NRA TV: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

The NRA's streaming lifestyle network aims to boost gun sales, often by using an ominous tone that would make just about anything sound terrifying...including muffins.
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  1. Mr. Raccoon

    Mr. RaccoonKun oldin

    america is fucking stupid. it’s harder for an english cop to get a gun then a random hillbilly in america.

  2. Christ Kampton

    Christ KamptonKun oldin

    joke aside facts are facts f with our guns or life choices alligators' get a feeding and life goes on

  3. Michael

    MichaelKun oldin

    Fuck the NRA. God bless i live in germany and dont have to be feared to get killed by an idiot with a gun. More than 20k people get killed a year get by weapons in USA, in other countries you would call it civil war. The usa is a shithole with 3rd world countries beliefs

  4. Karen Watkins

    Karen Watkins2 kun oldin

    I can scare these NRA guys to death. Let them give me an AR-15. I am a 60-something with poor eyesight, arthritis, and familial tremor, none of these very well controlled. There is a very good chance that, if I try to aim for a target, all the people around me will unintentionally get hit.

  5. Eggs Bruhnadict

    Eggs Bruhnadict2 kun oldin

    They don’t care. All they want is money

  6. Alex Voytovich

    Alex Voytovich2 kun oldin

    What a big man, smashed a TV that weighs 15 pounds, what a bro!

  7. Eggs Bruhnadict

    Eggs Bruhnadict2 kun oldin

    Feel emasculated just watching it

  8. Luke T

    Luke T4 kun oldin

    can i just say that in the army almost every soldier ive met from these heartland bumfuck towns has always said the words "I'm never going back"

  9. Eggs Bruhnadict

    Eggs Bruhnadict2 kun oldin

    War changes you. Humans are not meant for it. Guns cause so much god damn damage to us

  10. Rin 1531

    Rin 15314 kun oldin

    I want pancakes now...🥞

  11. Emarcee Q'em

    Emarcee Q'em5 kun oldin

    To be fair, statistically, i think most women are going to use guns for self-defense, which, imagine all the rapists that would get shot-

  12. Juan Hernandez

    Juan Hernandez6 kun oldin

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  13. Angela Dyson

    Angela Dyson8 kun oldin

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  14. Matthew Hymer

    Matthew Hymer9 kun oldin

    I'm sure this will get deleted but here it goes. You didn't provide any data, facts or legitimate information at all in regards to your attack on nratv. I'm not sure what the point of this was. You overreacted to everything that someone on nratv said or did. The oohs and aahs every time you saw a gun, someone shooting or discussing a firearm were very overplayed and you act as if you're watching unstable murderers weild weapons with the intent on killing innocent human beings and you'd likely find that these are the last people on earth to harm another person unless out of self defense. The fact is that there are hundreds of millions of Americans that you do not represent and they do not represent your inner city liberal studio audience that has no idea what outdoor living or rural life is like. You saw an ar 15 (which was actually an M&p 15-22 in. 22 lr, a child's round) getting shot and you acted as if the lady tore off a baby's arm. This was kind of sickening. Yes the AR 15 is one of the most effective ways to defend yourself and family and you act as if "OH MY GOD CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS". Yes I can, I've had to defend my home from invaders and they ran at first sight of my AR. Maybe you live a life of luxary where you would never encounter such a thing happen to you. You probably have never had a physical altercation occur in your life and will never have one. I'm sure you live in a gated community where your worst fear is a plumbing leak. This isn't the case for millions of Americans and yes when it comes to defending my life and the lives of those I love, I want the best tool available to protect the one thing that they cannot get back, their life. If a mistake was made or a malfunction occured I could never forgive myself. What on earth do you expect? When a dire situation is at hand, wouldn't you want the same? I'm sure you're using the best cameras and audio technology, professional athletes use the best gear, Nass uses the best technology, doctors use the best technology. Are you faulting people for wanting the same? Perhaps if you ever have a surgery, tell the doctor to use a spork and chopsticks because to your logic, a matter of life or death doesn't require the best tools available. This video is disgusting and nothing but leftist rhetoric to demonize the heart of this nation and the states that you fly over. This nation isn't represented by LA or New York. Our stakes are not placed in those places. Mostly we consider LA and NY as alien and thick with mass hysteria. The real people of this nation that work with their hands and have neighbors in which they try and do right by do want to protect and defend their family and cannot afford armed security like you can. If we could, a lot of us wouldn't care much to own a gun for personal protection, but we can't afford this and we are our own personal protection. You may want to reconsider before you bash what hundreds of millions of Americans support and find absolutely necessary in their lives. I wish you the best but I cannot give you my gratitude any longer or any likes or my subscription. Best regards.

