Minecraft Speedrunner VS 3 Hunters FINALE

Minecraft Speedrunner VS 3 Hunters FINALE. This was insane.
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We decided to call this series Minecraft Manhunt. This video is a different rendition of it, where there are THREE hunters instead of just one.
This is a new Minecraft but, 1.15 challenge that we have decided to try. I try to beat the game, while my friend George AND my friend Sapnap AND my friend BadBoyHalo tries to prevent me from doing it. It's a race, and it's super intense and we had a lot of laughs. I love doing these challenges.
If this video gets 1,000,000 likes we'll do it again.
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin


  1. Dream

    Dream8 oy oldin

    Not the end of Minecraft Manhunt, don't worry, just the finale to this mini series (Me vs 3 hunters). If you want to see another rematch of me vs this team, get 1 million likes and they said they would. Hope you enjoyed :)

  2. Marko Tintor

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  3. Jxst DayDream

    Jxst DayDreamOy oldin

    Dré u have 2MIl 😀

  4. Mr gaming boy

    Mr gaming boyOy oldin

    Ohh dream

  5. Chael Amiels

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  6. Feleah Feliz

    Feleah Feliz5 oy oldin

    You are so smart in minecraft were did you learn it ???

  7. Maucaz alv

    Maucaz alv9 daqiqa oldin

    32:47 *There is 1 impostor among us*

  8. Clash Ofgaming

    Clash Ofgaming44 daqiqa oldin

    Dream:guess whos back back again George:reeeeeeeeee

  9. simo harrach

    simo harrachSoat oldin


  10. Adriana Maresyembun

    Adriana MaresyembunSoat oldin

    Tidak apa apa dream kalau kamu kalah sama merekeber 4😊

  11. Noah Seow

    Noah SeowSoat oldin

    Dream: Finds diamonds Also Dream: Edits the video to play christmas music WHEN IT IS NOWHERE NEAR CHRISTMAS

  12. El Wey Random

    El Wey Random2 soat oldin

    yo antes de ver dream: jugar minecraft tranquilo sin preocupaciones yo despues de ver dream : MODO SPEEDRUN ACTIVADO B)

  13. splintersxf

    splintersxf3 soat oldin


  14. Lsss Dominik

    Lsss Dominik4 soat oldin

    Dream I’ve always heard how good you are at minecraft but I never believed anyone until I started watching your soo old and you good at. Parkour and getting up high places

  15. Big Stonks

    Big Stonks4 soat oldin

    4:48 bruh how did that happen

  16. jyps shity wifi

    jyps shity wifi5 soat oldin

    george is me "go through the little, OH there's turtles, go!"


    OWALOPROMAX5 soat oldin

    Nobody The music: TIRIRIRI

  18. Mary Delbonis

    Mary Delbonis6 soat oldin

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  19. Sophon Pok

    Sophon Pok6 soat oldin

    Dream u should team with sapnap Bc if you both die it ends ?

  20. Claire 123

    Claire 1236 soat oldin

    Hi I love your videos so much!

  21. kat arbuckle

    kat arbuckle7 soat oldin

    Are u in prison minecraft if I had it I would save u

  22. Genesis Manugas

    Genesis Manugas7 soat oldin

    I start watching your videos when your 15M subs now 19M :O

  23. Ted Tube

    Ted Tube8 soat oldin

    Finale mhuh

  24. asss sass

    asss sass8 soat oldin

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  25. Haze

    Haze8 soat oldin

    “What would be our theme song guys?” Pillar Men - Awaken

  26. Kattie Flores

    Kattie Flores9 soat oldin

    i think i know why his name is dream and he is good because he dream of he being good

  27. Sebastian Valerio

    Sebastian Valerio9 soat oldin

    Do a real face reavel

  28. Kim The Chilling Cat

    Kim The Chilling Cat9 soat oldin

    shut up

  29. gamer cool vibes

    gamer cool vibes9 soat oldin

    Final boss: Dream

  30. Suresh K

    Suresh K10 soat oldin

    Hey guys have you ever wanted to see dreams face in real life

  31. kaique pvp

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  32. Khushi Shah

    Khushi Shah10 soat oldin

    Congratulations for 19 million subscribers

  33. Spookid

    Spookid11 soat oldin

    Bad: i tamed two doggies! aesthetic/cringe girls: AAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  34. Pabloplayz

