I Survived 100 Days Of Hardcore Minecraft, In an Ocean Only World.

I hoped you guys enjoyed this 100 days in minecraft hardcore, this video was a ton work, but had a lot of fun making it! Drop a like on the video if you enjoyed so I could know if you'd want to see another!
I survived 100 Days Of Minecraft Ultra Hardcore , And this is what Happened...
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Can You Beat Minecraft On An Ocean ONLY World?
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credit to @Luke TheNotable for the original idea!
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  1. Not PaulGG

    Not PaulGG3 oy oldin

    Dont worry everyone, 200 Days is coming soon!

  2. Henry Davis

    Henry Davis17 kun oldin

    what is the seed good job btw

  3. alfie halliwell

    alfie halliwellOy oldin

    Seed please? 🥺

  4. Mat Costick

    Mat CostickOy oldin


  5. TJ_

    TJ_2 oy oldin

    next: 100 days in minecrfaft hardcore but i cant sleep

  6. DUBStep

    DUBStep2 oy oldin

    I liked this

  7. Jkjovan_gaming

    Jkjovan_gaming15 soat oldin

    There was gold in the bastion,6:56

  8. Fire Wilson

    Fire Wilson22 soat oldin

    everytime i watch someone defeat the ender dragon i was like " PLEASE PLEASE GET A ELYTRA PLS"

  9. minteeXviolet

    minteeXvioletKun oldin

    U and sb737 have got to do 100 days duo!

  10. Nicolas Nicodemo

    Nicolas NicodemoKun oldin

    Paul: “you gotta look intimidating” Also Paul: chick pea the chicken, he mah best friend

  11. EnzoPlayz YT

    EnzoPlayz YTKun oldin

    Let’s see how many subs I can get from from this comment Current subs: 46

  12. 11aiden151

    11aiden151Kun oldin

    One person made a one block island into a dream play he found a strong hold under it

  13. 11aiden151

    11aiden151Kun oldin

    No jungle wood is the worst

  14. Clayton Ray

    Clayton Ray2 kun oldin

    * finds stronghold * * spends a several days gathering resources to build books/bookshelves to enchant * * actually goes to stronghold * * doesn't get bookshelves *

  15. no

    no2 kun oldin

    33 hours isn't really that much tho

  16. Doctor Pain

    Doctor Pain2 kun oldin

    29:04 that’s what she said


    YaBoiGAALAXXYYY2 kun oldin

    Anyone know what XP farm he uses

  18. Midas

    Midas2 kun oldin

    You have the seed of the ocean world

  19. Brittany A

    Brittany A3 kun oldin

    is nobody gonna talk about how he got a trident first try?

  20. FF MaxyRady

    FF MaxyRady3 kun oldin

    How do I play on this ?

  21. FF MaxyRady

    FF MaxyRady3 kun oldin

    Is there a seed?

  22. MiniThrone4

    MiniThrone43 kun oldin

    U are funny

  23. Wizard65 3

    Wizard65 34 kun oldin

    Yes there is a ocean only 100 days Paindomination

  24. EvilOverlord224

    EvilOverlord2244 kun oldin

    "Birch wood, the ugliest wood ever" Jungle and Acacia wood " am I a joke to you?"

  25. dext

    dext4 kun oldin

    your wrong

  26. Fulcrum

    Fulcrum4 kun oldin

    The Rebel Alliance is looking for new recruits! Who will join us?

  27. Cali Perry

    Cali Perry4 kun oldin

    Your rasits

  28. Pradeepa Hewa Ranaweera

    Pradeepa Hewa Ranaweera4 kun oldin

    when a skeleton shoot's a creeper it drops a music disc

  29. Xxbubbly bossxX

    Xxbubbly bossxX5 kun oldin


  30. Xxbubbly bossxX

    Xxbubbly bossxX2 kun oldin

    @FF MaxyRady i know that but to get all ocean biomes mod that he has

  31. FF MaxyRady

    FF MaxyRady2 kun oldin

    @Xxbubbly bossxX Yes go into more world options then go to world type single biome then customize scroll down to ocean click on it then press done and then create new world

  32. Xxbubbly bossxX

    Xxbubbly bossxX3 kun oldin

    @FF MaxyRady is their a way to get this mod???

  33. FF MaxyRady

    FF MaxyRady3 kun oldin

    He has modded it

  34. Aron van Veldhuizen

    Aron van Veldhuizen5 kun oldin

    do i need a specific tyoe of ocean cause I dont come across any coral and there was literally no stronghold. the "ocean" option gave me only one type and no stronghold. why does he have one and i dont

  35. FF MaxyRady

    FF MaxyRadyKun oldin

    My ocean only world had a stronghold bruuuuuuu

  36. Aron van Veldhuizen

    Aron van VeldhuizenKun oldin

    @FF MaxyRady it is not a mod, it is a standard option (at least in optifine) in "more world options" - "worldtype". but that is one specific biom only. I picked just ocean, but you have also warm ocean, cold ocean, etc. i need the specific one wich has a stronghold

  37. FF MaxyRady

    FF MaxyRady3 kun oldin

    He has modded it so all land is water

  38. karo plays

    karo plays5 kun oldin

    why in day 69 you say nice sorry i dont know im a sophmore please explain if u could?

