I Survived 400 Days Of Hardcore Minecraft, In an Ocean Only World.

This 100 days of hardcore minecraft was a ton of fun! I managed to get some really big farms done, comment down below what you would want to see in 500 days! #100days #Minecraft #Minecrafthardcore
100 Days Of Hardcore Minecraft, In an Ocean Only World.
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200 Days Of Hardcore Minecraft In An Ocean Only World.
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300 Days Of Hardcore Minecraft, In an Ocean Only World.
➡ uznick.info/up/video/joiyiZKJbLlqcI0&t
Credit to @Luke TheNotable for the original idea
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  1. Desi Panner

    Desi Panner4 soat oldin

    3 + 3 = 5 ahh yes...

  2. alright

    alright6 soat oldin


  3. kostapanda1 1

    kostapanda1 111 soat oldin

    name him churls the man

  4. Hi I'm Fraze

    Hi I'm Fraze12 soat oldin

    chunk base.....

  5. Noah White

    Noah WhiteKun oldin

    bubble gang

  6. Leo Mugambi

    Leo MugambiKun oldin

    # tag bubble gang

  7. Normal _Or_ Something

    Normal _Or_ SomethingKun oldin

    7:08 I just need this for my world

  8. Brady Fort

    Brady Fort2 kun oldin


  9. Flameboy5524 Playz

    Flameboy5524 Playz2 kun oldin

    Bubble gang

  10. Owen Sowers

    Owen Sowers3 kun oldin

    You had a silk touch shovel lol

  11. Sloppyenergy DUde27

    Sloppyenergy DUde273 kun oldin


  12. Cady Elsharkawy

    Cady Elsharkawy4 kun oldin

    You can grow mushrooms on podzol (I don’t know if you already knew that if you didn’t then I glad I helped if you did then.. good for you)

  13. Luna

    Luna4 kun oldin

    17:50 that’s not how math works

  14. Anushka Jadhav

    Anushka Jadhav4 kun oldin

    Name the lama Superdan

  15. Mileidy Christoffel

    Mileidy Christoffel4 kun oldin


  16. ike sartain

    ike sartain4 kun oldin


  17. Ashton Gonzales Moore

    Ashton Gonzales Moore4 kun oldin

    Make the Walmart for 500 Days a name super llama

  18. Trey Mateo

    Trey Mateo5 kun oldin

    I’m just going to say everyone ignored the fact that he said 453 in stead of 353 17:23

  19. Master Baskan

    Master Baskan5 kun oldin

    I can watch it until 2000 days not joking dude

  20. Riley Malatji

    Riley Malatji5 kun oldin

    Name him alaadin

  21. ZennyLMAO

    ZennyLMAO6 kun oldin

    pretty sure the lamas name supposed to be jack sparrow but name it gorminus

  22. Rafael Cortez

    Rafael Cortez6 kun oldin

    I subbed cause a cookie told me to , it was worth it. Listen to the cookie 🧟‍♀️

  23. Official Seal Cult

    Official Seal Cult6 kun oldin

    Use a haste two beacon like for speed!

  24. Doug Dahlen

    Doug Dahlen6 kun oldin

    Bubble gang

  25. Fz_ Amir

    Fz_ Amir6 kun oldin

    I got u from recommendations and now icant stop watching! You're soooo funny and you're edits are cool 😂😂❤

