MULTI-TALENTED singer in The Voice has it ALL | Journey #49

Zeek Power was a finalist in the eight series of The Voice Australia in 2019. Check out his incredible journey from the 'Blind Auditions' to the 'Grand Final'!
Watch all full performances of Zeek Power in The Voice Australia here:
- Blind Audition: ‘Runnin (Lose It All)’ by Naugty Boy Ft. Beyoncé
- Knockout: 'Lay Me Down' by Sam Smith
- Battle: 'Lovely' by Billie Eilish ft. Khalid
- Live: 'Pray For Me' by The Weeknd
- Live: 'Feels' by Calvin Harris Ft. Katy Perry, Pharrell Williams, Big Sean
- Semi-Final: 'Without Me' by Halsey
- Final: 'Earth Song' by Michael Jackson
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  1. The Voice Global

    The Voice GlobalYil oldin

    How do you describe his voice/ talent in ONE WORD?

  2. Samuel B

    Samuel B13 kun oldin


  3. Boulevard A. Aladetoyinbo

    Boulevard A. Aladetoyinbo18 kun oldin

    The word ain't coined yet!

  4. Mygz Heath

    Mygz Heath3 oy oldin


  5. Camlee Baltazar

    Camlee Baltazar3 oy oldin


  6. Zaara Amjad

    Zaara Amjad3 oy oldin


  7. Jess

    Jess35 daqiqa oldin

    Wow! This guy has made me fall in love with The Voice Australia

  8. Anirban C

    Anirban C59 daqiqa oldin

    So this is how a future superstar looks like...

  9. Matty Elad

    Matty Elad2 soat oldin

    Nope, he's not good, he needs to work on his vocals, he can't keep up with high notes

  10. ighut satus

    ighut satusKun oldin

    Gitarnya bagus sekali suaranya..... jenis apa gitarnya .... buat saya boleh

  11. Ryan Patricio

    Ryan PatricioKun oldin

    Similar voice to vocalist of linkinpark

  12. Pa dawda Njie

    Pa dawda Njie2 kun oldin

    I just love you zeek

  13. Cloé G.

    Cloé G.2 kun oldin

    Kelly looks like such a great coachhhhhh

  14. Bryan

    Bryan2 kun oldin

    Is that Patrick Mahomes, didn’t know he’s the GOAT musician and QB. Daaaaaamn fire

  15. Aaron Azazagoth

    Aaron Azazagoth2 kun oldin

    Dude....Zeek proved himself. He improved and brought so much energy, joy and power to his final performance. He was robbed.

  16. Uzochukwu Okoroafor

    Uzochukwu Okoroafor3 kun oldin

    This dude got Micheal Jackson voice

  17. Mma kaloz

    Mma kaloz3 kun oldin

    Guy who are you?! You are so talented. We wanna hear your voice further. Your "Kiss" stage performance makes one go crazy.

  18. Bello Mohammed Damilare

    Bello Mohammed Damilare3 kun oldin

    This guy can do anything, I don’t even want to know, needs to go search for his songs mehn

  19. American Born Grappler

    American Born Grappler4 kun oldin

    Z E E K P O W E R ! ! ! Cannot be denied, a music Phenom. Burn the Vinyl please! 🎤🎼

  20. Julian Gielis

    Julian Gielis5 kun oldin

    Aydan was better

  21. Alexandre FAYE

    Alexandre FAYE5 kun oldin

    Kelly, is the best cautch for this guy. Damn so professional

  22. angelo tyrone

    angelo tyrone6 kun oldin

    no this is not true....i wish zeek won cuz he did a pretty good job and his voice is good..

  23. Di Lew

    Di Lew6 kun oldin

    Wow her voice is so angelic amazing ..

