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  1. TheAbridgacons

    TheAbridgacons6 soat oldin

    Steve Kelly does a very decent Simon Templeman

  2. mrfroboto1

    mrfroboto17 soat oldin

    Dude, the marvel combos and the injustice super, it's great being a fighting game nerd right now

  3. HmmSho

    HmmSho7 soat oldin

    Sentry(Marvel) vs Shazam(DCU), please make it happen

  4. Future

    Future7 soat oldin

    Doctor Strange vs Scarlet Witch

  5. IAmAGoodGuy2 Scratch

    IAmAGoodGuy2 Scratch4 soat oldin


  6. rems kobbervig

    rems kobbervig8 soat oldin

    15:39 he pulled a hulk

  7. Always_arking

    Always_arking8 soat oldin

    do giorno vs naruto

  8. noah dutcher

    noah dutcher9 soat oldin

    Lobo Vs Deadpool thoughts?

  9. IAmAGoodGuy2 Scratch

    IAmAGoodGuy2 Scratch4 soat oldin

    Deadpool will win

  10. Antonio Soto

    Antonio Soto9 soat oldin

    I just skip the entire thing and get into the fight sicne this we didn’t wanna see and we already seen them fight other fighters we need the new ones

  11. DripGodJohn

    DripGodJohn9 soat oldin

    Yo can y’all do rekindle from kingdom hearts and suske from naruto that would be a sick fight

  12. Noah Olson

    Noah Olson9 soat oldin

    These two are basically equals two of the most iconic villains in comic book historians

  13. Budget Increase

    Budget Increase10 soat oldin

    *FOOT DIVE* - Doctor Doom

  14. Rock, Paper, Scissor Man

    Rock, Paper, Scissor Man10 soat oldin

    Nobody: ... Doctor Doom: *F O O T D I V E*

  15. AeroLeo

    AeroLeo11 soat oldin

    So Rogue vs Wonder Woman, got it 👌🏾

  16. IAmAGoodGuy2 Scratch

    IAmAGoodGuy2 Scratch4 soat oldin

    It marks 10 years of DC VS Marvel

  17. Green Marvel

    Green Marvel11 soat oldin

    Yes now this was a good battle!

  18. Anime Frontier

    Anime Frontier12 soat oldin


  19. Sum Guy

    Sum Guy10 soat oldin

    @Anime Frontier it means that it a huge stomp and doom easily wins. (Unless Batman has prep time)

  20. Anime Frontier

    Anime Frontier10 soat oldin

    @Sum Guy what does that mean

  21. Sum Guy

    Sum Guy10 soat oldin

    That’s way to one sided. Wayyyyy to one sided

  22. Jason Tachin

    Jason Tachin12 soat oldin

    rw:Heihachi is one thing ,but i know nothing about Geese whatsoever.

  23. Ick L

    Ick L12 soat oldin

    Godzilla (legendary godzilla vs kong) vs category 5 (pacific rim)


    BLADESTER12 soat oldin

    A pretty epic showdown would be putting Ripa Moramee (Halo) vs Skorge (Gears of War) Or alternatively another matchup from the same universes Atriox vs RAAM

  25. Martin Gamez

    Martin Gamez13 soat oldin

    If you really think about it this fights Jeff Bezos fighting an underground rapper

  26. Zachary Chee

    Zachary Chee13 soat oldin


  27. Jeremy Chaffin

    Jeremy Chaffin13 soat oldin

    I'm so glad it was implemented, but I'd have liked an even more spamming of FOOT DIVE!!! Aside from that, at least the man has respect for great tech. Also, we can just do Heihachi vs Geese on Tekken 7.

  28. The Kevcast Reviews

    The Kevcast Reviews14 soat oldin

    The Trump comment was stupid hate how everything needs to be woke and political. Trump doesn’t hate Immigrants he wants them to be legal which is how it should be

  29. Gabriel Weir

    Gabriel Weir14 soat oldin

    I don’t like Trump but even I cringed at that “joke”

  30. James Greep

    James Greep14 soat oldin

    Honestly, odds are that Doom didn’t even APPEAR in this fight. It was probably a Doombot the whole time.

