Matt Barnes & Stephen Jackson Talk Paul Pierce Being Fired by ESPN | DAN PATRICK SHOW

DAN PATRICK SHOW - Dan Patrick speaks with the All the Smoke Podcast hosts, Matt Barnes & Stephen Jackson. They talk in-depth about their show, featured guests, the Paul Pierce incident, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and much more!
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  1. Duante Wrong Toledo

    Duante Wrong Toledo2 soat oldin

    Listening to matt barn speak makes me wanna slam my car against an 18 wheeler

  2. Tarrence Bailey

    Tarrence BaileyKun oldin

    What you mean " that's not a good question " ?, most people would love to see MJ on All The Smoke . I feel like Dan Patrick is trying to throw shade and being a hater, but Matt and Jack are to cool for Dan

  3. Brian LeSure

    Brian LeSure3 kun oldin

    Yo, Dan Patrick definitely gets blazed. You don't make a Visine sponsorship joke and not get high from time to time lol

  4. D Me

    D Me9 kun oldin

    It wasn't IF Paul was gonna do or say something dumb....on get hinked-up, but WHEN. And on your triple-negative dialog. Jeez!! "Ain't nothing that nobody else don't do?" WTF, man? That's a quadruple negative! I'm surprised he passed the interview.....

  5. Buddha G

    Buddha G9 kun oldin

    So perfect

  6. Mustafa Muhammad

    Mustafa Muhammad10 kun oldin

    Assalamualaikum mr. Jackson read Surah 9:29

  7. SirRoy

    SirRoy15 kun oldin

    Stephen is always in competition mode, he always wants the smoke lol

  8. Five Geez TV

    Five Geez TV16 kun oldin

    Kobe came to LA at 17 not 18. Turned 18 in august 96. And look at the tape. He didn’t flinch.

  9. Jarexx Suvexx

    Jarexx Suvexx16 kun oldin

    🧐....🤔 Appears to be a clever way to get out of a contract.

  10. bagoboy24

    bagoboy2417 kun oldin

    These 2 guys were nowhere close to being my favorite players, but they're definitely top 5 as people/personalities for me, love the realness in them

  11. Notori_Hanzo

    Notori_Hanzo20 kun oldin

    WHOA! Not the "Flinch", Dan! It was the "Ball Fake"...cause KOB DIDN'T FLINCH!!!

  12. rriqueno

    rriqueno20 kun oldin

    Now i know where Kyrie got his ideas about not playing in the the bubble. Dumb Stephen Jackson. Little minds think alike

  13. Demetrius Shelby

    Demetrius Shelby22 kun oldin

    Matt Barnes, I don’t personally know dude, but He has a beautiful perspective & for the most part, speaks very well & share his view in an authentic fashion, yet classy fashion... Much RESPECT for Matt. Much RESPECT for Mr. Jackson, the IVERSON of Podcasts... They complement each other very well...

  14. love16

    love1622 kun oldin

    Yea we tired of the white washed media

  15. Labas Labas

    Labas Labas22 kun oldin

    NBA????? Who GF? Trash product - idiot leadership - not worth my time or money to watch or support.

  16. N Bailey

    N Bailey22 kun oldin

    Jackass Move Period ‼️


    PIRANHA PARRAN23 kun oldin

    I LOVE IT!!!

  18. Blue Pryor

    Blue Pryor23 kun oldin

    Paul is straight he fulfilled a dream to be a professional basketball player Everybody can’t say that and the fact that he is rich ya hear me so relax everybody stop trying to destroy him he’s a hall of famer no matter how y’all wanna put it The Truth hurts don’t it .

  19. Jaxon Eillis

    Jaxon Eillis23 kun oldin

    We all drop a deuce as well...but if you record that and put that on social media I guarantee you will have problems...Whatever happened to the saying "What goes on at the party stays at the party" ?!?

  20. Lord Vader

    Lord Vader23 kun oldin

    We been to turkeys before - Paul Pierce

  21. Ben Frankz

    Ben Frankz23 kun oldin

    They the best at it !

  22. M Ht

    M Ht23 kun oldin

    Paul just start a podcast. We will follow you there.

