Nazi Princesses - The Fates of Top Nazis' Wives & Mistresses

What happened to the wives and girlfriends of Hitler's inner circle when the war ended? Find out about Emmy Goering, Gretl Braun, Gerda Bormann, Margarete Himmler and several others.
Dr. Mark Felton is a well-known British historian, the author of 22 non-fiction books, including bestsellers 'Zero Night' and 'Castle of the Eagles', both currently being developed into movies in Hollywood. In addition to writing, Mark also appears regularly in television documentaries around the world, including on The History Channel, Netflix, National Geographic, Quest, American Heroes Channel and RMC Decouverte. His books have formed the background to several TV and radio documentaries. More information about Mark can be found at:
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Credits: Frank Braun; Matthias Süßen; Klaus M.; Thomas Richter


  1. liza divine

    liza divineSoat oldin

    Goehring didn’t have mistresses only because no one wanted to be crushed under his fat body.

  2. Stellae Fanninge

    Stellae Fanninge3 soat oldin

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  3. J O

    J O4 soat oldin

    This is very interesting. None of this is found in most history books. Soon Mr. Felton can write about the courtesans and princesses of Donald the First, a King wannabe of the Kingdom of the USA. He was deposed by popular vote and by Mr. Joe Biden. Mr. Felton should study the Court of Mar-a-Lago as well as the Trump Towers in NY and Chicago.

  4. Wil Castle

    Wil Castle4 soat oldin

    It's so weird when I met quite a few people with tattoo numbers on them. At first I didn't know why they had them. When I asked them about it most wouldn't answer. The few would say, "it's what they did then" and they said nothing else.

  5. Kayla Wise

    Kayla Wise6 soat oldin

    Content on this channel is better than most content on the history channel. And that short clip of Hitler smiling and hugging children is probably the most unsettling/creepy thing I've seen all week.

  6. Sara Holt

    Sara Holt6 soat oldin

    Look at all these patriots.

  7. Warren Blum

    Warren Blum7 soat oldin

    I'd do eva

  8. Cheryl Harewood

    Cheryl Harewood8 soat oldin

    Bunch of wicked evil people.

  9. wacka dakka

    wacka dakka8 soat oldin

    Imagine being called Adolf Von Ribbentrop

  10. Tess Elaynes

    Tess Elaynes9 soat oldin

    One of them in power in Germany I hear. You want to know who the real princesses are4 look at the Holy Roman Empire.

  11. 근영순항

    근영순항10 soat oldin

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  12. Reverend Ken

    Reverend Ken10 soat oldin

    The NAZIs were LEFTIES. Any connection to right wing anything is a fabrication to hide their socialist BS.

  13. Robert Ray

    Robert Ray13 soat oldin

    You can tell Hitler's wife was a bimbo just by watching

  14. peter frank

    peter frank14 soat oldin

    Nazi - Nazi - Nazi............mein ganzes Leben über höre ich das Wort Nazi...........aber dieses Wort gibt keinen der Reihenfolge der Buchstaben. Wenn das Wort NaSo wäre, dann würde das Sinn ergeben...... Die Partei hieß N ational S ozialistische D eutsche A rbeiter P artei, haben die das damals so gemacht mit dem Wort Nazi weil sie zu dumm waren, oder weil die davon ablenken wollten, dass sie selber Sozialisten waren/sind..?

  15. Melissa Jomama

    Melissa Jomama15 soat oldin

    Wow this was fascinating and so well presented.

  16. The Joyful Gadfly

    The Joyful Gadfly15 soat oldin

    this came up as recommended, as so worth it.

  17. liza divine

    liza divineSoat oldin

    I’m amazed, maybe UZnick is trying to help us. History always repeats itself.

  18. P. Candice Goddard

    P. Candice Goddard16 soat oldin

    I feel as if this is clickbait. If you title your video "Nazi Princessess - The Fates of Top Nazis' Wives & Mistresses" Then shouldn't real princesses be included? Like Princess Victoria Adelaide of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg?

  19. seraphiccandy21

    seraphiccandy2116 soat oldin

    Good job on pronouncing the German names!

