K-Pop Group ATEEZ Takes On Our TikTok Challenge Challenge! | Cosmopolitan

You've been asking Cosmo to host ATEEZ in the TikTok Challenge Challenge and now it's finally happening! Watch more TikTok Challenge Challenge uznick.info/up/video/o6Slr3ejY9SErnk 🕺
Hongjoong, Seonghwa, Yunho, Yeosang, San, Wooyoung, and Jongho absolutely crushed all of these really hard TikTok challenges. See for yourself, and stream ZERO: FEVER Part.2
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Singing in the Shower uznick.info/up/video/Znuyr5Kui9prap8 🛁
Expensive Taste Test uznick.info/up/video/qJW8o5dsZ7KGb3k 💅
Turn the Beat Around uznick.info/up/video/qKyTfn-ohciVemQ 💄
Cosmo Queens! uznick.info/up/video/rmyxbY2Lks2icKM 👑
Drip or Drop! uznick.info/up/video/coOPoKJuoph9n3k 💧
That Feeling When uznick.info/up/video/k4KUi4ynhbSrqGw 🔥
Stir Crazy uznick.info/up/video/gmXYkIqdqpp2hY0 🍸
Through My Queue! uznick.info/up/video/b3vagZucZtump4k 📺
0:00 Intro
0:17 Jongho
1:06 San
1:48 Hongjoong
2:32 Seonghwa
3:11 Yunho
3:42 Wooyoung
4:25 Yeosang
4:56 Vote!

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  1. Eunice Maxwell

    Eunice Maxwell4 soat oldin

    Yunho won this ahhhh how can he learn it in 15 seconds??

  2. Choi Jongho

    Choi Jongho6 soat oldin


  3. Prita

    Prita11 soat oldin


  4. Itsyafox

    ItsyafoxKun oldin

    No one:..... Me remembering that someone called hongjoong a coconut and now I can’t stop seeing it 😭🖐

  5. Natasha Het

    Natasha HetKun oldin

    I'm addicted to this

  6. καρίνα

    καρίναKun oldin

    Yeosang uyoung gemes banget huhuuu

  7. Timo Meelo

    Timo MeeloKun oldin

    New fan and I think the first guy is my bias

  8. sweetytaetae

    sweetytaetaeKun oldin

    we miss you mingi🥺💜

  9. marina gariruiz

    marina gariruizKun oldin


  10. Maria Wright

    Maria WrightKun oldin

    The one with the silvery grey hair is sooo cute 😍

  11. iisabellaaa

    iisabellaaaKun oldin


  12. Alissa Marie Jean Baptiste

    Alissa Marie Jean BaptisteKun oldin

    When jongho was dancing to Mega Thee Stallion I was like "wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"I'm dead ngl.

  13. Jewel Saganash

    Jewel SaganashKun oldin


  14. Sophia Toney

    Sophia ToneyKun oldin

    Yun ho gimme your shirt 😀 its nice

  15. Beautiful Yeo_8

    Beautiful Yeo_82 kun oldin

    Jongho so cute..🥰

  16. Esmeralda Urbina

    Esmeralda Urbina2 kun oldin

    No soy atiny pero si e escucho varias de sus canciones y me se sus nombres pero no son 8 donde? esta min gi ? :(

  17. Dj Boo

    Dj Boo2 kun oldin

    Ok Jongho ATE IT UP

  18. Nyx

    Nyx2 kun oldin

    yeosang is so fine here. that fit with black hair... perfect.

  19. Ty _Fer

    Ty _Fer2 kun oldin

    YeoSang nailed it, I'm sorry, bye.

  20. fia

    fia2 kun oldin

    Seonghwa is the winner for me because they had him dance to ceraadi's 'she ain't me'

  21. 양버터

    양버터2 kun oldin

    이게 1개월 전에 찍힌건데 킹덤 1첫번째 경연때의 스타일이 보이네요!!! 1차 경연 너무 멋있었어요!!! 킹덤 킹에이티즈

  22. BarelyPeach

    BarelyPeach2 kun oldin

    이거보고 종호랑 사랑에 안빠지면 사람입니까? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  23. Angela Zapata Jiménez

    Angela Zapata Jiménez2 kun oldin

    Estan bien preciosos

  24. Minho Leecaprio

    Minho Leecaprio2 kun oldin

    Jongho TheeStallion

  25. vinsi viv

    vinsi viv3 kun oldin

    I think I just fell in love with Yunho all over again

  26. Antje Faltis

    Antje Faltis3 kun oldin

    ahhh they are sooooo amazing ... so Proud to be an Atiny

  27. niya lil

    niya lil3 kun oldin

    I'm back to rewatch Jonghos part

  28. Tania Lo

    Tania Lo3 kun oldin

    Yunho was just WOW-

  29. Oi fEliX

    Oi fEliX3 kun oldin

    jongho thee stallion

  30. BlackAndBlueMadness

    BlackAndBlueMadness3 kun oldin

    I love how Jongho is one of the most expressive performers Ive ever seen yet he looks dead inside the whole time he's doing this tiktok dance what an icon