  23. Ronnie Miller

    Ronnie Miller23 kun oldin

    George Floyd and Stephen sure do favor each other...

  24. Arch Angel Michael

    Arch Angel Michael24 kun oldin


  25. PRIS

    PRIS24 kun oldin

    You mean no one at Disney who's been to the strip club felt like giving Pierce a break?

  26. mcronn 100

    mcronn 10024 kun oldin

    Dan that high question was out of bounds to Jackson. !!

  27. MikeDeez TV

    MikeDeez TV24 kun oldin

    Naaa DAN is crazy 🤣🤣🤣💯💯💯

  28. lee street

    lee street25 kun oldin

    Mike Tirico is the most versatile 🐐🐐🐐

  29. lee street

    lee street25 kun oldin

    Bob Costas is the 🐐

  30. Bat Mane

    Bat Mane25 kun oldin

    Matt Barnes n Stack is like PB n J.

  31. Garick Brown

    Garick Brown25 kun oldin

    Paul Pierce wasn’t really that good anyways As an analyst. He’s basically just like all the other ones that aren’t that good LOL

  32. Warren Gavin

    Warren Gavin25 kun oldin

    People who don't smoke weed just don't understand what it's like🤦‍♂️

  33. J

    J10 kun oldin

    Totally. Actually calms the mind down and helps you focus.

  34. A.I. Online

    A.I. Online25 kun oldin

    "Ah, Dan, I am never not high"! GOD bless SJ.

  35. Fernando Arboleda

    Fernando Arboleda25 kun oldin


  36. Tenzin

    Tenzin26 kun oldin

    Theyre just as good interviewees as they are interviewers

  37. Terry In Da Chat

    Terry In Da Chat26 kun oldin

    Stack: I'm the leading scorer of the Big3 Matt: yeah i got him a trophy for that too! Dan: where's the trophy? Matt: I threw it in the trash! Stack, Dan n Myself: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  38. Doppelganger

    Doppelganger26 kun oldin

    "Some days we are blowing it down Im not gonna lie to you" hahahahaha so good Dan I am never not high

  39. Efraín Jiménez

    Efraín Jiménez26 kun oldin

    I haven't forgiven Jim Gray.

  40. gr8filibuster

    gr8filibuster26 kun oldin

    Without a doubt Dan Patrick (DP = Don't Pass, Double Puff'N) spent several days elevated, lift'd, faded, etc on and off air during his ESPN tenure.

  41. Henry Ortiz

    Henry Ortiz26 kun oldin

    Stack working on his interview game watch out media world for the takeover.



    My niggas 🔥



    Dan trying catch these guys off but boys are to quick. Lethal combo 🙌🏽🔥

  44. Lil Penny

    Lil Penny26 kun oldin

    Why was he fired??

  45. TheRealBandito

    TheRealBandito27 kun oldin

    Stack: “I’m the scoring leader on the Big 3” Matt: “I got him a trophy too” Dan: “What did you do with that trophy ?” Matt: “I threw it in the garbage “ 😂

  46. Andre Henderson

    Andre Henderson25 kun oldin


  47. TheRealBandito

    TheRealBandito27 kun oldin

    Paul was looking to be fired , he didn’t want to be exploited anymore 😂

  48. BC 76

    BC 7627 kun oldin

    Would MJ even come on a show like this? LOVE THAT QUESTION! Come on the show and open up to the people man. They want to hear from you! Need that REAL genuine side.

  49. Playa-Made- 512

    Playa-Made- 51227 kun oldin

    11:42 All time leading scorer in The Big 3. Yessir Jack💪🏾💪🏾😂😂😂

  50. dooop stake

    dooop stake27 kun oldin

    y’all forgot steven jackson is an antisemite lol

  51. Clarance Bradley

    Clarance Bradley27 kun oldin

    Wait Disney been pushing pedifile material for yrs thats no secret.

  52. Donovan Marcus

    Donovan Marcus27 kun oldin

    "Stephen are you better high when you interviewing?" Haha wow that caught me off guard lol.

