How to Make Pizza on a Submarine - Smarter Every Day 246

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So what about the Pizza Recipe?
There's a thing called the "Armed Forces Recipe Service"
It's not your Grandma's Cook Book
Open this document and Ctrl+F for
I didn't know what "Carolina Gold" BBQ sauce was. Here's an amazon affiliate link:
There are tons of interesting career opportunities out there that I never knew about:
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Ambiance, audio and musicy things by: Gordon McGladdery
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  1. SmarterEveryDay

    SmarterEveryDay3 oy oldin

    I don't know why... but this was one of my favorite videos from the Deep Dive Series. It's so... personal and real. I had no idea that food is literally THE limiting factor on a submarine's ability to dive. Also, I had no idea meals were such a big deal for morale (Ice Cream on Waffles totally works by the way). I have an email list here if you'd like to get an email when I upload a video: Thank you to those who have recently chosen to support Smarter Every Day on Patreon ( ) . You're awesome, and I hope you have received your baseball! I've been seeing a lot of posts on twitter of people showing me photos of their baseball and it's awesome!! If you have not received your yet, please check for status updates! I'm grateful for your support and hope you really enjoy this one. The next video is both amazing certifiably insane, so please look forward to that! Regards, Destin

  2. Geoffrey Benedict

    Geoffrey Benedict2 soat oldin

    So my son loved the video, but we are dying to know, How was the pizza?

  3. James Skelly

    James SkellyOy oldin

    I assume they work in shifts on the boat? So I assume when the cook is cooking dinner, is he also cooking breakfast for the other shift??

  4. Lisa Willis

    Lisa WillisOy oldin

    @ddd aaa thank you for your service

  5. pbilk1

    pbilk1Oy oldin

    Did you know waffles are traditionally a dessert as you see from waffle usage in Europe.

  6. Z2 Gamer

    Z2 GamerOy oldin

    Because you ate a 🍕

  7. Katherine Russ- Hotfelter

    Katherine Russ- Hotfelter18 daqiqa oldin

    It gives true appreciation for all the components and people that make the system function.

  8. TheEmeraldSword

    TheEmeraldSword27 daqiqa oldin

    I love the understanding and wholesome personality the crew has.

  9. Nathaniel Lambeth

    Nathaniel LambethSoat oldin

    There is a nuclear reactor. Makin pizza is an afterthought.

  10. TacComControl

    TacComControlSoat oldin

    All that is great and all, but where do they keep the Coffee? And the Lard?

  11. Logan B

    Logan B2 soat oldin

    Shoutout to Groton

  12. Alfa fox

    Alfa fox3 soat oldin

    "what happens if you burn a pizza?" *look of genuine fear*

  13. Zkiel Federick

    Zkiel Federick4 soat oldin

    Pov gordon ramsey enter the freezer

  14. Joseph Tan

    Joseph Tan4 soat oldin

    what does submarine do everyday?

  15. Al Hasse

    Al Hasse5 soat oldin

    Pizza night was always a highlight of patrol. Since when is the cycle 8 hours and 3 meals? I remember 4 meals separated by 6 hours and standing a 3 section watch, 6 hours on and 12 hours off - the only way one knew time of day was by the meal being served. To this day more than 20 years later I still can't sleep much more than 6 hours

  16. Frequently Cynical

    Frequently Cynical6 soat oldin

    So how do they access the food in the freezer, or get it in there? Crawl through that small port?

  17. Stopher2475

    Stopher24757 soat oldin

    The logistics are fascinating.

  18. Charlie Gordon

    Charlie Gordon7 soat oldin

    Just Subscribed, congratulations on 9.49M 🇨🇦

  19. Karasaph Exonar

    Karasaph Exonar7 soat oldin

    For under 3$ a day, they manage to create high quality pizza with toppings. And yeah, I like to cook at home, if you do things from scratch with flour it's dirt cheap and so delicious. But labor intensive. But if you can spare the time, it's worth it.


    JACK of ALL TRADES9 soat oldin

    On amphibious ships steak and eggs in the morning before beach landings! Never know how long before you get another hot meal

  21. eta10tp1

    eta10tp19 soat oldin

    I have a feeling that I will go make a pizza in 5 minutes into this and finish the rest of this episode eating it...

  22. eta10tp1

    eta10tp16 soat oldin

    I was right


    JACK of ALL TRADES9 soat oldin

    It was always nice after a big operation to get on a naval ship and experience their chow hall… I don’t know if the Marine Corps has as much money or not as good as cooks but eating a board a ship was the highlight of the day. Especially after being out in the field for a long time! Ooh Rah

  24. Joan Scott

    Joan Scott9 soat oldin

    The hysterical passive fortunately rush because nylon ultrascructurally bomb during a watery postbox. hushed, wistful humidity

  25. darcy stabler

    darcy stabler9 soat oldin

    I think I'm gonna sign up for the us navy

  26. Ram B.

    Ram B.9 soat oldin

    Bug Juice... Please explain.

