Minecraft, But Dream Hunts Me Down...

Minecraft, But Dream Hunts Me Down... This was super intense!
I have to beat Minecraft, but Dream is trying to stop me. If I kill the Ender Dragon, I win. If Dream kills me, he wins. This challenge was really hard but a lot of fun!
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Dream and I played Minecraft Manhunt against each other. Dream is the hunter and I am the speed runner. Dream is a lot better than me at Minecraft so I got extra health to make it more fair!


  1. Asahel García

    Asahel García2 soat oldin

    Hola soy tu fan

  2. F.G.H.

    F.G.H.4 soat oldin

    how is he calling him trash for beating him in a 1v1 where he has 5 times the health and almost died

  3. I’m Squirtle

    I’m Squirtle5 soat oldin


  4. Alphie

    Alphie6 soat oldin

    Change your name to george been found


    SIMPLISTIC GAMING7 soat oldin

    That's why dream is best

  6. DixieNormus3

    DixieNormus38 soat oldin

    "you gotta be so low" george only lost 44 hearts xD

  7. Chloe Tran

    Chloe Tran9 soat oldin

    When George said you are so annoying to the pig dream though he meant him. ❤️

  8. SSSnake fox

    SSSnake fox10 soat oldin

    Gogy: I just realized something rn..Ugh so annoying! Dream: Me?😭

  9. Jake Savage

    Jake Savage11 soat oldin

    That shot was so big brain of dream

  10. Νικόλας Νικολοπουλος

    Νικόλας Νικολοπουλος12 soat oldin

    ha loser

  11. TheBaconKing Aka Smily

    TheBaconKing Aka Smily17 soat oldin

    The last scream made die

  12. Robert Pion

    Robert Pion20 soat oldin

    OMG I killed Dream with 40 hearts and lost 20 hearts.


    MIXED UP CONTENT21 soat oldin

    Dream is god at Minecraft I respect him ❤️

  14. Rage 2000

    Rage 200022 soat oldin

    This is Minecraft RunnerHunt

  15. shazboom

    shazboomKun oldin

    i thoght dream did not had guts to even hunt george down

  16. shazboom

    shazboom22 soat oldin


  17. Anne Louise Fortes

    Anne Louise FortesKun oldin

    Dream do you have a crush on george?

  18. Panda

    PandaKun oldin

    This video was so friken stressful to watch! I still love it though

  19. asiula

    asiulaKun oldin

    11:17 did Dream just called Gogy "HONEY"???????!!

  20. echo alfa

    echo alfaKun oldin

    George: Uh u r so annoying. Dream: *_me_* D:

  21. Javier Lavanchy

    Javier LavanchyKun oldin

    George is the final boss while Dream is the OP protagonist that doesn't need a huge health bar to win.

  22. yolexbeam

    yolexbeamKun oldin

    We've won the battle but have not won the war

  23. Andrei Gonzales

    Andrei GonzalesKun oldin

    Dream is great

  24. vieven

    vievenKun oldin


  25. Fuly Jose Fuertes

    Fuly Jose FuertesKun oldin

    George suck Hahahah

  26. Ravleen Kaur

    Ravleen KaurKun oldin


  27. i play roblox

    i play robloxKun oldin


  28. R E N

    R E NKun oldin

    Why are you running you have the same loot except for the fact that you have 5 times his health

  29. 25_ Kylie

    25_ KylieKun oldin


  30. R.I.D GUY

    R.I.D GUY2 kun oldin

    Dream is a fish'nt

  31. XD Architect

    XD Architect2 kun oldin

    At 5:43 my eardrums disappeared😂

  32. Ishma Lool

    Ishma Lool2 kun oldin

    This is 3rd try of George I guess cos of Dream said at the start:p

  33. Durviid YT

    Durviid YT2 kun oldin

    I love how George calls dream a noob at the start when he killed him but dream literally was close to killing him 4 times before gerorge could kill him once

  34. Jen Zonts

    Jen Zonts2 kun oldin

    He got this from Slogoman and still didn’t give ceedit

  35. Jen Zonts

    Jen Zonts2 kun oldin

    He got this from Sligo an and didn’t even give credit

  36. iExtra0rdinary

    iExtra0rdinary2 kun oldin


  37. mohdnor samah

    mohdnor samah2 kun oldin

    I realized that dream respect my religion

  38. HungTheCryingTurtleZ #1

    HungTheCryingTurtleZ #12 kun oldin

    12:38 Dream really loves cheese doesn’t he?

