NEW *C4 DRONE* in Rainbow Six Siege (Operation Crimson Heist)

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  1. Nugget 2.0

    Nugget 2.0Kun oldin

    Bug made simp

  2. Nugget 2.0

    Nugget 2.0Kun oldin


  3. Ashleigh Leslie

    Ashleigh Leslie2 kun oldin

    I’ve developed a crush on nug and now I’m jealous of the female who gets to play with him 🥺

  4. PilgrimSlapper

    PilgrimSlapper2 kun oldin

    Wait why did it say 3v5 when u nitro cell killed 2 people

  5. Satan Satan

    Satan Satan3 kun oldin

    Ah yes the floor is made out of flore

  6. melapelas

    melapelas4 kun oldin

    Watching this high af

  7. arisulv

    arisulv4 kun oldin

    Rip spawn

  8. Chrissy.-.

    Chrissy.-.5 kun oldin

    I don’t recognize custard with his new headset audio I missed the old one D:

  9. Jalen Howard

    Jalen Howard6 kun oldin

    he look like an anime character!

  10. Magic woosh6145

    Magic woosh61457 kun oldin

    I ship nug and foo


    SABALIL DAS8 kun oldin

    enemy RCXD imbound

  12. Potato

    Potato8 kun oldin

    I got a McDonald’s ad at 6:36 and he...

  13. Meme Anator

    Meme Anator8 kun oldin

    Did anybody notice that fooya killed coconut brah

  14. N0_N4M3 YT

    N0_N4M3 YT9 kun oldin

    That time limit is dumb

  15. Kuandi

    Kuandi9 kun oldin

    Pearl Was 12?????

  16. TORTH

    TORTH9 kun oldin

    I feel like nug was flirting

  17. Austin Ainsworth

    Austin Ainsworth10 kun oldin

    In the first clip nug looks like the grandpa from up lol

  18. Tahir

    Tahir10 kun oldin

    why the does nug look like a lesbian with a platinum american express card

  19. Lucid Effex

    Lucid Effex10 kun oldin

    who else likes nugs older thumbnails.

  20. Yashi Fix

    Yashi Fix10 kun oldin

    Wait Lonnie is a boy

  21. Huh Wow

    Huh Wow10 kun oldin

    I already see the new op gonna have 2 bomb drones on its final nerf

  22. levit8n souls

    levit8n souls10 kun oldin

    1:25 Duke Dennis : is all about the execution

  23. Sneakythief39

    Sneakythief3910 kun oldin

    We’ve wanted a explosive character for so long

  24. Victor Marquez

    Victor Marquez11 kun oldin

    Lonnie simps for fooya

  25. Owen F

    Owen F11 kun oldin

    This really didn’t show in the sub box huh?

  26. Flopptartz

    Flopptartz11 kun oldin

    Nugget looks like a white version of Jaden Smith

  27. Jt8legend_PS4

    Jt8legend_PS411 kun oldin

    Nugs a bts singer

  28. Evan Sondgeroth

    Evan Sondgeroth11 kun oldin


  29. Not Kanwar

    Not Kanwar11 kun oldin

    day 1 of asking nugget what his pc's specs are.

  30. Andrew Harris

    Andrew Harris11 kun oldin

    At 5:45 he kills two enemies with a c4 and it says 3v5 not 5v3..

  31. Ridid ulous

    Ridid ulous11 kun oldin

    A lil pre blow 😂😂😂🌬️

  32. CoinCobra

    CoinCobra11 kun oldin

    let's be real....we all thought he would be op but he seems okay

  33. Chimera

    Chimera11 kun oldin

    every time I look at you Nug your slowly turning more korean then the last time

  34. Yan Uehara

    Yan Uehara11 kun oldin

    Nug looks like an off brand Michael reeves.

  35. Lucas J

    Lucas J11 kun oldin

    R6 is just terrible now since lions release

  36. Maxymoo

    Maxymoo11 kun oldin

    2:40 wait what is that final planting?

