LeBron James is right on schedule to make his return to Lakers - Shannon | NBA | UNDISPUTED

It will still be a while until we see LeBron James return to the court. We are three weeks into the initial report that the King could be out six weeks and the latest report is that he will indeed be out approximately three more weeks from now. The Los Angeles Lakers have slid down to 5th in the West since LeBron suffered the high ankle sprain. Hear what Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe have to say about LeBron's injury.
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About Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED:
UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.
LeBron James is right on schedule to make his return to Lakers - Shannon | NBA | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED


  1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED29 kun oldin

    Is LeBron James right on schedule to make his return to the Lakers?

  2. Arya4K

    Arya4K16 kun oldin

    @TJ Smith what did he say i think he deleted it

  3. John Lewis

    John Lewis26 kun oldin

    @Jayzuess they don’t match up well against the Clippers or Suns well.


    SERG2GOOD27 kun oldin

    Get em Shannon !😂

  5. Richard Smith

    Richard Smith27 kun oldin

    Skip makes me so sick. LeBron knows his body. He wants to be ready, don’t be scared Skip...

  6. Pierre Plange

    Pierre Plange27 kun oldin

    @Just keeping It a buck seriously? U n Skip gon make best buddies

  7. Reality Troll

    Reality Troll17 kun oldin

    Why do professional athletes think people care what they have to say- if we wanted advice from someone who chases balls, we'd ask our dogs.

  8. Mental Mechanics

    Mental Mechanics22 kun oldin

    Unc tried it wif tht suit

  9. Lewis Anthony

    Lewis Anthony23 kun oldin

    Skip don’t know what adrenaline is apparently


    SIR CAP ALOT24 kun oldin

    shannon funny af i need to meet and hang with him one time he be killing me haha

  11. Eric Dorsey

    Eric Dorsey24 kun oldin

    Say Uncle Shay Shay was Easter Sunday Sharp Ready Wasn't He

  12. CS Experiments

    CS Experiments24 kun oldin

    Skip is the biggest hater 😂😂

  13. malik kobayne

    malik kobayne25 kun oldin

    Skip talkin about this injury like he been threw an injury...

  14. Joman Joe Razonable

    Joman Joe Razonable25 kun oldin

    GOAT JAMES need to recharge.. Back2back NBA Champ lakernation 💛🏆🏆

  15. duane Matthews

    duane Matthews25 kun oldin

    Skip is just dumb.🤨 So they're lying huh Skip?🤔 Just dumb💯🤦🏾‍♂️

  16. Kenny Jones

    Kenny Jones25 kun oldin

    Ship is a hater LOL!!!!

  17. Aguilas De La America

    Aguilas De La America25 kun oldin

    If Le bum comes back it’s lights out for anyone nobody is safe.

  18. mixacaricature sculptor

    mixacaricature sculptor25 kun oldin

    This Shannon and Skip tandem is the best of all time in sports commentary segment... fox is blessed foe hsving them.

  19. Yung Bezzy

    Yung Bezzy26 kun oldin

    Jimmy G high ankle sprain he nvr came back The whole season

  20. Marek Sobota

    Marek Sobota26 kun oldin

    Drummond beat Aldridge so bad he just retired!

  21. Tony boyd

    Tony boyd26 kun oldin

    I'm sorry unc I'm not digging that suit color. Just me.

  22. Richard Seven

    Richard Seven26 kun oldin

    Beat him like a drrruuum!!! Shannon by TKO... Again!!!

  23. Shannon Marshall

    Shannon Marshall26 kun oldin

    You to little😂😂, loved when Drummond did that

  24. Liam M

    Liam M26 kun oldin

    Just to lose to James Harden and the Nets in the Finals? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  25. Herb Washington

    Herb Washington26 kun oldin

    Would love to get Jalen and Shannon can we just get rid of skip please

  26. Paolo Ortega

    Paolo Ortega26 kun oldin


  27. Kenneth Insigne

    Kenneth Insigne26 kun oldin

    Skip: If Jordan had an injury like that he could be back by 3 weeks.