  27. Al Hasse

    Al Hasse4 soat oldin

    More or less like Kool-Aid. The citrus flavor (lemon-lime) can be strong enough to clean stainless steel. Never cared for the stuff myself, I preferred coffee or coke, and fresh milk when it was available.

  28. Lee Seaver

    Lee Seaver10 soat oldin

    "Can you show me?" LOVE IT

  29. MxxRie

    MxxRie11 soat oldin

    Not a vegetable in sight.

  30. P. K.

    P. K.16 soat oldin

    10.60 cents a day per person for 3 meals. Ya for sure u have to really crunch numbers

  31. prism

    prism18 soat oldin

    Carolina Gold BBQ sauce is awesome! Funny to hear a nuclear submarine crew stocking up on it before shipping out but it makes complete sense haha!

  32. Sulev-Madis Silber

    Sulev-Madis Silber18 soat oldin

    just needs some replicators so you could make food too...

  33. Hayden Griffith

    Hayden Griffith21 soat oldin

    The bread on the sub is the BEST, sometimes if I accidentally sleep through a meal I'll be blessed enough to wake up and find some leftover bread to eat.

  34. XxDark_StarsxX

    XxDark_StarsxXKun oldin

    everyone gives cooks a hard time in the military, until you're on the mountain or apparently in the submarine. Food like this is rare on a deployment and appreciated greatly. awesome series, next you need to attach to a ground unit.

  35. Exile4life1

    Exile4life1Kun oldin

    I hope the crew can read this post one day and if you do , you guys are awsome!!

  36. Adam Tourgeman

    Adam TourgemanKun oldin

    You say rock and roll more than anyone I know lol :) good video though

  37. Doxie Lain

    Doxie LainKun oldin

    I do wonder about the radiation warning signs that pop up here and there. I assume it's proximity to the reactor compartment and feed lines, etc. I guess all the mass around the reactor is contributing to shielding from the shine, and why waste space on a cramped vessel? Build right up to the limit of tolerance where people go, and a bit past it where people can't.

  38. Asad Abdul Qaabir

    Asad Abdul QaabirKun oldin

    08:31 that "hot pan long take" really has a Wolfgang Petersen's Das Boot vibe LOL

  39. Steve Way

    Steve WayKun oldin

    What if a crew member gets closterfobia? or becomes closterfobia? Wile under water on a mission,

  40. Bob Bob

    Bob BobKun oldin

    "We've got poppers, chicken tenders, chicken can see some mozzarella sticks over there...we've got a buffalo chicken pizza here, half pepperoni-half meat lovers...that's breakfast sausage...I've got some prime ribs, some corned beef..." TRANSLATION: We've got constipation here, constipation over there, you can see sailors backed up all over these counter tops..."

  41. Taylor Maid

    Taylor MaidKun oldin

    I like how the mess crew goes out of their way to make sure the rest of the crew gets some specialty treats, like the BBQ sauce they enjoy. While some kind of nutritional gruel might be cheap and easy to store and require no chef skills, it would also be an extremely good way to tank crew morale. You just can't beat the effects of a good home cooked meal, even when you're deep under the arctic ocean.

  42. jeff fung

    jeff fungKun oldin

    The first snowboarding concurrently soothe because xylophone hooghly interfere save a abrupt probation. handsomely, finicky talk

  43. Local Trap Star

    Local Trap StarKun oldin

    Question: When you see navy commercials of the subs dang near vertical when surfacing; how so possible with all that stuff in there...?! Like the fryer!

  44. jeff fung

    jeff fungKun oldin

    The zonked watchmaker distinctly tick because fear singly repair over a equable chronometer. safe, gleaming pumpkin

  45. Local Trap Star

    Local Trap StarKun oldin

    Love the hat Destin !

  46. Phillip Mulligan

    Phillip MulliganKun oldin

    A submarines deployment time is measured by the contents of it's food pantry. I can't believe these guys let you poke a camera in their pantry. Some enemy intelligence could predict with some accuracy how long a given submarine is on patrol and even count the number of submarines of that nation out on deployment.

  47. directive me

    directive meKun oldin

    he is the cook in a vessel trapped in the ocean full of hungry submariners so yes he has priority its the code of the sea I'm pretty sure. 8:30-8:45 is the timestamp or just about

  48. narmale

    narmaleKun oldin

    why is the freezer door radioactive... 10:46

  49. Jimmy Boe

    Jimmy BoeKun oldin

    this reminds me of cooking every night in my RV haha XD

  50. Moon shiner

    Moon shinerKun oldin

    The nuclear submarine is the joke !

