I Survived 300 Days Of Hardcore Minecraft, In an Ocean Only World.

I hope you guys liked this 100 days video, It was a long time coming but a lot of fun, I feel like we got a ton of stuff done! Make sure to drop a like on the video if you guys want to see 400 days in an ocean only world! #100Days #Minecraft #Minecrafthardcore
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Credit to @Luke TheNotable for the original idea!
Gold farm ➡ uznick.info/up/video/q5fIkJydg6epeqM&t
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  1. Not PaulGG

    Not PaulGGOy oldin

    Also we can definitely ignore the fact that I said 200 days at the end right.... lmao

  2. Gersom

    Gersom11 kun oldin

    1000 days

  3. Timothy Wang

    Timothy WangOy oldin

    400 days please

  4. Ben and leslie Perry's

    Ben and leslie Perry'sOy oldin

    Can we just approve this man for saying LMAO (Credit Not PaulGG)

  5. Faze_nerdout ._.

    Faze_nerdout ._.Oy oldin

    When will 400 days come out

  6. Adam De Rycke

    Adam De RyckeOy oldin

    @AgeOfCro Duo no the first time u kill ender dragin you gets lots of xp, every other time u get not much. and yes, i know how dragon farms work. its going in an out of the chunks essentially unloading them and respawning the dragon with glitches

  7. alicetine johan enriquez

    alicetine johan enriquez11 soat oldin

    the name is not paulcano

  8. phoenix legend

    phoenix legend16 soat oldin

    Did he just say chicken?

  9. phoenix legend

    phoenix legend16 soat oldin


  10. Vinchel athena Dela peña

    Vinchel athena Dela peña21 soat oldin

    Why is he speech-less and me in real life🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. Tedbear 08

    Tedbear 08Kun oldin

    Get a conduit

  12. Nathan Weiker

    Nathan WeikerKun oldin

    Skip to 20:20 he nice😏

  13. The crispy tatertot

    The crispy tatertotKun oldin

    Name for volcano: Maui

  14. pereiragaa

    pereiragaaKun oldin


  15. BirbRank

    BirbRank2 kun oldin

    Ok I may be dumb but don't dirt blocks just turn into grass after a few minutes?

  16. Kelly Leeper

    Kelly Leeper2 kun oldin

    Acacia trees are my favorite minecraft tree

  17. Yeti snow

    Yeti snow2 kun oldin

    I can't believe I watched three of these

  18. Dj Fitz

    Dj Fitz2 kun oldin

    Cannon island


    —REMAINUNKNOWN —2 kun oldin

    Here is a bad name for the volcano “Ucha naga”

  20. Justin Kout

    Justin Kout2 kun oldin

    Bro bone meal make grass grow

  21. SimSim SimSim

    SimSim SimSim2 kun oldin

    Actually you can reproduce dirt by filling the compost with seeds and stuff!

  22. Daryl Booth

    Daryl Booth3 kun oldin

    Heres what i dont understand you dont use A pickaxe to kill a iron golem

  23. Buster is Goated

    Buster is Goated3 kun oldin

    I say you name it peepee island

  24. yuh

    yuh3 kun oldin

    Paul: “Guess we goin bald” Trees: *Scared Crying Screams*

  25. Mace48Gaming

    Mace48Gaming3 kun oldin

    Day 225:cod be like

  26. itsTheThurstons

    itsTheThurstons3 kun oldin

    Ok, but how cool would it be if you had frost walker boots

  27. Dju Collard

    Dju Collard3 kun oldin

    For the volcano PAULCANO

  28. Trillium

    Trillium3 kun oldin

    if you use bone meal on dirt it should become a grass block with grass

  29. Rhiannon Weitzman

    Rhiannon Weitzman3 kun oldin


  30. Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun

    Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun3 kun oldin


  31. rokhaan amjad

    rokhaan amjad3 kun oldin

    Not PaulGG when just one chicken dies: Makes a tombstone Me when i kill almost every chicken in my farm: it's nothing just leave it

  32. yaya playz

    yaya playz4 kun oldin

    Can you call it the cano of chickpea

  33. TropicBongo

    TropicBongo4 kun oldin


  34. Kados

    Kados4 kun oldin

    Billionaire: Ha I have a Olympic swimming pool Paul: uh yeah about that tiny thing

