I Finally Got My Own Show | Dixie D'Amelio

I'M BACK!!!! The Early Late Night Show returns bigger and better than ever!! I'm so excited to air this second season of my talk show. It's all because of you that the Dixie D'Amelio Show evolved into this. We have some awesome episodes and amazing guests this season I cannot wait for you to see! Every Sunday at 10AM PST/1PM EST!!! Thanks for watching!
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  1. Dixie D'Amelio

    Dixie D'Amelio10 kun oldin

    i can't wait for you all to see this season!

  2. Philip Hes

    Philip Hes20 soat oldin


  3. Amal Roy

    Amal RoyKun oldin

    @Choco Cookie she doesn't care

  4. Choco Cookie

    Choco CookieKun oldin

    Lol I can wait

  5. Amal Roy

    Amal RoyKun oldin

    @Милана Слюсаренко 🤡

  6. Милана Слюсаренко

    Милана СлюсаренкоKun oldin

    Me too)

  7. Ninignit Deita

    Ninignit DeitaSoat oldin


  8. dana al babtain

    dana al babtainSoat oldin

    I love how she was complementing herself and roasting herself at the same time , it makes it so much more laughable is the word

  9. Vicki Granovsky

    Vicki Granovsky2 soat oldin

    Dixie you are the best D'Amelio i love you so much good luck in everything

  10. Nessaa Marie

    Nessaa Marie4 soat oldin

    She’s grown so much 🥺 I’m living for season 2 of this show !

  11. Brianna Alarcon

    Brianna Alarcon5 soat oldin

    I honestly think she will make a good host

  12. Brina A

    Brina A10 soat oldin

    I saw Charlie in the white suit at 4 mins and 49 seconds

  13. Ginger Cat

    Ginger Cat12 soat oldin

    Oh god...

  14. Arisha Sajjad

    Arisha Sajjad14 soat oldin

    By the end I actuallythought that there were two differentpeople

  15. Ioannas Channel

    Ioannas Channel15 soat oldin

    Charli:🖕🏻 (no hate it’s for fun [this comment is for fun])

  16. Dj Fruci

    Dj Fruci16 soat oldin

    L' eucemia sla sla

  17. princess oz

    princess oz16 soat oldin

    4:40 this my fav part

  18. Lyn Lawrence

    Lyn Lawrence17 soat oldin

    No one chari: Thankz I know 😘

  19. Yun-Jin Lee

    Yun-Jin Lee17 soat oldin

    Society officially lost my respect.

  20. Chilly.Maisha

    Chilly.Maisha18 soat oldin

    the way she is trying to make this funny is just funny it self 😂😂

  21. Kelan

    Kelan18 soat oldin

    the intro is not it.

  22. Zakary and Kylie Play

    Zakary and Kylie Play18 soat oldin

    lol so funny dix

  23. eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboi18 soat oldin

    Dixie: No guests? Fine I'll interview myself

  24. y. m.

    y. m.22 soat oldin

    This girl really thinks she is kendall jenner

  25. amethyst garrick

    amethyst garrick23 soat oldin

    this is why i love dixi

  26. eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboi18 soat oldin


  27. Team Leethœ

    Team Leethœ23 soat oldin

    The white dress Dixie is I knew She is her sister Charli 🧐😂😂

  28. Rajani

    RajaniKun oldin

    Yesss queen

  29. Esha Lavie

    Esha LavieKun oldin

    the most uncreative title the early late night show??

  30. Esha Lavie

    Esha LavieKun oldin

    dis a joke?

  31. Enikő Kolbányi

    Enikő KolbányiKun oldin

    Two Dixie!

  32. Ashley Dahlgren

    Ashley DahlgrenKun oldin

    Anyone else know that charli dixie in the whit outfit and just has edited dixies face in it and a voice over chars

  33. Tisha Goel

    Tisha GoelKun oldin


  34. AML Glass n Glazing

    AML Glass n GlazingKun oldin


  35. Butterfly !!!

    Butterfly !!!Kun oldin

    The Real Star tho!