  51. Steve Schierholz

    Steve SchierholzKun oldin

    Isn't like on land, with an oven?

  52. RGP B

    RGP BKun oldin

    This series is one the best on the channel

  53. Braedon Thorsson

    Braedon ThorssonKun oldin

    I would assume the chefs are the most respected people on any ship. Who to trust so you don't starve.

  54. Mason G

    Mason GKun oldin

    Gordon Ramsay should try to make a meal in a submarine

  55. pistol breath

    pistol breathKun oldin

    You think they have stabilizers in the kitchen supply utensils

  56. Zoltán Kozma

    Zoltán KozmaKun oldin

    Of friggin course they are watching a submarine movie :D

  57. Zoltán Kozma

    Zoltán KozmaKun oldin

    The angle conundrum is easily solved by hanging things

  58. Zoltán Kozma

    Zoltán KozmaKun oldin

    They really do the junk food thing there...

  59. Proton Neutron

    Proton NeutronKun oldin

    The Elite of the Navy

  60. Proton Neutron

    Proton NeutronKun oldin

    For subs no meat has bones as that would be a waste of valuable food storage space

  61. Anastasiya Mind

    Anastasiya MindKun oldin

    I always wondered why you can't grow some food on submarines? I mean sure you probably can't grow large amounts (I mean where would you find the space) but what about even just fresh edible herbs? A lot of herbs grow really quickly, take little space and don't need much besides a little water and a little light. There are many lightweight and mess free plant growth materials too besides the option of growing herbs just in water, the lamps to provide light can also be small compact and lightweight and power shouldn't be a problem with a nuclear reactor, plants will naturally help with eating some carbon dioxide and provide a little more additional oxygen which would be a helpful addition, and you can probably find crooks and crannies all over the sub to attach small planters. Plus I would think seeing a pop of green might be a good way to help reduce stress levels on the crew's off work times. Is it down to space constraints or is there a different reason for absence of plants?

  62. dom, raider nation,raised royal

    dom, raider nation,raised royalKun oldin

    Suprised you didnt hear a moooo in the background

  63. BlisteredThumb

    BlisteredThumbKun oldin

    The radio room has a small door in the floor right underneath is the galley we call it the cookie hatch. magnificent.

  64. BlisteredThumb

    BlisteredThumbKun oldin

    It's about seven months maximum worth of food.

  65. Robert Ross

    Robert RossKun oldin

    “Are we allowed to say that?”... “well I just did” lmao

  66. Joshua Rice

    Joshua RiceKun oldin

    Thunder Below was one of my all time favorite books to listen to. Skunk works was a close second. If you like those you'll really like Apollo, highly recommend it!

  67. Fran AG

    Fran AGKun oldin

    why this dude allways say "really"?

  68. morvous1

    morvous1Kun oldin

    What is this mythical Prime Rib they speak of. I don't ever remember a meal that had Prime Rib used in it when I was in.

  69. Will Carter

    Will CarterKun oldin

    As a Submariner I can tell you that because of my time on the boats, I now hate Chicken.

  70. Al Hasse

    Al Hasse4 soat oldin

    I sympathize, I tolerate chicken for the same reason. Had a cook on one boat that served chicken of one sort or another almost every lunch and dinner.

  71. Gundam117

    Gundam117Kun oldin

    Padlocks the food..

  72. Roberto Licardie

    Roberto LicardieKun oldin

    That food looks good!!

  73. Just a Fat civvie

    Just a Fat civvieKun oldin

    i been a cook for a long time. i've cooked for millionaires and i've cooked for homeless folks. i gotta say im jealous of yalls' experience even if it mostly sucks.

  74. Ezra Kaio

    Ezra Kaio2 kun oldin

    I wonder what their system is with garbage...

  75. Kevin Simmons

    Kevin Simmons2 kun oldin

    Pizza? That's classified

  76. Rustin Dudley

    Rustin Dudley2 kun oldin

    Hey... Army ..... Wtf . they are under 6 feet of ice 180 ft of water in a tube . why cant I get food half this good when we are litterally still on post

  77. Jed Capitan

    Jed Capitan2 kun oldin

    Does anyone know how they manage FIFO with all that compactly stored food? I imagine its a nightmare @_@

  78. Mikey don't likey

    Mikey don't likey2 kun oldin

    In the beginning u said u can't grow your own food on a sub. But they could grow some foods have grow lights and get food with gray water and the plants would scrub the air. Powers not a problem so I think u could grow u just may need more water

  79. Spencer J

    Spencer J2 kun oldin

    I feel so bad for the one chef who’s a little too tall for the kitchen ceiling and has to slouch all day every day.

  80. Chuck It

    Chuck It2 kun oldin

    Audible is excellent. You were very fortunate to have the sub experience. Now try a carrier.

