Jojo - What Counts As a Stand?

Looking at the concept of stands, and how our definition of it may be arbitrary.
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  1. speedshoes29

    speedshoes292 kun oldin

    Maybe there should be a video on requiem stands

  2. RedGeoBlaze

    RedGeoBlaze2 kun oldin

    Now that I think about it. From what this video says, Stuff like Joseph predicting people's next line, or Buccaretti detecting lies by tasting sweat could be counted as stands to people who don't understand how they do that. Or (Like some Jojo fans) Speedwagon warming up Zepelli's arm with his own body heat. It's normal and natural, but to someone who doesn't know how it works, it seems supernatural. That's the one way I can reconcile Jojo being smart enough to know what other people are saying before they say it, and it maybe being an early incarnation of his stand before he unlocked it. (you don't know for sure he couldn't have awakened it naturally, without DIO getting shot by the arrow)

  3. Cool#Star# B.

    Cool#Star# B.4 kun oldin

    My headcanon is that Joseph was healing others with Hamon off screen.

  4. Eternal Solitude

    Eternal Solitude6 kun oldin

    The problem I see with the ripple being the predecessor of stands is why doesn't it hurt vampires when they use it? Or why do they (when inflicting damage) not hurt vampires more. I mean the stands?

  5. Goose

    Goose6 kun oldin

    whammu is a stand user cuz he eats hamburger

  6. RedGeoBlaze

    RedGeoBlaze6 kun oldin

    I really like the idea of Hamon being a more primal volatile version of the Stand that anyone can use with training.

  7. Tamer Of the wilds

    Tamer Of the wilds6 kun oldin

    Sciemce, stands are sciemce but cooler. Does this then not mean that being a Jojo fan means you’re a big brain sciemtist?

  8. Schneeflocke Monsoon

    Schneeflocke Monsoon7 kun oldin

    But... Goku put the moon rabbit up there...

  9. Schneeflocke Monsoon

    Schneeflocke Monsoon7 kun oldin

    I always assumed that Hermit Purple was actually the Sun(the star, not the stand)‘s stand, and Hamon allowed a human to receive the Sun’s will and power through themselves. That’s why it isn’t humanoid-ish like the majority of other stands. This would also explain why Jonathan and Joseph have stands unlike the rest of their family, but instead say that was simply their use of someone else’s stand, and Jonathan’s stand is actually [The World], which explains why his grandson has a similar stand. Further, that means Joseph doesn’t actually have his stand active because he’s focused on Hermit Purple, and a humanoid one could have been awakened if he’d understood it enough to attempt using one.

  10. why are you askin

    why are you askin7 kun oldin

    how did this video end up as my confort youtube video

  11. Yanis Hella

    Yanis Hella8 kun oldin

    Wait , so young Joseph had hermit purple ? So this IS how he Know exactely the Line of his opponants

  12. mouse cliker

    mouse cliker8 kun oldin

    ripple fans: hamon enjoyer:

  13. MuffinCountry

    MuffinCountry9 kun oldin

    The idea that one stand coukd be sent down through generations to people who meet the requirements is pretty cool.

  14. Gray Gray

    Gray Gray10 kun oldin

    If you can run 50 mph then your supernatural and might be because of a stand

  15. Captain Comic

    Captain Comic11 kun oldin

    The answer, as in any self-respecting manga, is... whatever the fuck the plot needs.

  16. Darshan Bhambhani

    Darshan Bhambhani13 kun oldin

    Bruh thus spoke series is just Araki trying to write urban legends and creepy-pastas, those aren’t stands

  17. Hamon Beat

    Hamon Beat13 kun oldin

    Mao's condition was directly said to be a kind of stand

  18. Certified Poop Dealer

    Certified Poop Dealer14 kun oldin

    This is the coolest video I've ever seen.

  19. gnome

    gnome14 kun oldin

    Nobody: Hamon Beat explaining how anything could be the work of an enemy Stand:

  20. B l a z e r z B o m b s z o m s

    B l a z e r z B o m b s z o m s15 kun oldin

    9:28 all I am thinking of now is part one again but this time it's a gourmet manga

  21. Räìdên Painn

    Räìdên Painn15 kun oldin

    post mortem nen :)

  22. RiffRaff

    RiffRaff15 kun oldin

    damn good video

  23. Gautam Sarathy

    Gautam Sarathy16 kun oldin

    No wait, I thought the Stone Masks were only 8000 years old, or at least vampires were, while the meteorite struck about 75,000 years ago? Also, are vampiric abilities and the Stone Mask also examples of Stando Powah and bringing it out?