  39. Colleen McNeill

    Colleen McNeill5 kun oldin

    you mudord your chik

  40. Gunnar5on

    Gunnar5on5 kun oldin


  41. Baltic Ships

    Baltic Ships5 kun oldin

    how to make an ocean world in minecraft bedrock pc?

  42. xX_lisiasty_Xx

    xX_lisiasty_Xx5 kun oldin

    Give me seed pls

  43. FF MaxyRady

    FF MaxyRady3 kun oldin

    There are no seeds its modded

  44. Kristopher lit

    Kristopher lit5 kun oldin

    14 45 he has full netherite in the chest

  45. Novⱥシ

    Novⱥシ5 kun oldin

    This man really got a trident on the first drowned tho

  46. Qari Ghulam Shabir mahar

    Qari Ghulam Shabir mahar5 kun oldin

    Vyre good

  47. Cool_guy Cole

    Cool_guy Cole6 kun oldin

    You need an extra bed for the villager to bred (for the baby) otherwise they’ll just look at each other

  48. Shmimoshmin

    Shmimoshmin6 kun oldin

    how do you check how many days you’ve been on?

  49. Keanu Kohinor

    Keanu Kohinor6 kun oldin

    Cookie is already at 1mil we lost nooooooo

  50. CristoPro_YT

    CristoPro_YT6 kun oldin

    and tthe seed?

  51. Bean_Gates

    Bean_Gates6 kun oldin

    He calls 13 sweet toons ??!!

  52. Dakota J Kellar

    Dakota J Kellar6 kun oldin

    yo kniw you can get saplings from strog holds

  53. GloomEye

    GloomEye6 kun oldin

    Me on day 1 thousand: *ok lets kill the dragon now*

  54. abdul rakibaraf

    abdul rakibaraf6 kun oldin


  55. Minecraft: Tutorials and more!

    Minecraft: Tutorials and more!6 kun oldin

    "To make sure he never DEE-spawns"

  56. Aaron Berdy

    Aaron Berdy6 kun oldin

    Can you plz do a series in GTA where you are the cop

  57. Brittney Smith

    Brittney Smith6 kun oldin

    A possessed child riding a chicken

  58. Scramble Maniac

    Scramble Maniac6 kun oldin


  59. Pranay katekar

    Pranay katekar7 kun oldin

    Your house is like a house before painting

  60. Patrick toland

    Patrick toland7 kun oldin

    Plz don't leve gg

  61. The McKnight

    The McKnight7 kun oldin

    I won’t get any trees :Or he thought

  62. Joel

    Joel7 kun oldin

    Me on the 200 day of Minecraft: let’s go find obsidian finnaly

  63. Lynx YT

    Lynx YT7 kun oldin


  64. mihir thakur

    mihir thakur7 kun oldin

    Sorry Paul you lose to 🍪 god 🙏

  65. mihir thakur

    mihir thakur7 kun oldin

    To hit 1milion

  66. Dave Will

    Dave Will7 kun oldin

    Uses a regular sword and gets a trident so easly

  67. imran namazov

    imran namazov7 kun oldin

    This guy cheated on his hardcore wolrd, if you go to 17:36 you can see that he opened the world to lan to open cheats

  68. Plungy

    Plungy7 kun oldin

    9:00 this is for me

  69. Simon Everaert

    Simon Everaert7 kun oldin

    What a cheater

  70. FF MaxyRady

    FF MaxyRady3 kun oldin

    He opened to lan so he could use cheats

  71. Lukas Svendsen

    Lukas Svendsen7 kun oldin

    Bastion not får from the portal bruh i spawned like 20-50 blocks away which also gave me a way to get outside to find other stuff

  72. Trents Gaming

    Trents Gaming7 kun oldin

    haha cookie won the race to 1million subs

  73. Nitro

    Nitro8 kun oldin

    11:19 *casually misses ruined portal*

  74. William Delong

    William Delong8 kun oldin

    I got up to get some chips I came back and he already killed the ended dragon

  75. Danielle Nelson

    Danielle Nelson8 kun oldin

    "Day 69 *hehe* nice" Me not getting it for a second 🤨 Me getting it 30 minutes later ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  76. Holy Ghost

    Holy Ghost8 kun oldin

    Birch is my favorite wood....

