My CRAZIEST Moments of 2020 - Rainbow Six Siege

Hope y'all enjoyed the video! Thank you guys for all the support y'all have shown me this year, I'm forever thankful!

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  1. Kalen Scarafia

    Kalen Scarafia2 kun oldin

    Pikachu ¿tu que opinas?   ▼ ̄>-―-< ̄▼ Y    Y / / ๑⚈ ․̫ ⚈๑) salvemos a los osos polares👍👍  \ | つ  ヽつ

  2. Jeremy Jones

    Jeremy Jones2 kun oldin

    nice silver 5 game play (Parkinson aim lmao) git good kid

  3. Jackson Brooks

    Jackson Brooks3 kun oldin

    The guy who made the call said he won his team the round where krol 1v4 clutched

  4. Pumkin Seeds

    Pumkin Seeds9 kun oldin

    19:45 beaulo got fucked ns krol

  5. Reality Clan

    Reality Clan10 kun oldin

    I was 5 mins in the vid and I just seen the best r6 player in the world do clutch plays

  6. Rell Dolo

    Rell Dolo11 kun oldin

    anyone know his res..?

  7. Sebastian Young

    Sebastian Young12 kun oldin

    Why aren’t you in esports???? Someone sign this guy

  8. Devin Lmao

    Devin Lmao14 kun oldin

    Bruh my friend told me I’m somewhere in here but I really don’t wanna look through two hours lmao

  9. Pineapple -_-

    Pineapple -_-16 kun oldin

    1:38 look at team chat lol

  10. Empty Justman

    Empty Justman17 kun oldin


  11. Qzyxe

    Qzyxe18 kun oldin

    I see Krol on Fennis acc boosting lol ur a goat

  12. Vezyl

    Vezyl19 kun oldin

    anyone else see krol 1 tap beaulo


    GODS GUARDIAN24 kun oldin


  14. Mozzie

    Mozzie26 kun oldin

    S. T. R. E. T. C. H. E. D

  15. Cole Mathews

    Cole Mathews27 kun oldin

    Bro I feel like you have secrets about this game bro wtf 🧐😩😩

  16. Cole Mathews

    Cole Mathews27 kun oldin

    You know too much 👁👄👁🍄

  17. Christian

    ChristianOy oldin

    i have watched this 5 times

  18. RoYaL Nolan

    RoYaL NolanOy oldin

    Ngl that ball clip waaas pretty fuckin lucky you can’t lie bro cmon now those players were so lost

  19. RoYaL Nolan

    RoYaL NolanOy oldin

    Yea bro when valk corrects too ball

  20. Cozy_Panda

    Cozy_PandaOy oldin

    I want more people to have acog. More defenders. Like doc again, and maybe jaeger, and def buck. Buck I feel would be so much more cooler just with an acog.

  21. Stepanov Kirill

    Stepanov KirillOy oldin

    How`d you get that Ak-12 camo

  22. Keanu Reeves

    Keanu ReevesOy oldin

    Your all kills are already best moment =/

  23. V the Third

    V the ThirdOy oldin

    8:51 looks like Aimbot

  24. Ryan Mwete

    Ryan MweteOy oldin

    Do u play pro ? And if so what team

  25. QG4000 Seige

    QG4000 SeigeOy oldin

    Krol has the BEST chroshair placement I have ever seen

  26. ExtoR6

    ExtoR6Oy oldin


  27. IiDeadEmotions

    IiDeadEmotionsOy oldin

    Just watched all 2 hours not gonna lie had a good time 🔥

  28. Krol

    KrolOy oldin

    Appreciate it

  29. stop-motion animations

    stop-motion animationsOy oldin

    ok at 39:30, that was insane bro you flicked onto that cup thinking it was his head bro. good laugh. but terrifying if i was a cup.

  30. Freshhprince Va

    Freshhprince VaOy oldin

    how is it you just know where everybody is ?? its almost like you can see through walls huh ...