  20. Nicole JANSENS

    Nicole JANSENS17 soat oldin

    Je me suis toujours demandé ci ses femmes était au courant des horreurs commises par leur mari ou amant

  21. Bubi Ruski

    Bubi Ruski9 soat oldin

    Peut etre quil n y avait pas d‘horreur

  22. buven chekro

    buven chekro17 soat oldin

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  23. Jimmy Cook 1

    Jimmy Cook 117 soat oldin

    Funny how the rich people in 2020 are doing the same thing to society today. Except now there called Bill Gates, Zuckerberg ,Murdoch etc etc. Now the "friends of Israel" criminal organisation with the blessing of the United Nations communist dictatorship are in charge and committing atrocities to man kind all over the planet. How Bazaar this is all turned out to be folks.

  24. Tones 43

    Tones 4318 soat oldin

    And now we have Jill biden

  25. Clifton Daigle

    Clifton Daigle20 soat oldin

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  26. Stevie Isabella To

    Stevie Isabella To20 soat oldin

    The nursing home I work at had a man who used to be a member of hitlers SS. He passed away before I started working there but apparently he was very violent and aggressive. He had dementia.

  27. Elena Gisa

    Elena Gisa3 soat oldin

    @Donna Tierney soo all people with dementia are punished by god? what a stupid and insensitive thing to say!

  28. Donna Tierney

    Donna Tierney5 soat oldin

    God has a way,,that makes you pay for things done..

  29. Amparo B.

    Amparo B.22 soat oldin

    I wonder if they are still alive during Covid times


    SID SIMON22 soat oldin

    I say the Allies should have used them for as much information as they could have gotten and then gifted them to Lavrentiy Beria for eventual disposal.

  31. Amaya Lyskaniuk

    Amaya Lyskaniuk23 soat oldin

    OoOooo I dont know how I missed this 😬 AUSSOME 🎉 Thanks Felton 🙏🏼

  32. Koil Zimbabwe

    Koil ZimbabweKun oldin

    Would be pretty cool to be grandson of the tops nazis

  33. Tim McKinney

    Tim McKinneyKun oldin

    Each and everyone of these people should have been executed. They all had a hand in the murder of Millions. The Women were just as guilty.

  34. Mora Escamilla

    Mora EscamillaKun oldin

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  35. shayshayabedin

    shayshayabedinKun oldin

    God the standard of beauty was so low back in then

  36. Mary Hough

    Mary HoughKun oldin

    It makes me so uncomfortable seeing these men dote over these children

  37. ByGraceIGo

    ByGraceIGoKun oldin

    I do not believe that Hitler and Eva Braun committed suicide as many people agree with this. The skull they found was not his it was a woman. I think he was a coward and he fled the country!

  38. Andrea Alta

    Andrea AltaKun oldin

    Did Hitler have any kids? If not why? I don’t get that. Didn’t him and Eva knock some boots in bed? I know just made someone vomit.

  39. Talkindurinthemovie

    TalkindurinthemovieKun oldin

    UZnick recommend this cuz they knew id watch

  40. Kevin Bell

    Kevin BellKun oldin

    Hitler is Elvis. This is relevant.

  41. JoRiver11

    JoRiver11Kun oldin

    Imagine the gaul in trying to fight to retain the booty that your father obtained through theft during the war. Amazing.

  42. Jane Deane

    Jane DeaneKun oldin

    DAYM these people is whhhhiiiiiiittte

  43. KymkryptiC

    KymkryptiCKun oldin

    YIKES 17:57 that kid had a 666 somewhere on her scalp. I just know it.

  44. W S

    W SKun oldin

    They breeded like puppies . They all should be killed to the last one plus their wealth should be taken and given to the victims of the war . Instead they were and are living sorounded by wealth while , like my family who lost absolutely everything, , are still fighting the demons of the war.

  45. Cynthia Masse

    Cynthia MasseKun oldin

    Nancy Pelosi's name should be added...

  46. jaspertodd

    jaspertoddKun oldin

    Does anyone else believe Hitler escaped? The skull that was supposedly his was DNA tested and came back negative

  47. jaspertodd

    jaspertoddKun oldin

    What Disney show is this

  48. OGR

    OGRKun oldin

    100 years from now Trump will be in these videos. Sigh.

  49. Vicki Noeske

    Vicki NoeskeKun oldin

    This was so interesting. I'd love to know more on this subject. Thanks for posting.

