually talking to an immovable rock. Props to you for being able to stick to your arguments so adamantly, I guess. I'm just gonna stop, because it feels like this could go on an eternity and still go nowhere.

  7. Error 404

    Error 4047 daqiqa oldin

    GER be like: Jajaja return to zero go brrrrrr But the fact i can one hand the whole hxh universe with ease also makes me laughs And the fact that jotaro also can learn nen and be literally stronger than gon and killua also makes me laugh

  8. Edu SC

    Edu SC17 soat oldin

    Ight so you are trying to tell me, a literal punchy ghost, which punches close to light speed, can punch through the skull of a vampire without a problem and also catch a bullet. And that can't kill a tiny kid? Anime.

  9. dolarfps

    dolarfps2 kun oldin

    if jotaro is ftl, he should just pulverize everyone he punches

  10. The Potatoes

    The Potatoes2 kun oldin

    Do this again but with Giorno requiem mode

  11. A Furry Gaymer

    A Furry Gaymer3 kun oldin

    Honestly? The reason these characters are tanks is because they use men to defend the body parts that are being attacked. Jotaro just needs to feign an attack to the body and just attack their head with star platinum. Without nen protecting that body part, it's just a normal human's body and will be beaten to a pulp by star platinums strength. Yes, nen would make defending against his punches tolerable, but that's only if they correctly judge where Jotaro will attack. Even if they could see star platinum, they wouldn't be able to handle the speed difference. The best example in universe would be killua vs. youpi. Youpi EASILY out damaged killua, but killuas speed was so far above his that he couldn't even process the attacks. Killua is nowhere near light speed, so literally no one in that universe could block those hits other than maybe meruem and Netero. Netero has the speed to process what's happening at least, while meruem just has natural defenses along with nen, so he'd at least have enough time to come up with a plan to handle jotaro. Literally no one save for people with hard counters to Jotaros star platinum and people with extremely high amounts of nen could really stand up to that speed and power.

  12. Akzilla TheBlader

    Akzilla TheBlader5 kun oldin

    Put giorno post diovolo fight in hunter x hunter

  13. Reigen Arataka

    Reigen Arataka5 kun oldin

    LOL just using Ren can kill non-nen user right away

  14. Delta lord

    Delta lord7 kun oldin

    I feel like you should do this again but take into account how jotaro would improve and maybe learn nen as he progresses through the hunter world since hes being put there you cant discount the fact that he can get stronger and maybe even increase his time stop

  15. Soul Blade

    Soul Blade9 kun oldin

    Can we get all three main dio versions out here against hunter x hunter?

  16. Reena Kumar

    Reena Kumar10 kun oldin

    if he learned nen its game over

  17. StarSilverInfinity

    StarSilverInfinity11 kun oldin

    Wonder what would happen if Jotaro got some of that Nen action going


    DUCKY MOMO11 kun oldin

    I think you lowballed Jotaro's strength because the stand that had the mouth and swallowed him had teeth that were stated to be stronger than diamond, and he destroyed them.

  19. lanonchance yoshikage

    lanonchance yoshikage12 kun oldin

    Wdym by "only speed is not enough"? WE ARE TALKING ABOUT THE SPEED OF LIGHT DUDE, JUST ONE HIT AND UVO IS DEAD NO MATTER HIS TANKINESS, SPEED OF LIIIIIIGHT. I mean, with speed of light and time stop ability, no one can beat jotaro no matter his nen ability and I repeat it, SPEED OF LIGHT

  20. Manuel Silva

    Manuel Silva13 kun oldin

    Is literally just stop the time and kill them off

  21. Noobe_e

    Noobe_e13 kun oldin

    please make sure to take into account star platinum's ability to learn.