  24. The Guitar Boy

    The Guitar Boy16 kun oldin

    We better be careful around Joel Rubochon and Gordon Ramsay, they could snap and just make everyone do what they say with that food

  25. Gaston Fourt

    Gaston Fourt16 kun oldin

    So it's all about mastering something or having the will to do something.

  26. Nitin Singhal

    Nitin Singhal16 kun oldin

    So in jojo, all objects have a "gravity", and this "gravity" is the source of fate and all supernatural abilities?

  27. Franek RB

    Franek RB16 kun oldin

    when will you people accept that stands aren't the only magic system in JoJo?

  28. puny mario

    puny mario16 kun oldin

    Your telling me that the reason that Joeseph can predict what people are about to say is because hamon can see the future?

  29. Poundlake A

    Poundlake A17 kun oldin

    pmaster and perfect your boxing skills and get star platinum now!!!!

  30. F Grizz31

    F Grizz3117 kun oldin

    Okay One Piece characters with Haki/Will power is a jojo reference since will power can be turned into a stand

  31. eating bugs is my favorite Pastime

    eating bugs is my favorite Pastime17 kun oldin

    If I see earth wind in fire in here I swear to fuck he’s an alien not a sand user

  32. Arrow Yoshi

    Arrow Yoshi18 kun oldin

    Would Joseph and Jonathan be able to see stands in eyes of heaven?

  33. I eat kids

    I eat kids17 kun oldin


  34. RedMD

    RedMD19 kun oldin

    Bruh why did this turn into an episode of the Joe Rogan Experience

  35. Nicholas Sremac-Saari

    Nicholas Sremac-Saari19 kun oldin

    So what would the stone mask be? Would it be some form of a stand ability? Because if so then DIO was able to have vampirism and The World at the same time. Is the stone mask like a stand arrow but for the pillar men?

  36. Zen

    Zen19 kun oldin

    I have a Stand but it's name is weird. It's called Superbass [ ;) ] and it's ability is Bass Boosting every word I speak

  37. R Slash Wooosh

    R Slash Wooosh19 kun oldin

    That would be a very annoying stand

  38. Vertexed

    Vertexed19 kun oldin

    The real deep lore is whether the stands name themselves or if people name their stands after their favorite albums

  39. SpectrumTwelve

    SpectrumTwelve19 kun oldin

    You talking about if cooking was the system of power instead of Hamon and pearl jam was the standard stand appearance of cooking ability makes me think of Food Wars where cooking skill is a metric of power

  40. Kait

    Kait19 kun oldin

    I dare you to try and explain why Wonder of you is so strong eventho its a normal stand

  41. Extremely Pixilated

    Extremely Pixilated19 kun oldin

    Shit that comes out when u yell it.

  42. That one Polish Jerry

    That one Polish Jerry20 kun oldin

    Does that mean that Jotaro is an expert at beating the fuck out of anything which is why his main ability is extreme strength and time stop

  43. Artechvixen

    Artechvixen20 kun oldin

    Mikitaka is an alien and his home planet that was destroyed is the origin of the stand meteor meaning he would also be a stand user,or so I would like to think

  44. user name

    user name20 kun oldin


  45. Tusk

    Tusk20 kun oldin

    giorno gay?

  46. Miramar Jonas

    Miramar Jonas21 kun oldin

    Why was yashuo spared from the Calamity???

  47. R Slash Wooosh

    R Slash Wooosh21 kun oldin

    @Miramar Jonas didn't Tooru say that the calamity will target Josuke if he were to pursue him? idk this entire arc threw me off way too much.

  48. Miramar Jonas

    Miramar Jonas21 kun oldin

    @R Slash Wooosh but beforem kyo, she got hit by the calamity after hitting him. Maybe it was because tooru got hit at the same time as yashuo was going to get hit? I don't know, cause tooru also said that he doesn't have control over the calamity, why would him getting hit (not gettting killed) would stop the calamity effect?