  50. Ken Steel

    Ken SteelKun oldin

    World leaches

  51. Ken Steel

    Ken SteelKun oldin

    Labor Camps

  52. Julie Lake

    Julie LakeKun oldin

    Seems unjust that so many of the wives, girlfriends and children of these top Nazis lived comfortably to old age. When they were responsible for the death and misery of so many. Life can be so unfair!

  53. OGR

    OGRKun oldin

    So many women fall for bad boys.

  54. Robyn Pruitt

    Robyn PruittKun oldin

    Why not speak of the fate of innocent German elderly women, women and little girls? Why not speak of the mass rapes of the German citizens by the Russian soldiers? Why not speak of the millions of German citizens sent off as slaves to other countries? QUIT YOUR HATRED FOR THE GERMANS! It is absolutely disgusting

  55. Neil Gardner

    Neil GardnerKun oldin

    Where to start with your delusions?

  56. Coiled Steel

    Coiled SteelKun oldin

    Some real stunners, but many don't know we're Also some Sweetie Pie Russian Gals (Not at all All like the Stereotypes we in the West later Portrayed as Big, Fat, and Ugly Peasants)



    Hitler did not commit suicide. Why do the video if you can't get that right!!!

  58. Dick Varga

    Dick VargaKun oldin

    widows were allowed to keep properety, derived from looting?

  59. Helen Jiggins

    Helen JigginsKun oldin

    This should be titled "Children of"

  60. Lori J

    Lori JKun oldin

    These Nazi monster's are not newsworthy.

  61. Knut

    KnutKun oldin

    21:58 Eva Pog Eva Pog

  62. Ruma Das

    Ruma DasKun oldin

    How strange!! The kids shown in the video are like my grandparents!!

  63. Madonna Wayne

    Madonna WayneKun oldin

    When young we had a little song about Hitler, "hottsie totsie, we have another Nazi". What did Hitler say when he found out a young woman was pregnant? This was in 1950s. Hete I find out the truth about that rhyme.

  64. See Canon

    See CanonKun oldin

    Hitler said nothing as he had died in the 1940s.

  65. William Oright

    William OrightKun oldin

    Who’s the dapper little guy with the tidy moustache?

  66. Pieter-Gerhardt Roos

    Pieter-Gerhardt RoosKun oldin

    I wonder when he is going to make a video about the war crimes the British committed during the Anglo-Boer war, or maybe he doesn't want to tarnish the Empire's "sparkling" reputation.

  67. Sabeida Arias

    Sabeida AriasKun oldin

    I just wish Death take the last of them so nobody remember the Evil done for there assenters

  68. Caroline Howard

    Caroline HowardKun oldin

    Wow I hung on every word of this. Love the pictures, film and narration. Will definitely subscribe and watch more. Thanks for uploading 👏👏👏

  69. Charlotta R

    Charlotta RKun oldin

    Edda = allegedly.... Emmy Dankt dem Adujanten. just saying.

  70. Raymond Siebert

    Raymond SiebertKun oldin

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  71. Stanley James Adie

    Stanley James AdieKun oldin

    Myth buster Stan -- Hitler committed suicide because he realised how bad marriage really was.

  72. Katie Ward

    Katie WardKun oldin

    I wonder if we will ever know the real reason for the war. Bound to be money related at the root of it all.

  73. Katharina Stemmer

    Katharina StemmerKun oldin

    The real reason were the reparations from the first world the heads of many ppl WWI never really ended properly because the enemy troops hardly fought in germany when the parties surrendered and got rid of the emperor. So the old political parties were never accepted, the reparations were causing widespread poverty and many didn't accept the previous loss. So the people in germany, even without Hitler, were looking for some other leadership aside from the parties that betrayed the emperor, surrendered early and agreed to high reparations, and people wanted another war against France (there have been many wars between France and Germany - it was a very deep seated enmity and things had been going back and fourth for centuries, so the recent defeat called for revenge in people's minds). Most didn't want the Emperor back because, since everyone adored Bismarck as a chancellor, the Emperor was widely considered a spoiled brat that didn't appreciate the man's loyalty and dedication. Anyway, even if no Hitler showed up there would have been a strong demand for a war against France at least. The war against the other countries? Or even a world war? Not so much, it was all about France for most germans. Btw yes I am german.