  22. Noobe_e

    Noobe_e13 kun oldin

    Jotaro be like: They pissed me off

  23. Miguel Sandigo

    Miguel Sandigo15 kun oldin

    What's the name of the song that plays at 2:13

  24. doctor

    doctor15 kun oldin

    Machi vs Jolyne

  25. Deewom Post

    Deewom Post15 kun oldin

    Let's try Gappy

  26. Olivia Wall

    Olivia Wall15 kun oldin

    i wonder what would happen when you put the whole duwang gang in hunter x hunter

  27. Olivia Wall

    Olivia Wall15 kun oldin

    i know some stupid stuff is goin to happen if u put all of the jobros and joestars there josuke would prob get very mad idk i have never watch hunter x hunter

  28. Thomas Wellerton

    Thomas Wellerton16 kun oldin

    That is if you disconsider that Star Platinum can reach into someone's chest and just stop their heart from beating whithout caring for their defences, then you can take 99% of human characters out since the speed blitz is so massive it's not even fair, yeah, he loses in power but when you really can't deffend against the opponent it's kind of a big deal Let's consider Uvo VS Jotaro, Uvo outclasses Star Platinum in power and durability but Star Platinum has such a big advantage on speed that even if we ignore the fact he can just reach into Uvo's head and make his brain into mush from the inside without him being able to react in time or do anything about it he can punch him repeatedly in an endless ora rush, yes, durability is a thing Uvo has, but even if the damage is minimal, after so many punches at the speed of light he will start to feel it, they add up, it's not like Uvo is completelly invincible

  29. likeicarethe games

    likeicarethe games16 kun oldin

    Dont forget he also survived road roller

  30. Carlos Batista

    Carlos Batista17 kun oldin

    Jotaro with nen

  31. Bear and the Bull

    Bear and the Bull17 kun oldin

    Pretty sure he stomps everything but meruem,since he survived a nuke and I'm pretty sure SP tops out at diamonds.

  32. Dumbo 5566

    Dumbo 556619 kun oldin

    I mean kurapika can’t use his chains so with jotaro time stop and star plantium confusing kurapika I would say it would a stale mate

  33. Clown Moment

    Clown Moment19 kun oldin

    4:34 cmon now caleb... you know jotaro would be like YARE YARE DAYS YARO BASTARD and his theme would play. uvogin along with the rest of hunter hunter gets clapped from there.

  34. POG_CHAMP?

    POG_CHAMP?19 kun oldin

    I wanna see giorno do this

  35. Skullcat2212

    Skullcat221220 kun oldin

    Imagine if Jotaro learnt to use both hamon and nen

  36. Tobi Of The Akatsuki

    Tobi Of The Akatsuki20 kun oldin

    I'm stoked to see how Dio Brando and part 3 DIO would do against these guys

  37. yo_boy eman

    yo_boy eman21 kun oldin

    Can't he just phase in there hearts and break them

  38. Joseph Joestar

    Joseph Joestar21 kun oldin

    how to make jotaro strong enough to beat the other 20% of hxh characters he couldn't beat. Tell jotaro they hurt koichi and watch the rage massacre begin

  39. albert chill

    albert chill21 kun oldin

    One piece next

  40. Crveni Patuljak

    Crveni Patuljak22 kun oldin

    Cmon man give Jotaro more credit Star Platinum threw a building at Dio

  41. Young Zodiac

    Young Zodiac22 kun oldin

    i mean do i really need to ask for ger im sure everyone else wants to know

  42. Fourth Horsemen Death

    Fourth Horsemen Death23 kun oldin

    I feel like only Higher Tier stand users and the Pillar Men would survive the longest in HXH

  43. Limp Toast

    Limp Toast23 kun oldin

    Dio vs HxH would be a more intresting match cause he would actively be a threat

  44. Scp-001 Sun boi

    Scp-001 Sun boi24 kun oldin

    Star finger ovugun in the eye lmao Edit: maybe in his ears

  45. DeVonte Kuykendall

    DeVonte Kuykendall24 kun oldin

    Imagine if he could Learn nen 😳

  46. Crafted Zeke

    Crafted Zeke24 kun oldin

    I will list few stands that can beat the shit out of HxH 1. The World Over Heaven - Reality Overwrite (can rewrite its injuries basically immortal) and Time Stop 2. Golden Experience Requiem - Ez Return To Zero, Infinite Death 3. Tusk Act 4 - Infinite Rotation goes brrr 4. Made In Heaven - Universe Reset goes brrr, Infinite Speed 5. D4C Love Train - Ez Uno Reverse Shield, Clones

  47. Ocean Toaster

    Ocean Toaster24 kun oldin

    the hobo who killed diavolo folds mereum smh

  48. Makary Metzger

    Makary Metzger24 kun oldin

    Jotaro might be one of the strongest people in his own verse, but due to the average shonen Character in other Anime being at least small town level, he quickly becomes really weak, to be honest.