  15. Matthew Hymer

    Matthew HymerKun oldin

    @Michael I wouldn't wish this on anyone but I hope you never find yourself in a position where you'd need a gun. If you do then remember this conversation.

  16. Matthew Hymer

    Matthew HymerKun oldin

    @Michael I'm guessing you don't live in the US. Otherwise you wouldn't be saying that. As a matter of fact. How do you know what you're talking about if you don't live here?

  17. Michael

    MichaelKun oldin

    Your country is a shithole, and your beliefs in weapon is one of it

  18. Michelle Nguyen

    Michelle Nguyen9 kun oldin

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  19. Alfredo Aguirre

    Alfredo Aguirre9 kun oldin

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  20. KingLorrymar

    KingLorrymar9 kun oldin

    Does anyone else think the NRA’s voiceover guy is trying a bit too hard to sound like Ronald Reagan?

  21. valerie mackey

    valerie mackey10 kun oldin

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  22. taehoon oh

    taehoon oh10 kun oldin

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  23. akaimizu1

    akaimizu111 kun oldin

    14:58 gets one of the “Ooof of 2021” hindsight awards. Spoken from someone caught stealing funds, and giving a warning about something that “allegedly” happens from some of the very people they lobbied in the first place.

  24. Ardis Hobart

    Ardis Hobart12 kun oldin

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  25. Robert Johnson

    Robert Johnson12 kun oldin

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  26. CryingNight Animation

    CryingNight Animation12 kun oldin

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  27. Jordan Lawson

    Jordan Lawson12 kun oldin

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  28. Ash Duk

    Ash Duk12 kun oldin

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  29. Bea Writing

    Bea Writing12 kun oldin

    To be fair, the movie reenactment show actually looks interesting. Not sure if there is propaganda in it, but I have seen shows like it on other channels.

  30. Kara Matida

    Kara Matida13 kun oldin

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  31. Joshua B

    Joshua B13 kun oldin

    14:59 "Teenage girls are trafficked in sex trade." Yeah, and it's by Matt Gaetz lmao. NRA ain't solving that problem

  32. J. A.

    J. A.13 kun oldin

    NRA TV seems like satire and it terrifies me to know it’s not

  33. Angela Dyson

    Angela Dyson14 kun oldin

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  34. Rafael Oviedo

    Rafael Oviedo14 kun oldin

    I smoke marijuana. John Oliver ... I will not lie. They're a lot of people that denounce this plant. But, my message isn't about this. My statement is. EVIL recognises EVIL. That is truth and fact. Be cool, man ... I dig the show.

  35. Isaac Stevens

    Isaac Stevens14 kun oldin

    The editors deciding to end the episode with the sledgehammer scene was excellent

  36. Nunna Yrbznz

    Nunna Yrbznz15 kun oldin

    That first nutty ad with the long balck haired NRA gal shouting has a huge football player neck... it's actually bigger than her head... so is it a girlie head put on a football players body by computer? or is that Is that the way we are evolving? Oops! Needed to wait..her? name is Dana. All the girlie ads Had to have been written by men... guns around a baby theme? Gun purses? Guns for women cleaning, Guys fondling a gun. that idisturbingly comes with it's own tiny sack. .. eau la la Still living in mom's basement?

  37. Sanyo Nazyin

    Sanyo Nazyin17 kun oldin

    Was that John Bailey from Channel Awesome talking about muffins and flapjacks?