  31. Sum Guy

    Sum Guy12 soat oldin

    Yep lol

  32. Artyom Rayzberg

    Artyom Rayzberg15 soat oldin

    It MROE looks like your playing modded mortal kombat

  33. Eveline Caroline Lienhua MingMei FenFang Huang

    Eveline Caroline Lienhua MingMei FenFang Huang15 soat oldin

    Wow Marvel Won Again!!! 😎😎😎

  34. Chris G

    Chris G16 soat oldin

    Hey you guys got one right, congrats!

  35. J_Noose

    J_Noose16 soat oldin

    Are people not gonna talk about how Doom hit Lex with the Captain Ginyu and injured his body before swapping back?

  36. Super Sandwich

    Super Sandwich16 soat oldin

    Wasn’t Hal’s travel across the DC Universe 1.5 Quintillion times the speed of light? (Ben10 vs Green Lantern) 3:20

  37. Sum Guy

    Sum Guy12 soat oldin

    Ikr the change how fast they move all the time. Like in hulk vs broly they said thor was moving quadrillions of times faster then light and in this episode they said he was moving quintillion’s of times faster then light.

  38. erick ramirez

    erick ramirez17 soat oldin

    what is the song called at 11:30 it sounds so badass if anyone knows please let me know

  39. LadyChrya

    LadyChrya17 soat oldin

    They really have to stop mixing up travel speed with fighting speed

  40. jordan secrist

    jordan secrist17 soat oldin

    I was not worthy to watch this slaughter. All hail doom.

  41. jordan secrist

    jordan secrist17 soat oldin

    5:03 Best commentary ever spoken on a death battle video.

  42. Davion Cole

    Davion Cole17 soat oldin

    Dr. Doom lowkey took captain ginyu's technique at the end.

  43. WwolfManBRO

    WwolfManBRO18 soat oldin

    As soon as I saw the video I already knew mr. clean was gonna get his ass clapped by off brand iron man

  44. Xavier Foucha

    Xavier Foucha19 soat oldin

    if Luthor won I was going to unsubscribe lol everyone knew he couldn't beat doom like come on!

  45. Sum Guy

    Sum Guy18 soat oldin

    If lex won then death battle would be officially rigged

  46. Susan Freeman

    Susan Freeman19 soat oldin

    You know where Luthor beats Doom? Live action media depictions.

  47. Gabriel Weir

    Gabriel Weir14 soat oldin

    Jesse Eisenburg

  48. Keith Gawain

    Keith Gawain21 soat oldin

    I am here to humbly request Archer EMIYA vs Erza Scarlet

  49. Muhammad Ali

    Muhammad Ali21 soat oldin

    17:22 Sukuna?

  50. ii_Ixq

    ii_Ixq22 soat oldin

    13:51 battle


    ROBERT BAIRD22 soat oldin

    Death Battle idea: Marvel Comics Frank Castle aka The Punisher VS Dynamite Comics Billy Butcher aka The Butcher. Please consider this honestly i think this would be a gruesome fight. also possibly make this a live action video? now that would be so incredibly AWESOME! so please consider this!

  52. willy the king

    willy the kingKun oldin

    Lex does not have good animation

  53. Ulforce1s

    Ulforce1sKun oldin

    Doom spite lol.

  54. the looser

    the looserKun oldin

    Did he say feet dive as he's doing a foot dive?

  55. the looser

    the looser21 soat oldin

    @Sharpie oh thanks auto correct

  56. Sharpie

    Sharpie22 soat oldin

    Foot dive

  57. Serpent Slayer

    Serpent SlayerKun oldin

    God damnit I can’t get a six star doom

  58. Kendall Anderson

    Kendall AndersonKun oldin

    You start by saying they're the smartest in their universes... Are Ironman and Batman a joke to you guys?

  59. Casually Questioning

    Casually QuestioningKun oldin

    Spoiler alert. These people know not of fair warning.

  60. Dragonfire111

    Dragonfire111Kun oldin

    Strom Shadow vs Usagi Yojimbo

  61. Starman Crusader

    Starman CrusaderKun oldin

    2B vs Ahsoka Tano (Nier Automata vs Star Wars) Killer Frost vs Kula Diamond (DC vs King of Fighters) Spawn vs Dante (Image vs Devil May Cry) Vega or Ibuki vs Arya Stark (Street Fighter vs Game of Thrones)

  62. Austin Avila

    Austin AvilaKun oldin

    Wat if there sandman vs crocodile. (marvel vs one piece)

  63. Michael Shigetani

    Michael ShigetaniKun oldin

    John Wick vs Agent 47

  64. A P

    A PKun oldin

    You should do Son Goku vs Gojo Satoru

  65. A P

    A P6 soat oldin

    @S N 7584 yeah I guess gojo wins this for now I hope goku gets strong enough to counter this or comes with a new technique

  66. A P

    A P10 soat oldin

    @S N 7584 I guess

  67. S N 7584

    S N 758410 soat oldin

    @A P idk, because it's fun?