  77. brittania

    brittania8 kun oldin

    I love hearing him say Full netherit armor but that need it just to flex 😏

  78. 吃鸡小软

    吃鸡小软8 kun oldin

    Afder you let him home

  79. 吃鸡小软

    吃鸡小软8 kun oldin

    Tbh I never saw chickpea

  80. Samantha J

    Samantha J8 kun oldin

    Not paulGG:turns out chickens do like beet root seeds Me:okay I grew up with 15 cats and now we got only 3 and in the last few days I just then realized one of my cats heck maybe all of my cats like cheese ate a bite of moms cheese stick,ATE SOME OF MY MACS AND CHEESES?!?+?!?

  81. Brage W. Stuvland

    Brage W. Stuvland8 kun oldin

    Can you make a ONLY neder for 101 days

  82. Maggie Clark

    Maggie Clark8 kun oldin

    oi watch ur mouth i love birch

  83. Maggie Clark

    Maggie Clark8 kun oldin

    seriously whats with all the birch insults!

  84. Rosealie Lycan

    Rosealie Lycan8 kun oldin

    "I planted a bunch of food that I got from the sea" Did you mean? Sea food???? I'll see myself out

  85. Juhász Nimród

    Juhász Nimród8 kun oldin

    "Sweet tunes,, and there's that shit 13

  86. leader of the yager

    leader of the yager8 kun oldin

    Well this look like a video for me

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    Piyali Chakraborty8 kun oldin

    Us=Pls Doh die Paul=Chill bro Us=Don't Die Chickpea Paul=Just Chi..wa

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    Khalooo Al barnaoe8 kun oldin

    Yhis is the first video that someone likes a wandering trader

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    skelly cube8 kun oldin

    Man in just day 11 a strong hold

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    Karen Romero9 kun oldin

    Woah! I got inspired on your blackstone house, Thank you!

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    Milo And Bella9 kun oldin

    The video when my mom isn't listening: 17:14 The video when my mom is listening: 29:45

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    olivia9 kun oldin

    This is my 20th time watching this series🥲

  95. Antonin Borelgiraud

    Antonin Borelgiraud9 kun oldin

    i tried to find the same datapack he is using but i didn't managed to, does anyone try to do the same as him and succed ?

  96. PugiVENOM -13

    PugiVENOM -139 kun oldin

    is no one going to talk about how he got a trident on his first killed drown

  97. Glitchy The Frog

    Glitchy The Frog9 kun oldin

    Can we appreciate how he completed the game on only day 75 but survived for hundreds more ¬.¬ 🔥 🔥 🔥

  98. TGS_Nice Dude

    TGS_Nice Dude9 kun oldin

    paul do you respond?

  99. Frey See

    Frey See9 kun oldin

    I need the seed for this worldddd Im gonna try this challenge

  100. RocketLeaguePlayzz

    RocketLeaguePlayzz9 kun oldin

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    -S-9 kun oldin

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    the scrapboi9 kun oldin

    B r u h BIRCH IS THE BEST WUUD 8:13


    AFFE PAFFE9 kun oldin

    I think u can use bonemeal on dirt to get seeds and grass blocks


    BOWIE CHAN JING XUAN Moe9 kun oldin

    Me on day 7: deletes world

  105. laksh sharma

    laksh sharma9 kun oldin

    How is he so lucky

  106. Yū Nishinoya

    Yū Nishinoya9 kun oldin

    noice vid

  107. X_kawaii_ kitty_X

    X_kawaii_ kitty_X9 kun oldin

    He gets diamonds in day 4 and finds stronghold in day 11 me : 😱😱😱😱

  108. Aryan Dandale

    Aryan Dandale9 kun oldin

    How did he get the wool for the bed?

  109. Antonin Borelgiraud

    Antonin Borelgiraud9 kun oldin

    xhen you destroy cobweb, it give you string, and four of them make whool

  110. Bob Plays Roblox

    Bob Plays Roblox10 kun oldin

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    Steven Sharp10 kun oldin

    OMG I am your biggest fan! this is my dads chroombook

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    This is strangely similar to Kolanii’s video of a all ocean world 🧐🤔

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    Snowman in Minecraft7 kun oldin

    Kolanni modded his video and this one is in vanilla minecraft

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    lawand sulaiman10 kun oldin

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  117. ITZ_OMMY

    ITZ_OMMY10 kun oldin

    26:23 power = damage and punch = knockback?

  118. Antonin Borelgiraud

    Antonin Borelgiraud9 kun oldin

    yep !

  119. ding dong ding

    ding dong ding10 kun oldin

    how did u make a bed

  120. ding dong ding

    ding dong ding9 kun oldin

    @Antonin Borelgiraud yea i realized

  121. Antonin Borelgiraud

    Antonin Borelgiraud9 kun oldin

    with whool he made from string he got from cobweb

  122. BH dream

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    Is this single biome - warm ocean ? I want to play this type too... But doesnt sure if that correct