  24. Shoto TodorokiジBOss

    Shoto TodorokiジBOss6 kun oldin

    Zeek deserve the won.... why he did not win?! He litterly did his best.... i am so mad that he did not win WTF

  25. Piet Gert

    Piet Gert7 kun oldin

    He was realyyy goodff dammmmmmm❤️❤️❤️

  26. T BJ

    T BJ7 kun oldin

    They were both great!

  27. Tokgul Pertin

    Tokgul Pertin9 kun oldin

    He look like jaydan Smith If u agree hit like

  28. noah thompson

    noah thompson9 kun oldin

    I feel towards the end there could’ve been some better song selections towards his voice. He still killed it. But I think could’ve won with a little more strategy in the game plans.

  29. Robert Baring

    Robert Baring11 kun oldin

    Kelly Rowland has a sweet voice

  30. WILD7

    WILD713 kun oldin

    When i saw the drums i was kinda hoping he would do something like the bruno mars concert when he played a drum solo.

  31. Samuel B

    Samuel B13 kun oldin

    Some of these performances rival the originals wow

  32. Chris Kay

    Chris Kay14 kun oldin

    The girl in the pink fucking killed it

  33. Lily Grace

    Lily Grace15 kun oldin

    I love ZEEK POWER!!!! 🎤🎙😇❤️

  34. Lily Grace

    Lily Grace15 kun oldin

    I so would go to a ZEEK concert !!!! Like if you agree ❤️

  35. Ryan Butterworth

    Ryan Butterworth15 kun oldin

    That feels performance was better than the original😎

  36. Rafael Garcez

    Rafael Garcez15 kun oldin

    Sensacional, Zeek. Kelly é foda demais.

  37. Scott Dunnage

    Scott Dunnage16 kun oldin

    I didn’t know the undertaker was a judge on the voice 😂

  38. Kelsey Bird-Quinney

    Kelsey Bird-Quinney16 kun oldin

    Uhm, excuse you. This was so flipping amazing. I'm at a loss for words 👏

  39. Emmanuel Petit

    Emmanuel Petit16 kun oldin

    He's a better guitar player than a singer. So far I see his looks are what keeps saving him.

  40. Bruno Krajačić

    Bruno Krajačić17 kun oldin

    not hating but I don't get anything special from his performances

  41. derekyfn likethat

    derekyfn likethat17 kun oldin

    They felt like he could be a star on his own, that's why they didn't pick him. The dude had nothing else to prove. So like she said "he had already won". It still hurt that they didn't pick him tho

  42. Laura Storqui

    Laura Storqui17 kun oldin


  43. Laura Storqui

    Laura Storqui17 kun oldin


  44. Boulevard A. Aladetoyinbo

    Boulevard A. Aladetoyinbo18 kun oldin

    Who is Zeek honestly?

  45. Boulevard A. Aladetoyinbo

    Boulevard A. Aladetoyinbo18 kun oldin

    Honestly who is Zeek!!!?...he so perfect!

  46. Yulanda K

    Yulanda K19 kun oldin

    Did Kelly turn around based off of song🤦🏽this young man is 🔥

  47. Nampijja Shamim

    Nampijja Shamim19 kun oldin

    It’s bullshit you put hopes up and then just show us a loser

  48. Z G

    Z G20 kun oldin

    The art work his wife did is SUPERR DOPE!!! I LOVE THEIR LOVE!!!! #LoveLove!!!!!

  49. ウョイアタh a t t e r

    ウョイアタh a t t e r20 kun oldin

    He's like a fucking fire extinguisher brooo, he sung that Weekend song and brought it down to a whole nother level where it still sounded gooodddd and gave you a whole different vibe 🔥🔥💯 Guy was right he is cool lmao, he's not a loud flamboyant singer kinda guy, for his voice and style of singing he does good ❤❤

  50. zabacinjsh

    zabacinjsh20 kun oldin

    Can we just appreciate Kelly for being such a genuine and supporting person. I love how she doesn't fuel drama, she is blunt when she has to be, but she has the kindness and heart to do it without making things complicated and toxic, so many ppl as big as her and so many of the big shot judges on these shows seem so concentrated on their own ego, but her as well as some of the judges here make me forget how awful reality tv usually is. everyone is so human and chill, it's a pleasure seeing the humanity here.