  49. Fallzy#3615

    Fallzy#361525 kun oldin

    kars ULF vs HXH

  50. lov2draw anime

    lov2draw anime26 kun oldin

    I bet everyone who disliked is mad to face the truth that jotaro can clap 80% of the hxh world.

  51. lov2draw anime

    lov2draw anime23 kun oldin

    @Limp Toast if he had that I’d be worried my self

  52. Limp Toast

    Limp Toast23 kun oldin

    Honestly if he had the personality of dio 100% of the people.

  53. Your_Friend Tony

    Your_Friend Tony26 kun oldin

    If Jotaro dosent hold back he’s only losing to meruem

  54. John Smith

    John Smith26 kun oldin

    Jotaro is winning all fights. Don’t forget he’s a Joestar, he has the secret technique🤣🤣🤣

  55. Intact Vids

    Intact Vids27 kun oldin

    You should use the star platinum over heaven

  56. Nonkolas

    Nonkolas27 kun oldin

    I feel like durability isn’t much of an issue because none of the attacks can affect or see star platinum

  57. jesse alvarado

    jesse alvarado28 kun oldin

    Jotaro was the first stand so that whole season is pretty basic. Let part 4 or 5 JoJo characters take on some nen users and it’s a different game. Green Day for instance! Plus only nen/stand users can see the respective power so they’re both gonna be like “WTF is goin on?!”

  58. anime fan

    anime fan28 kun oldin

    wait i agree but couldn't jotaro ts and star finger your neck for the people who don't have a high natural defense like uvogin.

  59. Deformed Dog

    Deformed Dog28 kun oldin

    Giorno with GER in the corner waiting for his turn

  60. Big Bird

    Big Bird28 kun oldin

    wait, can jotaro not learn nen?

  61. G-M

    G-M28 kun oldin

    remember that jotaro can stop hearts so he can defeat mostly everybody in hunter x hunter. Time stop+stopping hearts/crushing hearts = EZ

  62. G-M

    G-M2 kun oldin

    @Miguel Rodriguez maybe the world would punch star platinum when he tries or even killer queen

  63. Miguel Rodriguez

    Miguel Rodriguez3 kun oldin

    Why does he not do this against dio and his brain or literally any other villain past part 3? It’s likely because this isn’t something he can do quickly

  64. PogMaster

    PogMaster29 kun oldin

    Jesus Christ the Jojo fanbase is some of the worst communities I have ever seen. That level of wank overshadows even DB's

  65. eZ Ra

    eZ Ra29 kun oldin

    Kars vs Merum (Idk spell) Probably will be good

  66. E B

    E B29 kun oldin

    I love hxh but jotaros clapping everyone but the dark continent

  67. Nick Blaster

    Nick BlasterOy oldin

    if you want to use calculations then also calculate how much force star platinums punches exert, force= mass times eccaleration.

  68. Robert Ludwig

    Robert LudwigOy oldin

    Well aren't stands imune to anything except other stands which means jotaro has a literal undamageable wall that can hit back wherever he wants?

  69. Pokéfan Dynamo

    Pokéfan DynamoOy oldin

    Okay now Fugo

  70. WeeaBooSlayer64

    WeeaBooSlayer64Oy oldin

    I don't get the small building rating, a fist traveling at light speed should be able to create massive meator creators.

  71. Canaan_Crystal wing

    Canaan_Crystal wingOy oldin

    Jotaro could beat most characters in hunter x hunter only chrolo with a lot of set up and certain environment and meurem cause I don't think we do the upper limits of what he could do

  72. Canaan_Crystal wing

    Canaan_Crystal wingOy oldin

    Can I also silva and the rest are strong that odage (big guy tank) based on nen ability and skill not to say they just as strong as him physical. Idk how kurapika took that fr but probably just nen defenses

  73. Canaan_Crystal wing

    Canaan_Crystal wingOy oldin

    Odage the tank guy wouldn't be able to tank jotaro hits. The fact it moving at the speed of light tells a normal guy punch moving close to the speed of light is crazy strong think of star platinum. A bazooka ain't comparing to the force jotaro punch hitting especially a ora barrage

  74. Yeswill bomden

    Yeswill bomdenOy oldin

    Jotaro solos the verse due to Star Platinum having Light speed. And the closest thing in the HXH is Lightning speed. Maybe Alukka beats him.