  28. Miguel Mc

    Miguel Mc26 kun oldin

    10:28 Skip: Hmmmmm 🤔

  29. Van Willjamz

    Van Willjamz26 kun oldin

    Need some Tiffany SBs to go wit’ that suit. Fire.

  30. Alex Walakira

    Alex Walakira26 kun oldin

    The only reason we give “thumbs” 👍🏽 to these videos is because of Shannon

  31. Obie Jakob

    Obie Jakob26 kun oldin

    skip needs to take a logical reasoning course ASAP. his arguments are basically equivalent to a 5th grader, seriously. Are you okay Skip?

  32. Groovy Kaay

    Groovy Kaay26 kun oldin

    It was nothing wrong with him besides one or two out if any. Lebron is simply trying to load manage without getting called out cause he criticized players over the last two years for load managing and then saying he don't get tired. Now everyone forgets he was load managing in Cleveland and in Miami and nothing was said. He doesn't get called out or held to the same standards as the other players in the NBA. Just like stacking his team with all these all stars he keep getting in LA last year and this year and no one calls him on it. But KD and others get ripped for it. Even got his son in on it talking bout they have to get all these players for my daddy. Dude yo daddy been getting these players to LA for them since last year so stop it please. It's double standards for him PERIOD!

  33. DJ BigToken

    DJ BigToken26 kun oldin

    Skip makes the weakest arguments when it come to Lebron. They quote he should return in 4-6 weeks and because he come back in 6 weeks (on time) his health is diminished? Like man, he really don’t be having nothing to talk about a lot of days unless he reaching about Lebron, it ain’t even entertaining nomore. We watch for Uncle Shay now.

  34. CraaazyHouse Vlogs

    CraaazyHouse Vlogs26 kun oldin

    Rarely.. I agree with Skip on this one!!

  35. Jerico Gantuangco

    Jerico Gantuangco27 kun oldin

    man, klay thompson was jumping around when he tore his ACL. When youre high on adrenaline, you can do things you can't normally do.

  36. Gerald Taylor

    Gerald Taylor27 kun oldin

    Lebron go comeback washed and trash, lakers not making the NBA finals this year

  37. Take your girl give her back Calgreen

    Take your girl give her back Calgreen27 kun oldin

    Shannon: skip ya said you rather take lamarcus Andre Drummond he beat him like a drum 🥁 🤣🤣💀

  38. Johnny guitar Watson

    Johnny guitar Watson27 kun oldin


  39. VahanShak

    VahanShak27 kun oldin

    How does Shannon just not punch Skip? The guy contradicts himself so much. All he does is make excuses and changes up his arguments. Dude is a delusional fan, not an analyst!

  40. John Minx

    John Minx27 kun oldin

    Skip is Sweating it out on LeBron coming back!...lol....he dont want him to come back! lol ;)

  41. Big B

    Big B27 kun oldin

    In case you're in a hurry, it's @5:15+ when Skipy Knowless finally gets around to making his point lol. Damn that lad can talk some BS! lol.

  42. Larry G. Williams III

    Larry G. Williams III27 kun oldin

    He not IRON MAN Skip

  43. Htc Black

    Htc Black27 kun oldin

    Skip just doesn't give Lebron any credit @ all for anything. He always finds the wildest story in his mind to come up with. "Athletes know how an ankle sprain can keep you out the game." SS skip 🤐 knows nothing about being a athlete or having an ankle sprain 😆

  44. ice

    ice27 kun oldin

    I had a calf strain and took off 2 weeks and came back to collegiate level running so idk what AD been up to lol

  45. Stevie Anderson

    Stevie Anderson27 kun oldin

    LeBron is creating an excuse just in case they don't win it all. He did the same thing his first year with the Lakers.

  46. Colorblind1975

    Colorblind197527 kun oldin

    Shannons tie must be from the 80s

  47. Blessed Child7

    Blessed Child727 kun oldin

    I hate listening to skip an injury is an injury

  48. Stevie Anderson

    Stevie Anderson27 kun oldin

    Nothing is wrong with lebron. He, among others are just robbing the league.

