I pranked BBC News into giving me an interview.
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  1. NDL

    NDL24 kun oldin

    the NDL is the greatest movement youtube has ever seen

  2. HeadNap

    HeadNap2 kun oldin

    You are right!! NDL IS TAKING OVER!

  3. Zac Kyeremateng

    Zac Kyeremateng2 kun oldin


  4. Robbie edward sayers 2

    Robbie edward sayers 25 kun oldin

    i think it’s bullshit

  5. The random TV

    The random TV19 kun oldin

    Yep ndl

  6. Richard Croke

    Richard Croke20 kun oldin

    Yesssss boris shushhh

  7. Moxah - Modding, Trolling, Glitches & Tutorials

    Moxah - Modding, Trolling, Glitches & Tutorials58 daqiqa oldin

    Love this channel!

  8. Anton Karran

    Anton Karran3 soat oldin


  9. Olu Apampa

    Olu Apampa4 soat oldin

    What does he mean by "From one BBC to another" ?🤔

  10. RickRollify

    RickRollify6 soat oldin


  11. Chitalu Ndhlovu

    Chitalu Ndhlovu8 soat oldin

    Niko Is The Best 😀🤗

  12. Swaggy D

    Swaggy D9 soat oldin


  13. vee ntc

    vee ntc14 soat oldin

    Knowledge strength integrity

  14. William Kalsoe

    William Kalsoe15 soat oldin

    "From one BBC to another" I can't🤣🤣

  15. Murphy -

    Murphy -16 soat oldin

    This guy should fucking grow up a bit, he probably will when he finally gets a bird

  16. CrzyMonkey Bnana

    CrzyMonkey Bnana22 soat oldin


  17. L R

    L RKun oldin


  18. Karate 1707

    Karate 1707Kun oldin

    You were the best candidate there you should’ve won

  19. George Sebastian

    George SebastianKun oldin

    G O A T

  20. zeeshan Mirza

    zeeshan MirzaKun oldin

    I hope im proud to say in abt 20 years son this was the best mayor of all time

  21. zeeshan Mirza

    zeeshan MirzaKun oldin

    VOTE FOR NDL or u breath stinks

  22. Cyber Kazo

    Cyber KazoKun oldin

    Sad no win

  23. Eden Brooke-Alder

    Eden Brooke-AlderKun oldin

    i am going to vote for you

  24. PÆrbÆÆz gooomÆn

    PÆrbÆÆz gooomÆnSoat oldin

    He was in 5th place

  25. Liam Fitzsimons

    Liam FitzsimonsKun oldin

    Run for prime minister next

  26. Harry Wills

    Harry WillsKun oldin

    Wat happens if u do become mayor wat r u going to tell them like it’s a prank u said to boris shush lol 🤫

  27. luk3.47b

    luk3.47bKun oldin

    READ THIS AND YOU WOULD HAVE FIGURED OUT THE SECRET OF LIFE VVVVVVVVVVV We're no strangers to love You know the rules and so do I A full commitment's what I'm thinking of You wouldn't get this from any other guy I just wanna tell you how I'm feeling Gotta make you understand Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Never gonna run around and desert you Never gonna make you cry Never gonna say goodbye Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you We've known each other for so long Your heart's been aching but you're too shy to say it Inside we both know what's been going on We know the game and we're gonna play it And if you ask me how I'm feeling Don't tell me you're too blind to see

  28. Amin M

    Amin MKun oldin

    Imagine Niko being the next mayor of London lol . The fist thing he would do is ban the paul brothers from ever entering London.

  29. Ibrahim Sultan

    Ibrahim SultanKun oldin

    everyone vote niko for vibes

  30. Surya Pasricha

    Surya PasrichaKun oldin

    He actually got 50k votes, this is amazing!