  26. Phyo ko ko Phyo ko ko

    Phyo ko ko Phyo ko ko6 kun oldin



    ATIVEER DHOKA6 kun oldin

    you have efficiency 4 not 5 paul


    ATIVEER DHOKA6 kun oldin

    make 500 to 600

  29. NoahzArk771

    NoahzArk7716 kun oldin

    4:53 tf was that noise

  30. Cyd

    Cyd7 kun oldin

    Mine a whole chunk 16 by 16 10blocks tall y14

  31. Ramerson Cayabyab

    Ramerson Cayabyab7 kun oldin

    Paul mine a whole chunk and slime will spawn 16 by ,16 10blocks tall and y14

  32. Ramerson Cayabyab

    Ramerson Cayabyab7 kun oldin

    Paul mine a whole chunk and slime will spawn 16 by ,16 10blocks tall and y14

  33. Nigel B

    Nigel B7 kun oldin

    you have gunpowder you have sand make tnt for the slimes

  34. Nigel B

    Nigel B7 kun oldin

    you never got flint because you had silk touch on your shovel

  35. Beckeu

    Beckeu7 kun oldin

    Get this man 1m subs

  36. Ouy

    Ouy7 kun oldin

    this man needs aqua affinity lol

  37. Nicole Puckett

    Nicole Puckett7 kun oldin

    Name him captain scamerton

  38. Agent Jonesy boi

    Agent Jonesy boi7 kun oldin

    # bubble gang

  39. ANTONIUSB2007

    ANTONIUSB20077 kun oldin

    If u need flint, maybe try not using silk touch

  40. Legendary Gamerz

    Legendary Gamerz7 kun oldin

    33 Hours Edited 22 Minutea

  41. Ali Ahmer

    Ali Ahmer7 kun oldin

    Get a haste to beacon with efficiency 5 u can one hit stone

  42. Mylene Homsy

    Mylene Homsy8 kun oldin

    Bubbole glass

  43. Johny Czarnuch

    Johny Czarnuch8 kun oldin

    Bubble dome pog champ og runs out at 100 likes

  44. Ghosttt

    Ghosttt8 kun oldin

    15:40 you cant get flint with silk touch...

  45. Skeletor102

    Skeletor1028 kun oldin

    Everyone: Calls him paul His YT name: IT SAYS "NOT PAUL" FOR A REASON

  46. Ummi Alifah

    Ummi Alifah8 kun oldin

    3 UZnickrs in a nutshell: Not PaulGG: *un able to english* Silver: *the rare giant mouthed silver corinthidream* DanTDM Shorts: *nostalgia*

  47. Drenix

    Drenix8 kun oldin

    13:00 you can tell he skipped saying day 300

  48. Fabulous Onwudebe

    Fabulous Onwudebe8 kun oldin

    this sucks. no literaly there's not really a big project, he couldn't finish his beacon, and he skips NEARLY HALF THE VIDEO AND DOES NOTHING BUT BUY AND MODIFY! the other ones are better edit: sorry wrong video i was talking about 600 days

  49. goldfox 21

    goldfox 218 kun oldin

    Name him bob

  50. King MC

    King MC8 kun oldin

    Jack parrow

  51. Kevin Zhang

    Kevin Zhang8 kun oldin


  52. White Geming Hungary

    White Geming Hungary8 kun oldin

    You love blak stone

  53. Amanda Nicoll

    Amanda Nicoll8 kun oldin

    tnt helps mining

  54. Cecille Poblador

    Cecille Poblador8 kun oldin

    The under water bunker is like sandys dome

  55. Sieren Studios

    Sieren Studios8 kun oldin

    Call the llama .... Ralphii

  56. Chamitha Piyasena

    Chamitha Piyasena8 kun oldin

    Macbeth did the deed

  57. Lucas Eisentrout

    Lucas Eisentrout8 kun oldin

    Him just trying to go to the nether, The witch🤗😂 NOOOOOOO!


    DESIREE YOUNG9 kun oldin

    Watch out it’s the bubble gang!

  59. Stephanie Stocker

    Stephanie Stocker9 kun oldin


  60. a Soup

    a Soup8 kun oldin


  61. Jahn Truter

    Jahn Truter9 kun oldin

    Hello can you do how to build the villeger house pls because it's so cool

  62. ITZ_OMMY

    ITZ_OMMY9 kun oldin

    wither farm draining an ocean monument trying to get every single beacon Remind you of anyone?

  63. shaheryar sultan

    shaheryar sultan6 kun oldin


  64. ITZ_OMMY

    ITZ_OMMY9 kun oldin

    17:55 man this logic is unreal

  65. jrumzis

    jrumzis9 kun oldin

    Bubble gang

  66. Sammy Studio

    Sammy Studio9 kun oldin

    dude it was an efficensy 4 book XD

  67. Stephen Rivas

    Stephen Rivas9 kun oldin

    Put fire aspect on your swords 🗡

  68. Claire Debenham

    Claire Debenham9 kun oldin


  69. S World

    S World9 kun oldin

    video time, 18:20 the answer is tnt

  70. Tim Kostelijk

    Tim Kostelijk9 kun oldin

    Your pickaxe only has fortune II

  71. Tim Kostelijk

    Tim Kostelijk9 kun oldin

    15:40 that’s because your shovel has silk touch

  72. Andria Khalishvili

    Andria Khalishvili9 kun oldin

    ...can anyone explain the worrap ckal joke to me? i really don't get it and i wanna know