  35. DOt memes

    DOt memes4 kun oldin

    your the opposite of smallishbeans

  36. Max Pearce

    Max Pearce4 kun oldin

    Why don't you make one of those fish farms were the elder guardian is at

  37. Yuki

    Yuki4 kun oldin

    cuchu (Cuck chu) Island

  38. Craig McPherson

    Craig McPherson4 kun oldin

    7:41 The Apocalypse XD

  39. Herobro

    Herobro4 kun oldin

    16:21 Hello! Yeah, I realy like your channel and this ocean only adventure, and I've got an idea for you: instead of having to turn that leaver two times, u can put a button in a observer, then, the observer will charge the dispenser two times automaticly, one when you press and one when it backs to normal

  40. Thegamingwater 101

    Thegamingwater 1014 kun oldin


  41. Ben

    Ben5 kun oldin

    The name should be Mt.chickpea

  42. Paxna lol

    Paxna lol5 kun oldin

    Call the volcano Erupt-pea

  43. Julio Panopio

    Julio Panopio5 kun oldin

    Make a 9000 days

  44. Larry Vi

    Larry Vi5 kun oldin

    Day 300 not 200 lol

  45. Timothy _Gamer28

    Timothy _Gamer285 kun oldin

    Not Paul GG:Ahh Finally everything is perfect ~Sees something not perfect~ Also Not Paul GG: *~BASICALLY DESTROYS IT~*

  46. The Dog Cooper

    The Dog Cooper5 kun oldin

    Another way to get dirt is to make coarse dirt then hoe it

  47. Hasan Albanna

    Hasan Albanna5 kun oldin

    Chimney hahaha make it name Chimney

  48. Candy Pop World

    Candy Pop World5 kun oldin

    Patrisha can be he volcano name

  49. DonutZilla

    DonutZilla5 kun oldin

    I thought his names was not Paul

  50. Jhon Peñaflorida

    Jhon Peñaflorida5 kun oldin

    10:59 Seems like the new and thicc mob grinder is working better now The creeper: welp guess ill die

  51. David Kyle

    David Kyle6 kun oldin

    You almost didnt saw chickpea

  52. Rahmad Adigunanto

    Rahmad Adigunanto6 kun oldin

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  53. Xd_mrshark

    Xd_mrshark6 kun oldin

    Ummm that ain't a lot of chickens I have 3 double chests full led of chicken eggs and a 12x12 fence of chickens and you can't see the dirt

  54. yolandi pieterse

    yolandi pieterse6 kun oldin


  55. David Wight

    David Wight6 kun oldin

    big boi is the volcanoes name

  56. The IronKnight 12

    The IronKnight 126 kun oldin

    Mt. chickpea ?

  57. River White

    River White6 kun oldin

    HE DID A PART 4!?

  58. Exyah Anderson

    Exyah Anderson6 kun oldin

    you know you can just place dirt somewhere and later it while turn into grass right?

  59. Joe Harling

    Joe Harling6 kun oldin

    You can smalt gold tools in to gold nuggets

  60. Mr_Tv head

    Mr_Tv head6 kun oldin

    anyone know how i can do this by myself

  61. Clive

    Clive7 kun oldin

    Every time he miss a word A picture of Patrick 🤣

  62. Nuggy73

    Nuggy737 kun oldin

    U should try doing a desert only world next

  63. Micaella Gaspe

    Micaella Gaspe7 kun oldin


  64. Ferdie arthur Begas

    Ferdie arthur Begas7 kun oldin

    Ye it's true birch is suck

  65. Ava Przekop

    Ava Przekop7 kun oldin

    I could never. I usually die on the first day. Lmbo

  66. Michael Nissen

    Michael Nissen7 kun oldin

    Paul: Birch wood is bad! Me: WOOD IS WOOD!

  67. tracy johnson

    tracy johnson7 kun oldin

    Heyyyyyyyyyyyy I have a butcheeks

  68. Caire Michalle

    Caire Michalle7 kun oldin

    Sub to not paulgg

  69. Dragonzoid

    Dragonzoid7 kun oldin


  70. tunnipt

    tunnipt7 kun oldin

    Does anyone know what Paulgg did wrong with trying to get the legendary stick trade?