  53. Evan Jones

    Evan Jones27 kun oldin

    Everyone does it, hes just got it on camera, maybe he wanted to get fired😂😂

  54. Franchise Sapa

    Franchise Sapa27 kun oldin

    Stephen believes wearing your emotions on your sleeve is a good thing. SMH

  55. uc95nu51

    uc95nu5127 kun oldin

    Word life. This is basic thuganomics

  56. Andrew Taylor

    Andrew Taylor27 kun oldin

    Dan Patrick sounds like the sports version of Howard Stern

  57. T A

    T A27 kun oldin

    I love these guys. Very funny & articulate. They were dope on the DUBS & great podcast. They should have their old coach Don Nelson

  58. Kontraband Kbmuzic

    Kontraband Kbmuzic27 kun oldin

    watch PP and KG has a pod/show

  59. Clyde Davis

    Clyde Davis27 kun oldin

    Paul Pierce should not have been fired the brother said he wanted to learn what's wrong with him want to eat dinner with them and celebrate the Lord's feast day I don't understand how these Jewish people got mad at him because he said something like that because there were people dancing and joking around and he was smoking marijuana come on they need to stop this man wanted to learn and it would have been a teaching thing for him but they took it the wrong way and I think it's very sad that the Jewish community did this to this man because he only wanted to learn and it probably would have gotten him to change his life around for the better he may be even with him join them and then baptized in the name of Jesus and become a member of the faith to learn about the Lord to learn things that he was never told in the Sunday churches and they turned around and blew it and that's sad that supposed to teach others about God not turn them away and get mad at him and get them fired he should not have been fired it was wrong that just show you how racist sports is when it comes to black people you will not have done that to a Jewish person you would have just suspended them and they've been right back at work it's a joke

  60. NightCrawler810

    NightCrawler81027 kun oldin

    I was waiting to hear from these two on the situation

  61. Nzeme Nkwelle

    Nzeme Nkwelle27 kun oldin

    10:45 lol Visine as a sponsor lol good one Dan!

  62. Freddy Loks

    Freddy Loks28 kun oldin

    They was all high😅🤯😹⚠️⚠️♠️

  63. chironjo

    chironjo28 kun oldin

    I like Matt and Jack’s show and like to listen to them at ESPN (I think Jack is not showing up anymore). But they should not be bragging about their weed smoking. Weed smoke is not good for society. It is an antisocial drug that is being deemed normal.

  64. Elijah Fruean

    Elijah Fruean28 kun oldin

    Dan is the GOAT

  65. Vaughn Miller

    Vaughn Miller28 kun oldin

    Not everybody does it( some people have high moral character). And those that do are usually smart enough to do it behind closed doors without cameras. Paul Pierce got canned for being stupid during a pandemic.

  66. MastermindRell

    MastermindRell28 kun oldin

    Matt is very well spoken as a analyst and interviewer

  67. FMD INC

    FMD INC28 kun oldin

    What s jax should ask MJ is why did he beat him so bad he never talks about it. S jax is a real dude but he ALWAYS leaves that story out. WE WANT THAT STORY!

  68. SolteroConDinero

    SolteroConDinero28 kun oldin

    Pierce broadcasting it on Instagram was the issue, not what he was doing.

  69. The Tension Buyer

    The Tension Buyer28 kun oldin

    Weird ass awkward interview. Ask them the questions that you should ask champions and business men.

  70. TROLLANATOR 5000

    TROLLANATOR 500028 kun oldin

    This is the first and last time I’ll listen to the Dan Patrick show I’m just here for Matt Barnes and stax. Dan Patrick can actually suck it.

  71. Claude Vinxchuimux

    Claude Vinxchuimux28 kun oldin

    BET or Dan Patrick show? Or the same now?

  72. Prettytoestalker Mayne

    Prettytoestalker Mayne28 kun oldin

    Matt Barnes co-signed d wade & his demonic shenanigans

  73. Pato

    Pato28 kun oldin

    Big up guys

  74. Tom Ford

    Tom Ford28 kun oldin

    Paul pierce was mad annoying on TV too bad so sad people get fired everyday.

  75. David Patterson Jr

    David Patterson Jr28 kun oldin

    I’m glad they started podcasts!!! Been great guest!!!! Great interviews as well!!!