  31. Hiral Patel

    Hiral Patel3 kun oldin

    Me and my friend were trying to learn the one san did but a different kind of version,please we looked crazy compared to san-

  32. I’m not the whole circus, I’m a stay

    I’m not the whole circus, I’m a stay3 kun oldin

    If you don’t like jongho’s part, it’s confirmed that you are not human

  33. gena melodyl

    gena melodyl3 kun oldin

    Not seonghwa saying I'm the best dancer when they all praising Hongjoong (he's so funny)

  34. Hongjoongstiddies

    Hongjoongstiddies4 kun oldin

    Lmao dont mind me.. this is my 100th time here..👀

  35. yeo k

    yeo k4 kun oldin


  36. Jojo Kang

    Jojo Kang4 kun oldin

    Seonghwa and Jongho did really well

  37. realmsunreal

    realmsunreal4 kun oldin

    3:12 dannng you can tell this girl is a professional dancer, and look at those musclesss

  38. Hafsah!

    Hafsah!4 kun oldin

    Yunho proving why he's the main dancer 🧡💞

  39. Niece's Life

    Niece's Life4 kun oldin

    I spot Mariah Amato and Kaycee Stroh!!

  40. peachyyun

    peachyyun4 kun oldin

    Jongho losing his sanity while dancing to Megan thee stallion

  41. Joan Mendoza

    Joan Mendoza5 kun oldin

    yunho I purple you 💜

  42. Jill Motta

    Jill Motta5 kun oldin

    I like the last member👼👼

  43. Jill Motta

    Jill Motta4 kun oldin

    @Selena Fernandez yes

  44. Selena Fernandez

    Selena Fernandez4 kun oldin


  45. Jung Jaya

    Jung Jaya5 kun oldin

    Yunho dance effortlessly and stole the show

  46. Bangtan Baby

    Bangtan Baby5 kun oldin

    yunho won and Thats on period.

  47. Niuean .Editzz

    Niuean .Editzz6 kun oldin

    sweater boy won

  48. yuyu pw

    yuyu pw6 kun oldin


  49. sra '

    sra '6 kun oldin

    I just noticed sth in every comment that hyped yunho there's one person saying that he ain't the main dancer ... and calling the op solo stan.. we are just appreciating his dancing skills tbh he is the "MAIN DANCER" he teaches the choreo to the boys helps them in dancing and even he choreographed some moves ..but people don't appreciate this side of him.. his fancam views are low like CAN'T YOU SEE THE TALENT??? ANYWAYS YUNHO 4TH GEN ACE

  50. azshadow32

    azshadow326 kun oldin

    Man Yeosang really killed it, and with that duster it looked soo cool. Yunho of course was amazing and cool and bright. Crazy how they pick it up in 20 seconds.

  51. Aylin Canpolat

    Aylin Canpolat7 kun oldin

    yunho and jongho was the best in my opinions

  52. Aylin Canpolat

    Aylin Canpolat7 kun oldin

    Oh im sorry and wooyoung

  53. diane vargas

    diane vargas7 kun oldin

    Woo Young and YUNHO have the swag the movement of the body has its character


    K-POPULATION7 kun oldin

    wooyoung wins to me...

  55. Priscila

    Priscila7 kun oldin

    Aaaa mano eles são tão fofos...deu vontade de entrar pro fandom agr😔✋🛐

  56. Hwaxali

    Hwaxali7 kun oldin

    What's the song that seonghwa and yunho did

  57. Велислава Граматикова

    Велислава Граматикова7 kun oldin


  58. Mav

    Mav7 kun oldin


  59. Max !

    Max !7 kun oldin

    I think the time has come, I can’t deny it anymore.. I love them so much! JUST LOOK AT THEM GO YESS *adds ateez to my list*

  60. Kathleen Vila

    Kathleen Vila8 kun oldin

    lowkey fangirling with hong joong ever since i started watching kingdom

  61. Annastasia Citeron

    Annastasia Citeron8 kun oldin


  62. Anthonia Adesina

    Anthonia Adesina8 kun oldin

    The maknae’s in every group are just always so super talented

  63. Mabel Mejía Flores

    Mabel Mejía Flores9 kun oldin

    El de azul me gustó😚

  64. • ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ •

    • ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ •9 kun oldin


  65. Anna Barmar

    Anna Barmar9 kun oldin

    yunho wooyoung and yeosang did sooo well omg

  66. Procrastinator

    Procrastinator2 kun oldin

    3 out of the 4 performance line. ^_^

  67. mary sanabria

    mary sanabria9 kun oldin

    Wooyoungie singing Snapping jsjsjsj ❤

  68. Ciena Jennings

    Ciena Jennings9 kun oldin

    For one,, JONGHO BODIED THE BODY CHALLENGE. 1:47 Wooyoung singing the “i know i know” part in chunghas snapping 😂

  69. Maitree Sarkar

    Maitree Sarkar10 kun oldin

    jongho thee stallion

  70. Marie

    Marie10 kun oldin


  71. Procrastinator

    Procrastinator6 kun oldin

    Can you enjoy the video without screaming you want to see someone else?