  36. Brie Harps

    Brie HarpsKun oldin

    I’m confused if Dixie was singing or charli

  37. Elma Metjahic

    Elma MetjahicKun oldin

    at 4:48 Charli appears... I had to rewind, lil video mistake I guess

  38. Aaliyah Gutierrez

    Aaliyah GutierrezKun oldin

    Who see charli book

  39. Kelly Sudyatmiko

    Kelly SudyatmikoKun oldin

    4:44 can anyone explain? Like is that charli or Dixie singing🥲

  40. Hailey Glenn

    Hailey GlennKun oldin

    i kind of love this im kind of living for it,... its kind of iconiccccccc like yas gooo leo bestieeeeeee,... queen did an interview w herself im ibsessed i can't

  41. Liams single Kidney

    Liams single KidneyKun oldin


  42. Liams single Kidney

    Liams single KidneyKun oldin

    Liam is amazing so is Dixie 😌

  43. Ligia Castellanos

    Ligia CastellanosKun oldin

    Dixie eres una joven muy emprendedora amable humilde sencilla y sobretodo tu belleza es haci al natural saludos desde Guatemala🙏🏼

  44. Fajr Al-rashidi

    Fajr Al-rashidiKun oldin

    I love this so much

  45. Da Sashaa

    Da SashaaKun oldin

    This is a 100000 out of 10

  46. Da Sashaa

    Da SashaaKun oldin

    U came back stronger queen like u always do

  47. Da Sashaa

    Da SashaaKun oldin

    I loooooooooooooooooved it so much

  48. Chapinchido

    ChapinchidoKun oldin

    Wtf people this is a show Sad times we live in

  49. bayley

    bayleyKun oldin

    no this is actually really funny i love this so much

  50. That one huddygang girl

    That one huddygang girlKun oldin

    no one: absolutely no one: Dixie: interviewing herself**

  51. Jaiden Rose

    Jaiden RoseKun oldin

    me at 4 am:

  52. Karen Arreola

    Karen ArreolaKun oldin

    4:48 Charlie was Dixie haha was I the only one who caught it. Anyways love ya

  53. X x Roblox Girl x X

    X x Roblox Girl x XKun oldin

    4:48 Charlie?!

  54. caca balls

    caca ballsKun oldin

    dixie:*sings* dixie:wow thats sounds great charli:thank u

  55. -Amelia Thompson-

    -Amelia Thompson-Kun oldin

    why didn't she keep the name dixie d'amelio show? that's better than "early late night"

  56. Lizzie Roads

    Lizzie RoadsKun oldin


  57. Joe Vainikka

    Joe VainikkaKun oldin

    why does she need such a big set

  58. I have no name

    I have no nameKun oldin

    I would DIEEEE to see Kylie Jenner in your show like literally 😍😍😍😍

  59. I have no name

    I have no nameKun oldin

    This video is so well done! And I love that you don’t let the hate destroy you keep going girl focus on your fans and the ppl who loves you❤️

  60. Sophie Burley

    Sophie BurleyKun oldin

    this is 110% amazing

  61. festus ewere

    festus ewereKun oldin

    Good one

  62. oiuet souiu

    oiuet souiuKun oldin

    Dixie: No guests? Fine I'll interview myself

  63. Sam Fatah

    Sam FatahKun oldin

    Wait I am so confused how are there two Dixies

  64. Toddbot

    ToddbotKun oldin

    I would rather watch grass grow than this braindead shit

  65. oiuet souiu

    oiuet souiuKun oldin

    Yoo I so Charlie

  66. Marlie

    MarlieKun oldin

    Who else saw charlie?

  67. Rubaiya H.

    Rubaiya H.Kun oldin

    dixie is bold BOLD.

  68. Amaya Lepiani

    Amaya LepianiKun oldin

    Um wait how did she do that.... is charli one of the dixies?

  69. kick bump

    kick bumpKun oldin

    wait im confude

  70. Burrito Grande

    Burrito GrandeKun oldin

    I'd rather watch paint dry.

  71. Hamiana Grande

    Hamiana GrandeKun oldin

    same, this girl is as interesting as a cardboard box. She’s pretty, I’m sure she’s nice but she’s really not that fun 💀

  72. T.

    T.Kun oldin

    Wouldn't we all.She thinks highly of herself lol

  73. Stella

    StellaKun oldin


  74. Lexi Hartman

    Lexi HartmanKun oldin

    this is amazing dixie. 😂

  75. Macarena Contreras

    Macarena ContrerasKun oldin

    My fave Gen Z influencer. She's just so real

  76. Burrito Grande

    Burrito GrandeKun oldin

    bot account

  77. •Slyphiette•

    •Slyphiette•2 kun oldin

    Dixie is super happy when she is with Addison

  78. •Slyphiette•

    •Slyphiette•2 kun oldin

    0:45 LMAO DIXIE 😂

  79. Ernesta Gaucyte

    Ernesta Gaucyte2 kun oldin

    Dixie who is your best friend?