  39. AbobakerTheGamer

    AbobakerTheGamer2 kun oldin

    did anybody notice the cross in the desert?

  40. Happy Potato

    Happy Potato2 kun oldin

    I love how he was like, WHAT? DREAMS GOT IRON! but just a few seconds before that there was iron next to him

  41. Rainos

    Rainos2 kun oldin

    Dream in a boat, but he is not tubbo..

  42. HowToStrategy

    HowToStrategy2 kun oldin

    I didn't realize how bad george was until this

  43. Mihika Parmar

    Mihika Parmar2 kun oldin

    George favorite words: Oh dreeeaaaaaaaaam Bbh fav words: "LANGUAGE" Dream: "GEORGE" 1:43

  44. Sebastian Magat

    Sebastian Magat2 kun oldin

    “ur a noob and im better than you” - says the guy that lost 42 hearts while fighting a guy with 10 hearts.

  45. Jesus Christ

    Jesus Christ2 kun oldin

    "Ur so annoying" "me😢?"

  46. •M•

    •M•2 kun oldin


  47. •M•

    •M•2 kun oldin


  48. Abhijeet Shrivastava

    Abhijeet Shrivastava3 kun oldin

    it was more of a pleasure hunting for dream

  49. Yah dude

    Yah dude3 kun oldin

    George with 25 hearts: "I'm so low"

  50. Olivia Chabrowski

    Olivia Chabrowski3 kun oldin

    george said he is better than Dream when he had 5 times the hearts!

  51. Акира Сутсуки

    Акира Сутсуки3 kun oldin

    Не волнуйтесь даже ваши русские фанаты ( в том числе я ) вас шиперят , и настаивали на то что бы вы жинились Эх жалко что вы не понимаете Russian 😞

  52. okeyfine309

    okeyfine3093 kun oldin

    2:49 george found jesus

  53. Riya star UwU

    Riya star UwU3 kun oldin

    I Can't believe this dude you had 40 hearts and still you DIED!? Like wtf I will say.....YOU ARE FUCKIN BAD AT THIS O_O

  54. DarxMagik

    DarxMagik3 kun oldin

    George: *ACTUAL DOG WATER*

  55. Jessy Peoples

    Jessy Peoples3 kun oldin


  56. bananapotatoboii _

    bananapotatoboii _3 kun oldin


  57. Demi Teenans

    Demi Teenans3 kun oldin

    how dare george cut out the sigh bit

  58. Zero OutRage

    Zero OutRage3 kun oldin

    After every fight I was like, you would have lost (x amount of times) over

  59. Boban Vujic

    Boban Vujic3 kun oldin

    Gogy: i just realays something your soo annoying Dream: M-m-me?

  60. TheOfficalNoobsKingdom

    TheOfficalNoobsKingdom3 kun oldin

    “We have won the fight, but not the battle yet.” -NotGerogeNotFound

  61. Gaurav Behre

    Gaurav Behre3 kun oldin

    6:04 george said dream is noob. The most funny joke ever

  62. greyzzz

    greyzzz3 kun oldin


  63. Itzthe _Gamer

    Itzthe _Gamer3 kun oldin

    Dream : **Literally almost killing george** George : **Killed Dream** Dream POV : well I mean George has a lot of hearts so I'll just say.. "WHAT" :) Then George :. **Explaining that Dream was so Bad and sucks at this**

  64. Savvy714

    Savvy7144 kun oldin

    Green man beats handicap man with glasses to death using an Axe


    QUEEN of PEANUTS4 kun oldin

    did anyone remember when dream said George was a really good Minecraft player?

  66. zhleia

    zhleia4 kun oldin

    9:58 levi to erwin

  67. qlex pqrker

    qlex pqrker4 kun oldin

    Why was the compass at the start pointing away

  68. Noah Thomson

    Noah Thomson4 kun oldin

    For once i dont hear oh Dream oh Dream

  69. Noah Thomson

    Noah Thomson4 kun oldin

    did George just describe dream as a pig?

  70. Ham_Of_The_Udi

    Ham_Of_The_Udi4 kun oldin

    george realizes he doesnt know how to play minecraft

  71. Ryan Schaeffer

    Ryan Schaeffer4 kun oldin

    George after killing Dream once with 5x the hearts that Dream has: "YOU SUCK, YOU SUCK, YOU'RE ACTUAL DOGWATER!!!!"