  72. Gracie Pilant

    Gracie Pilant10 kun oldin


  73. Kelly Combs

    Kelly Combs10 kun oldin

    yunho getting the one actual professional dancer 😂

  74. lankybox fan

    lankybox fan10 kun oldin


  75. Paola

    Paola10 kun oldin

    Yunho's outfit is the best 😍😍

  76. Almighty DNF

    Almighty DNF11 kun oldin

    I can watch this thousand times for san's *dan* *dan* *dan* and *kung* *kung* *kung*

  77. chanloeygalaxy

    chanloeygalaxy11 kun oldin

    no offense to other groups but this is one of the first groups i’ve seen who’ve actually gotten most the dances right 💀

  78. _gracia_

    _gracia_8 kun oldin


  79. Johanna Marie Oliva

    Johanna Marie Oliva11 kun oldin

    I love Wooyoung because He Is the Best Dancer Like Me

  80. Bad Gyal VeVe

    Bad Gyal VeVe11 kun oldin

    We need a SuperM TikTok challenge or NCT.

  81. 서줄리옛

    서줄리옛12 kun oldin

    Yunho is the main dancer for a reason ✨

  82. دايركشنر امنيتها الارمي و الاكسوال يبطو حرب

    دايركشنر امنيتها الارمي و الاكسوال يبطو حرب12 kun oldin

    Miss u mingiiiiii

  83. Abi Keiko

    Abi Keiko13 kun oldin

    It was yun ho for me

  84. Marissa Lopez Reyes

    Marissa Lopez Reyes13 kun oldin

    I Pick all of them

  85. Eishaal Sheeraz

    Eishaal Sheeraz13 kun oldin

    When will BTS come here.💜💜💜💜

  86. Eishaal Sheeraz

    Eishaal Sheeraz12 kun oldin

    @Procrastinator Ikr.

  87. Procrastinator

    Procrastinator12 kun oldin

    Maybe never...they're always very busy. They don't have to be on every show, anyway. Let's enjoy ATEEZ!

  88. Mapitso Nyapholi

    Mapitso Nyapholi15 kun oldin

    WoonSan moment at 4:25. So romantic 😌😊

  89. Retno Dewi

    Retno Dewi15 kun oldin

    Ateez awesome....🥰

  90. Tamiko Klaudette

    Tamiko Klaudette15 kun oldin

    Aye y’all sleeping on my baby YEOSANG, he tore it up 🙌🏾🖤

  91. Reema Devi

    Reema Devi15 kun oldin

    Yun ho is the winner for me

  92. Rihanna Pahadee

    Rihanna Pahadee15 kun oldin

    Yunho’s is my favorite. I keep watching it nonstop.

  93. RestFromTheStreets

    RestFromTheStreets15 kun oldin

    4:52 The way Yeosang's hands just flap around in the air hahaha

  94. Addy

    Addy15 kun oldin

    yeosang is so cuteeeeeee...i can't with them!

  95. seacelia

    seacelia15 kun oldin

    Yunho killed that. Respect him.

  96. 펜티아Ventia

    펜티아Ventia15 kun oldin

    Everyone says that everyone is the best dancer. Only Ateez can relate

  97. Ariana Magic

    Ariana Magic15 kun oldin

    I think Yun Ho is the best for me

  98. -ɢlσѕѕу ѕυρєяισя;;

    -ɢlσѕѕу ѕυρєяισя;;15 kun oldin

    3:52 Ahhh Cynthia Parkerrr😭😭💖💖

  99. Ксения Головко

    Ксения Головко16 kun oldin

    , ❤️

  100. Friendly Neighborhood Rat

    Friendly Neighborhood Rat16 kun oldin

    Pop off kings

  101. Tyliyah Chambers

    Tyliyah Chambers16 kun oldin


  102. a gobin

    a gobin16 kun oldin

    Jongho such a cutie pie

  103. jungkooks banana milk

    jungkooks banana milk16 kun oldin


  104. Aleyna Kılıç

    Aleyna Kılıç16 kun oldin

    yunho did the best

  105. Momo’s Dance Break

    Momo’s Dance Break16 kun oldin

    1:44 Wooyoung was singing Snapping by Chung Ha and at 1:48 that one challenge was called ‘Snappin’

  106. Max Severins

    Max Severins16 kun oldin

    yunho is a fast learner.

  107. Eli Vlogs

    Eli Vlogs16 kun oldin

    I miss Mingi so much😔😔😔

  108. Teresa Cruz

    Teresa Cruz17 kun oldin

    Who here couldn't keep a straight face | | | | | | 👇

  109. carat soup

    carat soup17 kun oldin

    definitely jongho and yunho are the winners haha