  51. chey reid

    chey reid20 kun oldin

    Kelly Rowland = 🐐 PERIODTTTT

  52. Brutally honest and direct

    Brutally honest and direct21 kun oldin

    Kelli can sing for absolute real like 💥

  53. Brutally honest and direct

    Brutally honest and direct21 kun oldin

    I feel like Kelli is a perfect skilled and passionate coach. 👏🏼 Shes the real deal.

  54. Brutally honest and direct

    Brutally honest and direct21 kun oldin

    His queen is absolutely adorable and so petite. 🥰

  55. Niki Dalton

    Niki Dalton22 kun oldin

    That first dude.. Damn, I felt so much of his energy. What a goldmine of beauty..... Edit my edit. This whole damn video is his.. I get excited and speak too soon.3rd edit I'm shutting up. This guy gets better by the second. I am in love with the things coming out of him 💕🙌

  56. TikTok PH

    TikTok PH22 kun oldin

    where is the multi?

  57. Emma Thorpe

    Emma Thorpe23 kun oldin

    that dude is amazing

  58. Nkc club

    Nkc club23 kun oldin

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  59. Kiara Lane

    Kiara Lane24 kun oldin

    I love Kelly for this. She's too good!

  60. Hepril love music African Waker

    Hepril love music African Waker24 kun oldin

    Wow he is good so so good wow👍


    MONEY MAKER25 kun oldin

    The stage production of this show is a literal concert-like

  62. Lucas Marrochi

    Lucas Marrochi25 kun oldin

    holy s.. that Earth Song perform?? What was that.. hands down the best performance! Zeek and Kelly are brilliant!

  63. jack dechellis

    jack dechellis25 kun oldin

    I am a drummer and in a friend band my gf likes it

  64. the first jedi

    the first jedi26 kun oldin

    Pray for me was awsome. So well put together I rewatched it 😂

  65. Killah LW

    Killah LW26 kun oldin

    Not even joking this man is fucking dogshit how did you stay in that long

  66. Killah LW

    Killah LW26 kun oldin

    Isn't this show supposed to include good singers, he's good, but not anything special.

  67. Joshua Galvan

    Joshua Galvan28 kun oldin

    Seek is better than all of them

  68. world of rap

    world of rap28 kun oldin

    Im confused he won ?

  69. Carlyon Blackman

    Carlyon Blackman28 kun oldin

    Zeek is an artist's artist.

  70. Federico Fava Colucci

    Federico Fava Colucci29 kun oldin

    Kelly canta hermoso, pero además es campeona de natación ... nada de pecho.

  71. KubasRevs

    KubasRevs29 kun oldin

    Are they being serious with this title?? The guy is alright, nothing major to pick on but I’m really having a hard time identifying all those other talents claimed in the title? The female singers performing with him make him sound and look bleak by contrast. You can find several kids on each Voice Kids season who outshine him technically, in stage presence and just have more unique voices/singing styles. Not trying to bash the guy at all, just having a hard time believing this is considered top level talent in Australia lol. Or maybe they should just really watch a couple of the Voice seasons from other countries to get a broader perspective 😂

  72. KubasRevs

    KubasRevs29 kun oldin

    Nvm, I just noticed that the only relevant people on the judges panel aren’t even from Australia and that’s half the panel..I now see how talent scarcity could potentially explain their enthusiasm here lol

  73. Lourenço Saavedra

    Lourenço Saavedra29 kun oldin

    Man it's like the 10th time I'm watching this and I'm gonna watch it another 10 times for sure!

