I Like Girls - JoCat Animation

based on "Boys" by Lizzo
monster hunter 8 bit theme used: uznick.info/up/video/h3XJaIZ8iqehhH0
In order of appearance:
Lady Dimitrescu - Resident Evil the Village
Zarya - Overwatch
She-Hulk - Marvel Comics
Felicia - Darkstalkers
Captain Amelia - Treasure Planet
GLaDOS - Portal
Velma Dinkley - Scooby Doo
Red - Transistor
Lohse - Divinity: Original Sin 2
2B - NieR: Automata
Chun Li - Street Fighter
Nyanners - VSHOJO
Ironmouse - VSHOJO
Veibae - VTuber
Silvervale - VSHOJO
Great Fairy - Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Melony - Pokemon Sword and Shield
Noi - Dorohedoro
Rinkah - Fire Emblem: Fates
Korra - Avatar: The Legend of Korra
Urbosa - Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Merlwyb - Final Fantasy XIV
Bayonetta - Bayonetta
Midna - Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Rouge the Bat - Sonic the Hedgehog
Olivia - Fire Emblem: Awakening
Dusa - Hades
Tali'Zorah - Mass Effect
Jessie - Pokemon
Manuela - Fire Emblem: Three Houses
Bowsette - Super Mario
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  1. Skullreaper316

    Skullreaper3165 daqiqa oldin

    I love girls too

  2. Ryan Ronquillo

    Ryan Ronquillo8 daqiqa oldin

    FBI: Saw the vid FBI: Find the location FBI: FBI open up!!! JoCat: Scream !!

  3. darkfang 79

    darkfang 7922 daqiqa oldin

    I don’t know if you like guys or not but could you do the e same for guys?! Pretty please with a cherry on top!

  4. Sustais Dark

    Sustais Dark22 daqiqa oldin

    I like any kind I just have one thing I dont want someone who is morbidly obese thats all belly folds are just fine

  5. 404 user not found

    404 user not found38 daqiqa oldin

    i like singing! i like dancing! I Like Girls. *girls crashing in at high speeds*

  6. josip 812 gaming and reacting

    josip 812 gaming and reacting38 daqiqa oldin


  7. Eatinganemone89

    Eatinganemone8939 daqiqa oldin

    Male Character: 0:11 The “fan”base: *GAY*

  8. Kevin Cloud

    Kevin CloudSoat oldin

    Hey ladies big ones short ones tall ones black ones whites ones all ones

  9. Khalidian

    KhalidianSoat oldin

    Y E S

  10. KuKas e Heitorzin

    KuKas e HeitorzinSoat oldin


  11. 5VoMzDW of Legends

    5VoMzDW of LegendsSoat oldin

    DId I just see 2B and vtubers

  12. giovanni pezzin

    giovanni pezzin2 soat oldin

    they hoed

  13. dustinb42

    dustinb422 soat oldin

    Friggin 30 second video and it's a god damned masterpiece.

  14. diana

    diana3 soat oldin

    this needs to be a tiktok audio the sapphic side of there would go wild with this

  15. Jaymer Fill

    Jaymer Fill3 soat oldin

    its the straight song

  16. E

    E3 soat oldin

    We can all agree loli's are best.

  17. Weird Dude

    Weird DudeSoat oldin


  18. K1L_O

    K1L_O3 soat oldin

    This guy spittin

  19. Adrian Leporace

    Adrian Leporace3 soat oldin

    the eternal virgin

  20. The Aspergers Effect

    The Aspergers Effect3 soat oldin


  21. Tomaz Lamego

    Tomaz Lamego3 soat oldin

    I see, you're a man of culture as well.

  22. Master Chief

    Master Chief3 soat oldin

    Chief approves

  23. Ating's Quest

    Ating's Quest4 soat oldin

    Ah, I See You're a Man of Culture As Well

  24. Icie Henry

    Icie Henry4 soat oldin


  25. Tavish Finnegan DeGroot

    Tavish Finnegan DeGroot4 soat oldin

    This represents the "straight" ness

  26. Arguably

    Arguably4 soat oldin

    Straight guys when you make a gay joke

  27. Jed Capitan

    Jed Capitan5 soat oldin

    jo's a vshojo fan, niceee

  28. amethyst tvgl

    amethyst tvgl5 soat oldin

    "I like a good chest no matter what size" honestly this line just makes me happy as a gal with a not D or DD chest size and have always felt shitty about it.

  29. RedeyePeyton

    RedeyePeyton5 soat oldin

    I love this

  30. Qiannah Pazia Yap

    Qiannah Pazia Yap5 soat oldin

    The fact that vtubers are here too tho.