  49. R Slash Wooosh

    R Slash Wooosh21 kun oldin

    maybe because Josuke attacked Tooru, idk

  50. Ryan Griffin

    Ryan Griffin22 kun oldin

    man has 157k subs and thinks that pucci is white

  51. M Fauzi A

    M Fauzi A22 kun oldin

    I just recently finished reading the manga, and i wonder why josuke 8 called gappy, google says its bcs theres a gap in his teeth, is it true?

  52. Hamon Beat

    Hamon Beat22 kun oldin

    @M Fauzi A yes

  53. M Fauzi A

    M Fauzi A22 kun oldin

    @Hamon Beat if thats the reason he is called gappy

  54. R Slash Wooosh

    R Slash Wooosh22 kun oldin

    @Hamon Beat if Josuke does or does not have a gap in his teeth.

  55. Hamon Beat

    Hamon Beat22 kun oldin

    Is what true?

  56. Rebecca

    Rebecca22 kun oldin

    1:26 Matilda was the OG stand user

  57. Cryo-1l

    Cryo-1l23 kun oldin

    Its a shame this guy is racist, he has really nice content

  58. R Slash Wooosh

    R Slash Wooosh23 kun oldin

    That post was misinterpreted, he still apologized for that, so stop bringing up the past. And also try and find real evidence before calling someone racist.

  59. random person you don't know

    random person you don't know23 kun oldin

    The title: what counts as a stand ? The video : fate is gravity

  60. Aidden Sanchez

    Aidden Sanchez23 kun oldin

    Be honest with yourself we all come back for that into tho

  61. Doctor Neon

    Doctor Neon24 kun oldin

    Imagine being racist

  62. Doctor Neon

    Doctor Neon24 kun oldin

    @R Slash Wooosh I know right

  63. R Slash Wooosh

    R Slash Wooosh24 kun oldin

    Imagine not going to school (His previous comment was "Imagen being racies")

  64. Ranjith Thomas

    Ranjith Thomas25 kun oldin

    dude lets admit it this is made only cuz of the alien dude

  65. Johnson C. Olaster

    Johnson C. Olaster25 kun oldin

    There is some other abilities I guess you could call it I would want to see more like how bridled from part one was able to use his hair as a weapon

  66. gojo satoru

    gojo satoru26 kun oldin

    question: if star platinum or the hand had a act like tusk and echoes would it be like the hand can select where he erase things and star platinum time stop is bigger?

  67. FglHOhuG

    FglHOhuG26 kun oldin

    Hey hamon beat you could make this video: Debunking jojo fandom theories.

  68. MartyBrawls

    MartyBrawls27 kun oldin


  69. Jexus Domel

    Jexus Domel27 kun oldin

    This is actually super cool, I took into consideration araki saying that Harmon and stands are connected but never genuinely understood why or how. I feel like I understand this series 100% times better, and respect it even more

  70. User7127

    User712728 kun oldin

    Hey Hamon Beat, I have read the manga "dead mans questions" and I wonder, why did Yoshikage Kira not avenge Josuke and Jotaro for his death. Did he cope or did he lose his memories? We have seen him commit several murders within the three chapters, so it would be possible for him to kill Josuke and his friends. Why didn't he do it?

  71. User7127

    User712728 kun oldin

    @Hamon Beat thanks for answering

  72. Hamon Beat

    Hamon Beat28 kun oldin

    He has no memories.

  73. RINKOS2612

    RINKOS261229 kun oldin


  74. Alex Kuczynski

    Alex KuczynskiOy oldin

    What about a jojo pose reference video for each of the parts, or something similar to that? like from where the characters got their poses/design/catchphrases. thats like 8 videos, one for each part

  75. Hamon Beat

    Hamon BeatOy oldin

    It's actually far too dense of a topic to put into a video at this point lol I'm waiting for jojowiki to get their pose reference archive finished and I'll base it on that

  76. Vorname Nachname

    Vorname NachnameOy oldin

    But seriously, can't Ceasars Bubbles be thought of as a stand ability. It is very similair to Love Deluxe which is a Stand that is not invisible to non Stand users and they behave like a stand.

  77. Hamon Beat

    Hamon BeatOy oldin

    @Vorname Nachname they aren't "created by Hamon" either. Caesar says he coats his clothes and gloves with soap to make them by moving.