  68. A P

    A P10 soat oldin

    @S N 7584 why are we arguing let death battle do that

  69. S N 7584

    S N 758410 soat oldin

    @A P infinity is not just in that universe, it's quite literally infinity, an endless amount of space between 2 objects. Goku's hand is gonna slow down and never reach Gojo as there's literally an infinite space between them. And Gojo just brings actual infinity to RL using his cursed technique.

  70. eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboiKun oldin

    Doom really pulled the “YOU TRIGGERED MY TRAP CARD!!” On Lex lol

  71. Chris David Saring

    Chris David SaringKun oldin


  72. Chris David Saring

    Chris David Saring19 soat oldin

    @IAmAGoodGuy2 Scratch where?

  73. IAmAGoodGuy2 Scratch

    IAmAGoodGuy2 Scratch19 soat oldin

    Do in suggestions link please

  74. Jorge Atilano

    Jorge AtilanoKun oldin

    Plot twist: Dr Doom didn’t even have to intervene, that was just a Doom Bot.

  75. Spongegod - Ominpants

    Spongegod - Ominpants12 soat oldin

    That’s not sarcasm by the way they really can and do.

  76. Spongegod - Ominpants

    Spongegod - Ominpants12 soat oldin

    Ya because his robots are programmed to Mention how great they are In the middle of a fight and can totally do his mind swap Technique.

  77. Blake Myers

    Blake Myers13 soat oldin

    My thoughts exactly. Doom was still sitting on his throne in Latveria the whole time.

  78. eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboiKun oldin

    I 💕 the video....so Amazing

  79. Chase Harris

    Chase HarrisKun oldin

    Please do a red tornado video

  80. Sum Guy

    Sum GuyKun oldin

    They would probably do red tornado vs vision

  81. Made In China

    Made In ChinaKun oldin

    Lex lost to Iron man before, and Iron Man loses to Doom pretty often, so it was a safe bet that Luthor would lose this one too.

  82. Larry Chandler

    Larry ChandlerKun oldin

    I liked it okay but here is my thing are you now saying that doctor doom could beat someone like superman or goku?

  83. Gabriel Weir

    Gabriel Weir14 soat oldin

    He has magic which can kill both Goku and Superman

  84. Sum Guy

    Sum GuyKun oldin

    Yes he could beat goku I know that. And he could defeat Superman since Superman is weak to magic but it depends

  85. speedrun man

    speedrun manKun oldin

    When you accidentally says scp 2521 Nooooooooooo!!!

  86. Vicky Jr

    Vicky JrKun oldin

    Omni man Vs Homelander

  87. Ryan Jap

    Ryan JapKun oldin


  88. Bo's Corner

    Bo's CornerKun oldin

    Called it

  89. David Lee

    David LeeKun oldin

    Walter white vs Michael Scofield

  90. bubba11340

    bubba11340Kun oldin

    A tough one to do...The Nome King (wizard of Oz) vs The Goblin King (Labyrinth)

  91. Dbzgamefighter69 _

    Dbzgamefighter69 _Kun oldin

    Let’s find out who is the true conquerer of the dc universe. DARKSEID Vs. TRIGON

  92. Dragonfire111

    Dragonfire111Kun oldin

    DARKSEID wins

  93. Mathis218337

    Mathis218337Kun oldin

    he pulled a captain ginyu

  94. Madd Dog

    Madd DogKun oldin

    All I have to say is wow...

  95. Jacob Meier

    Jacob MeierKun oldin

    John wick vs revy (aka two hands) from black lagoon

  96. Wiggle Master

    Wiggle MasterKun oldin

    can we get a count of how many times they insulted each other's intelligence?

  97. Nia Sayamuongbo

    Nia SayamuongboKun oldin

    I 💕 the video....so Amazing

  98. Expunge6667

    Expunge6667Kun oldin

    Larfleeze: "Why, Lex? Why are you trying to kill me? We could have it all..." Lex: "Orange man bad!"