  31. Raind

    Raind5 soat oldin

    Need loop pls!


    NIZAR AWAD6 soat oldin

    Supa Straight Boii

  33. brysonman

    brysonman7 soat oldin

    I had no idea we had so much in common.

  34. Corporal Adrian Shepard

    Corporal Adrian Shepard7 soat oldin

    i am disappointed, not even mad

  35. Andre

    Andre7 soat oldin

    This is my national anthem

  36. Home Slice

    Home Slice7 soat oldin

    This MAN HERE IS A GENUINE GENUSE *claps for the truth*


    AIZEN EUGENE TAMAYO7 soat oldin

    remember the rap called thanos rap well here's a recreation of it me: enjoy! let me spell it out for you... S I M P

  38. FreeSpark

    FreeSpark7 soat oldin

    all I got outta that was what VTubers you watch great tastes by the way

  39. milk

    milk8 soat oldin

    Omg I just realized Red from transistor is in this 💖😍🥰💖Love her

  40. krambert

    krambert8 soat oldin


  41. YellowSquids

    YellowSquids8 soat oldin

    Well he doesn’t look like he likes girls, he looks like he likes guys

  42. El Diegollador

    El Diegollador8 soat oldin

    I've been watching this video on a daily basis. It's great.

  43. Deanna Abeyta

    Deanna Abeyta8 soat oldin

    im just sad there's no Samus in this

  44. Furby On Phire

    Furby On Phire8 soat oldin


  45. purevjargal bayanjargal

    purevjargal bayanjargal8 soat oldin

    oh my..god

  46. Chris Fer

    Chris Fer8 soat oldin

    I've watched this daily for the past week.

  47. Quinlan McCormick

    Quinlan McCormick8 soat oldin

    Good to know he still makes amazing content even after the fall of dan plan

  48. Человек Человеческий

    Человек Человеческий8 soat oldin

    based indeed

  49. Quinten Price

    Quinten Price8 soat oldin

    Am I the only one who watched this several times

  50. sengiko

    sengiko8 soat oldin

    Y E S

  51. Otbaht

    Otbaht9 soat oldin

    I like girls that are shorter than me because i can hold them close and embrace them and i like girls that are taller than me because they can hold me close and embrace me from behind easier.

  52. Sumire AO

    Sumire AO9 soat oldin

    Im a simple Divine, i see Lohse i press like

  53. Todd Blackmon

    Todd Blackmon9 soat oldin

    A man of refined and proper tastes. Spot on, Jo of the Cat clan. :D This song made my day, by the way. Thank you!

  54. Cesar Herrera

    Cesar Herrera9 soat oldin

    This video has almost 3m views and I still think it's a low number.

  55. Dryan Kin

    Dryan Kin9 soat oldin

    I like women.

  56. Kazukiyo Meyer

    Kazukiyo Meyer9 soat oldin

    Cool man, I like girls too.

  57. Penelope Angell

    Penelope Angell9 soat oldin


  58. Monkeboy121

    Monkeboy1219 soat oldin

    He says "Pretty kitty girls" and it shows a part cart part human and a dressed up person lmao

  59. Monkeboy121

    Monkeboy121Soat oldin

    @Jacob Meads second assumption lol.

  60. Jacob Meads

    Jacob Meads8 soat oldin

    It seems you haven't seen Treasure Planet, which is understandable since it's a very underrated movie. I highly recommend it. She's captain Amelia from said movie, and she is very much a cat person. Edit: just realized you probably meant dressed up as in the other person is dressed up as a cat, rather than meaning dressed up as in dressed fancy. Edit 2: after googling the other girl, it seems she is a cat girl, so now I have no idea what you meant. Either you also didn't know that and my second assumption was correct, or you did and my first assumption was correct.

  61. PaperBoi

    PaperBoi9 soat oldin

    Why was GLADOS in there

  62. Erik Vermeiren

    Erik Vermeiren9 soat oldin

    What the ...................

  63. Maria Lee

    Maria Lee9 soat oldin

    "Aah yes, same" -Gay Woman 2021

  64. Sarcastic Rants

    Sarcastic Rants9 soat oldin

    i remember when your were at a weee 1500 followers

  65. Monkeboy121

    Monkeboy1219 soat oldin

    Where is any dark souls waifu? eh, Firekeeper... Sirris... Anri... Karla...Irina...Gwyndolin( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)...Gwynevere...Dusk...Quelana...Reah...Anastacia...Fair Lady...Darkmoon Knightess...Sieglinde...Ciaran...and best for last...PRISCILLA!!!! Not one huh?