  71. pxilxpgames

    pxilxpgames7 kun oldin

    activate the heart of sea

  72. Owl Rick

    Owl Rick8 kun oldin

    Chickpeas rage for the volcano name

  73. Owl Rick

    Owl Rick8 kun oldin

    The more he gets called:Paulg 2021

  74. Orgil Lkhagvatsend

    Orgil Lkhagvatsend8 kun oldin


  75. dog lover

    dog lover8 kun oldin

    name it BIG PAPA

  76. Shadow Gaming

    Shadow Gaming8 kun oldin

    I already got to level 100

  77. TheOnly_Freakx

    TheOnly_Freakx8 kun oldin

    Please name the volcano island “isarel”

  78. Disleidy Gonzalez

    Disleidy Gonzalez8 kun oldin

    I think when you get bone blocks like in the nether or skeletons or wither skeletons make them to bone meal then do it on the dirt blocked i think is gonna turn to a grass block

  79. The monster

    The monster8 kun oldin

    give us the world seed

  80. Mr .everything

    Mr .everything8 kun oldin

    At 1:15it says feed me

  81. Amit Abbas Ramezani

    Amit Abbas Ramezani8 kun oldin

    Do a 400 and 500 and 600 days in hardcore

  82. kiqn

    kiqn8 kun oldin

    ur bad

  83. Zhang Sihan

    Zhang Sihan8 kun oldin

    Keep it to ur self 😑😑😑

  84. Jenny Lee Sagadraca

    Jenny Lee Sagadraca9 kun oldin

    A volcano!! so cool

  85. Discord Tutorials

    Discord Tutorials9 kun oldin

    Next Challenge : Can You Beat Minecraft, But The Entire World Is Invincible

  86. Bob Doe aka ShaunTheSheep_75

    Bob Doe aka ShaunTheSheep_759 kun oldin

    The reason you didn’t get anything from the spider farm was because you have to open the trapdoor to let the exp go to you

  87. Dawoud

    Dawoud9 kun oldin

    the name should be Kevin

  88. Mickey

    Mickey9 kun oldin


  89. Kopano Ronald

    Kopano Ronald9 kun oldin

    CL O

  90. Fioppy Ori

    Fioppy Ori9 kun oldin

    mt big ocean thing

  91. johnny voorheez

    johnny voorheez9 kun oldin

    24:37 This is art ❤️

  92. Sempre que você ler os comentarios eu estarei lá

    Sempre que você ler os comentarios eu estarei lá9 kun oldin

    2:47 bruh he already had the necessary blocks stored in his inventory! Lol

  93. Ella Winn

    Ella Winn9 kun oldin


  94. Sara Ayache

    Sara Ayache9 kun oldin


  95. D_4e1

    D_4e19 kun oldin

    Does anyone else think the amount of days doesnt say how good your world is? Lots of people say "i have 100 days im a pro" actually no most of that is afk time

  96. Dumpling ate Your dog

    Dumpling ate Your dog9 kun oldin

    Golly the volcano

  97. James Ryle Mogote

    James Ryle Mogote9 kun oldin

    Paulgg:500 days in an only ocean world Cookie god:500 days in one block skyblock

  98. Shaku Mohan

    Shaku Mohan7 kun oldin


  99. mario yu

    mario yu9 kun oldin

    The lively accelerator joly slip because freeze enzymatically hum from a violet money. discreet, holistic head

  100. chris jurae maestro

    chris jurae maestro10 kun oldin

    Name the volcano volcano chickpea or your name

  101. shock.

    shock.10 kun oldin


  102. King Kat

    King Kat10 kun oldin

    10:58 Paul: seems like it’s working better Creeper: imma head out.

  103. Cagey Manager

    Cagey Manager10 kun oldin

    The name of the volcano should be mount chickpea flambé

  104. ike sartain

    ike sartain10 kun oldin

    DID 200 NO! 300

  105. ike sartain

    ike sartain10 kun oldin

    100 NOT 101

  106. Kitsune Kaen

    Kitsune Kaen10 kun oldin

    i think the only reason why all they others chickens keep dieing bc chickpea wanted to be the only one.

  107. Ronnel Dave Aviles

    Ronnel Dave Aviles10 kun oldin

    If you want to create a drowed farm and creeper farm and raid farm go to SB737

  108. Rachel Gao

    Rachel Gao10 kun oldin

    setain like my name?