If Apple Made a Restaurant

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    at the start of the vid did u get burned?


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    Can u make if fortnite made a restaurant

  18. Lorie Karnes

    Lorie Karnes12 soat oldin

    I love your videos

  19. Cloudys Investment

    Cloudys Investment12 soat oldin

    Not going to lie, I thought It said Applebee's. 🍎

  20. Friedrice PG3d • 9 years ago

    Friedrice PG3d • 9 years ago15 soat oldin

    That's why Samsung is bettee

  21. TheUserWhoRules

    TheUserWhoRules15 soat oldin

    I love it that he used to use a old car but now he has a Tesla

  22. XC Hawck

    XC Hawck16 soat oldin

    “ill fold you like a Motorola!” i cant, i’m dead

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    How expensive are they: “yes”

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    You podless peasant!

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    Respond to my comment Kyle

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    Comment to this comment. Or die

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    hi i want 1 bobux

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    "Is there anything free here?" "Dont you be using the f word there's kids in here"

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    Timmy never doo chores

  32. Happy cloud

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    Samsung restaurant: I wonder why all our food keeps exploding

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    Pkms _BoysKun oldin

    Video idea: Android vs. IOS rap battle or Apple vs. Samsung

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    Your skits are soo good u should be a Comedian

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    If you are reading this is a good video😁

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  64. Jonas Ritchie

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    MIDNIGHTAD4M3 kun oldin

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