  74. Gêmeos Tour Jalapão

    Gêmeos Tour Jalapão29 kun oldin

    O mlk canta muitoo

  75. ludan gerry

    ludan gerry29 kun oldin

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  76. Candy Allen

    Candy AllenOy oldin


  77. Colette OBogany

    Colette OBoganyOy oldin


  78. _ Drizzyd124

    _ Drizzyd124Oy oldin

    I promise you he can sing country music too

  79. Manu

    ManuOy oldin


  80. Denica Saygon

    Denica SaygonOy oldin

    Who else thinks he look like kelly?? Especially the head shape and their smile

  81. Kieran Parkes

    Kieran ParkesOy oldin

    His feels performance was great , it made me happy and excited

  82. jade sweets Kitchen

    jade sweets KitchenOy oldin

    Zeeeeeekkkkk, it don't matter if you were crowned or not, for me, you're a superstar and I'll pay to watch you over ND over again. That duet with Kelly though singing one of my favorite songs on earth by the "ever living legend - Michael" was the BOMB

  83. St0neC0ld

    St0neC0ldOy oldin

    Seeing his father cry (1:54) made the whole vid for me. Awsome!!!

  84. Chie Jimenez

    Chie JimenezOy oldin

    Marcelito Pumoy is the best

  85. Miss Tee

    Miss TeeOy oldin

    Pray for me was kinda boring I wasn’t feeling it

  86. Janett Edington

    Janett EdingtonOy oldin

    The high-pitched father observationally love because viola isely advise circa a tense minute. sordid, humorous bakery

  87. Michelle Lewis

    Michelle LewisOy oldin

    Omg Amazing voice

  88. vilmaschambers

    vilmaschambersOy oldin

    The talent of a true performer. Happy to discover him.

  89. King Willie

    King WillieOy oldin

    Kelly is absolutely beautiful 🤩

  90. Chavez Edith

    Chavez EdithOy oldin

    The utopian software collectively tick because alley maternally remember after a frightened frightening full fumbling functional postbox. remarkable, soggy poland

  91. T j

    T jOy oldin

    His voice would be extremely suitable for a James bond soundtrack, lol

  92. Premo

    PremoOy oldin

    He needs to blow up so hard and start releasing a lot of music I love this guys voice man it’s just so good.

  93. Fahrul Raffi

    Fahrul RaffiOy oldin

    bgst pas lovely gua merinding sumpah

  94. ::

    ::Oy oldin

    I’d just like to watch and listen to the performances, without the annoying amateur acting and talking from the jurors.

  95. Nedi Okwor

    Nedi OkworOy oldin

    he’s gorgeous 🙂

  96. Kiara Lane

    Kiara LaneOy oldin

    I'm crying as I'm watching this. I love love too! go Zeek and Naz!!!

  97. Do Khanh Giao

    Do Khanh GiaoOy oldin

    The telling slime generally complete because authorisation ostensibly heal across a blushing harbor. woebegone, small thought

  98. Nathaniel Fernando

    Nathaniel FernandoOy oldin

    After the kiss prince performance I knew they was gonna do any music by MJ 😂😂

  99. Rediet Abiyot

    Rediet AbiyotOy oldin

    He's so cute 😻

  100. American Born Grappler

    American Born GrapplerOy oldin

    Dudes got mad skills no matter what they throw at him he can perform it. He is a lot more talented than the musicians we have today, in the world of sampling and reverb machines this guy can stand out just with the honesty of his voice. Raw talent 101.2 🙅🏽

  101. Electric

    ElectricOy oldin

    I have to state how fine Kelly looks.

  102. Julia T A

    Julia T AOy oldin

    He gave me Tokyo Mayer “the piano artist’ vibe.... love it...

  103. Debb Waites

    Debb WaitesOy oldin

    His voice is awesome

  104. olayiwola adeniyi

    olayiwola adeniyiOy oldin

    Unbelievable talent.

  105. olayiwola adeniyi

    olayiwola adeniyiOy oldin

    This guy is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  106. Mark William Almeida

    Mark William AlmeidaOy oldin

    Very Very good