  37. Silver FlameX20

    Silver FlameX2011 kun oldin

    Where Flores from

  38. Logan619

    Logan61911 kun oldin

    I feel like this should’ve been a twitch or IQ rework Also I think they should’ve had different guns maybe one of Jackals or soem old gangster gun like an uzi look at him lol and he definitely should’ve had a revolver

  39. s m

    s m12 kun oldin

    1:22 that's what she said

  40. Jake Stuckey

    Jake Stuckey12 kun oldin

    was that custard at the start?

  41. Vambium

    Vambium12 kun oldin

    spawntaneous overplays being a girl gamer too much

  42. MURDACOPA623 623

    MURDACOPA623 62312 kun oldin

    I dont like how they changed the countdown

  43. WaterSpecteclz

    WaterSpecteclz12 kun oldin

    Holy you have 4 of those?

  44. OreozN_ Xavier

    OreozN_ Xavier12 kun oldin


  45. Wiktor Wojciechowski

    Wiktor Wojciechowski12 kun oldin

    Because of nuggets aim I realized that I just need teammates to get plat 1 cuz I already aim better lmao

  46. BrandoSkin

    BrandoSkin12 kun oldin

    hey nug i got your charm

  47. Bm N

    Bm N12 kun oldin

    The rightful cormorant orally trade because hood longitudinally post for a lush beach. striped, whole tiger

  48. Elton Mendez

    Elton Mendez12 kun oldin

    Nugget looks like majin buu but the fat version

  49. Smitemo

    Smitemo12 kun oldin

    Why do you look like a drug addict?

  50. Wickster32

    Wickster3212 kun oldin

    I loved this video

  51. Rockstarrclarke

    Rockstarrclarke12 kun oldin

    Damn I have t watched this dude for like two years lol.

  52. We_need_2talk -

    We_need_2talk -12 kun oldin

    This is a good video

  53. Alt Reverse

    Alt Reverse12 kun oldin

    imagine mozzie get the rcxd car

  54. FaZe udead08

    FaZe udead0812 kun oldin

    "Narcoleptic push pop" lol

  55. carbinne

    carbinne12 kun oldin

    me watching this video family friendly music plays* me:since when

  56. Fāwazッ

    Fāwazッ12 kun oldin


  57. Flynn Walton

    Flynn Walton12 kun oldin

    I got rickrolled on an ad

  58. Jennifer Lairson

    Jennifer Lairson12 kun oldin

    \ / 0 0 (___)

  59. Naraedha Wigar

    Naraedha Wigar12 kun oldin

    Lmao, ubisoft probably going to nerf him by removing 1 or 2 RC-XD

  60. Kane-reviews

    Kane-reviews12 kun oldin

    Legend says it the new op is gay

  61. Joel

    Joel12 kun oldin

    fooya and nug? ❤️

  62. Liam Juvan

    Liam Juvan12 kun oldin

    Why do I feel that Nugget stopped gaining subs when Dils stopped telling everyone to subscribe and like the video?

  63. Nicholas Fonseca

    Nicholas Fonseca13 kun oldin

    The new season dropped? I’m confused😂😂😂🤦‍♂️

  64. Astro

    Astro13 kun oldin

    HD-XD deployed

  65. Ashton Neighbours

    Ashton Neighbours13 kun oldin

    I like how the girl didn’t get the pre blow joke 😭😭

  66. Luka Lloyd-Walters

    Luka Lloyd-Walters13 kun oldin

    Hot wheels 2.0

  67. Gerardo Herrera

    Gerardo Herrera13 kun oldin

    In your desc, custard’s twitch is fooya’s

  68. austin

    austin13 kun oldin

    wait is that fooya from like Tk??