  66. Crusader Punk

    Crusader Punk9 soat oldin


  67. yeomenim

    yeomenim10 soat oldin

    if someone asks if your gay and your not, you can just politely send them this, and they will also know you a man of culture

  68. Monkeboy121

    Monkeboy12110 soat oldin

    AHCHHCHEMMEEEMEMEMEEEMMMMMMM what about guys eh? got any homies?

  69. Fishy Boopkins the RainWing

    Fishy Boopkins the RainWing10 soat oldin

    my gOd i wish asami satou were real now

  70. anna mcdearmond

    anna mcdearmond10 soat oldin

    Mr being a girl -_-...

  71. Wildstyle 1102

    Wildstyle 110210 soat oldin

    “I like the belly folds~” 😍✨🤍🎶 This man is great in my book! 😊 (This video is amazing!!! 🤩)


    RJHZ56 PORCINO10 soat oldin

    extended versión?

  73. Sebas LSCP

    Sebas LSCP10 soat oldin

    Jo: i like girls But Six-Packs is Six-Packs. 0:20 that face can't fool me.

  74. Friendly_couchpotato

    Friendly_couchpotato11 soat oldin

    Nice v-shojo reference

  75. Super weird Plush

    Super weird Plush11 soat oldin

    Was this in one of your streams

  76. Natalie Macdonald

    Natalie Macdonald11 soat oldin

    one of those girls isnt a girl

  77. Dar4kdragon 52

    Dar4kdragon 5211 soat oldin


  78. ChryssiiiArt

    ChryssiiiArt11 soat oldin

    I like all genders, beat that >:}

  79. L. R.

    L. R.11 soat oldin

    NO way this is only a week old

  80. Wolverinebomb 13

    Wolverinebomb 1311 soat oldin

    For some reason I have a strong urge to scream S I M P...

  81. Rick Ass le

    Rick Ass le11 soat oldin

    Get Rick rolled

  82. B W

    B W11 soat oldin

    I have watched this video maybe a hundred times in the past 2 weeks

  83. Soahera

    Soahera11 soat oldin

    Me: "wow this was a really cool animation" *checks description* Also me: "Holy shit he put all their names in with where they are at!"

  84. TheSonOfTheDragon

    TheSonOfTheDragon12 soat oldin

    Bonus points for including Captain Amelia from Treasure Planet.

  85. Ytdude _265

    Ytdude _26512 soat oldin

    the moment rouge went on screen i immediately said to myself "FURRY"

  86. mach stormrunner

    mach stormrunner12 soat oldin

    This gay man says, YOU GO! *dances*

  87. ItalianSSJ :D

    ItalianSSJ :D12 soat oldin


  88. SlightlyOrderlyChaos

    SlightlyOrderlyChaos12 soat oldin

    I love how iron mouse tries to hide her chest smol, then gives us eyebrows lol

  89. Spriinchi

    Spriinchi12 soat oldin

    Bisexuals: *I like boys and I like girls play at the same time*

  90. Skip Skip

    Skip Skip12 soat oldin

    Yeah, i like gurls

  91. Shane Espinoza

    Shane Espinoza12 soat oldin

    Ah I see you're a man of culture as well

  92. Felix Rehi

    Felix Rehi12 soat oldin

    I like gun

  93. Samuel Ashong

    Samuel Ashong12 soat oldin

    The iron mouse chest size from the M to S was so fuckin smooth .

  94. Pieseł

    Pieseł12 soat oldin

    this is the most hetero thing but in the most gay vibe

  95. Elon's Musk

    Elon's Musk13 soat oldin

    We got the "I like Boys" now "I like Girls" but where's the "I like Futas" song?

  96. Noite Azul

    Noite Azul13 soat oldin

    Never related this much to a song before

  97. Sr cereal

    Sr cereal13 soat oldin


  98. SkyPlaysToca

    SkyPlaysToca13 soat oldin

    **Bisexual confusion intensifies**

  99. Schaab

    Schaab14 soat oldin

    finaly, the girls mod

  100. Chris Odgers

    Chris Odgers14 soat oldin

    what about f a k e girls?

  101. LaCokaNostra81

    LaCokaNostra8114 soat oldin

    Girls have cooties, and I'm not trying to get cooties and covid 19.

  102. yes

    yes14 soat oldin

    i dont like girls

  103. Gamer Dude

    Gamer Dude14 soat oldin