  31. Andrea Hansell

    Andrea HansellKun oldin

    nice one

  32. flowerwht

    flowerwhtKun oldin

    At least you got young people more interested in politics

  33. tanna muntaha

    tanna muntahaKun oldin

    Boris Johson shuuush

  34. tanna muntaha

    tanna muntahaKun oldin

    "should I be London mayor" of course what a stupid question

  35. Marvelous Prime

    Marvelous PrimeKun oldin

    I wish I could vote for you but I live in the us😓😭😭😭😭

  36. Jerden Adajar

    Jerden AdajarKun oldin

    and i live in canada😂 ffs

  37. Aeloe

    Aeloe2 kun oldin

    And you have to run next time or else il punt you

  38. Aeloe

    Aeloe2 kun oldin

    I can’t believe that sky news just left you out

  39. Abhinav Sankuratri

    Abhinav Sankuratri2 kun oldin

    Is no one going to talk about the greatest Count Binface

  40. Enrico Carrara

    Enrico Carrara2 kun oldin

    Did he get any votes

  41. Sumaya

    Sumaya2 kun oldin

    he didnt win but got almost 25,000 votes ayyy

  42. Habeebah Hussain

    Habeebah Hussain2 kun oldin

    Telling bj to shush hahahahaa

  43. JayyDifferent

    JayyDifferent2 kun oldin

    11:35 K.S.I

  44. Willox

    Willox2 kun oldin

    Did he get 5 percent of the votes?

  45. Sumaya

    Sumaya2 kun oldin

    yea i think so he had almost 25,000 votes

  46. Lucky Zaman

    Lucky Zaman2 kun oldin

    6:27 fuck thta rich future fuckign dude who cant see shit

  47. Carolina Martins

    Carolina Martins2 kun oldin

    you can't tell people their breath stinks, watch your phone get broken again 😭

  48. Vishva

    Vishva2 kun oldin

    This guy just showed us the future of elections. There is gonna be more youtubers trying to run for mayor and even president. Just like the youtuber boxing thing this is gonna blow up and be the new trend.

  49. Mathumita Sivaharan

    Mathumita Sivaharan2 kun oldin

    Bro, if u put literally ONE thing that’s serious on ur offers so that adults will actually vote for u but still like NIKO FOR MAYOR NDL NDL NDL

  50. Ez

    Ez2 kun oldin

    11:36 Knowledge, strength and integrity If y'all wondering that is what KSI stands for Yea I mean jj

  51. Asadullah Wahid

    Asadullah Wahid2 kun oldin

    I liked it

  52. Asadullah Wahid

    Asadullah Wahid2 kun oldin

    I’m too young to vote but if I could I would 1000000000% vote NIKO NOT NEEKO

  53. SMIMIC

    SMIMIC2 kun oldin

    699k likes damn

  54. Sumaya

    Sumaya2 kun oldin

    700k on the dot now lol

  55. Ch mohammed Sakimder

    Ch mohammed Sakimder2 kun oldin

    Aj shah eel is a triangle shmuck

  56. Gabriel Jeffery

    Gabriel Jeffery2 kun oldin

    We all just gonna ignore Count Binface

  57. Noor Shirazi

    Noor Shirazi2 kun oldin


  58. DrunkenWombat

    DrunkenWombat2 kun oldin

    Anyone else’s mind goes to the gutter the they hear bbc... 😶

  59. Domenico Pretto

    Domenico Pretto2 kun oldin


  60. Drizzy

    Drizzy2 kun oldin

    What ndl and bbc anyways you can do it niko

  61. Will Addie

    Will Addie2 kun oldin

    It’s no understatement that the BBC don’t respect children..........

  62. Niko For president

    Niko For president2 kun oldin

    Niko niko niko

  63. Recovery with Miss Williams

    Recovery with Miss Williams2 kun oldin

    “From one BBC to another” 😂

  64. Shje Sjdhbr

    Shje Sjdhbr2 kun oldin

    “They all thought their bbc was bigger than mine”

  65. Avatar 12

    Avatar 122 kun oldin

    I thougt you win?

  66. totally accurate account

    totally accurate account2 kun oldin

    Niko: 1 like is 1 vote Likes: 699k Likes

  67. Drizxsツ

    Drizxsツ2 kun oldin


  68. stykze Derner

    stykze Derner2 kun oldin


  69. Keldeoh

    Keldeoh2 kun oldin

    If he got in this wouldve been like an episode of black mirror

  70. yann DESDEVISES

    yann DESDEVISES2 kun oldin

    Except it’s not true is it? The BBC had asked to interview you weeks before you made this video...but you are not saying it.