  76. Jonathan Johnson

    Jonathan Johnson28 kun oldin

    This was great

  77. Lindokuhle Shange

    Lindokuhle Shange28 kun oldin

    All time leading scorer in the BIG3... Stak

  78. wali xo

    wali xo28 kun oldin

    Love these 2 guys together💨💨💯

  79. John Pena

    John Pena28 kun oldin

    If brain were dynamite Paul Pierce couldn't blow his nose !

  80. Gerimaya Whyte

    Gerimaya Whyte28 kun oldin

    Kind of shocking how the press has been so hush hush about this. I thought First Take, Undisputed, or Bill Simmons would covered this but no...

  81. DUNKED ON!!!

    DUNKED ON!!!28 kun oldin

    My Goat retired players are Matt Barnes and Stephan Jackson. I love how they handled this interview especially stack when he addresses the Paul pierce situation.

  82. Romello Williams

    Romello Williams28 kun oldin


  83. almadeunrebel

    almadeunrebel29 kun oldin

    jack has a good laugh

  84. almadeunrebel

    almadeunrebel29 kun oldin

    dan and his danettes square as fk...but that's alright

  85. Guero

    Guero29 kun oldin

    Matt Barnes really good speaker. I remember playing against him in high school. THe Trojans of HJ say thank you MAtt for representing Sac Town

  86. Marcus walker

    Marcus walker27 kun oldin

    @alen koka lmao

  87. alen koka

    alen koka28 kun oldin

    You need to go back to school tho! How do you mention school with how you wrote that crap ??

  88. Black

    Black29 kun oldin

    “You got to walk a straight line”...

  89. DjRub imadjbruh

    DjRub imadjbruh29 kun oldin


  90. Jamaal Gill

    Jamaal Gill29 kun oldin

    Dan: Stephen are you better high when you’re interviewing? Stack: Dan, I’m never not high 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  91. MarkieD

    MarkieD29 kun oldin

    I honestly don't get the hype on being high. Is It just the cool factor?

  92. Michael Jffjjde

    Michael Jffjjde29 kun oldin

    Seeing Dan high would be too funny

  93. Jheri Walton

    Jheri Walton29 kun oldin

    They been wanting to get rid of his ass

  94. Joseph Winslow

    Joseph Winslow29 kun oldin

    Not everybody smoke weed, marijuana or cannabis. Different strokes for different folks. So, not everybody do everything. I am an black American but I, never, used the ‘N’ word but I am also older than the younger generation.

  95. Ivaylo Iontchev

    Ivaylo Iontchev29 kun oldin

    Paul Pierce is dumb enough to put it on camera himself. That stupidity alone is the reason to fire him. Plus he's the worst NBA analyst on the network.

  96. Mark Suckabird

    Mark Suckabird29 kun oldin

    *Jim Gray is horrible. Ask Floyd. Ask Pete Rose.*

  97. Aj Jabbi

    Aj Jabbi29 kun oldin

    It’s funny cause Matt be on ESPN

  98. K J

    K J29 kun oldin

    These brothers right here. Man it would be so cool to chop it up with these young men. No stress no expectation, no interview setting. They are accomplished, humble, and know who they are. Dig that!

  99. Don't worry 'bout it

    Don't worry 'bout it29 kun oldin

    If Shannon had joined the call that would make all my favorite talking heads on one radio show.

  100. Don't worry 'bout it

    Don't worry 'bout it24 kun oldin

    @Typical Blakk I’d be honored to be a LeBron lover 😍

  101. Typical Blakk

    Typical Blakk24 kun oldin

    All LeBron Lovers

  102. Yung_Grouch

    Yung_Grouch29 kun oldin

    As someone who’s worked at Disney. Yes they do worse

  103. Cesar Garcia

    Cesar Garcia29 kun oldin

    Clear Eyes is the smokers way Mr Patrick Visin makes them bloodshot red.

  104. Viper Jódete

    Viper Jódete29 kun oldin

    Yes Paul was wrong for putting himself on camera. He deserved to be fired for the public display

  105. keljerel

    keljerel29 kun oldin

    Dan Patrick: Hehehehe....You ARE HIGH Stephen! LOL.

  106. sons of thunder5529

    sons of thunder552929 kun oldin

    that was just awesome!