I dug a secret underground bunker using ONLY a spoon...

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  1. YouTube

    YouTube23 kun oldin

    "Anything is possible with a dream, enough time, and infinite willpower." Someone make this a shirt!

  2. WaYZ gaming

    WaYZ gaming5 kun oldin

    Holy cow! its susan wojcicki(sorry i didnt pronounce that correctly and dont call me your bots)

  3. unbruhify

    unbruhify6 kun oldin

    this comment probably will be a piece of history

  4. Robin Moylan

    Robin Moylan20 kun oldin



    WEEB GUIDER20 kun oldin

    Hahaha ha yt commented

  6. sandwich

    sandwich20 kun oldin

    *Joined 51 years ago*

  7. M1 Garand

    M1 Garand2 daqiqa oldin

    Hmph So Stupid But I respect that..

  8. Marshz

    Marshz14 daqiqa oldin


  9. Eisah Khan

    Eisah Khan51 daqiqa oldin

    This turned into bugs bunny’s crib

  10. Elena Vazquez

    Elena Vazquez5 soat oldin

    5:16 photoshoped video on tv

  11. Itzzzkurt 1.0

    Itzzzkurt 1.06 soat oldin

    You can do anything

  12. Andrzej Gątkiewicz

    Andrzej Gątkiewicz7 soat oldin


  13. Mikey Sanchez

    Mikey Sanchez9 soat oldin

    Next rime use a Dixie cup stick

  14. epic symphony

    epic symphony12 soat oldin


  15. OralMiracle

    OralMiracle12 soat oldin

    1:20 ngl.thats a dope war cry

  16. Rizen ace Miguel

    Rizen ace Miguel20 soat oldin

    Did taler dead in video

  17. Maria Jauregui

    Maria Jauregui22 soat oldin

    How did he not die.

  18. • Squashed Mellow •

    • Squashed Mellow •23 soat oldin

    I like how it took almost maybe 7 weeks? And it’s only 5 minutes long

  19. Maddi H.

    Maddi H.Kun oldin

    Her: I bet he’s out cheating on me Him and the boys: 1:25

  20. Gregg D'Ascanio

    Gregg D'AscanioKun oldin

    “Any thing is possible with a dream enough time and some will power” and a lot of of camera stuff

  21. lindsey T2015

    lindsey T2015Kun oldin


  22. Amy Davies

    Amy DaviesKun oldin

    How did you do that bro

  23. christian alcobera

    christian alcoberaKun oldin

    They was so meni day

  24. Enzo Joaquin Zornosa Del Rosario

    Enzo Joaquin Zornosa Del RosarioKun oldin

    What the f*ck

  25. Hem Anghan

    Hem AnghanKun oldin

    Tyler oliveria and Airrack should do a collab

  26. Harley Gay Trinidad

    Harley Gay TrinidadKun oldin

    3:48 66.6%?

  27. broken guy gaming

    broken guy gamingKun oldin

    That one minecraft dude that you watch in youtube storys be like:

  28. BestMaxyMan Oh yeah

    BestMaxyMan Oh yeahKun oldin

    0:39 that’s totally a “LITTLE” bent

  29. savaun alston

    savaun alston2 kun oldin

    Why a spoon they know it will break spoons I know you are just metal but they can break easily if you’re just using something big to dig something with a small spoon but they have bigger ones that can make more damage to it

  30. Rare

    Rare2 kun oldin


  31. Bowser

    Bowser2 kun oldin


  32. MarcBossYT

    MarcBossYT2 kun oldin


  33. jorge menjivar

    jorge menjivar2 kun oldin


  34. B.O.S. Sentinel

    B.O.S. Sentinel2 kun oldin

    And then vault-tec was founded.

  35. YouTube Logo

    YouTube Logo2 kun oldin

    Yeah it is but a biggest spoon was the most expensive one

  36. YouTube Logo

    YouTube Logo2 kun oldin

    That creeper was so funny and Tyler played Minecraft and di the underground bunke

  37. Alex

    Alex2 kun oldin

    Can you train like me . 2 hrs of computer .3 hrs on phone .5 mins of outside Food to eat.chocky browny . Orange juice .a bite of a carrot

  38. Roan Ethan Kiel De Lara

    Roan Ethan Kiel De Lara2 kun oldin

    Why switch MrBeast?! MrBeast: whaaat?

  39. king emperor

    king emperor2 kun oldin

    Michael afton at 3 am scared watching this

  40. Ferric Jonathan

    Ferric Jonathan2 kun oldin

    It Would Take Literally A Second In Minecraft .

  41. Vylyn Phamv

    Vylyn PhamvKun oldin


  42. Aight Ali

    Aight Ali2 kun oldin

    I won the spoon

  43. logan vlogs

    logan vlogs2 kun oldin

    You are a spoon

  44. ArthurII Francia

    ArthurII Francia2 kun oldin

    The lvl 2 spoon instantly broke lol sry but it's funny man

  45. Tyler Nelson

    Tyler Nelson2 kun oldin

    Yo I’m not lying but my name is Tyler to 😱😀

  46. Dee Blanket

    Dee Blanket2 kun oldin


  47. M M

    M M2 kun oldin

    did you just puke at the start of the video..

  48. Misty Flowers

    Misty Flowers3 kun oldin

    ILac The vit

  49. Maria Heart

    Maria Heart3 kun oldin

    *is no one gonna talk about the start*

  50. Christian Martinez

    Christian Martinez3 kun oldin

    One scoop is changing the world 😂

  51. The Love Family

    The Love Family3 kun oldin

    You say I not We

  52. Bebo LF

    Bebo LF3 kun oldin

    Any buddy found this in the recommendations

  53. Pengu

    Pengu3 kun oldin

    4:45 what did he say!