  31. Starvection19

    Starvection19Oy oldin

    I just wana see the all the streamers POV that he killed

  32. gassedup toxic

    gassedup toxicOy oldin

    You are godly at the game I can't bruh

  33. Hakar .H

    Hakar .HOy oldin

    4:20 hi beaulo 🥺

  34. Hayden H

    Hayden HOy oldin

    Krol's gaming chair inspires me, it's just too good

  35. whonigs.

    whonigs.Oy oldin

    I think he meant all moments of 2020

  36. Jefferson

    JeffersonOy oldin

    Does the guy at 3:36 always take credit or was he messing around bc if I was squaded with that guy he would annoy the hell outta me tbh Oh and I forgot to say I’m glad ur not a UZnickr that asks for likes and subs and u don’t brag about how good u r so that’s nice

  37. BRKNアナ

    BRKNアナOy oldin

    more yardy

  38. Jokk

    JokkOy oldin

    I like your plays and clutch keep going krol 🙌

  39. monni R6

    monni R6Oy oldin

    Krol can u watcg my recent vid

  40. monni R6

    monni R6Oy oldin

    4:19 best clip

  41. monni R6

    monni R6Oy oldin

    Y do I remember all of these clips

  42. Sarwk Dray

    Sarwk DrayOy oldin

    I got lucky while watching this I got r4c black ice

  43. Sarwk Dray

    Sarwk DrayOy oldin

    I love how it’s been a week and he doesn’t have 100,000 viewers but he has 72,000 subs

  44. Lil Chead

    Lil CheadOy oldin

    I got 30 mins in and I didn’t realize it was 2 hours, amazing clips man

  45. Haro

    HaroOy oldin

    1h54 Nice wall tracking

  46. e money

    e moneyOy oldin

    Like are you hacking please reply cuz I need to know

  47. Jack

    JackOy oldin

    I love watching all my friends get slammed by Krol for two hours

  48. yobeta

    yobetaOy oldin

    Why u guys playing like sweats in unranked

  49. Erick Valen

    Erick ValenOy oldin

    1:42 ozzie saying hi YT now does UZnick and is kind of big

  50. aimbotdean

    aimbotdeanOy oldin

    Who watched the full 2 hours other than me?

  51. OG BLICK

    OG BLICKOy oldin

    It’s funny how he put 2 hours of this for us and he only got 25k views this should get hundred k bruh

  52. aimbotdean

    aimbotdeanOy oldin

    Is it me or does Krol sound like skittlz

  53. El Jefe

    El JefeOy oldin

    5:30 mans went from calling him out for hacking to plugging his yt

  54. Dylan Blake

    Dylan BlakeOy oldin

    Bro you’re so gooddd! Love watching your vids, I’ve rewatched this one 3 times. Cant wait for 100k

  55. A

    AOy oldin

    4:20 you did Beaulo nastyy my guy

  56. A

    AOy oldin

    @Krol Krol goat!

  57. Krol

    KrolOy oldin

    beaulo goat

  58. adrian

    adrianOy oldin

    Back when holo didnt get "fixed" i could aim way better these clips make me miss it

  59. Bootica

    BooticaOy oldin

    krol any tips for console plat 2-diamond?

  60. Bootica

    BooticaOy oldin


  61. χυ 死

    χυ 死Oy oldin

    2020 was last year but it feels like it was just yesterday 🙃

  62. bunjeb

    bunjebOy oldin

    I’m watching every minute of this. Again. I know, predictable but true.

  63. Josh Mcsquat

    Josh McsquatOy oldin

    Pure entertainment good stuff big fella

  64. Krol

    KrolOy oldin

    Thank you

  65. Omar Alshwaimi

    Omar AlshwaimiOy oldin

    Best thing ever a krol “movie”

  66. Krol

    KrolOy oldin


  67. Caspers

    CaspersOy oldin

    What opacity on the crosshair?

  68. Krol

    KrolOy oldin

    all default

  69. Bijan Mozafari

    Bijan MozafariOy oldin

    aye bro i love ur content.. also i'm stuck gold 1 any tips

  70. Grimor

    GrimorOy oldin

    How much fov do you currently have? c:

  71. Teetzi The Lion

    Teetzi The LionOy oldin

    Should’ve just linked your vids 😉

  72. Elims Zero

    Elims ZeroOy oldin


  73. Xefiy

    XefiyOy oldin

    50 minutes in

  74. Mr HaMa

    Mr HaMaOy oldin

    4:20 slamming Beaulo

  75. Zyfe_jkl0lhah 1

    Zyfe_jkl0lhah 1Oy oldin

    this deserves a follow

  76. Krol

    KrolOy oldin


  77. Kana Chan

    Kana ChanOy oldin

    teammate: jager was in vent krol: save him for last

  78. vP9TM

    vP9TMOy oldin

    The best 2 hours

  79. Sarwk Dray

    Sarwk DrayOy oldin

    I went down 500 mmm in 1 day😂

  80. Sarwk Dray

    Sarwk DrayOy oldin

    Krol loco

  81. Sarwk Dray

    Sarwk DrayOy oldin

    Bro I know I just can’t find a good squad on Xbox

  82. Krol

    KrolOy oldin

    oh nooo

  83. Sarwk Dray

    Sarwk DrayOy oldin

    I look up to better if not as good as krol I keep practicing non stop

  84. Gmoney Wis

    Gmoney WisOy oldin

    Yo did Skittlz make your thumbnail bro?

