I Spent 100 Days in RLCraft and Here's What Happened

RLCRAFT is tough, and if you've watched my RLCraft series, you'll know I'm pretty bad at it. So, I TRIED to survive Hardcore RLCraft for 100 Days and This is What Happened. The original idea cme from LukeTheNotable who graciously gave me permission. I previously Survived 100 Days of Hardcore VR Minecraft and now I wanted to see if I could do it in RLCraft
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Inspired By Luke TheNotable:
#Minecraft #HardcoreMinecraft #100Days
I TRIED to Survive VR Hardcore Minecraft For 100 Days And This Is What Happened
Video Includes:
Hardcore Minecraft VR Gameplay
Hardcore Minecraft VR Guide
Hardcore Minecraft VR Episode 1
Hardcore Minecraft VR Lets Play
Hardcore Minecraft VR
Hardcore Minecraft VR 100 Days
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Edited By WiseFish:
More Info about RLCraft can be found from Shivaxi : uznick.info
Download RLCraft here:


  1. MattKeepsFish

    MattKeepsFishSoat oldin

    This was amazing to watch/listen to while I was filming aquarium cinematics.

  2. Gabriel Elbaz-Comtois

    Gabriel Elbaz-Comtois3 soat oldin

    anybody else find it severely depressing that it was so easy to kill?

  3. Faker Playmaker

    Faker Playmaker3 soat oldin


  4. Ainsley Lamb

    Ainsley Lamb3 soat oldin

    did you know that if you find a dragon den underground that you can raise a dragon and own one?

  5. _TheTinGamer_

    _TheTinGamer_6 soat oldin

    44:46 i think those are silver leggings

  6. orlando carmelo

    orlando carmelo8 soat oldin

    but is it normal for World of Warcraft soundtracks to be in this pack?

  7. dannyboi skates

    dannyboi skates9 soat oldin

    hell ya my man

  8. ck studios

    ck studios9 soat oldin

    The trick to killing dragons is lead them into the ocean be in a boat then grab a ton of arrows and a bow the dragon unable to catch you being stuck cant burn you keep dragging it out shooting it with arrows until it dies

  9. Keegan Ross

    Keegan Ross10 soat oldin

    I love dragons

  10. Hadi

    Hadi11 soat oldin

    How did you loose 4 levels from day 2 to day 3 without dying or enchanting? Something is off..

  11. Lakshmi Vinayak Sunkara

    Lakshmi Vinayak Sunkara16 soat oldin

    hell yeah my man

  12. Kyle Ortega

    Kyle Ortega16 soat oldin

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  13. King

    King17 soat oldin

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  14. The_ZiPyNaTOr

    The_ZiPyNaTOr19 soat oldin

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  15. Fire Fox

    Fire Fox19 soat oldin

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  16. Gordon Morgan

    Gordon Morgan20 soat oldin

    Wheres 200.

  17. Sulaiman Kamikaze

    Sulaiman Kamikaze21 soat oldin

    Now he left 100 days to live 😂 i got dragon to kill

  18. Natalie.Olesia

    Natalie.Olesia23 soat oldin

    oh come one! I was invested in this video and then a CeraVe add pops up, get outta here -_-

  19. FusedFire

    FusedFireKun oldin

    25:30 found a roc

  20. Logan Ed

    Logan EdKun oldin

    9:09 I'm 15 and write like a 4yr to 😂

  21. Joe Dad

    Joe DadKun oldin

    Bro i would clap Maga-Untu's cheeks then make armor out of them

  22. The_Phantom_Cat

    The_Phantom_CatKun oldin

    Who would have thought that a compas eould lead you north an not home? Its not like thats how they always work or anything

  23. Marilyn Palangpangan

    Marilyn PalangpanganKun oldin

    I watch all of your 100 days videos it's very cool I hope there's more✌️😊

  24. Tomato

    TomatoKun oldin

    As per popular request, HELL YEAH MY MAN, YEAH, THAT'S GOOD!!

  25. Bob

    BobKun oldin

    wot izz rlcraft?

  26. Juan Perez

    Juan PerezKun oldin

    44:46 He missed the Silver pants in the chest D:

  27. Jun1or Gamez-off

    Jun1or Gamez-offKun oldin

    maga wat

  28. TCthecreator

    TCthecreatorKun oldin

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  29. definitely_not_a_girl

    definitely_not_a_girlKun oldin

    Ce-fi-nis (sorry lol)

  30. Grant B

    Grant BKun oldin

    Anybody know what mods he has on?

  31. Eyeconik Optometrists

    Eyeconik OptometristsKun oldin

    Kill the dragon

  32. Hunter Paine

    Hunter PaineKun oldin

    how did you mine iron with a stone pickaxe?!?? teach me your ways edit: i found out that the mining level pickaxe is not real bruh



    It's just like the ender dragon if you kill it like you kill the ender dragon then it will die and you will win

  34. Jose M. Ramos

    Jose M. RamosKun oldin

    what's the Shaderpack used?



    Did you get killed by a siren that's so cool how do you get this mod

  36. thedungeoncrab

    thedungeoncrabKun oldin

    how do you get the newer versions of rlcraft?

  37. I am Jay

    I am JayKun oldin

    What are these shaders

  38. Sam christy george

    Sam christy georgeKun oldin

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  39. ObliviousDraede

    ObliviousDraede2 kun oldin

    Could you link the music you use in the video

  40. Tyler

    Tyler2 kun oldin

    what mod makes your game look that game?