  74. Libra

    LibraKun oldin

    And they all lived miserably, gloomy lives and turned into spitefull witches...

  75. Fresno Joe

    Fresno JoeKun oldin


  76. WMA

    WMAKun oldin

    You don’t mention the grandchildren, specifically the ones that had themselves sterilised so as not to continue their line.

  77. bre sweet tea

    bre sweet tea2 soat oldin

    Oh yeah! I remember hearing about Hitler's nephews(?) doing the same

  78. Rain Storm

    Rain Storm7 soat oldin

    Wow didn’t know that

  79. Nightsgrow

    NightsgrowKun oldin

    Hang on, himmler had a son named Helga? That’s a woman’s name

  80. old and let down

    old and let downKun oldin

    The pictures are black and white the war was in colour ....the Boss company made such stylish suits ...there faces didn’t show the evil that they had created ....bizarre time ..

  81. John Nau

    John NauKun oldin

    All of you Gump like people make this statement of these people being right wing. Nationalized businesses, and large public works run by the goverent are hallmarks of socialism. It's pretty clear this form of government, nationalism combined with socialism hence, thier term, national socialism. Gumps!

  82. carpe diem

    carpe diemKun oldin

    How could anyone be an unrepentant Nazi? But then, in America we have unrepentant Trumpers.

  83. carpe diem

    carpe diemKun oldin

    @wayne antoniazzi Something like 60 percent of Republicans still support Trump, totally unrepentant even after he launched the siege in DC. Hard to believe. And I voted for and still support the Clintons. They and Obama gave us competent government. Nothing showy, just hard work. Trump watched Fox News all day. Then again, that would take a lot of effort and a strong stomach.

  84. wayne antoniazzi

    wayne antoniazziKun oldin

    I seem to recall a whole passel of unrepentant, strident, hysterical Clintonistas from 2016 to 2020, or have you forgotten? And don't try to play the "Whataboutism" game as far as recent events are concerned. The morons who attacked the Capitol were a bare handful of the 75 million Trump supporters. The FBI's hunting them down even as we speak, they'll pay the price for their thuggery, and rightfully so! And that's all I'm going to say on that subject.

  85. FЯΛЩGY

    FЯΛЩGYKun oldin

    12:33 well damn, Martin. 🤤🤤🤤🤤

  86. Nadeem Afzal

    Nadeem AfzalKun oldin

    Thank u Mark - this is fascinating history and thank u for sharing - u r clearly the master in subject and an impressive writer of so many books Subscribed....

  87. Vaughn Williams

    Vaughn WilliamsKun oldin

    The articles were "seized" , but not by the government, but by government workers as souvenirs. She was stupid to trust anyone about the location.

  88. Jamie Angel

    Jamie Angel2 kun oldin

    Hitler: frowned upon divorce for "moral" reasons Also Hitler: major fan of ethnic cleansing

  89. J O

    J O4 soat oldin

    Yes, like Republicans (Neo Nazis) today. The frown upon abortion, but then refused to pass the 1.9trillion for poor people, condemning them to hungers and homelessness..

  90. firechef75

    firechef752 kun oldin

    Your videos really are fantastic, dude.

  91. Noor Javed

    Noor Javed2 kun oldin

    Hitler have children ??

  92. chris musclow

    chris musclow2 kun oldin

    Whats up with the intro dramatic sinister music on ur videos?

  93. K. Victor

    K. Victor2 kun oldin

    Why are the Nazi women and children ugly🤣

  94. Garrett Davis

    Garrett Davis2 kun oldin


  95. DrPeri

    DrPeri2 kun oldin

    How to dress for a nazi wedding: Matching Nazi swastikas.

  96. brian stanziale

    brian stanziale2 kun oldin

    Sandra Bullocks Grandfather was a NAZI rocket scientist.

  97. Wilka

    Wilka2 kun oldin

    Why didn't you mention the Goebbels family who sacrificed the most of all these people?

  98. Indy

    Indy2 kun oldin

    Just for the record, they were never in that bunker during the time Russia invaded Berlin.

  99. Vanessa Costello

    Vanessa Costello2 kun oldin

    Damnnn okaaay Martin Bormann.