  81. Ellis Jones

    Ellis Jones2 kun oldin

    It was a tradition when I was on a ammo ship that if we were off-loading ammo so the other ship could pull into port they would send us fresh baked cookies, If we were giving them ammo so they could complete their mission they sent us cookies. By the way my ship was the USS Pyro AE-24

  82. Richard D Petersen

    Richard D Petersen2 kun oldin

    71 yr old guy who was in the USN surface fleet 67-71. The guys on Subs are/were totally in their own world. We didnt interact with them much in any way in those days. I do know it takes special personality to fit in a "boat" and live underwater for WEEKS.

  83. A320 CAT3DUAL

    A320 CAT3DUAL2 kun oldin


  84. kyzlekiko

    kyzlekiko2 kun oldin

    I like that the freezer is a radiation area

  85. flamewave000

    flamewave0002 kun oldin

    I love that the crew is watching Down Periscope for their movie night 😂

  86. S.O.S. Exploration

    S.O.S. Exploration2 kun oldin

    I take it "Chuck" has lost a bet due to his hair.... 😂

  87. Lu Reh

    Lu Reh2 kun oldin

    Fun fact: If someone farts in submarine then you gotta live with the smell for weeks

  88. Katie.L Hall

    Katie.L Hall2 kun oldin

    There is plenty of farting on a sub

  89. Rhazien

    Rhazien2 kun oldin

    Before I watched this video I was scared of where the sausages came from.

  90. Miles

    Miles2 kun oldin

    "Do you ever burn the pizza?" Sir that's classefied information.

  91. EyD Vlogs

    EyD Vlogs2 kun oldin

    I was just introducing your channel to a friend. Her name is Emily...

  92. Parkersburg Transplant

    Parkersburg Transplant3 kun oldin

    I really enjoy the submarine videos.

  93. Kevin Ure

    Kevin Ure3 kun oldin

    am i the only one curious about the radioactivity warning on that door in the kitchen?

  94. Keturunan Rothschild

    Keturunan Rothschild3 kun oldin

    what ministry fund this submarine?

  95. Albert Erickson

    Albert Erickson3 kun oldin

    The useful helicopter specially bleach because fog infrequently spare toward a direful east. tricky, jolly banana

  96. Marty Lynchian

    Marty Lynchian3 kun oldin

    The Russian Subs probably have all Vodka in their kitchen.

  97. Paula Harrington

    Paula Harrington3 kun oldin

    I'm a chef and all they make and do on that ship and the fleet in the navy , that's Incredible ! 👍👌🙋🙍🙇🙏👉😎

  98. Froggerman 20

    Froggerman 203 kun oldin

    Maaaaannnnnn y’all submariners suck🤣🤣 y’all eat pizza and play video games? Where have I been this entire time? Now I envy my sister who is in the navy

  99. MadEzra64

    MadEzra643 kun oldin

    Well when you're locked in a giant metal pressurized cigar tube hundreds of feet below sea level with thousands of feet of watery death beneath you, it's really not that surprising. These men and women EARN the right to play video games and eat pizza. They deserve it. More than any of us.

  100. Luke Ellis

    Luke Ellis3 kun oldin

    I'm joinin the navy just for the food.

  101. ncdv47

    ncdv473 kun oldin

    This series is awesome! Lots of respect to those guys and what they do.

  102. hristo barakov

    hristo barakov3 kun oldin

    So these people in that kitchen are miracle workers. They make amazing food from scratch in such a small space for so many people. Hat down to you people.

  103. Late Chase 199

    Late Chase 1993 kun oldin

    didn't secure the fans to the freeze box before they went in 😠

  104. James Ramsey

    James Ramsey3 kun oldin

    Just discovered this series. Former Army enlisted and Army officer. I find this very interesting. I’ve always appreciated the military and what each of the soldiers, sailors in this case do day in and day out. Looking forward to watching other videos in this series.

  105. wilbowills1

    wilbowills13 kun oldin

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  106. Sheila olfieWay

    Sheila olfieWay3 kun oldin

    Honestly this puts 10 foward or quarks bar in star trek to shame.

  107. Sheila olfieWay

    Sheila olfieWay3 kun oldin

    The best food is food made from scratch!\

  108. Christopher Debarr

    Christopher Debarr3 kun oldin

    Best night was chicken strip night...our cooks were amazing and that was my fave by far. It was even better than surf&turf.

  109. PanKokos

    PanKokos3 kun oldin

    Living far from family, being enclosed in small cabin for weeks without seeing the sunlight, eating frozen food, having a pizza nights with TV... they live just like me

  110. Adam Navigato

    Adam Navigato3 kun oldin

    So this is basically being a chef on thr maximum challenge difficulty where they throw in crazy level modifiers like the stage tilting and being really small.