  38. Alonso Sevilla

    Alonso Sevilla17 kun oldin

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  39. Carla Houston

    Carla Houston17 kun oldin

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  40. erika flores

    erika flores17 kun oldin

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  41. Stormyweather

    Stormyweather17 kun oldin

    Media Lab actually sounds kinda interesting, seeing if movie scenes are possible or if they’ve taken some liberties.

  42. jas bhanga;

    jas bhanga;18 kun oldin

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  43. Andrea Garrett

    Andrea Garrett18 kun oldin

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  44. darkprince56

    darkprince5619 kun oldin

    Unarmed people are merely subjects, armed people are citizens.

  45. Blue Sheep

    Blue Sheep19 kun oldin

    The only thing I agree with here is that what is alive must return to the earth, as im a norse pagan, the rest of this was like what the literal fuck

  46. Gabriel Anderson

    Gabriel Anderson20 kun oldin

    The little cross of human bones made by a p.o.w is objectively dope though

  47. Jonathan Hughes

    Jonathan Hughes20 kun oldin

    Oliver truly disgust me.. he really does..

  48. Zoe Kirk

    Zoe Kirk20 kun oldin

    This video hits different after the capitol riots

  49. Ri Wu

    Ri Wu21 kun oldin

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  50. Maxwell Edison

    Maxwell Edison22 kun oldin

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    Samuel Caster22 kun oldin

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    Jacqueline Hughes22 kun oldin

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  54. The Frozen Shadow King

    The Frozen Shadow King23 kun oldin

    I tried to find NRATV on my roku but all I can find is NRA women

  55. Amalita Perini

    Amalita Perini23 kun oldin

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  56. Chris Lau

    Chris Lau24 kun oldin

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  57. Shawn Chamberss

    Shawn Chamberss24 kun oldin

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  58. Pinecone Queen

    Pinecone Queen24 kun oldin

    Wtf is Roku?

  59. PrincessRose15

    PrincessRose1524 kun oldin

    This hits a little different after the mass shooting on Monday.

  60. sassymycat hamilton

    sassymycat hamilton24 kun oldin

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  61. alline jhon

    alline jhon24 kun oldin

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  62. Slime time Jolie

    Slime time Jolie25 kun oldin

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  63. J King

    J King25 kun oldin

    Ar-15’s aren’t scary until it’s in the hands of a mass shooter aiming at you with great accuracy and easy use of the rifle being able to hold high capacity of rounds so 1 of those bullets is bound to hit you when you least expect it.

  64. yohei72

    yohei7225 kun oldin

    This is a high bar these days, but I've never seen a factual report that seemed more like an Onion TV parody.

  65. John Queen

    John Queen25 kun oldin

    Gun laws are hard. Like get rid of guns and that is bad But if you let everyone have a gun then that is also bad. What do we do? We copy Switzerland’s gun laws. They only had 1 mass shooting. And they have more guns than we do.

  66. Night Hawk

    Night Hawk26 kun oldin

    Why put the sledgehammer to the TV set when you can shoot it???

  67. Clarissa Moreno

    Clarissa Moreno26 kun oldin

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  68. pTah626ickness

    pTah626ickness26 kun oldin

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  69. Dawn Nona

    Dawn Nona27 kun oldin

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    Clarissa Moreno27 kun oldin

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  71. Scarlett O'Hara

    Scarlett O'Hara28 kun oldin

    If NRA is so conscious of all the threats Americans face then shouldn't they be in favour of comprehensive background checks? How can you be afraid of the drug cartels and domestic ISIS sympathisers and yet make it so much easier for them to obtain AR 15s? They'd definitely not make it through a background check.

  72. Nanofuture87

    Nanofuture8727 kun oldin

    Drug cartels don't need to bother with gun stores, they get guns straight from corrupt government officials.

  73. Matin Selva

    Matin Selva29 kun oldin

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    Paco Bhangal29 kun oldin

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    s scOy oldin

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  76. 0 to Infinity

    0 to InfinityOy oldin

    I like one show on guns and that is forgotten weapon on YT.

  77. Livi Mauro

    Livi MauroOy oldin

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  78. Techno Logic

    Techno LogicOy oldin

    "The ar-15 is one of the most effective tools to protect you and your family" Stub your toe often? Just shoot the table! Your child about to fall down the stairs? Well, just shoot gravity!