  100. Johnny Matias

    Johnny Matias2 kun oldin

    Lmao, my fiance heard the intro through her headphones and reacted in utter disgust, she recognizes the music from iMovie in middle school making our class videos.

  101. Frank Panion

    Frank Panion2 kun oldin

    A show about Facebook & UZnick

  102. Wintermelin

    Wintermelin2 kun oldin

    My favourite part is the one where the guy was like "hey we surrender, hehe, can we get off for free since we surrendered?" after LITERALLY murdering millions of people??? This never fails to amaze me.

  103. Dunstadme

    Dunstadme2 kun oldin

    That hat at 17:09 sums up his thoughts during the war doesn't it.

  104. Jim Slim

    Jim Slim2 kun oldin

    Nancy Pelosi is Eva Braun.

  105. Mary See

    Mary See2 kun oldin

    I cared for a woman at a nursing home in the U.S. who had been a mistress to a high level Nazi officer. After the war, she wandered around Europe with a shaved head and two young daughters, depending on the kindness of strangers to feed her and her children. Ended up in Lichtenstein, then the U.S. Became a U.S. citizen shortly before dying in her early 90's. She was mean as a snake, biting, cussing and spitting on anyone who came near her.

  106. liza divine

    liza divineSoat oldin

    I have cared for priests and nuns who were dying and they were either very demanding or very restless and fretful.

  107. Andrea Müller

    Andrea Müller3 soat oldin

    A German here. My grandmother was a nurse. She survived the war with her 6 children, in the post-war period 2 children died as a result of starvation and polio. She did her best, but she was alone. She developed heart disease and died of a heart attack at the age of 64. I remember an incident when she visited her again in the hospital because of her illness. Well, I was still very young and visiting sick people is often very boring for children. So I go out of the room and walked down the hall. In another room two nurses were talking to each other. "who brings "The Dragon" their tea?" Nobody wanted to be the one. And I thought, "Oh, you have a dragon here too?" (I was still in my "Prince saves princess from dragons"- phase). I was very surprised when it became clear that my dear grandma was "the dragon". I knew her as a gentle, lovable and warm-heart person, she always worked a lot and was otherwise full of strength ... but she hated being sick and helpless. She was a good nurse, but she was a terrible patient. None of the nurses could do it well enough for her. She was like a drill sergant ... hence the nickname "The Dragon". ;) You`re not the same Person when you are sick .

  108. M B

    M B15 soat oldin

    @Jimmy Cook 1 😂 😂 😂

  109. Joseph Clark

    Joseph Clark17 soat oldin

    Now that is interesting. I used to take care of a woman who grew up in Berlin during the war. She was six when the Nazis took over. She said her mother was anti nazi and she would tell her "Mom watch what you say or you will get arrested." She is still alive and is the kindest sweetest woman that ever lived!!!! The woman you are talking about MAY have had dementia. I have talked to relatives of people who have dementia and they said there relatives were never like that until they got the disease. The war or perhaps guilt may have even made her crazy. You have a good day and thank you for taking care of those less fortunate. It takes a special person to care.

  110. Jimmy Cook 1

    Jimmy Cook 117 soat oldin

    @M B wow I always thought they were shape shifting goannas from Australia. LOL 😄😄😄😄😄😄👍

  111. Robert Manley

    Robert Manley2 kun oldin

    Hey Darling how about a family outing with Daddy to Buchewald

  112. A A

    A A2 kun oldin

    How about a documentary on the "grooming gangs", which are now terrorizing the children of Europe? (crickets) Why not focus on current injustices instead of obsessing with the past? Why does the media constantly hide the crimes of non whites, but obsess on crimes committed by a small number of whites, hundreds of years ago?

  113. Linda Marie

    Linda Marie2 kun oldin

    pretty interesting

  114. Thomas Crowe

    Thomas Crowe2 kun oldin


  115. Jenny

    Jenny2 kun oldin

    Showing this now? Why because there’s a war on white people

  116. J Wonders

    J Wonders2 kun oldin

    They still walk among us. Why all the DNA tests? Bloodlines?

  117. James Wesson

    James Wesson2 kun oldin

    Nothing about Angela Merkel?

  118. View Beyond

    View Beyond2 kun oldin

    Wow.. Just amazing. Mark thank you!!