    Pabloplayz11 soat oldin

    His iron pick broke WHEN he found diamonds lol I was cracking up

  35. Bob Bristow

    Bob Bristow11 soat oldin

    I have no idea how such a simple concept has gone so far. Honestly never thought I'd be sat down watching Minecraft videos in 2021! Hats off to you Dream, quality content 👌

  36. TR BLUFF

    TR BLUFF11 soat oldin

    15:49 lol

  37. Muhammad Ali Malik

    Muhammad Ali Malik12 soat oldin


  38. Mexi Mexi

    Mexi Mexi12 soat oldin

    So ironic that Dream got defeated with a fist

  39. Pink Forest Bunny

    Pink Forest Bunny12 soat oldin

    OoOOooO DreAm 😂

  40. GabrielGaming7219

    GabrielGaming721912 soat oldin

    "Minecraft speedrunner vs 4 hunters" Title: Dream is the speedrunner, his friends are the hunters. Actually: Dream hunting his friends down

  41. Libby Harness

    Libby Harness13 soat oldin

    Minecraft stupid as heck

  42. Kim The Chilling Cat

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  43. Danyal Chowdhury

    Danyal Chowdhury13 soat oldin

    Dreams so big brain

  44. keith

    keith13 soat oldin

    i'm going to die from high blood pressure

  45. Keem Bogart

    Keem Bogart15 soat oldin

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  46. oh yes

    oh yes15 soat oldin

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  47. 南大阿萨

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  48. Lauren Meredith

    Lauren Meredith15 soat oldin

    Suggestion for the hunters' theme song: bad time trio song, "triple the threat". For dream: earthbound song, "megalo strike back".

  49. Wôłfïə XD

    Wôłfïə XD16 soat oldin

    Okay okay I have been trying to brainstorm this for like 15 minutes But are these berch trees taller then normal 29:53 Like because tall berch tree biomes are rare right?? Idk man but I'm just saying :/ That would be pretty cool if they are rare

  50. lilycutipie

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  51. lilycutipie

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  52. Nuj kef Zac suk

    Nuj kef Zac suk17 soat oldin

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  53. Shahmeer

    Shahmeer17 soat oldin

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  54. ron mcds

    ron mcds18 soat oldin

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  55. Mike Goddard

    Mike Goddard18 soat oldin

    i want to see in the last stages bads pov

  56. sanyumaw sym

    sanyumaw sym21 soat oldin

    wow like bro wer like

  57. Sally Willamz

    Sally Willamz22 soat oldin

    Why is everyone saying that dream is bad?

  58. The Good Gamer Gary

    The Good Gamer Gary23 soat oldin

    Don't get me wrong I love the series but it makes me so mad when he has 2 hearts and the three don't try to attack him at all and just keep running away. Like the amount of times they could of killed him but kept running away .

  59. Kim The Chilling Cat

    Kim The Chilling Cat9 soat oldin

    they do not know how many hearts he has

  60. Arctic’s

    Arctic’s23 soat oldin

    Best insult muffin head

  61. reli soping

    reli soping23 soat oldin




    Ay alguen españos

  63. Morteiro BR

    Morteiro BRKun oldin

    at this point "LEAVE ME ALONE" isn't a plead, it's a warning

  64. Muhammad Mursyid

    Muhammad MursyidKun oldin

    Your dream is so great I want to be like you

  65. MrAngelBloxy

    MrAngelBloxyKun oldin

    oooh dreammm

  66. Kim The Chilling Cat

    Kim The Chilling Cat7 soat oldin

    @MrAngelBloxy ok

  67. MrAngelBloxy

    MrAngelBloxy8 soat oldin

    @Kim The Chilling Cat is that I don’t know a lot of English I’m writing this with a website that translates

  68. Kim The Chilling Cat

    Kim The Chilling Cat9 soat oldin

    @MrAngelBloxy you can say "i do not speak english i speak portuguese"

  69. MrAngelBloxy

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  71. DANI3L PH

    DANI3L PHKun oldin

    Like hacks

  72. Batata Humana

    Batata HumanaKun oldin


  73. •MentoMentioned•

    •MentoMentioned•Kun oldin

    George: He's DEAD Me: *stares at 40 minutes that are left*

  74. Nicholas Oh

    Nicholas OhKun oldin

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  75. Orangepeel

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  76. Mild

    MildKun oldin

    18:06 WHAT THE MUFFIN! cracked me up

  77. egon viktor

    egon viktorKun oldin

    You ar the best minecraft gamer :).