  75. Rivv04

    Rivv04Oy oldin

    The CORE theme in the background is just *chefs kiss*

  76. ImJiraiya

    ImJiraiyaOy oldin

    Jotaro beats all

  77. Wyatt Devantier

    Wyatt DevantierOy oldin

    Pucci made in heaven (:

  78. Abd Elawahed

    Abd ElawahedOy oldin

    If star platinum fist travels at the speed of light his fist will disentgreat but becuz only stands can hurt stands his fist would have the power to do a kakyion on them with ts becuz mass times speed or somthing

  79. Meruem [King of the Ants]

    Meruem [King of the Ants]Oy oldin

    Ima be real with ya chief I think I can take him

  80. The Golden Gryphyn

    The Golden GryphynOy oldin

    Due to physics and Einstein's theory of special relativity, the faster an object moves and approaches the speed of light, the more it's mass increases, if Jotaro's Star Platinum can move and land hits at the speed of light, then the energy of his punches would be stronger than an average nuclear bomb, which is more than enough to own pretty much anyone in HXH. (Original comment by MuhammadAbualQasim)

  81. The Golden Gryphyn

    The Golden GryphynOy oldin

    weird how different animes dont have like gore and blood. its only jojo i swear

  82. Arc : 3

    Arc : 3Oy oldin

    2:54 The word Arc confused me here if you don't know why look at my name

  83. N. Gomez

    N. GomezOy oldin

    Yusuke URAMESHI in the jojo verse

  84. turd_terminator_25

    turd_terminator_25Oy oldin

    Due to physics and Einstein's theory of special relativity, the faster an object moves and approaches the speed of light, the more it's mass increases, if Jotaro's Star Platinum can move and land hits at the speed of light, then the energy of his punches would be stronger than a nuclear bomb, which is more than enough to own pretty much anyone in HXH.

  85. Limp Toast

    Limp Toast23 kun oldin

    That is actually a fair point.

  86. XujiFPS

    XujiFPSOy oldin

    Jotaro solos lmao. SP is ftl and he can stop time.

  87. TorikoruYT

    TorikoruYTOy oldin

    jotaro solos the verse, jojos verse is way stronger than hxh jotaro is way faster than anyone in that verse has more ap and has access to time stop if they try to go for his main body

  88. TorikoruYT

    TorikoruYTOy oldin

    the only way jotaro can be beaten is if netero self destructs because jotaro is still human and would die to the bomb

  89. Matthew _09

    Matthew _09Oy oldin

    Don't you remember that Star Platinum threw an entire building in the OVA ?

  90. DatKid Official

    DatKid OfficialOy oldin

    The one thing that I hate about anime: *Jotaro faster than light* only building level. It makes no sense like F=MxA, so you’d multiply the mass of Star Platinum times his acceleration. Also if you wanted to argue that SP is a ghost and has no weight, that makes no sense due to the fact he has force to begin with and just puts us back in the same predicament.

  91. DatKid Official

    DatKid OfficialOy oldin

    @Black Dog SP broken if we bring real world physics into this lol

  92. Black Dog

    Black DogOy oldin

    We dont apply real world physics in fiction. If characters can punch at lightspeeds then they should be creating atomic bomb explosions in response.

  93. Great Slayer

    Great SlayerOy oldin

    Jotaro can get stronger, using time stop more, gets more time for time stop, maybe learn nen, learn a new move similar to gons, making his punches stronger. Idk

  94. Diasco DMG

    Diasco DMGOy oldin

    Please do more of these there very good i love em

  95. Jugnut TheAstronut

    Jugnut TheAstronutOy oldin

    Jotaro benefits on intelligence and the ability to maintain focus and composure in battle along with Star Platinum Star Platinum benefits Speed, Strength of holding up massive tons of weight and doing heavy damage up to destroying diamonds, stopping time and just can’t be seen due to the hunters not having stands. I can’t say anything about durability because only stands can do anything to other stands. So Jotaro would have to combine his intelligence the lack of Star Platinums visibility, and timing to pass up any A tier to Top Tier hunters.