  78. Vorname Nachname

    Vorname NachnameOy oldin

    That is what I thought they were, but they might be created by a stand and not hamon. They can be moved freely by Ceasar and transform. They get a new sub ability that is inspired by Kars, just like Giorno is inspired by Babyface, they come out of nowhere... Apart from the flame like Aura around Ceasar, they fit the Stand description.

  79. Hamon Beat

    Hamon BeatOy oldin

    They're bubbles. Like real physical bubbles. What did you think they were.

  80. Leo Calding

    Leo CaldingOy oldin

    Jojo the concept of will

  81. J Ü

    J ÜOy oldin

    Jesus, without realising it I played into this video's point when I created Let There Be Rock, which has the ability to create or remove anything and everything instantly, without limits or consequences. I, prior to watching this video, made the idea of God into a stand

  82. J Ü

    J ÜOy oldin

    9:30 Well thank fuck JJBA didn't become a cooking anime

  83. EL7K BrainCell

    EL7K BrainCellOy oldin

    Ok so I have a question, why in part 8 josuke is shown having a bite mark on his shoulder meaning that he just got a stand even though kira and josefumi are both shown having a stand(killer queen and soft and wet) and joshuu is shown developing a stand after getting a bite mark

  84. EL7K BrainCell

    EL7K BrainCellOy oldin

    @Hamon Beat thanks man

  85. Hamon Beat

    Hamon BeatOy oldin

    Bite Marks appear on people near the Wall Eyes, and Wall Eyes grant stands, but it is likely these two arent necessarily connected.

  86. Tornike Tvalchrelidze

    Tornike TvalchrelidzeOy oldin

    So DIO in stone ocean (which happened before part 3) he comes off as completely different person and interesting character. But in part 3 he's still this classic power hungry villain so is that because araki actually forgot about it or he just retconned it?

  87. Tornike Tvalchrelidze

    Tornike TvalchrelidzeOy oldin

    @Hamon Beat Well stone ocean DIO said that he learned the true happiness can't be attained by power,fame or wealth but by attaining peace of mind which he referred to as heaven. In part 3 although he mentions peace of mind and talks about philosophy he eventually goes back to his old self.

  88. Hamon Beat

    Hamon BeatOy oldin

    They really aren't much different. I've gone over this before.

  89. Red Light Glue Light

    Red Light Glue LightOy oldin

    Hey Hamon beat, i know this will probably be lost in the comments, but regardless i may as well ask the question. Im not blaming this on an araki forgot or something like that, rather i feel like im missing something in terms of vampires in jojo. In part 2 Joseph uses a mirror to his advantage while fighting Straizo, i always saw this as straizo not being able to see himself as a vampire in the mirror like many other stories of vampires allowing Joseph to appear as he wouldn't recognize the mirror due to a lack of his own reflection, however in part 3 Dio is admiring himself in a mirror so i feel as if im at a misunderstanding on this topic. The only things i can think of is maybe the mirror in part 2 was angled in such a way Straizo couldn't see himself, or that Jonathan's body was not fully taken over by dio's essence making dio an incomplete vampire at that moment, however that falls apart as dio shouldn't be able to see his head do to his head not being a part of Jonathan. Sorry for the long comment but it was something i was curious on if you see this.

  90. Xenofag Uprising

    Xenofag UprisingOy oldin

    My god man, we really need someone like you for Attack on Titan. The fans of that show/manga are really starting to rival Jojo fans on who’s more retarded.

  91. Lazy Boi

    Lazy BoiOy oldin

    So stands are Ghost Hamons or spirit hamons

  92. Jojo Rose

    Jojo RoseOy oldin

    Hamon Beat, there's someone that said it's "impossible" for Dio to get into the coffin's false bottom

  93. morbid wolf

    morbid wolfOy oldin

    because there's no literal way to get inside the casket aside from above silly

  94. ShinoBlak x

    ShinoBlak xOy oldin

    JoJo fans arguing with the creator of JoJo be like... Btw I'd like to state, giorno had his stand power as a child, it was just never fully brought out just like jotaro until he fought magicians red, his stand would passively help him out like when he was tryna hide the gang member dude

  95. derpfacedargon

    derpfacedargonOy oldin

    I'm such a master at sleeping and procrastinating that soon it should manifest

  96. Duck

    DuckOy oldin

    This isn’t really relevant to the vid but why do ya think the bands would copyright dp if they kept the original names? It’s just a name and also, if the name of the band/song is put in jojo and kept it will bring lots of attention from the huge fandom of jojo, giving the band more money than copyright will

  97. Dan LordStyle

    Dan LordStyleOy oldin

    Hey, your vids are cool.