  71. Vishva

    Vishva2 kun oldin

    WHAT HAPPENED TO THR GLASSES? You switched to a bigger one from 11:57 to 12:04

  72. ShortShots

    ShortShots2 kun oldin

    Nah his head just shrunk

  73. Osman Hersi

    Osman Hersi2 kun oldin

    Sad he did not become mayor

  74. Vishva

    Vishva2 kun oldin

    This content is better than PewDiePie's.

  75. Osman Hersi

    Osman Hersi2 kun oldin

    Fax tho

  76. StoB iT BtS T-T

    StoB iT BtS T-T3 kun oldin

    Do you guys not understand the power he holds in the UK.

  77. Chris

    Chris3 kun oldin


  78. Figureoutme1 :D

    Figureoutme1 :D3 kun oldin

    Ngl getting 5th after all of the established parties is very good

  79. Flashspeed 45

    Flashspeed 453 kun oldin

    He didn’t win 😢

  80. Osman Hersi

    Osman Hersi2 kun oldin

    Yeah sad

  81. Amy Butler

    Amy Butler3 kun oldin

    I love how he just slid in knowledge strength and integrity in his interview 😂

  82. Roberto0

    Roberto03 kun oldin


  83. Xotiticxx Rocket league and roblox

    Xotiticxx Rocket league and roblox3 kun oldin

    Bro I’m looking at the news right now and I see him I’m confused 🤣

  84. Siddharth mehta

    Siddharth mehta3 kun oldin


  85. Omar E

    Omar E3 kun oldin

    😂😂😂 this was perfect

  86. Idkwhattoputherelmao

    Idkwhattoputherelmao3 kun oldin

    Man basically said he was KSI nd then told bojo to shush omds what a legend 😂

  87. Jack Lol

    Jack Lol3 kun oldin


  88. Zoe Alexander

    Zoe Alexander3 kun oldin

    Max Fosh

  89. Jack Chan

    Jack Chan3 kun oldin


  90. TheGamingSquid

    TheGamingSquid3 kun oldin


  91. Chuxzy Chuxzy

    Chuxzy Chuxzy3 kun oldin


  92. LX_KS9

    LX_KS93 kun oldin


  93. 3minecraft 32

    3minecraft 323 kun oldin

    This guy literally almost looks like wilt chamberlain.

  94. Steve Maccy

    Steve Maccy3 kun oldin

    What a complete tool you really are.


    MPL GAMING3 kun oldin

    NDL=LDN 😂

  96. MrBeast✔️

    MrBeast✔️3 kun oldin

    I told my dad to vote for you

  97. Swift

    Swift3 kun oldin

    "From one BBC to another"

  98. Pedro Two ✔

    Pedro Two ✔3 kun oldin


  99. Alpha Acount

    Alpha Acount3 kun oldin

    Imagine he act becomes mayor

  100. •-Blue_Møøn-•

    •-Blue_Møøn-•3 kun oldin


  101. Jackyboy 2010

    Jackyboy 20103 kun oldin


  102. Two Birds

    Two Birds3 kun oldin

    NIKO FOR MAYOR !!!!!!!

  103. Sarah Beth

    Sarah Beth3 kun oldin

    I’m voting for you, we definitely need more police watching those criminals in parliament

  104. Cryptic

    Cryptic3 kun oldin

    From one bbc to another 😂

  105. Rhiyana Roble

    Rhiyana Roble3 kun oldin


  106. maria

    maria3 kun oldin

    Bro imagine this guy was prime minister?😂

  107. Hayyan Durrani

    Hayyan Durrani3 kun oldin

    Who votes for niko because l do

  108. Ben

    Ben3 kun oldin


  109. Chicken nuggie

    Chicken nuggie3 kun oldin

    This country will be a whole joke if he wins but I ain’t regretting my vote he must win👏😂😂 ✨LEGEND✨

  110. Ryan271

    Ryan2713 kun oldin

    We're already a joke with Boris lol

  111. Denzel Ndawana

    Denzel Ndawana3 kun oldin

    vote niko

  112. Tiktok Meme

    Tiktok Meme3 kun oldin

    Got my vote

  113. Nero YT

    Nero YT3 kun oldin

    this guy has balls of steel

  114. Millennial Seeker

    Millennial Seeker3 kun oldin

    Wow! Somebody faked out the fake news!