  96. Νικος Σφυρης

    Νικος ΣφυρηςOy oldin

    What if every stand user is just a conjurer?

  97. mopman_16 :v

    mopman_16 :vOy oldin

    U can technically make a stand out of aura

  98. Dylan Lock

    Dylan LockOy oldin

    How about we put GER in this?! Hahaha!

  99. Logger

    LoggerOy oldin

    Enrico Pucci vs hxh

  100. Orizln

    OrizlnOy oldin

    superfly claps the whole hxh verse, 1 - cant touch the user because once you go inside he's just gonna fucking leave, if you kill him, guess what? your stuck in there. oh u wanna destroy the pillar? the damage gets reflected. its not damage either its energy being reflected so energy based attacks get fucked ez win what u gonna do? shoot a guy that can dodge punches going at 300km? tough luck, even though the bullets are faster than him he should be able to see em if he's moving that fast

  101. ILikeGuns1992

    ILikeGuns1992Oy oldin

    Jotaro is town level with cumulative damage after timestop, not building level.

  102. ILikeGuns1992

    ILikeGuns1992Oy oldin

    @Black Dogfair enough actually.

  103. Black Dog

    Black DogOy oldin

    @ILikeGuns1992 But Jotaro and DIO in Time Stop was damaging the road roller in time stop. If damage unleashes all at once when time stop ends, then the road roller should have stayed in tact and would be destroyed once time stop ends or when DIO slapped away the cat during time stop, it was torn to shreds, if damage does accumulate then the cat should have stayed in tact and would be torn to shreds the moment time continues or even better if Jotaro and DIO does accumulate damage, why did Kakyoin get donuted by The World? If it can accumulate damage then Kakyoin would get punched in the gut and the moment time continues, thats where he would get donuted. There is no statement that Jotaro and DIO's time stop accumulates all at once unless you got a scan for that.

  104. ILikeGuns1992

    ILikeGuns1992Oy oldin

    @Black Dog he stops time and damage unleashes all at once when timestop ends. Seems simple enough to understand.

  105. Black Dog

    Black DogOy oldin

    Jotaro does not have damage accumulation.

  106. cardboard box

    cardboard boxOy oldin


  107. urWEEN

    urWEENOy oldin

    Speed is force and weight

  108. Alastair Dicken

    Alastair DickenOy oldin

    I say you do a video on world over heaven vs HxH characters

  109. black boys

    black boysOy oldin


  110. TheMemeLords

    TheMemeLordsOy oldin

    Oh shit I love hxh but I thought jotaro would fuck the whole series But then I remembered that uvo exists

  111. Dark Skip

    Dark SkipOy oldin

    I understand what you’re saying but time stop is the difference maker in a lot of these fights. Strength alone can’t save a character

  112. COOLBEANS375

    COOLBEANS375Oy oldin

    Unlike Mereum Ultimate Kars hell Kars alone wouldn't die to the Nuke.

  113. hbd896

    hbd896Oy oldin

    Its been shown that he can punch through diamond plus lets not forget if uvos in a state of zetsu or caught off guard jotaro can stop time and kill him before he can react

  114. hbd896

    hbd896Oy oldin

    Yeah that doesn't make sense u talk about uvos strength being something crazy yet you forget that the stand you mentioned jotaro holding back earlier had teeth as hard as diamond which jotaro punched through

  115. Luckypugamer

    LuckypugamerOy oldin

    We should also consider the shock factor that literally none of these characters know what they're getting hit by in the first place.

  116. Miguel Rodriguez

    Miguel Rodriguez3 kun oldin

    Most troop members/people above that tank jotaros punches ez, and it’s the same thing for jotaro, he can’t see nen

  117. yousef diaa

    yousef diaaOy oldin


  118. Tomato Poo580

    Tomato Poo580Oy oldin

    Hxh gets bodied if they can't see star platinum but if they could I could see some good matches