  49. Nnamdi Ubbaonu

    Nnamdi Ubbaonu27 kun oldin

    Lebron gotta be the only player to get criticized for reasonably recovering from an injury..

  50. Tyler

    Tyler27 kun oldin

    Oh skip.... you something else boy 🤦🏻

  51. Chris zavala

    Chris zavala27 kun oldin

    I think it was good for the lakers to lose lbj and ad made some of those other guys step up

  52. Dead Giveaway

    Dead Giveaway27 kun oldin

    I see a lot of players get hurt when the other superstar player is hurt, I wonder why..

  53. Dwight Davis

    Dwight Davis27 kun oldin

    Why we keep loosing good ppl. But ppl like skip still here? Plz trade plc with DMX give us back dmx and take skip! 🙏🏾

  54. BJ Young

    BJ Young27 kun oldin


  55. BJ Young

    BJ Young27 kun oldin


  56. Beyond Greatness

    Beyond Greatness27 kun oldin

    Damn skip is a Lebrun hater. . He pushed off. He clearly stayed off it on the 3 pt shot. I finally see u skip

  57. The Barber Perspective

    The Barber Perspective27 kun oldin

    Really 😂😂😂😂

  58. Ricky Dejadin

    Ricky Dejadin27 kun oldin

    There's nothing wrong with the suit. Don't hate ok.

  59. s0meguy09

    s0meguy0927 kun oldin

    I guess Shannon never heard about the grant hill sweepstakes

  60. Ivan Gonzalez

    Ivan Gonzalez27 kun oldin

    Shaquille Drummond 😂

  61. James Green

    James Green27 kun oldin

    Skip is just hating ankle sprains linger I sprained my ankle and I’m out for 6 weeks they linger that’s why u need to rest it

  62. Raaj M. Parikh

    Raaj M. Parikh27 kun oldin

    Shannon Sharpe is still celebrating Easter with that suit.

  63. Geraldo S

    Geraldo S27 kun oldin

    Skip complains Lebron is taking too long off for the injury, then when he plays that he’s stat padding. He can’t win with Skip....

  64. Mike Teezy

    Mike Teezy27 kun oldin

    at this point i just watch the show for shannon. skip is always being a contrarian for no reason

  65. Dev Frost

    Dev Frost27 kun oldin

    Can we jus seriously listen how skip bayless talks about LeBron...like frfr this man gives Bron ZERO credit and ONLY LeBron James is accused of resting when he is INJURED...like LeBron topics should really not even be discussed on this show anymore.

  66. AM W

    AM W27 kun oldin

    I’m assuming Skip has never had a high ankle sprain?!?

  67. Vincent Laran

    Vincent Laran27 kun oldin

    When LBJ is ballin skip wanted to see him rest when LbJ is resting he wanted him to play... what a hating idiot!

  68. Faulk's Solo Sports Show

    Faulk's Solo Sports Show27 kun oldin

    Skip and the next thing I know bayless

  69. Raymond Garcia

    Raymond Garcia27 kun oldin

    Skip is such a Lebron hater he's even delusional on the man's injuries as well lol! My mind is blown!

  70. Young PopPop

    Young PopPop27 kun oldin

    Skip: i said uh oh...and NO HE JUST SHOOK IT OFF😂😂

  71. Georgi Radnev

    Georgi Radnev27 kun oldin

    I know Skip is a Lebron hater and most of the things he is saying on this show doesn't even make sense to him, but come on man, recently it's like science fiction up in here.

  72. Bendji Nzau

    Bendji Nzau27 kun oldin

    Skip is embarrassing, why Fox Sport allows that. That's one thing to be a hater, that's another one to doubt Lebron injury. If someone was saying that about Tom Brady would Skip accept it. This is out of line.

  73. Avy The Analyst

    Avy The Analyst27 kun oldin

    lmao Lebron supposed to be out “4-6” weeks

  74. manny

    manny27 kun oldin

    What does Skip have to say about Harden coincidentally getting hurt the night before KD came back? Talk about THAT.

  75. Rez

    Rez27 kun oldin

    I like Skip but sometimes I wonder does he believe some of the nonsense that comes out of his mouth.