  54. ModelXYLO

    ModelXYLO3 kun oldin

    Hey, can you do a "Living like Tanjiro for 30 days" challenge I would appreciate it.


    BLUE WOLF3 kun oldin

    Ah, so that's what prisoners inspiration....... Nice

  56. Janie Gonzales

    Janie Gonzales3 kun oldin

    Click bait

  57. Marty blair Astudillo

    Marty blair Astudillo3 kun oldin

    Little nightmare 2 undiscovered side characters background stories be like:

  58. Lena Christogeorgaki

    Lena Christogeorgaki2 kun oldin

    Oh the hospital one

  59. YouTube Logo

    YouTube Logo3 kun oldin

    One creeper says this: are you Fucking shitting me

  60. George Ortiz

    George Ortiz3 kun oldin

    Proud of this man he came a long way

  61. SouthSide Playaz

    SouthSide Playaz3 kun oldin

    1:20 that looks like a bunch of Mexicans doing things lol

  62. Dream ✓

    Dream ✓3 kun oldin

    This Video was very awesome

  63. Sheryl Mosley

    Sheryl Mosley3 kun oldin

    do a leg workout

  64. Lydia Malconian

    Lydia Malconian4 kun oldin

    Tyler and he’s boys never give up?

  65. ale sanchez

    ale sanchez4 kun oldin


  66. ale sanchez

    ale sanchezKun oldin


  67. ale sanchez

    ale sanchez4 kun oldin


  68. J Thebeast

    J Thebeast4 kun oldin

    God bles spoon

  69. KateraKreations

    KateraKreations4 kun oldin

    You seem like a Mr.Beast clone. At least a goodone.

  70. not you

    not you4 kun oldin

    6 dudes, 6 spoons...

  71. esben mccluskey

    esben mccluskey4 kun oldin

    His grandchildren are going to get some wild stories

  72. Aania Gowans

    Aania Gowans4 kun oldin

    You have inspired me

  73. Abdul Hadi

    Abdul Hadi4 kun oldin


  74. Alexis Whittemore

    Alexis Whittemore4 kun oldin

    Are you in Minecraft because I have Minecraft on my laptop and ther is Beds in Minecraft and houses

  75. Gab YT

    Gab YT4 kun oldin


  76. Nyce Cabajar

    Nyce Cabajar4 kun oldin

    I think some one use their feet

  77. issy

    issy4 kun oldin

    If anyone is seeing this stay safe and stay healthy.

  78. tomasito dacubajr

    tomasito dacubajr2 kun oldin

    不?不bn agaga4841@Franzdating Tentontan4 a322l 2llnhhhn

  79. Franzdating Tentontan4

    Franzdating Tentontan44 kun oldin

    Thank you you too godbless♥️👆

  80. issy

    issy4 kun oldin

    Love your vids.

  81. MGT21 Da best

    MGT21 Da best4 kun oldin

    Big spoon it’s a shovel God spoon for the win

  82. Lara Juliana Lim

    Lara Juliana Lim4 kun oldin

    im 9 years old and im an expert in making a hole put water it will make it eisier

  83. Noah Oliveira

    Noah Oliveira4 kun oldin

    Long lost Brother lol

  84. ZENUXlol

    ZENUXlol5 kun oldin

    Why does Tyler look like bionic

  85. Alexis Vergara

    Alexis Vergara5 kun oldin

    Pt 2

  86. Cookiefangirl317

    Cookiefangirl3175 kun oldin

    I have a question how do you survive without water and food

  87. Alex GamerGuy

    Alex GamerGuy5 kun oldin


  88. Rob Bindeman

    Rob Bindeman5 kun oldin

    Danger bro's only could do four feet with shovels,🙏 stay safe!

  89. Keys Nila Butterfly

    Keys Nila Butterfly5 kun oldin

    Why do you have a bowl filled with milk

  90. Jonathan Robertson

    Jonathan Robertson5 kun oldin


  91. Cool King

    Cool King5 kun oldin

    I am One punch meme

  92. Corriderator

    Corriderator5 kun oldin

    Sis : Im A Joke 2 You

  93. Chris Hawkins

    Chris Hawkins5 kun oldin


  94. Romaners SJ

    Romaners SJ5 kun oldin

    You are really saitama

  95. sarah luo

    sarah luo5 kun oldin

    Wow it’s amazing how are you going to do this

  96. Floaty Pot

    Floaty Pot5 kun oldin


  97. Blazerr

    Blazerr5 kun oldin

    Been watching for months now, just realized I wasn’t subbed😐 It’s fixed now

  98. go pico

    go pico5 kun oldin

    Me watching the tv move

  99. Ay Kay

    Ay Kay6 kun oldin

    Comically large spoons

  100. bonnie rankin

    bonnie rankin6 kun oldin

    How tho

  101. Jijan6

    Jijan66 kun oldin


  102. Dempsboy Pokémon

    Dempsboy Pokémon6 kun oldin

    Must of. Took a year

  103. bruhboi 2

    bruhboi 26 kun oldin


  104. aLoNe BoY

    aLoNe BoY6 kun oldin


  105. Raju Sagar

    Raju Sagar6 kun oldin

    Super video 🔥

  106. mcjunk

    mcjunk6 kun oldin

    Teb bucket of home depot is legendary

  107. Jamie Brown

    Jamie Brown6 kun oldin

    5:06 for the boys!

  108. s220136 吳漮? NG ANNIS

    s220136 吳漮? NG ANNIS6 kun oldin

    The shovel is just a mega spoon

  109. T5B

    T5B7 kun oldin

    Im only subscribing because he will shave his head

  110. Nene Dela cruz

    Nene Dela cruz7 kun oldin

    This is the perfect for imposter

  111. Lucaster Penguiner

    Lucaster Penguiner7 kun oldin