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  79. جلال طالب

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    I like Dream

  80. Ronald Blanco

    Ronald BlancoKun oldin

    Bruh dream has a face reveal in like insta twiter idk I forgot but he has a face reveal why dosent he put a face cam


    ARTHUR CREFTKun oldin

    YOU the nood

  82. Zuzana Lašovská

    Zuzana LašovskáKun oldin

    Likewhen i saw the second one i was likw wow how?? Like how he wins the game in a 30 min vid HOW

  83. Empire of Brazil [ORI]

    Empire of Brazil [ORI]Kun oldin

    Why ?

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    한국인 손 들어

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    Bro ur a god

  86. CheeseBurger

    CheeseBurgerKun oldin

    Who else actually gets sad when the piano sad music begins playing?

  87. KowalazRule

    KowalazRuleKun oldin

    him in June. Finds diamonds CHRISTMAS MUSIC!

  88. A Jar Of dirt

    A Jar Of dirtKun oldin

    Dream: - finds diamonds - *plays Christmas Music*

  89. Rare Toxin

    Rare ToxinKun oldin

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    The title should be reversed

  91. R Byers

    R ByersKun oldin

    I like how the video flip flops between the hunters hunting dream and dream hunting the hunters

  92. Hind Bezzayer

    Hind BezzayerKun oldin

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  93. catchie catch

    catchie catchKun oldin

    At 33:08 if you look in the corner you can see emerald ore

  94. Yeetus

    YeetusKun oldin

    10:58 play on .25 speed lmao

  95. Joe Rham Campul

    Joe Rham CampulKun oldin

    These are like movie episodes

  96. GabGABS14

    GabGABS14Kun oldin

    Max health: LEAVE ME ALONE One hearth: C'MERE GEORGE

  97. Mya Aaleeya

    Mya AaleeyaKun oldin

    They should do 2 vs 2

  98. xDaniel 2705

    xDaniel 2705Kun oldin

    4:50 kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Dream

  99. Shadøw Wølf Gacha

    Shadøw Wølf GachaKun oldin

    I wonder how many times they got killed by DREAM

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    Congratulations for 19m subs

  102. D'Marke Kindz

    D'Marke KindzKun oldin

    You you pro speedruner I know but I'm just install mcpe and I'm I'm soo noob Btw you have a cool skin and Yeah so.. This message very very long I know and and Yeah I'm subscribed btw

  103. D'Marke Kindz

    D'Marke Kindz7 soat oldin

    @Kim The Chilling Cat Idk

  104. Kim The Chilling Cat

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    @D'Marke Kindz how many dreams are their

  105. D'Marke Kindz

    D'Marke Kindz7 soat oldin

    @Kim The Chilling Cat Yes

  106. Kim The Chilling Cat

    Kim The Chilling Cat7 soat oldin

    @D'Marke Kindz a dream?

  107. D'Marke Kindz

    D'Marke Kindz7 soat oldin

    @Kim The Chilling Cat I don't know bro I wish a dream give me heart in this comment 😯😯

  108. Dizzy B.

    Dizzy B.Kun oldin

    Go 1 na 1

  109. michellin magtunao

    michellin magtunaoKun oldin

    Dream meet me in robloxian highschool you have a sister

  110. Kim The Chilling Cat

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  111. Ma Jhenina Soriano

    Ma Jhenina SorianoKun oldin

    This is basically tom and jerry

  112. Gopro Gamer

    Gopro GamerKun oldin

    Dream - yeahhhhhhhhhh Bad - uno reversw card

  113. Sean ¿

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    Better finale then Game of Thrones

  114. Renit Chaunhan

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    Just leaving a timestamp :) 18:00

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  116. this channel will not reach 10 subs

    this channel will not reach 10 subsKun oldin

    Before watching the video. Dream will run and his friends will try to kill him. After watching the video Dream killed his friends and His friends ran

  117. cnr_ hitman

    cnr_ hitmanKun oldin

    I was watching enjoying with my headphones and I just got killed you can say rip heatphone users10:58

  118. Kim The Chilling Cat

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    Legend says those dislikes are the rage cells of those 3