  99. Pake_Tangan !

    Pake_Tangan !Kun oldin

    Kaneki vs muzan??

  100. ccg337

    ccg337Kun oldin

    17:29 - 17:33.......Greatest Supervillain One-Liner.......EVER!

  101. Christopher Christian

    Christopher ChristianKun oldin

    Imagine they do phineas and Ferb death battle

  102. Christopher Christian

    Christopher ChristianKun oldin


  103. Christopher Christian

    Christopher ChristianKun oldin

    My Mom Be Like When I Say Something Stupid To Her: FOOT DIVE

  104. Ironipad 64

    Ironipad 64Kun oldin

    King boo(mario) vs king boomboo(sonic)

  105. Benoit Lacourt

    Benoit LacourtKun oldin

    Gandalf Vs Dumbledore?

  106. Olamide Ojoodide

    Olamide OjoodideKun oldin

    why on earth will you pair up luthor and doom together doom is wayyyy stronger than luthor it;s meant to be luthor vs green goblin and Doom vs Spectre

  107. Harry C. Maas, Jr.

    Harry C. Maas, Jr.Kun oldin

    Yuna vs Aeris

  108. Vanessa Colquhoun

    Vanessa ColquhounKun oldin

    why does the european romani man have an english accent

  109. SuperChaosphantom

    SuperChaosphantomKun oldin

    Didn't even use a Doombot...

  110. Bilumination

    BiluminationKun oldin

    I predict the next death battle ends with the loser falling off a building.

  111. Theodore Weaver

    Theodore WeaverKun oldin

    The super predator vs The Meta? Anyone? What I’m the only one that doesn’t wanna see an alien psychopath fight a super human one?

  112. solblackguy

    solblackguyKun oldin

    I'd love to see a free for all between Lex Luthor, Tony Stark, Victor Von Doom and David Xanatos.

  113. Arch Angel

    Arch AngelKun oldin

    I always really liked the Public Enemies storyline where Lex Luthor was literally injecting himself with Kryptonite. Lex really is psycho when it comes to taking down Superman. One of my favorite feats by Doctor Doom was when he subdued Galactus and defeated the Beyonder. Doom is no joke. He’s done so many incredible things in the Marvel Universe that it’s really hard trying to pick his most impressive feat.

  114. Thoralmir

    ThoralmirKun oldin

    Do Lord Voldemort vs Orochimaru!

  115. Andwett

    AndwettKun oldin

    Nice Biden reference 5:00

  116. Tara Lamb

    Tara LambKun oldin

    How did i know that dr.doom would win?

  117. Mauricio Rezende

    Mauricio RezendeKun oldin

    Luffy vs Mr. Fantastic

  118. Box in the Jack

    Box in the JackKun oldin

    17:10 Lex just got Captain Ginyu’d

  119. Belzybob 300

    Belzybob 300Kun oldin

    DR.Doom hit him with the Ginyu tactic

  120. Ponera Grimoire

    Ponera GrimoireKun oldin

    Things death battle overlooked: Doom's skin armor Apex-Lex The Prime Mover

  121. Lacrae Hollingworth

    Lacrae HollingworthKun oldin

    Can you do sonic vs gohan?

  122. FoxMan

    FoxManKun oldin

    You guys got Gianni for this one! Nice, his voice is fantastic.

  123. Joker the Clown Prince of Crime

    Joker the Clown Prince of CrimeKun oldin

    Both are the archenemies of the two main protagonists of both universities

  124. EchosMoon

    EchosMoonKun oldin

    Death battle should do a super battler royal to see which power ranger team would come out on top

  125. Ergys Cako

    Ergys CakoKun oldin

    Please do a Death Battle with Wario And Waluigi .

  126. Odyss K

    Odyss KKun oldin

    Dr Doom is one of the best and most interesting marvel villains. He could fit in perfectly in the mcu and become an ongoing villain instead of a one time thing. Especially after the Falcon and The Winter Soldier Easter egg, I can't wait...

  127. Mani’s Mark

    Mani’s MarkKun oldin

    Omni man vs Homelander next?

  128. Lloyd Bartolome

    Lloyd BartolomeKun oldin

    That stab at presidency... Classic

  129. Shay the mighty Mighty

    Shay the mighty MightyKun oldin

    Bakkie vs the other guy