Mystery of Prince Rupert's Drop at 130,000 fps - Smarter Every Day 86

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Dr. Martyn Poliakoff for getting me access to documents which details experiments on the Prince Rupert's Drop by the Royal Society (behind a pay wall)
Being able to calculate the failure front velocity of a Prince Rupert's drop is a pretty big deal. For years this was a scientific mystery. High speed camera technology is only recently fast enough to provide data like this. Thanks to Vision Research for letting me use the V1610 to try to unravel this mystery for the public in general.
Rob Kuefner for reaching out to me and offering to convert certain equations into LaTeX format for me.
Dr. Jeff Evans from UAH. A friend and neighbor who just happens to have a PhD and be an expert in fracture mechanics. Thank you for helping me by pointing me in the right direction in the early stages of my research. It's time we hangout again.
Brian: thanks for letting me use your green screen and telling me about Orbix in the first place. I stayed up there til about 1 or 2 am two nights in a row acting stupid in front of of the camera all alone. Now that I look back at that footage without the context of this video, it's all very strange.
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    kimball choo19 daqiqa oldin

    That’s Thanos’ snap!!

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    Christian Stelmakh4 soat oldin

    Said a million times but THIS is EXACTLY what UZnick was made for. Thank you so much Destin, so so much. You're a legend.

  3. Urselius Urgel

    Urselius Urgel19 soat oldin

    Prince Rupert of the Rhine lived most of his life in England. He was the son of The Elector Palatine of the Rhine and a sister of Charles I of England. As a young man he was exiled from his patrimony after his father made a failed attempt to become King of Bohemia, and became a 'Protestant Martyr' in the process. As a nephew of Charles I, he settled in England and served as a leading Royalist general in the English Civil War, he was especially noted as a cavalry leader. He later served as an admiral under his cousin Charles II. Like Charles II, he was very interested in science.

  4. Itamar Bledsoe

    Itamar Bledsoe22 soat oldin

    This is one of the best videos I've seen, in every category. Short and to the point, yet comprehensive, clear, wonderfully illustrated and animated, funny, creative... That's the kinda stuff that made me subscribe to this channel.

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    Is it because of the shock vibration wave from the tail travels to the head? 🤔 What if you cut the tail with a method that have less vibration/shock 🤔 like cutting jelly.. Just curious.. I can't think of anything that can cut glass like cutting a jelly though 🤣

  7. -Coldfear-

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    Me while watching this: how can i use this to make an indestructible glass mace

  8. Adrian Roggeband

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    Is it possible to clip off the thin tail just before quenching the drop in the water? Would the drop be stronger without the tail?

  13. Anthony Repetto

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    Rod Yates10 kun oldin

    Destin, In your video using bullets on a PRD, did you notice that the shattering happens at both ends before progressing to the centre? Also, how can you express the limit that applies to the strength of the drop, relative to the force of the bullet? What if Prince Rupert had been able to watch Smarter Every Day? Also, if a blown glass bubble is rapidly dipped in cold water, it creates a crackle pattern, which when reheated can be blown up further to create a crackled effect.. So, what determines the size of the crackle?

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    Check out the Hydraulic Press Channel, or maybe their 2nd channel Beyond the Press. They used a ring of high speed cameras to get some insane video of breaking these things by shooting at the tail with a pellet gun. They also tested the hardness with their big hydraulic press and actually deformed the steel from the force. They are incredible structures.

  48. C B

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    Can someone please make a wax prince rupert's drop? Without blowing themselves up?

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    So what if you took the same Prince Rupert's drop and Heated and cooled it like a hundred or two hundred times. Maybe try cooling it in liquid nitrogen a few cycles. Could you make a diamond? You are only looking at a one cycle drop. Can we do it five times and make cubes or spheres? What if you took 10kg of drops and made a lens(s) from it? Would it be bullet proof? If you got a scratch on a Rupert's lens it would explode...

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    When you remelt the glass the tension built inside the drop is released, so by cooling it again you would get a normal prince rupert drop again. Given it doesn't explode while you're melting it.

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    I have my own question which may be related: I have often taken a piece of bent solid (not stranded) steel utility wire such as picture hanging wire. AWG20 size for example. I want to straighten this wire. If I squeeze the bends to flatten them in a vise, they spring back (at least partially.) But if I strike the bend to flatten it with a hammer against an anvil, it flattens out really well and stays flat. This is a relatively safe experiment that anyone can confirm! Why is this? (I have an idea as to the answer; related to hysteresis and sound recording on magnetic tape.) I think a good explanation would be interesting.

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    This explains what happened me when I tried to to replace my glass oven door but salvaging an old oven door and trying to cut the glass to fit using a grinder. I was able to grind lightly and thought I was making progress and then bang, like a chain reaction the entire sheet decimated. Now I know. Thanks.

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    Question: A Prince Rupert drop is formed by pouring molten glass into water. The basic physics of a difference in expansion due to a temperature gradient being present is nicely explained here. Would you achieve a stronger Prince Rupert drop if you would increase that temperature gradient aka pour the molten glass into liquid nitrogen?

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