HOW the 747 carried a SPACE SHUTTLE? Explained by CAPTAIN JOE

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Dear friends and followers welcome back to my channel. Today we'll be looking at the famous SCA, Shuttle Carrier Aircraft. The Boeing 747 which carried a Space Shuttle on top of its roof. We'll go deep into the history of the space shuttle program and the origins of the 747. How this iconic combo came together. What John Kiker, Nasa engineer had to do with it, what structural changes had to be made at the Boeing 747 to carry the orbiter and many more very interesting facts.
A big thank you to the Space Center Houston and Nasa for allowing me to record at their facilities and providing me with incredible video footage. I can't wait to be back in Houston for some more recordings!
Thank you very much for your time! I hope you enjoy this video!
Wishing you all the best!
Your "Captain" Joe
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  1. Terintia Flavius

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    I imagine the first phone call between Mr. Kiker and Boeing was a bit fun. Mr. Kiker: we are gonna put shuttles on top your plane like a car luggage carrier. Boeing: (mutes call and look at each other) Nasa must of stopped doing drug tests.

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    baggage check in:sorry your bag is too heavy for the 747 The 747:can carry a space shuttle

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    That is horrible fuel economy! With space orbiter it got. 0.05 miles per gallon or 18.77 gallons per mile Think about that for a minute, 18.77 gallons for 1 mile A gallon of fuel would get you just 264 feet.

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    Great video. Back in 1999 i believe, i was attending a flight school in Phoenix. Somewhere between there and Tucson was an aiport with stored aircraft that was supposedly an ex cia site. I flew in for fuel and low and behold there was the shuttle transporter. They let myself and a buddy i had with me go inside and check it out. One of the most memorable things of my time in Arizona. I keep wanting to think Avra Valley but i dont thing thats right. Would have to dig up my old logbook.

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  29. Katheryn Shamrell

    Katheryn Shamrell20 kun oldin

    I was in the Army and stationed in Frankfurt am Main during the early 1980's. In 1983, the star of the show was a space shuttle piggybacked on the back of the 747. French officials were reluctant to allow them to fly around the city, thinking it too dangerous. But it ended up being a great hit, and they were asked over and over to fly around the city.

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    My favorite Martian28 kun oldin

    Early in the shuttle program, one was forced to land at White Sands Base, due to bad weather at the Cape. It needed carried back to KSC by a modded 747 aircraft. The company I worked for was contracted to assist in loading it on top of the 747. I was lucky enough to see it all. There was no MDD but there was a large Stiffleg Derrick. The derrick could not do it alone so a crane was needed. The derrick held the rear and the crane held the nose. Together they lifted the shuttle so the 747 could be towed underneath. It worked perfectly and everyone was happy.

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  40. Nature and Physics

    Nature and PhysicsOy oldin

    747 SCA: washed, polished, and gleaming. STS Orbiter: streaked, burnt, glazed, and stained. The STS program was ended; not completed.

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    Clinton BowersOy oldin

    In 2010 I saw the SCA with the shuttle on approach to Barksdale AFB. It flew right over my neighborhood at about 3000ish feet. One of the coolest things I’ve seen. I’d kind of forgotten about it before seeing this video.

  44. Captain Zeppos

    Captain ZepposOy oldin

    Can't remember if it is mentioned in this fantastic presentation, but the cost to transfer the space shuttle from alternate airports to Florida was something like 2.5 million USD (source is Mike Mullane's Riding Rockets). This is why there was usually huge pressure to avoid the B747 trip.

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    Wright brothers: - "so did you guys develop our aircraft idea much further? -yeah this one can fly from New York to Tokyo non-stop - holy sh1t, but what about that other one on its back? - oh, that one can go from Florida to space and back... -surprised pikachu face

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    wrightmf2 oy oldin

    I'm remember in the 1970s watching the news that showed demonstration of model 747 carrying the orbiter, my reaction was that is totally crazy. Aaron Cohen, the program manager for the Shuttle orbiter, in this lecture at talked about when he was presented with this idea, he thought it was crazy and dismissed it. But those who presented the idea are not the kind to take no for an answer. Few days later they returned with a flying model, invited Aaron outside to the parking lot for a demonstration. Cohen said that was a major change because that provided the means to transport the orbiter from one place to another. Cohen was faced with how to move orbiters from alternate landing sites such as Edwards, Morocco, Guam, and other emergency landing sites. But with it carried by 747 then all the different methods of foldout jet engines or engines that attach to the orbiter, this gave lots more options and flexibility for alternate landing sites (which were a lot including commercial airports).

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