  41. Ahmed Ayaz

    Ahmed Ayaz2 kun oldin

    we need another 300 days !!!!!

  42. Hannah Benn

    Hannah Benn2 kun oldin

    This reminds me of LOTR or The Hobbit, but Minecraft 😂

  43. Cataclysm

    Cataclysm2 kun oldin

    I really wanted to play RLCraft after I saw this so I bought Minecraft windows 10, apparently that's a bedrock equivalent so I can't get it. Fml.

  44. Los Retardos

    Los Retardos2 kun oldin

    PLEASE Help! Im playing this mode for 3 months, And now i got bugged world time in minecraft at 6:00 AM, And theres no more running... How i can fix it?

  45. Bah Bah

    Bah Bah2 kun oldin

    alcraft is my best game in minecraft

  46. Dreams of Dark souls

    Dreams of Dark souls2 kun oldin

    44:47 « how the hell is this so hard to find silver ore » while passing by silver pants in the chest

  47. Shadowwolf K7

    Shadowwolf K72 kun oldin

    I spent 100 days in tornado survival hardcore

  48. Epic Gamer

    Epic Gamer2 kun oldin

    This is completely unrelated to the vid, but I just remembered you can own an elephant in Nevada without a license

  49. SION Peters

    SION Peters2 kun oldin

    Man did the single best thing man can do in rl craft

  50. NewB

    NewB2 kun oldin

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  51. Pedro Calebe

    Pedro Calebe2 kun oldin

    gotta love the oblivion soundtrack

  52. Brian Ducabo

    Brian Ducabo2 kun oldin

    I wonder If anyone else notice the amount of silver gear he didn't pick-up

  53. adriproff

    adriproff2 kun oldin

    His not on hardcore mode

  54. I. Wont. Sleep.

    I. Wont. Sleep.2 kun oldin

    Game? App?

  55. what what

    what what2 kun oldin

    38:48 my mans be gangt$ta walking

  56. Dustin Avilla

    Dustin Avilla2 kun oldin

    23:10 he just became a car xD

  57. Lawrence Santos

    Lawrence Santos2 kun oldin

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  58. Tellmeimwrong _

    Tellmeimwrong _2 kun oldin

    9:05 TOES

  59. Razan Playz

    Razan Playz2 kun oldin

    Forge: Maga- Add: LET ME CUT YOU OFF THERE

  60. Boeing B-17 G

    Boeing B-17 G2 kun oldin

    2:00 For anyone who is looking for the song playing in the background, it's called Race Around The World by Waterflame.

  61. Sybil_anna82 FibroWarrior

    Sybil_anna82 FibroWarrior3 kun oldin

    when he wanted to get the rock and then computer rages grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  62. Legendary Jaime

    Legendary Jaime3 kun oldin

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    idk how yoou found me3 kun oldin


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    lewis cunningham3 kun oldin

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  66. E Channel

    E Channel3 kun oldin

    My man if you're watching your own videos go back to 40:36 and there was iron you missed

  67. Kachina Chapman

    Kachina Chapman3 kun oldin

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  68. Alex

    Alex3 kun oldin

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    DRAZAL GAMING3 kun oldin

    While watching I was thinking the winter problem before u got the answer is there a campfire in rlcraft

  70. TIGER 23

    TIGER 233 kun oldin

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    U could summon a nymph in ur base as u wanted to trap one there

  72. DreadRecharge

    DreadRecharge3 kun oldin

    Did u know that the music is from the game oblivion



    I already saw this video 10 times but I still want see it

  74. j karlsson

    j karlsson3 kun oldin

    thats good

  75. MeizyxX

    MeizyxX3 kun oldin

    Bit dramatic buddy-

  76. Giant Rat

    Giant Rat3 kun oldin

    Im loving the world of warcraft music in the bg lol, so nostalgic

  77. Giant Rat

    Giant Rat3 kun oldin

    Just walk around in a plains biome at night for like 30 seconds and youll find rocs...


    CHEAH THONG XUE Moe3 kun oldin

    Sure, why not make a video about "I Spent 200 Days in RLCraft and Here's What Happened" Hope is fun and interesting.

  79. Sleepy-Animator

    Sleepy-Animator3 kun oldin

    Forge: *amazing intro that seems thought out. also Forge I just made that up on the spot That made me sub lol

  80. Jimmy_ate_Johns-342

    Jimmy_ate_Johns-3424 kun oldin

    I got nostalga from the castle crashers music. Anyone else played it?

  81. Евгений Шевченко

    Евгений Шевченко4 kun oldin

    Bro, thank you for the idea for my dnd session. It just a chef's kiss

  82. Dragon BIaze

    Dragon BIaze4 kun oldin

    I love dragons so much and watching them kill you so much was not for nothing it brings me great joy hahaha

  83. ATTENDE88

    ATTENDE884 kun oldin

    This is nice modpack i ever seen is hard and adventure i love it.

  84. xKrak3n

    xKrak3n4 kun oldin

    "Okay so I'm burning the tree down" Forge says calmly...

  85. maji suvra

    maji suvra4 kun oldin

    Also he said spent instead of survival that's why he keeps dying

  86. Snivygreen22

    Snivygreen224 kun oldin

    I like taming dragons

  87. Shadowツ

    Shadowツ4 kun oldin

    I can actually read his handwriting, it's not that bad.

  88. John Aaron Payumo

    John Aaron Payumo4 kun oldin

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  89. Shadowforge

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