  73. Carson Baldwin

    Carson Baldwin9 kun oldin

    Bubble gang for cringe bee puns it wasn't that "punny"

  74. Oran Mooney

    Oran Mooney9 kun oldin

    bubble gang

  75. Cooper Dennis

    Cooper Dennis9 kun oldin

    I love how Paul has got a netherite sword with smite 4 Not sharp 5 lol

  76. SUPERPIG743

    SUPERPIG7439 kun oldin

    I’ve legit been watching the series for an hour thinking i was watching wadzee videos

  77. camani

    camani8 kun oldin

    @SUPERPIG743 fair enough

  78. SUPERPIG743

    SUPERPIG7439 kun oldin

    @camani I honestly don’t even know I must’ve been very very sleep deprived cuz their skins look similar so I just thought he changed his skin

  79. camani

    camani9 kun oldin

    How? They sound totaly diffrent

  80. sandpaper haha

    sandpaper haha9 kun oldin

    you had silk touch shovel lol

  81. splitz ify

    splitz ify10 kun oldin

    It's gonna be heart breaking when this series ends

  82. qxîžÿú tøōk ÿōür ęgīrł.

    qxîžÿú tøōk ÿōür ęgīrł.10 kun oldin

    You and WadZee should collaborate, your channels are so similar.

  83. Storm Fire

    Storm Fire10 kun oldin

    6000 days

  84. darion goulbourne

    darion goulbourne10 kun oldin

    # boble

  85. Hasan Albanna

    Hasan Albanna10 kun oldin

    Buble gang

  86. ih3artana !

    ih3artana !10 kun oldin

    Your channel needs an easily addicting warning 😐

  87. Nathan Mays

    Nathan Mays10 kun oldin

    He should of bought the seeds 🤦🏼‍♂️

  88. rich grimes

    rich grimes11 kun oldin

    Just watched 4 in a row how many more are there

  89. DX-Gamer 88

    DX-Gamer 8811 kun oldin

    Get Efficiency V bro XDDDDDD

  90. Jamie Mastenbroek

    Jamie Mastenbroek11 kun oldin

    Mayby a stone farm/Generaider I love your vidoe’s

  91. Pie pie Samurai

    Pie pie Samurai11 kun oldin

    If u r not subbed then do it now plz

  92. Octavian Cretu

    Octavian Cretu11 kun oldin

    Bubble gang

  93. Isabelle Wilkinson

    Isabelle Wilkinson11 kun oldin

    Does everyone see the same adds in videos? Because I saw the third add in this video and I want to know what it was about

  94. Jordan Chabla

    Jordan Chabla12 kun oldin

    bubule gang

  95. Ammo Knight

    Ammo Knight12 kun oldin

    i forgot the word pleb even existed until this video

  96. :o banana

    :o banana12 kun oldin

    Use bone meal for grass

  97. Francesca Simonsen Team Assistant

    Francesca Simonsen Team Assistant12 kun oldin

    the name of the lama should be lambee

  98. Krishnaveni vijayaraghvan

    Krishnaveni vijayaraghvan12 kun oldin

    Build a island out of bamboo so a panda would spawn

  99. Jet Lemming

    Jet Lemming12 kun oldin

    you should use google slime finder to find slime chunk

  100. dadny hello kwkw

    dadny hello kwkw13 kun oldin

    and not paulgg:podzl posel pose idk how to name it

  101. dadny hello kwkw

    dadny hello kwkw13 kun oldin

    im gunna make 1

  102. Josh Renz

    Josh Renz13 kun oldin

    I am I can’t spell tho to good

  103. ramdomdude74

    ramdomdude7413 kun oldin

    Bubble gang

  104. Ethan Zabiegala

    Ethan Zabiegala13 kun oldin

    Day 500 to 600 😏😏😏

  105. Jeet Singh

    Jeet Singh13 kun oldin

    You should make a beacon out of netherrite