  80. Wallace Visconti

    Wallace Visconti2 kun oldin

    love to see her conquering things she loves

  81. Kelly Bethel

    Kelly Bethel2 kun oldin

    Charli d'amelio 4:47

  82. Kelly Bethel

    Kelly Bethel2 kun oldin

    Omg this is funny!

  83. Dilasha Mallick

    Dilasha Mallick2 kun oldin

    Yoo I so Charlie

  84. Gianni Valentin

    Gianni Valentin2 kun oldin

    may 11th my bday :))))

  85. Sabina Bista

    Sabina Bista2 kun oldin

    You’re so cool 😂❤️

  86. Choco Cookie

    Choco Cookie2 kun oldin

    Jesus these untalented tik tokers get way too much attention for...dancing?

  87. T.

    T.Kun oldin

    Lol ikr

  88. bouytt guyt

    bouytt guyt2 kun oldin

    Dixie :sing sometimes don’t want to be happy .other Dixie: that was so good .:Charli yeah I know

  89. Charlotte Cox

    Charlotte Cox2 kun oldin

    that studio is sick

  90. Meem R

    Meem R2 kun oldin

    .......... what

  91. bouytt guyt

    bouytt guyt2 kun oldin

    Is this fake?

  92. Hannah Robles

    Hannah Robles2 kun oldin

    Yess Dixie I love this Haha.

  93. Vala -w-

    Vala -w-2 kun oldin

    im the only that see the book of charli xd

  94. Someone! :D

    Someone! :D2 kun oldin

    4:43 - 4:48 We have learned Charli D'Amileo wants to be Dixie ^0^

  95. Nadia N

    Nadia N2 kun oldin

    She’s so funny looking

  96. Someone! :D

    Someone! :D2 kun oldin

    wait a damn minute is it just me or does DD and Dixie Damileo look really alike

  97. RedWing

    RedWing2 kun oldin

    This is really shit, she has no personality and to do a show like this you need one, good or bad. She should stick to Tik Tok, as her music is bad and so is acting. I do appreciate that she’s trying to do something new but clearly she doesn’t have a future in anything audio wise. I hope she realises because I want her to have a prosperous career.

  98. T.

    T.Kun oldin

    Lol she has a bland personality in my opinion

  99. Millie Bobbybrown

    Millie Bobbybrown2 kun oldin

    No one : Literally no one : Dixie talking with her self : hahahahhahahahahaa

  100. Kaitlyn Worley

    Kaitlyn Worley2 kun oldin

    she else saw Charli 4:48

  101. Josie Smith

    Josie Smith2 kun oldin

    dixie interviewing herself- wow-

  102. The Brooklyn Sisters

    The Brooklyn Sisters2 kun oldin

    Did y’all see charli? Great video!!

  103. Wmr Cats

    Wmr Cats2 kun oldin

    God loves you

  104. sopriye koko

    sopriye koko2 kun oldin

    Bro this is low key interesting

  105. Fatima Qandil

    Fatima Qandil2 kun oldin


  106. Kaitlyn Deary

    Kaitlyn Deary2 kun oldin

    this is so good omgg

  107. nik naks

    nik naks2 kun oldin

    Is this fake?

  108. Northan-John Conradie

    Northan-John Conradie2 kun oldin

    Charlie was the one in the wite they just puted dixies face there 😂

  109. Romi Silva

    Romi Silva2 kun oldin


  110. Kittenpeeps31

    Kittenpeeps312 kun oldin

    "sometimes i don't wanna be happy" dixie : that was actually really good! charli : i know

  111. lia v

    lia v2 kun oldin

    I could tell dixie was aqward answering some of these questions

  112. lia v

    lia v2 kun oldin

    best content I have seen in a loooonnnnnnggggg time

  113. Brittany White

    Brittany White2 kun oldin

    I’m getting James Charles vibes