  79. Xavier Lajoie

    Xavier LajoieOy oldin

    If someone told me this was a parody in South Park or GTA, I would've wholeheartedly agreed.

  80. Sarah Kuder

    Sarah KuderOy oldin

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  81. It’s Cthulhu

    It’s CthulhuOy oldin

    Am I the only one who thinks it’s ironic for a trump supporter to use a clenched fist as a metaphor, since the clenched fist is a communist symbol?

  82. Emizul kamarul arifin

    Emizul kamarul arifinOy oldin

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  83. Nate Levinson

    Nate LevinsonOy oldin

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    Elsa TanOy oldin

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  85. meinenNamen sagichnet

    meinenNamen sagichnetOy oldin

    I once argued with an nice older american lady who moved to germany and felt unsafe because she wasnt allowed to bring her guns. I thought a lot about it but came to the conclusion, guns will never protect anyone. Policemen have guns with them, and are shot anyway. Why? Because to avoid being shot you need to shoot first. So you do not start fighting back when you are attacked but when you feel like you could be attacked. Safety wests protect you from guns, guns stop the aggeessor, or the person with the silly shaped stick who just went up the wrong driveway because all architects in america seem to just hit copy and paste to build a suburb.

  86. Hunter Knettel

    Hunter KnettelOy oldin

    "Death is an unavoidable fuel for life" would sound a lot more pleasant if it was coming from a weed-smoking hippy who was just contemplating existence than from a gun-wielding hog who thinks it's okay that death can come unexpectedly at the hands of mentally ill human beings using machines designed by human beings to kill other human beings

  87. CryingNight Animation

    CryingNight AnimationOy oldin

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  88. Cori Robinson

    Cori RobinsonOy oldin

    I think I saw some of them in the footage from the attack on the Capitol. It would be interesting to find out if any of these people were there.

  89. Francisco Gutierrez

    Francisco GutierrezOy oldin

    Im glad that idiot Colion Noir wasnt in this video

  90. Wagner Jonathan

    Wagner JonathanOy oldin

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  91. Elsa Tan

    Elsa TanOy oldin

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  92. James Ambrosini

    James AmbrosiniOy oldin

    Good job Harry Roku, founder of Roku!

  93. Zhepard

    ZhepardOy oldin

    I like guns, i have guns, but there are certain guns that the average citizen does not need. And for those saying "imma fight off the tyrannical govt" just know that predator drones exist.

  94. Damani Briggs

    Damani BriggsOy oldin

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  95. Latchman Mangra

    Latchman MangraOy oldin

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  96. Peter Smith

    Peter SmithOy oldin

    "Domestic terrorists may storm the capitol." oh wait........

  97. Ebenezer Sam

    Ebenezer SamOy oldin

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  98. Luz Rogers

    Luz RogersOy oldin

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  99. Nick Scudiero

    Nick ScudieroOy oldin

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  100. Laura Wells

    Laura WellsOy oldin

    Oh John Oliver, if you could have just had a peek into the future. Turns out the good old NRA was just another money- hungry, dishonest, bunch of mean assholes with guns and big mouths.

  101. nathanial merwin

    nathanial merwinOy oldin

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  102. Jessica Xhanning

    Jessica XhanningOy oldin

    "You havent met the people on cajun cuuuntriee out ther wrestling alligateers" Have you ever met anyone from here? Cause im pretty sure we all run the fuck away from alligators unless the History Channel offers us a contract.

  103. Chris George

    Chris GeorgeOy oldin

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  104. Wind Rose

    Wind RoseOy oldin

    14:56: Ah yes, the very threatening Canadian Army. Renowed for its capability of attacking the greatest military on Earth.

  105. Ker Lozano

    Ker LozanoOy oldin

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  106. Brochnick

    BrochnickOy oldin

    Don't get me wrong, I like some o' his songs, but you ain't met the ol' fat musician that also hasn't done any o' those things(or met anyone who has). Stick to music weirdo... seriously, I'd like that!

  107. Christopher Downs

    Christopher DownsOy oldin

    Just here to see if John Oliver is white