  98. Aleqo?

    Aleqo?Oy oldin

    Hello I have important news! A russian youtuber named shifters has the same exact intro as u... Just thought i'd let u know

  99. Aleqo?

    Aleqo?Oy oldin

    @Hamon Beat oh good to hear

  100. Hamon Beat

    Hamon BeatOy oldin

    I know they asked me

  101. Everything is a JoJo Reference

    Everything is a JoJo ReferenceOy oldin

    I just realised that 99.9% of Modern Anime is indeed a JoJo Reference

  102. Everything is a JoJo Reference

    Everything is a JoJo ReferenceOy oldin

    Fun Fact: I recently became a JoJo Fan after watching Re Zero Authorities

  103. Qeursa • 12 years ago

    Qeursa • 12 years agoOy oldin

    Some weird dude from a window shot me with an arrow, and now I can pee from my hands.

  104. Adrian’s dumb show

    Adrian’s dumb showOy oldin

    Uhh i always questioned this but are the knives dio uses were they the worlds move or abiltiy or just knives dio had stored?

  105. Adrian’s dumb show

    Adrian’s dumb show23 kun oldin

    @GoldH2O oh ok.

  106. GoldH2O

    GoldH2OOy oldin

    He grabbed the knives when he landed in that restaurant, you know the "give me my leg" scene.

  107. Jaythedes

    JaythedesOy oldin

    Hamon beat you are so blind. Foo fighters isn’t a stand she is just very intelligent plankton created from a memory disk.

  108. R Slash Wooosh

    R Slash WoooshOy oldin


  109. The Flaming L

    The Flaming LOy oldin

    A standard is the physical manifestation of your fighting spirit. If you don't get it, think of metal bat from one punch man. His super power is to basically get stronger in a fight. Basically fighting spirit. So just think of metal bat's... Metal bat, as a stand. That's what a stand is. So again, a stand is the physical manifestation of someone's fighting spirit.

  110. Simply Soni

    Simply SoniOy oldin

    Food Wars is just Pearl Jam Clan change my mind

  111. LaserFace23

    LaserFace23Oy oldin

    I still come back to this video a lot because it seriously poses a lot of interesting ideas that pop up throughout the series -- At 4:42, the concept of Hermit Purple being a "stand manifestation of Hamon" used to bother me a couple years ago. And it also bothered me that Jonathan/Dio also seemed to have the same "Hermit Purple" stand. But I found that thinking about it within the framework of the "Development Potential" stand stat helps a ton. We see that Joseph's Hermit Purple has the lowest possible stat of E in potential, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing -- all it means is that the user has found every conceivable use for that stand, a true master. When Hamon is first introduced, it seems to be capable of just about anything the user can put their mind to, from combat to healing to mind-reading (sort of like how Part 3 Star Platinum is constantly pulling out new tricks, and has an A in potential), and Part 2 Joseph with his constant trickery, creativity, and misdirection takes Hamon's applications to their limits, and in particular seems to have a penchant for making Hamon travel long distances (like the string he used against Esidisi, or the cannonball crosbow he used against Wammu); One of Hamon's main disadvantages is needing direct contact with whatever you want to charge with Hamon, but maybe a truly unbridled master of Hamon could be someone who seems to use the air itself as a conduit, and not just for combat, but for all sorts of Hamon abilities. And that's exactly what we see Hermit Purple do, many of the standard Hamon abilities but better (mind reading becomes spirit photography and geolocation), and with the added bonus of newer abilities like extra range. The seemingly throw-away comment of "If the Crusaders went back to Part 2 they may see a young Joseph with Hermit Purple" comment actually makes sense -- he may have unknowingly had the "stand" of Hermit Purple already, but at a higher level of development potential. He clearly had more natural talent for Hamon than any other Ripple user we see throughout the series, so it's possible he had the potential of using Hamon at a level nobody, not even a "master" like Lisa Lisa or Tonpetti, could conceptualize teaching him about, unless they were a fellow stand user who could teach Joseph about stands. Perhaps if Joseph went the Straizo/Lisa Lisa route and made Hamon his whole life, like how Tonio made cooking his whole life, he would've developed Hermit Purple to be like it is in Part 3 on his own, rather than via the stand arrow. I dunno, I know this is a ridiculously long comment, I'm just spitballing ideas because the more you think about "what counts as a stand", the more interesting it becomes.