  69. Tenzou Sama

    Tenzou Sama13 kun oldin

    That lonnie clip @9:10 🤣🤣

  70. JayBM

    JayBM13 kun oldin

    Wow fooya made it over here

  71. paul o rourke

    paul o rourke13 kun oldin

    So basically if the rc-xd from b02 and hc-xd from b03 combined

  72. Baylen Cardenas

    Baylen Cardenas13 kun oldin

    Why is Nug hairs pink? What did I miss?

  73. Kool-aid -man

    Kool-aid -man13 kun oldin

    “I retract that statement or else I’m gonna be put in a crabby pattie jail”

  74. Robin Barba

    Robin Barba13 kun oldin

    Idk where are they. ???

  75. MyLifeBeLike

    MyLifeBeLike13 kun oldin

    Where’s the pack opening?? ITS AT 44K likes lmao

  76. sergeant_maqui

    sergeant_maqui13 kun oldin


  77. Victor F

    Victor F13 kun oldin

    They’re ruining the game

  78. John Casella

    John Casella13 kun oldin


  79. NRG Ebola

    NRG Ebola13 kun oldin

    “Blow it BLOW IT BLOW IT” Ah to early

  80. Isaac Ordenes

    Isaac Ordenes13 kun oldin

    Why didnt this get notified to me

  81. vinb123

    vinb12313 kun oldin

    pearl is 16 just looked it up so if you are in the UK it is ok but USA big nono.

  82. Brody Voltz

    Brody Voltz13 kun oldin

    Does the bomb act like a grenade or c4 and kills instantly

  83. Brian Smith

    Brian Smith13 kun oldin

    WHY DOES UBISOFT KEEP USING THE SAME GUNS THIS GAME IS SO GAY at this point. Like wtf can we get a new gun my Godddd

  84. H. TUCKZ 12

    H. TUCKZ 1213 kun oldin

    Is this siege or cod?

  85. Gamer Joe 44

    Gamer Joe 4413 kun oldin

    6:19 song pls ?

  86. Fruit salad Yumi Yumi Yumi

    Fruit salad Yumi Yumi Yumi13 kun oldin

    Nice 👍 cut g

  87. David Kuba

    David Kuba13 kun oldin

    *sad athieno noises*

  88. ابو فهد العمري

    ابو فهد العمري13 kun oldin

    i know doing weird stuff is fun but PINKKKKKKKKKKKKK?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? you are better then this dude

  89. Marcus Acosta

    Marcus Acosta13 kun oldin

    Gotta love custard

  90. Kadian Burger

    Kadian Burger14 kun oldin

    That the player count sometimes isn’t on the right teamside is bugging the shit out of me

  91. Argelis Colon

    Argelis Colon14 kun oldin

    You should try a new game your good at r6 but r6 mad boring tho

  92. Carlos Estrada

    Carlos Estrada14 kun oldin

    The time font has been changed aye

  93. YBK

    YBK14 kun oldin

    Nug noooooo why u look better when u look normal

  94. Bad guy 456

    Bad guy 45614 kun oldin

    Just or did no one noticed they killed bruh

  95. Prof. Pete

    Prof. Pete14 kun oldin

    Lol nug you should make a video of nothing but kills from the new secondary weapon

  96. Martin Novoa

    Martin Novoa14 kun oldin

    foya killed coconoutbra and you guys dident even realiase it

  97. kutvuykvuy utilitieukyvuyiv

    kutvuykvuy utilitieukyvuyiv13 kun oldin

    I think they did, but they really didn't care

  98. Caleb

    Caleb14 kun oldin

    Just played with you on the test servers as txv. Good to see you nugget had to come back and watch the video again

  99. The Reaper

    The Reaper14 kun oldin

    Imagine calling that a genuine idea lol

  100. lil doubleb

    lil doubleb14 kun oldin

    Noooooooo!!!! Looks nice

  101. Yes in fact I play Cod

    Yes in fact I play Cod14 kun oldin

    Xbox don’t got it

  102. charman

    charman14 kun oldin

    I can’t even sub lmao