  72. CZ_Espa

    CZ_Espa4 kun oldin

    D o n t e n d f o r u s

  73. Americký táta

    Americký táta4 kun oldin

    U dont know what ender pearl do, right 😉

  74. TEJAS

    TEJAS4 kun oldin

    Why does his textures of mine craft look weird ? I am new here

  75. ScarlettIsCutey4579

    ScarlettIsCutey45794 kun oldin


  76. Satyakam Behera 1924

    Satyakam Behera 19244 kun oldin

    Why are you so bad at manhunt you stupid george

  77. Pxstela •

    Pxstela •4 kun oldin

    If they played this without the screams this would make amazing asmr tbh

  78. Lanz Xander Dwayne Cualing

    Lanz Xander Dwayne Cualing4 kun oldin

    The tables have turned

  79. Gamer Girl

    Gamer Girl4 kun oldin

    Dream got 3 1/2 rows of hearts before George could kill dream once wow dream is good

  80. Zyro Plays

    Zyro Plays5 kun oldin


  81. Vanda S

    Vanda S5 kun oldin

    when george yelled "i did it. i actually killed you" dream wouldve normally said "yeh because you have more hearts than me what do you mean" but it just sounded so cute the way he just laughed because george was so excited :(

  82. Lenaxx

    Lenaxx5 kun oldin

    Beginning of the video: *George getting hunted by dream* ...13:50

  83. Unnati Vashishth

    Unnati Vashishth5 kun oldin

    16 :04 diamonds

  84. Jonathan Rivas

    Jonathan Rivas5 kun oldin

    Dream: "The most powerful nether portal trap is lava" George: 𝙄𝙣𝙨𝙩𝙖𝙣𝙩𝙡𝙮 𝙥𝙪𝙩𝙨 𝙡𝙖𝙫𝙖 𝙞𝙣 𝙝𝙤𝙩𝙗𝙖𝙧

  85. Jonathan Rivas

    Jonathan Rivas5 kun oldin


  86. DarKey11o6

    DarKey11o65 kun oldin

    Alternative name: Minecraft

  87. Osman Asif

    Osman Asif5 kun oldin

    He gets 50 hearts

  88. Cringey Nicknames

    Cringey Nicknames5 kun oldin

    Gogy really died at 4:15 and had 48 hearts

  89. Vraltz

    Vraltz5 kun oldin

    george makes callouts to himself

  90. Meat_bob

    Meat_bob5 kun oldin

    ngl george be lookin cute tho

  91. JoshBot

    JoshBot5 kun oldin

    Ah how the turntables

  92. Georgia Hitchcock

    Georgia Hitchcock5 kun oldin

    dream's a fish'nt confirmed

  93. Shan_sen

    Shan_sen5 kun oldin

    someone please buy them some mics that wont clip

  94. Don’t click this channel

    Don’t click this channel5 kun oldin

    I like how every time he kills dream he is celebrating calling him bad at the game but he literally has 50 health just to win

  95. Diego Noele D. Tamayo

    Diego Noele D. Tamayo5 kun oldin

    So Dream is boxed like a fish😂

  96. Caiden pun

    Caiden pun5 kun oldin

    George don't be happy every time he was near you you lost more then a row of hearts and you have 40 and a row is 10 sooo likeeee yeaaaaaaaaaa

  97. ma. joanah gimeda

    ma. joanah gimeda6 kun oldin

    george kill dream in the second round george:YEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSE YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS YESSSSSS

  98. DragonX Shadow123

    DragonX Shadow1236 kun oldin

    You can tell on the thumbnail that gorge George is depressed to do this vid

  99. I watch Anime

    I watch Anime6 kun oldin

    Did we ever figure out if dream was trying to reverse trap George's Nether Portal like he thought?

  100. nana

    nana5 kun oldin

    i was there for the stream and if i remember correctly, dream actually hadnt set up anything but it wouldve been pretty amazing if he had and george avoided it last second lol

  101. theezanonymous

    theezanonymous6 kun oldin

    Unfair he gets a health boost>:(((

  102. ChaosJacob _YT

    ChaosJacob _YT6 kun oldin


  103. ChaosJacob _YT

    ChaosJacob _YT6 kun oldin

    Dream & Wilbur