  112. Derek

    DerekOy oldin

    Does this mean Diavolo is a Stand?

  113. Totallynot DIO

    Totallynot DIOOy oldin

    idea for a video : are jojo characters always right? spoiler: no one can just deflect the emerald splash! there is no such thing as a world inside a mirror.

  114. Mottag

    MottagOy oldin

    hey guys guess what

  115. Osmar Isola

    Osmar IsolaOy oldin

    Part 6 is real

  116. Turkeys got more clout than you

    Turkeys got more clout than youOy oldin

    Jojo part 6 is real

  117. dexter Onio

    dexter OnioOy oldin

    Jobro gang here

  118. purplephoenixfyre6820

    purplephoenixfyre6820Oy oldin

    Can someone explain to me why the durability stat keeps changing it's name? (It starts as durability, then it's changed to persistence, then its stamina.)

  119. Amelps Xett

    Amelps XettOy oldin

    @purplephoenixfyre6820 japanese doesn't work this way

  120. purplephoenixfyre6820

    purplephoenixfyre6820Oy oldin

    @Hamon Beat then what's the actual/canon name?

  121. Hamon Beat

    Hamon BeatOy oldin

    Because this is all fan translated

  122. Chief Lerch

    Chief LerchOy oldin

    Aren't the light novels and spin off manga non canon?

  123. Hamon Beat

    Hamon BeatOy oldin

    What makes you think the spin-off manga aren't canon?

  124. IL!ke Memes

    IL!ke MemesOy oldin

    Try Explaining the law of equivalent exchange and how Yoshikage and Josukes Stands combine in Part 8

  125. Milan Marković

    Milan MarkovićOy oldin

    When it comes to connections between hamon and stands, there is Golden Experience which is just a hamon as a stand on steroids.

  126. Mr. Pug

    Mr. PugOy oldin

    stands are just stans for their user, change my mind

  127. Grubbs

    GrubbsOy oldin

    I know that there is only one coffin, but how did the crystal that was shot out in part 1 get back on in part 3? This as far as i know is anime only, but it's weird thinking that some zombie went over, picked up the pellet from the dead body, and put it back before the explosion.

  128. Gus Canterbury

    Gus CanterburyOy oldin

    @Hamon Beat now I don't believe that star finger could have stopped Pucci, but I do think araki forgot something here. Namely how truly reliable Koichi is. Echoes would have been perfect to counter MIH, and I believe the definitive stone ocean ending would be Koichi showing up on a jet ski, pulling down Pucci, and having Jotaro kill him. I rest my case

  129. Hamon Beat

    Hamon BeatOy oldin

    The only time anything like that was ever visible was in the anime.

  130. Usermonument

    UsermonumentOy oldin

    Mr. Beat I have a problem with the stand "Born this way" let me explain. I thought for Born this way to summon is that Kei has to touch the person. Now when we get to the latest part 8 chapter(s) she does none of that and attacks the head doctor head on. (Get it?) Anyways it would be nice if you could explain thank you for your time.

  131. Krzysztof Wucoff

    Krzysztof WucoffOy oldin

    3:00 So that's how doppio got king crimson.

  132. kerbu

    kerbuOy oldin

    i mastered laziness, now ive got a stand. i call it depression

  133. Sans undertale

    Sans undertaleOy oldin

    i have a question about stands in the part 3 manga I saw Dio use hermit purple. at the tike i didnt think anything of it but later i learned it was just called jonathins stand. but how does dio have two stands. i hes on jonathins body but should it still only allow him to have one stand?

  134. Mikitaka Hazekura

    Mikitaka HazekuraOy oldin

    Jonathan's will was so strong that the body was trying to resist Dio's control, so it's like Jonathan's life energy generated the stand

  135. Legitboi17

    Legitboi17Oy oldin

    Stone Ocean anime and manga differences when?

  136. yrifle

    yrifleOy oldin

    does he read commentd