  85. apollokid

    apollokidOy oldin

    i'm a kroloka sub, are you a kroloka sub?

  86. Krol

    KrolOy oldin


  87. Vineeth v

    Vineeth vOy oldin

    2 hours of krol bruh

  88. Roy Romine

    Roy RomineOy oldin

    Kroll I've had a very hard year but whenever I was down I knew right were to come and it was tour channel thanks my man for getting me through hard times. Happy new year 🎉 ✨

  89. Roy Romine

    Roy RomineOy oldin

    Thanks for responding

  90. Krol

    KrolOy oldin

    Glad to hear it

  91. CJ Smith

    CJ SmithOy oldin

    People say that UZnick is a waste of time but this video is the opposite. Thanks Krol

  92. Krol

    KrolOy oldin


  93. Tonytoejam

    TonytoejamOy oldin

    2 hrs of the best siege player = best start of 2021 !

  94. Quotive

    QuotiveOy oldin

    “That makes up for your 1v1 last game.” Dang Krol you losin 1’s now? 2:35 was where it was.

  95. TROPICAL . E

    TROPICAL . EOy oldin

    how does krol look so fast on 6,6

  96. Reflex R6

    Reflex R6Oy oldin

    I miss twitch and buck acog

  97. orion bekesi

    orion bekesiOy oldin

    Tbh the only 2 guns that really deserved acog

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    ooviOy oldin

    I miss zofia

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    Malak MohammadOy oldin

    Looove u kroloka🥺💖I follow all your clips without any boredom I love you so much 🥺I hope you achieve all your dreams I love you so much and forever, my soul🥺💖💖 I love you best youtuber🥺💖

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    astrixOy oldin

    kroloka 1 tap

  102. astrix

    astrixOy oldin

    @Krol big fan ❤❤

  103. Krol

    KrolOy oldin

    kroloka one tap

  104. Reflex R6

    Reflex R6Oy oldin

    2 hours Krol vid it’s a good day to be alive

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    dariush borhaniOy oldin

    plz part 2 of 100 one tap

  106. Krol

    KrolOy oldin

    For sure!

  107. SkeptiKal77

    SkeptiKal77Oy oldin

    what in tarnation is penelope?

  108. Krol

    KrolOy oldin

    Jolten was joking, there no callout called penelope

  109. Sunzz

    SunzzOy oldin

    2 hours holy sheeeit :D

  110. Krol

    KrolOy oldin


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    NV7Oy oldin

    clips who i would get together in 3 years

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    KrolOy oldin


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    Grim_ OzOy oldin

    Holy ads

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    Operation MarcusOy oldin

    2 hours of krol? My new years eve is blessed bro

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    ds ssOy oldin

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    KrolOy oldin

    Same to you!!!!

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    Xzult.Oy oldin

    Happy New Year !!!!

  118. Krol

    KrolOy oldin

    Same to you!

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    Dr RobuccOy oldin

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    nezukoOy oldin

    sheesh ima watch this all

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    JoJohn TvOy oldin

    Thought this was a skitttlez vid :(

  123. nezuko

    nezukoOy oldin

    it’s better😈

  124. Bosak Main

    Bosak MainOy oldin

    I was on your stream for some of these!

  125. Krol

    KrolOy oldin


  126. JornoR6

    JornoR6Oy oldin

    needa start putting the name of ur accounts in the description u have so many

  127. Krol

    KrolOy oldin

    got you

  128. Arda

    ArdaOy oldin

    @Snishy R6 he dosent tho but ok he has a lot of accounts

  129. Snishy R6

    Snishy R6Oy oldin

    no he only has 2 he just changes the name every chance he gets

  130. Jay Patel

    Jay PatelOy oldin

    4:19 you did beaulo dirty😂😂😂😂 Krol: I'm not going to like this comment to not start beef.

  131. Swolly Thumbs

    Swolly Thumbs12 kun oldin

    If hank can BWHAA then we can all BWHAA.

  132. Christian

    Christian28 kun oldin

    @Krol krol he a whole hater u can BAHAHAHAHA wheneva u want lmfaoo

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    KrolOy oldin

    @Jæyy why’s that

  134. Jæyy

    JæyyOy oldin

    @Krol I love you but please never use “BAHAHAHA” again.

  135. Krol

    KrolOy oldin