  76. Josh Lawson

    Josh Lawson27 kun oldin

    Skip needs to shut up

  77. Blake Hunter

    Blake Hunter27 kun oldin

    Skip is a... I’ll wait. Fill that out for me.

  78. Blake Hunter

    Blake Hunter27 kun oldin

    That suit on Unc... shheeeesssshhhh Save some women for the rest of us.

  79. Cassandra Patterson

    Cassandra Patterson27 kun oldin

    They paid to get injured for a break on purpose

  80. Justice pour tous

    Justice pour tous27 kun oldin

    Obviously Lbj does load management in an extensive way to be fully fit, 100% stamina, for the playoffs...

  81. Tone Fargo

    Tone Fargo27 kun oldin

    Skip really hates bron frfr

  82. Thomas Grande

    Thomas Grande27 kun oldin

    Shay Shay gotta be in GTA in that exact suit pimping a back hand on bystanders

  83. Darrin Parker

    Darrin Parker27 kun oldin

    @Skipbayless adrenaline had LeBron walking on his ankle right away once that's gone you feel everything just fyi king James will be back and ready

  84. Klavs Eglitis

    Klavs Eglitis27 kun oldin

    Skip is just trying to be picky for no reason. you can have an injury and still work...

  85. After Thought

    After Thought27 kun oldin

    I think Lebron just needed a rest gonna make a comeback with AD

  86. iHTML i

    iHTML i27 kun oldin

    Skip Sounds Dumb ASL!

  87. Landon Smith

    Landon Smith27 kun oldin

    I never agree with skip when it comes to Lebron but I feel that he’s right on this one.... kinda fell like he’s milking it.... kds been doing it this year and harden is going it now

  88. BNiiice Yt

    BNiiice Yt27 kun oldin

    Skip what about your guy KD he's had more time off then lebron

  89. Tony Walls

    Tony Walls27 kun oldin

    What does Jenny Taft do here? She's getting paid for affirmative action.


    SOLA SOLA27 kun oldin

    Lakers about to eat lol Skip 😡

  91. Jesus Valtierra

    Jesus Valtierra27 kun oldin

    Watch this foreal man this is such great tv.!!

  92. Cory Payne

    Cory Payne27 kun oldin


  93. Strange Machines

    Strange Machines27 kun oldin

    I just listen to Shannon then I close the video

  94. Delano James

    Delano James28 kun oldin

    Skip did you ever had ankle sprain

  95. Jon Zink

    Jon Zink28 kun oldin

    I had a high ankle sprain and I finished the game and that was the worst mistake of my life

  96. PaycheckPapa

    PaycheckPapa28 kun oldin

    A high ankle sprain is not the same as a run of the mill ankle sprain, this involves the fascia that connects the tibia and the fibula and provides stability of the entire lower leg.

  97. Ted Graham

    Ted Graham28 kun oldin

    😂😂😂😭 you still bad they just asked you to do different things!! Shannon does not hold his tongue 😂

  98. mario98730

    mario9873028 kun oldin

    Kareem Abdul Drummond LOL

  99. Matthew

    Matthew28 kun oldin

    Skip trying to convince himself lebron is faking it is ridiculous

  100. semi semi

    semi semi28 kun oldin

    Skip's right about that

  101. Hymedude

    Hymedude28 kun oldin

    This is utterly obsurd skip...most pros love their sport so much they will play hurt if they could.....

  102. Hymedude

    Hymedude28 kun oldin

    What's so hard to get skip? He wanted to get double digits.....

  103. Manny Silva

    Manny Silva28 kun oldin

    Skip was way out of line with what he said smh

  104. Hymedude

    Hymedude28 kun oldin


  105. Michael Ojo

    Michael Ojo28 kun oldin

    Skip, he who feels it, knows it. LeBron knew he is injured and you want him to play with injury. Your hatred of LeBron is getting to another level. And who told you Kevin Durant is the best player in the world? By what standard, by playing 2 games according to you, Skip. Please don’t get devalued because of your hatred of LeBron.